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Got tickets for 12:30 tomorrow, IMAX 3D.  
 I can honestly answer questions like that for nearly all my items "I have never worn this".
Another one? I think Nataku found one, before they were publicly available...
Couple things from today, mostly fodder.  Also picked up a Scotch House blackwatch blazer, not pictured.        
Damn, beat me to it.
  Could be a coincidence, but after the back-and-forth with this ebay user, the Gucci suit manufactured by Zegna that he was inquiring about got flagged for brand name abuse/misuse, ebay edited it, and not so subtly hinted that if I appealed, there could be restrictions placed on my account.  Definitely blocking that guy.
Thanks all.  I have the suit listed as a US 40R, taken from the measurements.  The tagged size is EU 56, which is also included in the auction information.  He's throwing a fit that it should be a 46R US, and that clearly I don't know the first thing about how to measure a suit.  Very tempted to go ahead and add user rakegreen to the block list.
What size would you call a suit with these measurements? Getting messages from somebody on eBay berating me for not understanding how to size men's suits. Jacket: Pit to pit - 21” across, 42” around Sleeves from shoulder seam - 25" Shoulder seams across - 18.5" Across waist - 20" Length from BOC - 30" Pants: Waist - 17” across, 34” around Inseam - 33”, 3” seam allowance Outseam - 41" Across Thigh - 12" Across Ankle - 8.5" Rise - 9.5"
I remember that machine, freaking sweet. I saw one at a consignment up here, they wanted $400. Gone 2 days later.
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