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So now I know who outbid me at the last second... I have another pair of Mcafee's in that size, probably my favorite shoes. Was really looking forward to another pair.
Non-clothing find. Wanted one of these back when I rode more, and $10 for new was too good to pass.
Listed some new stuff.  Ties by Holland & Sherry, BrooksBrothers, Stefano Ricci, Zegna, and more.  Some tweed, gorgeous Allen Edmonds wholecuts, Florsheim v-cleats, Bruno Magli, and more.  All available at North Bend Threads.          
Cincinnati is a bit too hilly for someone as out of shape as I am to thrift on a bike.Unless it was one of these...That with a logo for my ebay store on the side would be badass.
That's exactly what I had been thinking.And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.
I demand a fit pic.
I hit 5 stores today and found nothing.  I need to curl up at the bottom of a bottle of scotch after seeing today's finds and my total strikeout, but I'm all outta scotch.  
I thrifted a bunch of stuff that belonged to Mercer Reynolds, former Bush Administration ambassador and reelection committee finance chair. IIRC, 8 Gianni Campagna ties; 8 Hermes ties; 4 Brioni ties; pants by Kiton Brioni, and Campagna; and several other random odds and ends.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercer_Reynolds
This was only 93% vicuna
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