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Any thrift bros in San Diego that wouldn't mind sharing a few spots? Making my way out there in June.
Thrifted some blackwatch Brand don't matter if it's wool Except for this one
We're getting a new thread because the current one may have grown unstable? I hadn't noticed (/sarcasm) Found these this morning. AE Broadstreets.
Yes, I've gotten this a number of times. I used to get worked up about it, but it's a total waste of energy. Some people just aren't capable of thinking, and as long as the good stuff continues to get donated, I don't need to educate the masses about how charities work.
YES. I purchased a label for an international package and eBay refused to print it, and the reprint option isn't working. Don't want to just print another label, but it looks like I'm going to have to void and reprint.
Yep, this.
I wouldn't tell you that you are wrong, but that you are too hung up on other people's opinions. People give me strange looks when I mention reselling stuff from clothing stores, and even chastise me for "taking from the poor". I used to correct them that I'm only taking a couple of things and my money is going to support whatever charity that thrift runs; now, I don't give a damn about justifying myself or my actions. Likewise, when I tell people about my day job they...
...has anyone ever gotten eBay to change the way it does anything? It's like trying to change the direction a glacier is moving. It's gonna go where it's gonna go.
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