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At first I was going to say go easy on him, it looks like he meant to list the tie at 39.99But after checking out his completed items, he's got other NWT ties that have sold for 4.99 - I think he should honor the sale, learn from his mistake, and move on. I had one seller try a similar thing with me, and I was going to let it go, but messaged them saying it was pretty poor business practice and a really good way to get negative feedback. Next thing I knew there was a...
^those willis & geiger shorts are $$$. I sold a pair from my last thrift-cation for $100, if I recall. Speaking of thrift-cations, just got back from another one. I love picking over beach towns in the South. Haven't had much time to photograph (road construction extended the drive time to 14 hours yesterday) 35 ties, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pants, 1 sweater, 6 shirts, 4 suits, and 13 sport coats. Did take a quick shot of the shoes though. Clockwise from top left:...
Looks like a 6-fold tie to me, which is commonly (mistakenly) referred to as a seven fold.
Ha! Sold mine for $42. How'd you do?
Ditto. Think I sold it a few months ago.
^i think that's a great approach. Posting tagged size is great for NWT items, but since so much of the stuff we find has been altered for the previous owner, it makes more sense to include the measured size in the headline and then explaining the tagged vs actual in the details.
Hmmm. I list the actual measurements in the title, then in the description section of my listing I have a spot for tagged size, and then I state the actual measured size and encourage my viewers to look at the detailed measurements included.
Picked up two linen caps, a Nat Nast shirt, and a Brooks Brothers feather tweed coat for a grand total of $5.
Selling clothes on ebay? News to me.
^agreed. I have a pile of ties where I missed pulls during my store check, perfect to test this out.
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