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What's the consensus on Hickey Freeman Bespoke (gold label)?  Picked up two yesterday that fit perfect off the rack.
Thanks guys.  I don't purchase a lot from outside the US, so I really didn't know what to expect re:shipping times.
Hey guys, how long do you think it would take for a package of ties (4) to be sent from Ontario to southern Ohio using "lowest cost" shipping?  I ethrifted several RLPL ties , won on the 10th, and the seller used an untracked shipping method.  As I won the ties for .99 plus shipping, I'm wondering if I'm being impatient or if I'll never see the ties.
Member since 2002, first sale in 2007.
On today's episode of "Keeping Up With My Thrift-Bros" did not find vicuna. Sad. Will have to be content with brand new Brioni 100% cashmere sport coat, plenty of J Press. Pics when I get back to the thrift-cave tomorrow.
The hell you say. Step away from the keyboard, keep the bourbon.
Ethrift that I'm pretty happy with.    
New Posts  All Forums: