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...I wonder if awful Ebay buyers ever think about the fact that we have their home addresses, and websites like https://shipyourenemiesglitter.com/ and http://dicksbymail.com/ exist... Ah well, probably just save the latest SNAD for here or notalwaysright.com
Just kidding GMMcL. This is a problem that has vexed me for a couple years, and I'm quite jealous and eager to figure out the fix.
....Possible solution - photographed pristine tie. Then got a pull in it and photographed again. Now using unfortunate death of a tie to mess with us. (This is something I would totally do)
What dark wizardry is this?!And how do I learn it?
Hey guys, sorry for the ipotato pic, does anyone recognize the writing on these made in england shoes? They've been re-heeled so no nail pattern to work with.
^i see 13.99 shipping.
   In other news, got my first neg today.  Case was opened at 2:17 pm, Ebay closed it at 5:19 pm same day.  Seems a little unfair that the buyer can claim I didn't respond to the case fast enough when I only had 3 hours and 2 minutes to do so... edit: I should add that I didn't actually lose the case, didn't have to refund, but still got the neg.
Oh god, I cant wait for Melt to open a restaurant in Cincinnati. I've been there a couple times in Cleveland - the Monte Cristo (aka nap-inducer) is awesome.
I'm getting ready to take down my remaining winter items in the next week or so. Everything will be set to relaunch in October. Regarding inventory not yet listed, I'm going to continuing photographing, prepping listings, and packaging, but won't upload them from Garagesale until October.I opened up a Glenmorangie 12 year over the weekend and spent several hours browsing/posting. Scotch is bliss.
Alright doc, I'm going to have to buy something from you just for the joy of unwrapping it.
New Posts  All Forums: