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FTFY. Not to diss the Lone Star state too bad, but a friend of mine just came back from there with stories about her sister having tarantulas living IN THE BACK YARD. No thanks, ever.
Man, I better find some Lily Pulitzer on vacation next week...
According to his listing vicuna is 3x softer than baby cashmere. 1. Is there some sort of unit used for measuring softness? 2. How much softer is it than the fresh cut grass he uses for a backdrop?
If I had a vicuna coat I was trying to sell for approx. 20k, I don't think I would lay it on the grass. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261495913793
THRIFT FIT.Unless they are going in your super secret vintage clothing museum. That too would be cool.Tore through 4 fairly distant stores this evening. Stained Charvet ties, Brooks Brothers with thread pulls, not much else. As I was nearing the end of the last rack of the night, I asked the thrift gods to send me a sign that an evening away from either my family or beer had not been in vain. Next to last shirt was a minty Borelli with ridiculously thick MOP buttons.Thanks...
That's the plan here as well.
We did have Horseshoe Casino open in town about a year ago...
Yeah, two years seems like a little much time to put into a con, but I could see somebody jumping on an opportunity.  I did request seller information, but haven't received anything yet.  Wondering how long that process takes.
^okay, given that something looks fishy there, would you wait until a case could be opened, or call ebay and ask wtf is up with this guy?  If he's legit, I can't imagine he wouldn't want to save on shipping a 27 pound espresso machine across town...
Paranoid then?
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