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...are you in Cincinnati? I swear I passed on the exact same Corneliani, same damage, a couple hours ago.
30 stores? Damn, that's awesome. I'd have to clear Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland to pull off something like that.Hmm, I don't have anything planned for next weekend...
How much ground can you cover in two days?? (Also, please stay out of Ohio. Please? I gots enough competition already without the Tweed Magnet)
 Nice.  I still have almost all of those in a box in the basement.
You really ought to send him a message thanking him for the $10 that other guys paid you to respond to his BS.
How about this one?
If you actually sent that response, you are my new hero.
Anyone thrift old boardgames? Never seen this one before. 1960s, I believe.
Thrift wife is the best. I'm in the office, she's out picking up NWT Filson...
What would you call this pattern?    
New Posts  All Forums: