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I forgot to ask - is this anything decent? I'm awful at remembering the various makers tags. Suit seemed nice enough, can always go back for it.
I don't see Dunhill too often, could I get a quick authenticity check?  [[SPOILER]]
Looking for real estate in he area on Zillow... Too bad I don't have an epic tie haul that I could trade for a house...
Was that the shop down in Alabaster???
There are a multitude of the vintage stores here. Outrageous prices for pure polyester. Sucks living in a city where the highest end retailer is Nordstroms.
Potential headline "tagged 40R, measures 42S, fits 41R if you wear Brooks Madison, 42R in Brooks Fitzgerald, 51R depending on your experience with European suits..."Now you must "promise" not to resell. Get tie. RESELL. Send him link to completed auction with the message "had my fingers crossed"
 I wish I had local (men's) consignments to check...
Not seeing it on my phone screen - anyway, thought I'd toss the link up and see if there was any interest.
10.5 EEE looks like shell closing in 15 http://www.ebay.com/itm/400729284805
omg get out of my head! I have so much stuff I need to move and I keep going out every day. Heck, I'm trying to decide which store(s) to hit after picking up my daughter from camp today.I have no illusions, it's a terrible (profitable) addiction.
New Posts  All Forums: