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   ...really?    Thanks bro, thanks a lot... (makes note to self, if draws hbkshin next year for secret santa, send box full of dog poo)
           Whelp, I've been through the first thousand posts of the makers thread and still haven't found anything that looks like these.  Here's some better pics, any knowledg eof the maker would be greatly appreciate (hey, consider it my early birthday gift, turning 35 tomorrow.)     Only markings. 
So I need to get back there and pick them up? Sigh, at least 50% off today
Anybody recognize these markings?
No worries, zero chance those pants would fit. Nice find, though!
...might it be a Pendleton?
That would be my third cherry pop of the week. Looks like I'd best get them cleaned up and post some pics.
Has anyone seen Trafalgar shoes before? Made in England, in need of a good cleaning and conditioning before posting pics.
Admittedly Garfield was too trendy in his portrayal of Peter Parker, but I think he did a great job with the character. Can't blame him for wardrobe or script, but his acting was great.
^personal use? Price? If they are for you, and you like the styling and fit, then the right price is whatever you are willing to pay.
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