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Everything measured in at 46/48L. The suits are up on the bay already - paid closer to consignment store prices, and definitely need to refill the coffers after the last month or so of unexpected auto and doctor bills.
Less is more. "man suit".
Haven't been posting finds much, here's from the last couple weeks.   Paul & Shark       Skeets galore.     Brioni silk/wool blend.         Oxxford Super 120s wool/cashmere blend.           A tradly gent donated quite a bit of his wardrobe.  I've never been so angry that I'm not 6'2", all of these would have fit perfectly.  First, 4 J Press tweeds.     Pretty nice J Press suit.           And this gem.  Why...
J Press Presstige suit and an Anderson & Sheppard suit for a total of $100. Dun good? Pics later.
Couple of ties from a recent ethrift, how would you guys describe the patterns?          
It depends on your local market. There isn't a very good menswear consignment store in my area, and most of the thrift chains here use a central distribution system so it's unlikely to get lots of items from the same donor in one spot. By opening a brick and mortar consignment, I could tap into some of that, spending less time hunting for stuff to sell on eBay and hopefully collecting higher quality of goods as well.
Well, I'm glad to see you posting again. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have recognized the Gianni Campagna logo (literally the day after you mentioned it) and I'd have missed out on some sweet ties.
Haven't tried yet, and didn't want to make a move until after I had brought the matter to wiser minds than mine.Thank you both, I appreciate the advice.
Okay guys, I need some help here. My ideal outcome of this situation would be that ebay removes the buyers negative feedback. I sold a Brooks Brothers tie on March 22nd. Pretty ordinary sale, packed and shipped it the next day. Exchanged no messages with the buyer prior or subsequent to the sale until March 27th. On March 27th, I receive the following: Dear nbthreads, HI, YOU TOLD ME THAT THE TIE WAS A THICK FABRIC. IT IS NOT. THE TIE IS VERY THIN AND I DON'T WANT IT...
The Salvation Armys in Cinci get pretty high on suit prices, although not that bad. Unfortunately, their offerings are usually in pretty rough shape. Valley Thrift is all over the place on pricing too.
New Posts  All Forums: