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The Thriftening....  [[SPOILER]]
Counter them at .01 less then the BIN. Lowball offers I can deal with, what that guy is doing is a dick move.
Ethrift gamble came in - anyone recognize these tags? (except the last one, I've seen that before)      
   That asshat won an item of mine as well.  He is no longer a registered ebay user.
      Yeah, seriously.  I don't know if I can ever post a "brag" in this thread again - every time I start to put one together, somebody posts 1000 Charvet ties or 100k worth of suits.  I think I'm just going to have to lurk from now on, and occasionally curl into a fetal position and cry out of jealousy.
I'll send counteroffers. If a buyer can take the time to offer me 20% of my asking price, I can take the time to counter with a $1 reduction in my price.
   Oh man, thanks for that.  Haven't seen that clip in years.  
This. My daughter stalks the toy section looking for Legos for herself, or American Girl dolls and accessories to flip. My wife called me from a shop as I was leaving work, and casually asked if a cashmere vest by Loro Piana was a good buy at $19.99. Thrifting with a team is awesome.
Just bookmarked them on Yelp - next time I make it to Atlanta it will be my personal mission to get kicked out of this store.
New Posts  All Forums: