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 Assuming all of the auctions over the 10 day period in question were fraudulent, the seller scammed almost $8,800.  Sounds like grand theft to me.
Had to pass on a Belvest orphan today.  Pinstripe, two moth holes in the sleeve.    Third time ever finding Belvest, second time with holes.
 So, looks like this guy was pulling quite the scam.  4 negative feedback in the last three days.  Thank goodness for ebay buyer protection.
*begins packing bags, gets Google map for Nashville*
...that's what she said!!!Sorry had to say it.
In over two years of doing this, I've picked up one pair of Kiton trousers at an estate auction.
^you may be able to stack USPS boxes, but I'm pretty sure that's only when postage is calculated by weight. There's no way you should be able to tape two RRA boxes together and pay the cost of one RRA box (assuming that's what happened)
Got ya covered. http://bit.ly/1kkxNuu
I've heard it's exactly like this:At least, that's what Peter Jackson says...
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