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 ...you know there are thrifters that AREN'T members of this community, right?  Like, other people that buy menswear but don't frequent this thread?  Your posts are starting to read like the missed connections listings on Craigslist.
Santa brought my daughter a Wii U and Mario Kart 8. Count me in for Tourney.
^Indianapolis in particular has awful thrifts. Goodwill is the biggest game in town, and unfortunately they are very aggressive with culling things for shopgoodwill.com.
Both turned out pretty well. Picked up some PRPS Selvedge denim for myself, the wife grabbed a jacket she had been hunting for all winter (very Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes-ish). Left an EZ Couture 14 Micron suit there - asking price was $593. Might have been some meat left on those bones, but not an investment I was ready to make.Also, visited Neiman Marcus, Last Call, and several of the other high end stores this thread makes me dream about - I am ruined....
Found the good Marshalls and the good TJ Maxx. Now, which to go to first?
Wes thrifts over such a broad area that there's always a shop open somewhere.
Thanks. Bit more like this:
I made the down payment on my house...
Checking in from Chicago. Briefly got to meet up with eazye, standup guy. Will be returning home wih a car trunk full of thrifted goods, some fodder, some brag worthy. Passed on soooo much Armani today...
Nice, thanks!
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