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...how long are his arms that he thinks he needs another 13 inches of sleeve?
I was a day late on shipping an item paid for by echeck and the buyer opened an item not received case. Additionally, they had paid several days late, right before a weekend that had a bank holiday the following Monday.Yay defects.
Wow, and I was feeling really good about thrifting some Alden 986 shells and a Loro Piana Storm System cashmere vest. I'll have to remember not to check the thread while pulling in my meager hauls.
^unfortunately, I'm out of space in my thrift-cave. Also, I have no monies.
Hmm. So, if I had a case dated 5/11 that currently shows up on my "trending" data, that should fall off in another day or so, right? In that case, I may keep TRS after all.
Da fuq? Wow!!!
If one case drops off, or I sell 20 items this week (my sales have been ridiculously slow the last 6 weeks) without any new cases opened, I'll keep my TRS status. Two of the cases in the evaluation period are bullshit, buyer complaining about fit issues and clearly didn't read the measurements. In both cases I took a return and resold the item with no problem, preferring to keep my perfect feedback record. The new seller standards are total crap, designed to cut back on...
  Lots of new listings this week at North Bend Threads.  
  I hit that SVDP too and got some stuff, in store around 5:30 or so.  Went to several other stores too, here's the haul. Not pictured: 4 pairs Bills Khakis, 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds I haven't brought in from the car yet, a Thomas Pink shirt that I just missed while taking photos, and a couple of ties. First, the stuff that I didn't buy (either because it was bizarre and I had to take a picture, or it was waaay outside of my price range)  [[SPOILER]] Also, my daughter...
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