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Ahem, tax accountant checking in here...
Undecided on whether to keep or sell. I like it, the wife, not so much. For only $3 invested, may be worth putting up with her being annoyed.
All of this. I picked up a red and blue wool Polo sweater last year that had the "cookie" patch shown above and listed it for $59.99, 10 day auction. Got over a dozen messages in less than an hour from people begging me to sell it to them. Ended up going for just over $281. Vintage Polo is $$$$
Seriously. If those Incos are in good shape and have a 42 waist (and at least 30 inseam) I'll double your money...
I dreamed about thrifting a pile of Drake's pocket squares last night. I think I need help.
Forget stocks. I'm investing in Ralph Lauren boots.
Seconded, that shirt is awesome.
^nominated for the most entertaining post of the new thread.
New Posts  All Forums: