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Milestone for a small-time seller like me:
Didn't somebody find a navy tuxedo owned by John Williams?
^damn that looks awesome.
 That's a tough situation.  Maybe trade out the kid's character with something more on topic, like "Men's". Or perhaps drop the Warehouse completely? edit: actually, go with another Barney:  Stinson's Warehouse. 
 And now I've spent 20 minutes reading old Civil War and Avengers Initiative issue synopses.  I'd forgotten about the Scarlet Spiders.
^big comic book fan here, what was the name???
My biggest sale was a pair of NOS Florsheim shell cordovan wing tips. Sold for just shy of $450 iirc. Big thanks to @Orgetorix for pointing them out to me on Craigslist, never would have found them otherwise.
 Despite corn being present in a plethora of common foodstuffs (and uncommon foodstuffs, as well as many non-food consumer products) no corn is used in the manufacture of candy corn.  The actual ingredients are unknown, as its' creators have all vanished, their names stricken from all written record.   also not a true fact.
Wow, this thread has taken a turn for the AWESOME!  When did we get our own personal Donald Trump knockoff?  Somebody that doesn't take crap from anyone, totally ignores advice from far more educated elder thriftsmen, and is the best at everything just because he says so!  I'm totally psyched.                 Wait, no I'm not.  I can't stand Donald Trump.  
Saw Star Wars, totally worth taking a vacation day from work. Also picked up a wool flannel Brooks Brothers suit made in Italy, Filson mackinaw vest, Alden for BB shell loafers. Great day.
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