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My "thrift room" is almost literally filled to bursting plus multiple closets, plastic storage tubs, etc. Even listing 40-50 items a week, it will take at least 6 months to catch up.#thrifthoarderproblems
Over 17 hours drive time AND tolls?!Pass. For now...
GPS coordinates or it didn't happen...
Found a navy Crombie cashmere/wool overcoat. Decent kop at $13? Also picked up my first Chester Barrie today.
Sometimes it pays to go into a thrift shop unwashed, grungy looking, yet incredibly polite. Like when the new cashier takes pity on the disheveled well-spoken gent buying lots of suits and gives him half off of the whole order. (And no, that definitely was not the sale of the day!)
Nice coat, here's the one I wore in this morning.
Before we get into a political firestorm, can we all just agree that we like bacon and then go thrift some awesome stuff?
Or Penelope Cruz.As long as I'm dreaming, both.
I would never suggest anything beyond a bag of flaming dog shit, or possibly a message burned into his yard. However, your approach would probably be quite effective.
New Posts  All Forums: