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I try not to respond to requests like that, but there have been a few where I sent back my best offer... Which was $10 higher than my ask price. If I'm going to subvert the free market, I want premium pricing dammit.
Decided we need a thread specifically addressing these issues.http://www.styleforum.net/t/398256/the-official-thrift-reclamation-thread
And we're off!http://www.styleforum.net/t/398256/the-official-thrift-reclamation-thread
Gents, scattered throughout SF is a wealth of information on how to reclaim our thrifted finds by removing stains, rehydrating vintage shell cordovan, slimming billowy dress shirts, and reweaving the damage of villainous moths. Going forward, let's try to collect all that knowledge in this thread, as well as photographic evidence of how well (or not) our methods work.
Given how often we have advice on tailoring, "the method", and other diy tips, we really ought to have The Official Thrift Reclamation Thread. A repository of all the piss stain removal methods, ways to rehydrate ancient shell, slim shirts and pants, and suggestions for reweaving.
 Assuming all of the auctions over the 10 day period in question were fraudulent, the seller scammed almost $8,800.  Sounds like grand theft to me.
Had to pass on a Belvest orphan today.  Pinstripe, two moth holes in the sleeve.    Third time ever finding Belvest, second time with holes.
 So, looks like this guy was pulling quite the scam.  4 negative feedback in the last three days.  Thank goodness for ebay buyer protection.
*begins packing bags, gets Google map for Nashville*
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