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Wool/silk blend. Exquisite. Better pics tonight/tomorrow. Plus the rest of the haul.
Highlights of today. Swish?
Tax guy here. This, and what Wes just posted.
 Fortunately, he already opened the return request for fit issues.  Didn't message me first or anything.  So, assuming that I decline the return at this stage, will the buyer have any option to leave negative feedback?  
I have a no returns policy. And from his message, he's saying it's short in general, not shorter than my measurements.
Anyone ever deny a return over fit issues? Buyer complains sportcoat is short in the sleeves, which is described in the listing and measurements. Normally I'd take it back, but this was an expensive sale, overseas, and I kind of need to hold onto all my cash for down payment on a new house (with a thrift cave!)
He's so predictable. I wish I'd had the quick wit to tell him that yes, blocks are for babies that whine about the price of a "used, hand me down reject tie".
Indeed. I'm corresponding with him for fun at this point. Here was his last response:If nobody pays asking price for anything, I'm fascinated by how he shops for groceries, buys gas, etc.
God bless you, elvis_decanters. Still making the same complaints, year after year.
No thrifting for me today, just relaxing (and recovering) with the family. Wanted to take a second and wish you all a Happy New Year.  Here's a quick shot of our new addition, not quite three months old and already hamming it up on New Year:    
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