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Selling clothes on ebay? News to me.
^agreed. I have a pile of ties where I missed pulls during my store check, perfect to test this out.
Had to pass on so much Polo and Paul Stuart tweed today. Saving money for vacation, but if it had been my size = BROKE. Please excuse crappy phone pic of one:
Man, all I find in Cincy is long stuff. Either this city is full of tall people, or somebody else keeps rolling through ahead of me and taking the regular length stuff.
@orgetorix I always meant to ask about that one - that's just for woven silk ties, right? Would that actually work on a fine printed silk tie? I've got a Ben Silver that I absolutely love, and am ashamed to say it got a pull while in my care, I know not how.
^Kevin & Howlin is some pretty cool stuff. I've got donegal tweed coats and a tie from them. Well made.
Molson, oui?
Hey now. I'm American and I get Canada.Molson, eh?
Especially since there is a whole thread devoted to fixing them: http://www.styleforum.net/t/398256/the-official-thrift-reclamation-thread
Only if the thread is a marinara covered tie or piss-stained Zanellas (are there any other kind in the thrift?)
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