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Nice, thanks for the inclusion! I don't spend much time on reddit, where do you post your roundups?
  Only had time for one thrift shop today.  As I walked by the shoe rack, I heard the old knight from Indiana Jones saying "You have chosen... wisely".  Thanks for the confirmation!
Found 2 (maybe?) pair of Florsheim shells today.  Pair on the right I'm certain about, but I haven't seen them in black before.  The pair on the left sure does look and feel like shell, though...  Any advice, shoe guys (wes)?              
...that moment when something you've been watching for nearly a week with no activity gets spotlighted in the PTO roundup...
@eazye despite the value of that tie ($$$!) my favorite part of that haul is the Getz. One of these days I'm going to have to thrift in a larger city, I've never seen decent records here.
I forgot to ask - is this anything decent? I'm awful at remembering the various makers tags. Suit seemed nice enough, can always go back for it.
I don't see Dunhill too often, could I get a quick authenticity check?  [[SPOILER]]
Looking for real estate in he area on Zillow... Too bad I don't have an epic tie haul that I could trade for a house...
Was that the shop down in Alabaster???
There are a multitude of the vintage stores here. Outrageous prices for pure polyester. Sucks living in a city where the highest end retailer is Nordstroms.
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