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My wife has left her day job and is now running our eBay business. She processes all the listings, does the photography, etc. even hits half of our weekly stores while I'm at the office.Speaking of the wife, her vote puts Wes at 1070, tied with Wendy.
  bullshit it is, the headline is "brioni ties" and there is no option for selecting which item of inventory you are purchasing.  Bad sellers suck.
Mixed bag for me. I've been switching to BIN and while I'm seeing higher sales, I also have a lot more stuff listed than usual. Hopefully it's just a bit of a lull.
Down by 7. To have devoted this much of the new thread to this grill, only to lose? #thriftthreadshame
My wife is registering and joining the fight.
Holy shit! Invisible dress shoes for only $999.00!!!!!
I had to ask the seller:Edit: interesting strategy indeed. Would that help circumvent selling limits?
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