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At least try a little bit...
 Awesome line. Just went through a pile of stuff from 3 thriftcations ago.  Found over 40 pairs of pants I need to list.  I think I crossed the line from thrifter/flipper to hoarder somewhere along the way.     edit: also, instead of getting to work pressing and photographing said pants, I'm spending time on here talking about it... yep, definitely a hoarder now.
If there is an alto or tenor in the mix, this will quickly become a brawl. Had to sell mine when pulling together cash for a down payment on the house, haven't yet replaced it.
The thrift gods apparently read the thread and thought it was time for me to find some winter wear - picked up two Harris tweeds, a Pendleton tweed, a Burberry velvet sportcoat, Theory velvet sportcoat, 3pc tweed suit, and a 3pc velvet suit. Normally I'd skip the velvet, but the price was right and I figure some vintage fan will be after the suit, at least for a Halloween costume.
That's the one. I emailed her a few weeks back with no response. Glad somebody on the forum was able to profit there.
Nice. I've got a been had Polo full Norfolk that I ethrifted several months ago, still need to post pics. Might pull it out of storage tonight.Approximately 480 miles. However, I should have been more specific: I need to Thrift some tweed, gots to fill the store. I'm pretty sure that if I showed up at any random thrift in PA, all I'd find is Haggar and tumbleweeds...
Damn, if that's the listing I think it was, I tried contacting her before and never heard back. Bravo! Looked like an amazing amount of loot!
If the thrifts don't start putting out winter stuff where I live soon I'm gonna go crazy. NEED TWEED!
How much luck have you guys had at having defects removed? I've got two fairly recent cases where the buyer claimed SNAD, I took the return because I'd rather not have negative feedback, and then sold the item again with the exact same listing and gotten positive feedback from the second buyer. Sounds like evidence that the original case was bullshit/buyers remorse, right? Would ebay customer service be swayed by this argument?
Allen Edmonds shell Leeds.  11.5D.  Normally I'd kop (fair BIN, good opening bid) but I've already got shell PTBs.
New Posts  All Forums: