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Santoni shell captoes, 11D with trees for $252 obo
What a jackass. Block and move on.
I recognize those shirts...Must not have been at the same stores I was - I have a car trunk full of Allen Edmonds and vintage tweeds I need to unload.Also, 11 stops??? Dude, where all did you go? I think that's nearly all the shops in the city.
All of her descriptions are cracking me up. The Buzz Lightyear - "it a rare one clean 1969" I want to start sending her all sorts of poorly worded questions...
Between family and ebay buyers I lost my sanity a long time ago, but I will avoid 635 regardless
Totally stoked, looks like I'm going to get to thrift in Dallas a couple days sometime in May. Time to start building a list of Yelp bookmarks...
Local thrifts seem to be unloading all their remaining sweater stock.          
I burned my fingertips so often working at a pizza restaurant that I have a hard time discerning between different fabrics. Touch test is useless for me.
Couple of quick pickups today. Old FU plaid tweed, NWT Lands End Harris Tweed.
Oh yeah, I meant to ask is this a thing? I don't pick up Woolrich very often, looked hella old but good condition. Made in USA.
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