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Nice, thanks!
Just picked this up.  Any specific name for this kind of plaid pattern?          
This +1000.I work in corporate tax rather than individual income, but I believe the rule is that as long as you have less than $1M in gross income you may use the cash method of accounting (rather than accrual) for determining your taxable income. Basically, deduct all expenses during the year they were paid, and include all income during the year in which it was received.So if you are going to invest in photography, packaging, or other office equipment in the near future,...
Jesus I'm glad that showed up. I couldn't find my tracking number anywhere and was seriously freaking out. Glad the vest worked out so well, of all the folks on the board I knew that should probably go to you. I'll put up pics what I received this evening (HUGE thanks for the Kiton, btw!)
Went to Orvis to exchange a sweater from the wife for one in the right size. Grabbed some lunch, stopped at the thrift around the corner and picked up 2 Loro Piana 100% cashmere blazers, Brooks Brother suit in 39, ticket pocket and other nice details, and then some more awesome Orvis for myself:
Yes to 1,2,4,5. Found my Lobbs and Attolini (although I'd like to kop some in my size). Tops on my list would be shell boots in my size, an amazing briefcase or messenger bag (Peal or Saddleback, I'm versatile), and the one thing everybody else seems to find - Barbour jacket.
Want. Hulk buster. Iron Man.
...I have fond memories of that time I found 7 Oxxford sport coats (2 cashmere) at the Unique on Preston.
^Y'know, if you really wanted to screw with somebody, using bots and fake accounts to be the high bidder on every one of a sellers auctions for a week would be a really effective way (and then not paying, of course). I've had an uptick in non paying bidders of late, hopefully it's just a side effect of the holiday season.
If he wants one so bad, somebody buy one and sell it to him.  Is making a few bucks on something you see all that time really such a bad thing?
New Posts  All Forums: