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As a fat american, where the hell are all the 44R suits with 42W pants? (Working on the waist thing, but I've gotta wear something in the meantime). I've personally thrifted two suits in my size in the last 2.5 years, and traded with several other members of the forum to build my current wardrobe.
Burberry blazer... with Ben Silver buttons.      
The Styleforum catch and release program - always tag your specimens before sending them back out into the wild.
You gave the measurements on the shoe, used the tagged size in the listing and headline - I think you're good. Besides, it's kinda late in the game for him to be complaining.
 Sadly, this.  It's amazing how quickly people forget all the protections they enjoy with both unions and government labor laws looking out for them.  Just look at the history of coal towns.
Had a good morning.  No pics yet, but thrifted shells in my size (5th pair found in 3 weeks, but the first I've ever found for me), black leather chukkas from Barney's (also my size), a couple pars of Zanellas that don't have ridiculous numbers of pleats for myself, and a pretty cool vintage Banana Republic made in USA work shirt.  Oh, and some stuff for feebay.  Now to see if I can hit my cool of prepping 50 listings in a day.
 Rescue Rangers!
FYI Fok is doing an AMA over in malefashionadvice on reddit.
I hear you man, I can't seem to get below 220 for more than a month or two, then my weight bounces back to 225 again. Congrats on the progress!
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