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I was just looking for one of these on Etsy & Ebay last night.  Stopped by a shop while grabbing lunch and picked this up.    
 That's a great question that I don't really know the answer to.  Found similar sold sweaters from the 1990s (and mine appears to be in better condition) going for 250-350 on the 'bay.  18 minutes after listing it, I had my first message.  Within 30 minutes, I'd gotten three offers, a couple bids, and an ebay member had requested my contact information (I believe they wanted to call me directly to haggle over price).  Kind of a new arena for me, but I definitely won't be...
Yeah, I think I'm gonna let it ride...    Polo Sweater
Need some advice. Listed a Polo sweater and had immediate messages begging for a buy it now. Did some more research and discovered I have woefully underpriced it. What is ebay's policy on canceling a listing that has a bid on it? Is it defect worthy? Or should I just ride it out?
Wow, congrats! I remember reading that story when first posted and wondering what he would do with all that Gucci.
I have a saved search specifically for "Loro Diana" that has paid off from Linda a couple times...
Also, where are we reading about sick estate sales? Is there a blog or mailer list I need to subscribe to?
Dayum. thats an excellent guitar.
Been thrifting since 12/2011. Barbour jackets found: 0.
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