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I've found 3 pairs of Aldens in over two years of doing this. On the plus side, as I was wrapping up a disappointing thriftlenacht (that's made-up bastardized german for thrift night) I found two mint (dare I say NWOT) Luciano Barbera dress shirts. Aaaand the ladies straightening the racks were saying they had gotten so much new menswear in, they were going to have to bring out more racks for it tomorrow.
...too many thrifters less than two hours north of me...
Wait, whut?(Grabs keys, jumps in car.)
...sounds like its time I made a road trip to Cleveland. Not that I need an excuse to hit up the home of Melt: Bar & Grilled.
^My wife and I keep kicking around the idea of starting a brick and mortar menswear consignment shop in Cincinnati. There is a woeful lack of them here - perhaps explaining why I have fairly decent luck at the local thrifts despite being in a city without any truly high end menswear retailers.
I hear that.
Oh..... I feel bad letting you know, but the suit prices were a lot lower. I would have picked up more, but I'm a little short on cash at the moment. You may want to head by when you get a chance and see if there's anything left or that maybe got put out late.
Oh man, that sucks. I left behind about 15 pair of flat front Zanellas in pristine condition at 15-20 each, as well as a ton of zegna shirts. They've taken to putting the "better" ties in a display case. There were a few suits I regret leaving too. I walked out with several pair of Incotex, a Loro Piana polo, maybe 8-9 ties including a couple of Robert Talbott Estate that do well for me, and several other random pieces that I can't recall at the moment. I just assumed you...
Made it to that big semi-annual sale on the last day, still did fairly well. I'm guessing some of your other local competition did pretty well there on Thursday and Friday.
I would suggest looking at all the completed auctions. For example, if you checked an item against sold only and saw that there were three similar that went for a good price, you would probably kop. But then checking all completed, there could be tons more in the same price range that didn't sell, making the few good closing aberrations. I usually want to see about half of the items in my desired price range selling before I'll kop something, so I won't have to relist too...
New Posts  All Forums: