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shell yeah!
That's definitely a thing, I came across some of their stuff a couple years ago.  And cashmere?!?  Brodeetz!
Pullitzer pop.
Yep, the withdrawal would ruin the whole thing for me.
It's one of those labels that I vaguely remembered, but hadn't seen much on the thread. Also wasn't much info on eBay re:recent sales. So, glad I went with my gut on that one.
Nice, thanks.
I was wondering the same thing. Scanned the maker label thread, but didn't see it. Anyone have some info?
Excuse the potato pics. Gots stacks of inventory everywhere else. Awwww yeah.
Cifonelli plaid cashmere blazer - good buy at
                Thanks for all the well wishes guys.  Caught a flight in to Indianapolis this morning, then hauled ass down to Louisville, where my parents were taking care of our dog over vacation.  His condition was worse than I had realized - I think he'd just been holding on to see us again.  We all had some time to say goodbye, then took him over to our family vet where they confirmed my thoughts.  Pretty tearful day all around, but he passed in the company of loved...
New Posts  All Forums: