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Still going.
^just sold to him last week. Nice guy.
Just picked up NIB Alden shells. Wtf is happening I've died and gone to thrift heaven.
Days of the Spoo.Jefferson Spooship.
Yup. Orphans unfortunately, will be camped out at that store. Got another Kiton, and some Patrick Hellmans as well. Not pictured, some decent Brooks Brothers (NWT Madison suit, Estrato fabric) 6 pairs AE, other stuff... All blurred together. Single best stop I've ever had, I think.
Wool/silk blend. Exquisite. Better pics tonight/tomorrow. Plus the rest of the haul.
Highlights of today. Swish?
Tax guy here. This, and what Wes just posted.
 Fortunately, he already opened the return request for fit issues.  Didn't message me first or anything.  So, assuming that I decline the return at this stage, will the buyer have any option to leave negative feedback?  
I have a no returns policy. And from his message, he's saying it's short in general, not shorter than my measurements.
New Posts  All Forums: