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New thrift casa: acquired. New thrift workroom: huge. Seriously, photos don't do it justice.
I certainly hope that sets the tone for my finds this week!
Anything interesting happen in the last 2k posts? Caught flu for the first time ever which turned into pneumonia and completely knocked me on my ass for the past month. Also arranging purchase of a new home, with a third floor that is going to make an amazing Thrift Eyrie. Natural light all day long, going to make for some great product photos.
   The only luck I've had looking for them is a Regal/Bathing Ape collaboration, through a Japanese site.  My guess is that a Japanese company owns the brand now, but they are still manufactured in England.  Anyone recognize the writing on the inside?  I'm guessing Regal doesn't actually make their own shoes.
Anyone familiar with this brand?  More importantly, the maker?        
Picked for me. Legit check?
eBay calculated priority USPS shipping to Sweden.
Flip brag. Just picked it up Friday night.
^it takes over quickly. These are from 1 of the 3 rooms that have been annexed by "the habit" By far the worst of the three, but the other two rooms aren't much better.
   Sounds exactly like my day! Except I only found 4 pieces.  And none were really "thriftening" worthy.   but I'm excited to see what you got! 
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