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Had to take a hiatus from thrifting to get through fiscal year end close and a complex acquisition. Hit a store today and found only stained and moth eaten Brooks Brothers... someone has been busy in my absence.
King Midas was an amateur - Spoo can turn Bert Pulitzer ties to gold.If you cannot see Spoo, he is plundering your thrifts. If you can see Spoo, he is plundering your thrift room.Spoo was not born, but was instead found at the edge of Oyster Bay, in a handcrafted basket lined with exotic animal skins, swaddled in pure vicuna.
Nah, mine. Fiscal close at work after a complicated year. 12+ hour workdays, 2+ hour commute round trip with road construction, and by the time I get home I'm so wired I can't sleep right.
Sleeps all screwed up, temporarily (I hope) 5 AM crüe present.
Finally got a chance to check out the Schott (pop!) jacket my wife picked up at the GW a couple days ago:  [[SPOILER]]  Pretty good condition, considering age (estimating 1960s).
Schott. Never seen this label. Legit?
Kop at $65?
Has anyone ventured into running a popup shop? Someone mentioned it on the thrift thread but didn't elaborate, I would definitely be interested in trying one of those here in Cincinnati.
  I've bought sportcoats for $65 before.  Totally worth it. Wish I had pics of today's stuff - I've been working 12 hour days and missing all my favorite shops, but the wife picked up the slack and did really well: Lock, Brooks Brothers, and NWT Paul Stuart fedoras, Orvis Harris Tweed sportcoat, J Press windowpane sportcoat,  3 bowties (no idea on maker), 13 Ben Silver repp stripe ties, and several Brooks Brothers and Robert Talbott ties.  Can't wait to see everything when...
New Posts  All Forums: