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Holy shit! Invisible dress shoes for only $999.00!!!!!
I had to ask the seller:Edit: interesting strategy indeed. Would that help circumvent selling limits?
For those of you selling primarily through Buy It Now, how do you handle going on vacation? Do you use the eBay setting to hide all of your auctions for the time you are on vacation, or change your handling time to avoid being late on shipping (this is the direction in leaning).
Last time I had that problem, eBay rep told me that the negative reflected how the buyer felt about the transaction, and would allow it to stand, even if the terminology used was against the TOS.
I miss this show.
So, when Cindergrilla beats Wendy in the vote, the whole thread is flying/driving out to Wes's for a Thrift Thread Grillin' Meetup and to hang out in the Swag Cave, right? Also, I move that we rename this thread "The Official Thrift/Discount Store Bragging and Get Wes a Grill Thread"
New Posts  All Forums: