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  Lots of new listings this week at North Bend Threads.  
  I hit that SVDP too and got some stuff, in store around 5:30 or so.  Went to several other stores too, here's the haul. Not pictured: 4 pairs Bills Khakis, 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds I haven't brought in from the car yet, a Thomas Pink shirt that I just missed while taking photos, and a couple of ties. First, the stuff that I didn't buy (either because it was bizarre and I had to take a picture, or it was waaay outside of my price range)  [[SPOILER]] Also, my daughter...
Yep. pics after super late dinner.
^does it not qualify as paraphernalia or desiderata?
This is a grail find right here... [[SPOILER]]
  Dude, I really missed... your avatar.  Nice shells, too.
I'll have to post screenshots of my process. I shoot in raw format and then post process in Adobe Lightroom. The initial photos out of the camera don't look fantastic, but the raw format stores far more digital data of the image than JPEG. I can import a crappy pic, press "w" and click on an area of the picture that is supposed to be white, and it turns into a (fairly) professional looking shot. Then I can sync all the other photos I've imported from the same session with...
Out of curiosity, are you shooting in RAW format? What do you use for post processing?
Trying to up my photography game.  Purchased a Canon Rebel T3, after messing with it for a couple of weeks, how am I doing?  [[SPOILER]]
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