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Please. If it's still on the rack for the 50% off Saturday sales, we done goofed.
#cincinnatiThrifting Wtf. Did not kop.
^just a quick glance, but I'd say those Florsheims are the good stuff
Buyer opened a return on a Zegna suit, states the size is wrong. All my measurements match up to the stated size, I requested he provide some additional detail, haven't heard anything back. I'm guessing my best option is to take the return rather than decline it?
Sweeeeeet! My first grenadine, totally stoked.
Finally caught up on the thread.  Just read 1000+ posts.  so much awesomeness seared into my retinas...   7 hours and 54 minutes until the first stores open...
At some point I will get caught up on the 1200 posts I've missed, but I wanted to give a huge shout-out to @capnwes for the new father package: After a couple of days of false labor and a REALLY long day of actual, we were blessed with our new trad-gent-in-progress. Meet Harrison David:
That moment when I'd already filled my cart with Brooks Brothers, unlabeled shell, Scottish woolen fair isle sweaters, vintage LL Bean sweaters made in Norway and I see a beautiful Hermes tie across the store.  $ 0.29, perfect condition, turtles and clouds pattern... and my wife calls to say she thinks she is going into labor.     Yes, I still checked out with everything, but thats my kind of thriftening!
New Posts  All Forums: