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I hit 5 stores today and found nothing.  I need to curl up at the bottom of a bottle of scotch after seeing today's finds and my total strikeout, but I'm all outta scotch.  
I thrifted a bunch of stuff that belonged to Mercer Reynolds, former Bush Administration ambassador and reelection committee finance chair. IIRC, 8 Gianni Campagna ties; 8 Hermes ties; 4 Brioni ties; pants by Kiton Brioni, and Campagna; and several other random odds and ends.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercer_Reynolds
This was only 93% vicuna
That is the stuff of dreams. Also, has the same addictive quality that keeps us all going back to the racks like heroin addicts.
@kbadgley84. So... Deets bro? Dibs if it's a 46R? J/k but seriously was that a true thrift? Local stores here STILL aren't putting out winter stuff so I've got to live vicariously through you guys while picking over the last scraps of summer.
^^dayyyyum. That's winning the thrift lottery.
Back that up. Dreamcast was the bomb. Soul Calibur FTW.
Most expensive retail for me was 7 Oxxford sport coats in my size at about $6 each. Two were 100% cashmere. I had been active on here for a couple of months and never seen Oxxford in person before. As I kept finding them one after another on the rack, i started looking around for store employees, as if someone was going to realize their mistake in putting these gorgeous sport coats out and would attempt to confiscate them. Only 6 pictured here:
I first read this as "can you print money from ebay".
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