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I'll be passing through in late March, will be sure to check that one out.
After reading the last 100 posts, I think I'll just wait till tomorrow.
I use the SKU method. I started by printing off about 3000 labels, pre-numbered from 1000000-1003000. Every time I finish measuring an item, it goes in a plastic uline bag, gets one of my preprinted store flyers, then seal and add the SKU label to the outside.
I've got a few private collection pieces as well and their attention to detail is pretty good, fabric is outstanding. I'll see if I can find them tonight (somewhere on 6 racks of inventory to process)
Some new listings for the week from North Bend Threads:                                            
Very close, 1 9E (penny loafer, color #8), 2 9.5 D (tassel loafers, 1 black, when color #8).  Probably all headed to the bay to fund my eventual shell boot purchase.
 Yes, there is a good de la Renta.  Now tell us about the shell and denim...
I found 4 pairs of shell (3 by Alden) in the last two weeks and a beautiful Willis & Geiger 70% Alpaca 30% wool sweater yesterday, but nobody notices my posts unless they contain armchair legal analysis.
I can totally get the Steve Harvey Not even a chance on any of the rest.
And ethically, I am in agreement with you. It was the legal side I was curious what principles would be in play, as accusations of theft and fraud were being made.
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