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I guess it won't break the bank.
Yep. I have 4 of them (2 pictured) and I definitely recommend going with the taller one. Got mine on sale last fall from Amazon for ~$65 shipped, I believe. Pretty sure they didn't mean to have free shipping...I have the BB&B racks too. The z-racks feel sturdier, but since I'm a little on the short side, I worry about tipping over the rack while pulling stuff from the high bar and suffocating under a pile of used menswear.
Pretty sure these were never worn. N/A. All wool except the one in the back, wool cashmere blend. All BB.
Moving day. Grabbed some shoes beforehand. Stuart's Choice.
I considered begging my wife to check that one out, now I'm extremely glad I didn't. She went to the opening of a new Goodwill up here instead, picked 20 BB ties and a new knife set for us.Not bad for Calphalon. More than I wanted to pay but they look brand new.
So true. I've skipped most of the last 8k, not enough time to catch up.
           West side of Cincy, Westwood to be specific.   Thanks all, been a long time coming on this one.  I suppose I should have said thrift funded, rather than thrifted.  Still paid less than its worth, in my opinion.  It's 141 years old, supposedly built by one of the founders of the Cincinnati Orchestra.  While it didn't come with mint juleps, those will be added soon.  Planning a Derby party for the first official bash once we are all moved in this month.  If you...
New thrift casa: acquired. New thrift workroom: huge. Seriously, photos don't do it justice.
I certainly hope that sets the tone for my finds this week!
Anything interesting happen in the last 2k posts? Caught flu for the first time ever which turned into pneumonia and completely knocked me on my ass for the past month. Also arranging purchase of a new home, with a third floor that is going to make an amazing Thrift Eyrie. Natural light all day long, going to make for some great product photos.
New Posts  All Forums: