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Anyone familiar with this brand?  More importantly, the maker?        
Picked for me. Legit check?
eBay calculated priority USPS shipping to Sweden.
Flip brag. Just picked it up Friday night.
^it takes over quickly. These are from 1 of the 3 rooms that have been annexed by "the habit" By far the worst of the three, but the other two rooms aren't much better.
   Sounds exactly like my day! Except I only found 4 pieces.  And none were really "thriftening" worthy.   but I'm excited to see what you got! 
     I am changing my previous statement.  Buyer just opened return requests for both items purchased, "changed my mind".  
I'm entirely willing to trade my ability to find Alden's for your ability to thrift MCM furniture. That desk was ridiculous.
Better pics of the Hermes from Friday and the Alden's from yesterday.  Still on the hunt for the Kiton and Attolini pants - if any Cincinnati thrifters come across them, get at me and we'll make a deal.                
None of those brands are sold here. Count ended up being 2 Sartoria Attolini orphans (solid gray) two Kiton orphans (pinstripe gray) and another which I think may be Kiton. Stopped in to see if the pants had come out, no dice. Did find some Brioni pants that weren't there last night though.
New Posts  All Forums: