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So much win. Ive yet to thrift a Barbour jacket, someday...
Had time for one store today.  Not pictured: Barbour cords, Paul Stuart tweed (has a stain on the lapel I'm working on removing) and an interesting scarf made in Italy, silk on one side, wool on the other.  Oh, and I'm sorry for the potato pics.     Orvis Corduroy.  Patch pockets, 3 roll 2, elbow patches, throat latch.     POP.  Sartoria Attolini.  Functional cuffs.  Not an orphan (no drop listed on the size tag)           POP POP!  Sawyer of Napa...
Just popped my Attolini and Sawyer Napa Shearling cherries!!!! Cue maniacal laughter!
Sweeeet. Post thrifting drinks are a must.
^im really hoping that last pair of Orvis trousers aren't a size 42...
Hey Chicago thrift-bros, looks like I'm going to be up that way on January 2-4. One of those days will be a thrift day, anyone want to share some spots in exchange for me driving and covering all parking costs?
Clearly that guy is going to lose - everyone knows you do shoes before suits.
Speaking of knockoffs... Did not kop.
There needs to be a meetup associated with this. "SF Rocks Out With Their Frocks Out"Ah, zenga. I'm assuming the full name is Ermahgerd Zenga?
 Hello guccihomme, welcome to the thread.  Pass on the Dior and St. Lauren.  Hickey might be decent if the price is good. I would recommend checking out these links before spending much in the thrifts: http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/0_100 (read all of it, both educational and entertaining)http://thriftygent.com/how-to-thrift-labels/ (this is actually the second part of the series, but might be the easiest place to start...
New Posts  All Forums: