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Spent most of the weekend catching up on house stuff, putting together a new lighting setup.  Did kop two Luxire dress shirts at $2.50 a pop - good pickup? [[SPOILER]]
I used to ask the thrift gods for Barbour, vicuña, etc before going thrifting. Lately I've changed to just asking for some eBay fodder and maybe something cool that I haven't seen before, if they feel generous. All hail the thrift gods.
Congrats Spoo!
In the spirit of full disclosure, the two Hermes had some light staining. Will be mailed to Tiecrafters sometime this week.
Quick stop in l'ville.
So. Much. Awesomeness. There's a ridiculous number of great restaurants there.Probably why I'm a drop 4 in suits...
I didn't mean to come across as hostile about Cincinnati. My point was, if you are looking for the likes of Loro and Kiton, they are rarer than rare here. If you want to find Brooks Brothers suits, 15+ year old Oxxford, and the occasional Canali orphan, come on down. We've got a great restaurant scene and plenty to do. Just no Kiton to be found.
I want all of that sooooo bad.  But I'm broke at the moment  
AHAHAHAHA!Seriously, Cincinnati? How did my city get on this list? I've been thrifting here hardcore for 4 years and found 1 Kiton tie at a consignment.
Well, I did suggest that for just one day. Kind of a course correction, you know?
New Posts  All Forums: