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Picked up a few Viyella tartan plaid shirts, nice BB cashmere sweater, and this gem.  I love it when the jackets start showing up in the thrifts.  [[SPOILER]]
   Speaking of, I picked up this last weekend - the Cremieux I'm looking for?      
I had something similar happen last spring, and even calling eBay isn't a sure bet. Representative (multiple reps, actually) then let it stand because it was the buyers opinion. I brought it up to another rep a few months ago, and they agreed with me, but said that it couldn't be removed because the feedback had been left over 90 days prior.
I don't think it's him... I bought something from eBay user div25sec9 the other day, shipped out of Canada. Probably just a similar eBay ID.
Spent most of the weekend catching up on house stuff, putting together a new lighting setup.  Did kop two Luxire dress shirts at $2.50 a pop - good pickup? [[SPOILER]]
I used to ask the thrift gods for Barbour, vicuña, etc before going thrifting. Lately I've changed to just asking for some eBay fodder and maybe something cool that I haven't seen before, if they feel generous. All hail the thrift gods.
Congrats Spoo!
In the spirit of full disclosure, the two Hermes had some light staining. Will be mailed to Tiecrafters sometime this week.
Quick stop in l'ville.
So. Much. Awesomeness. There's a ridiculous number of great restaurants there.Probably why I'm a drop 4 in suits...
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