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Wasn't saying you were implying that, I just wanted to be clear and make sure there was no misinterpretation. I believe the first post asked when thrift money needs to start being reported, and I wanted to be sure that everyone understood the burden is always on the taxpayer to know their taxable income, can't claim ignorance just because PayPal didn't issue a specific form.
Nope. Only if you have over $1M in gross receipts (I believe). Otherwise, cash method is the way to go.In regards to receipts, I try to keep mine, but I'm not nearly as organized as I should be. However I use my Paypal card for all thrift purchases and meals while out, so I can very easily keep track of all expenses related to inventory acquisition.
There is no minimum rule for the IRS - if you make $1, you report it. Just because PayPal isn't reporting you doesnt negate a need to file. If you made 10k and didn't report it because PayPal didn't generate a 1099, and were audited for some reason, you would be in deep shit with the IRS.
Grabbed these yesterday for $6. Looks like they were only worn a couple times. N/A.
My apologies, you are quite correct. So the seller is simply trying to avoid the issue with ebay by claiming they are alligator.
I passed a pair of these on to a fellow forum member back in the spring (though mine were completely unworn) - vintage Edwin Clapp Alligator Monks in 8D (except if you look at the sole or recognize the leather, these are clearly NOT alligator and quite illegal to sell on ebay what with the Endangered Species Act)
Today I had to pass on a Canali suit that was used as Depends.Ewwwww.
2015 has been pretty good to me so far.  Still need to unload my car from the Chicago trip (thanks for the tips eazye!) and the last 24 hours have been particularly nice at my local shops.  All these came from 3 stores (all true thrift):   5X Altea NWT   Lands End silk knit, Hart Schaffner Marx, Aquascutum, Polo NWT Polo, 3x BB   3x BB, Polo More Polo & BB Couple unbranded Italian silk pocket squares for personal use   Paul Frederick lightweight...
I had no idea they carried decent stuff. There's one 5 minutes from my house.
I need some denim advice. I picked up a pair of PRPS Barracuda (Phoenix dark wash) selvedge denim at TJ Maxx for $59. I've been looking for dark wash jeans in my size for a while (42 waist) and these seemed to fit the bill. However, I know NOTHING about selvedge/raw/sanforized/unsanforized and the various ways these factors affect fit. How much they will shrink upon first soak (is that something I'm supposed to do? How long? What temperature?), whether I should hem them...
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