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AHAHAHAHA!Seriously, Cincinnati? How did my city get on this list? I've been thrifting here hardcore for 4 years and found 1 Kiton tie at a consignment.
Well, I did suggest that for just one day. Kind of a course correction, you know?
Yes. But I also constantly see after images from any light.
Is @jompso okay? Did we goad him into having a stroke?I haven't posted as much for reasons similar to eazye - that and lack of time. It's too bad we probably couldn't organize a First Annual Thrift Thread On-Topic Day, where all we post is pictures of amazing stuff we've thrifted, and the only text responses are either congratulations or inquiries into the availability of said items.
 dayum!  I've yet to find a Barbour jacket, that one is sweet!  
I think I posted a pic of this jacket back when I got it at an estate sale, finally got around to taking some better pics.  Anyone know much about vintage Belstaff Trialmasters?  This has the Lightning zipper, which I think dates it to early/mid-60s?          
^ebay had an offer a month or so ago for a bunch of free auction listings. I converted all my BIN listings over, and lowered prices.  Ended up clearing out a bunch of old inventory, and getting some decent prices for it as well.
Please. If it's still on the rack for the 50% off Saturday sales, we done goofed.
#cincinnatiThrifting Wtf. Did not kop.
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