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Great idea!I've sold 93 items for the month so far, which is 32 more than last September. Brought in just over $4k, which is a $2100 improvement over last September. Im starting to experiment with lower starting costs just because inventory is backing up so much - two bedrooms fully taken over and starting to lose the room that was supposed to be my library.I go back and forth between BIN and auction - used a free 1000 items offer from eBay to switch nearly everything back...
 Here's a 24 pc lot of t-shits.  Gotta love people that can't spell.  Like this guy, who gave me a great deal on a bunch of chavez ties.
Add madmen7183 for non payment.
Buyer started a return in eBay, then cancelled it and opened a case through PayPal thinking that he wouldn't have to pay return shipping (even though I had already offered to cover return shipping). this is my first PayPal case - how do they handle refunding eBay fees when I refund the buyer?
People need to stop sending dumb questions before I've had coffee and can control my responses... Buyer sent this message about a Polo Corneliani cashmere/cotton sportcoat: "Offer?" And I couldn't help myself, responded with this: "A glorious good morning to you, I am delighted by your well-worded missive expressing interest in this Polo Ralph Lauren sport coat. A blend of cotton and cashmere, this Corneliani-made garment is a wonderful choice for the upcoming autumnal...
Yes. Sent payment reminders last night. I have unpaid item cases set to open automatically on Friday.
Yeah, couldn't believe how quickly they got here! I got two, only assembled one so far, and managed to get all the remaining piles of stuff in my thrift rooms sorted and stores properly. Now I have to work down one of the two thrift rooms before my wife's due date in early October!
I need some help in a domestic dispute.  My wife has mostly taken over the photography/prep work of our ebay business, and I do the final writeups on each listing.  We have a... disagreement about the colors of three sportcoats.  What would you guys call each of these?      
 Just shipped, and they still have the double racks listed at 59.99 plus 4.49 shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: