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Pecan waffle. Hash browns scattered smothered covered topped and diced. BACON. Coffee.
Going through backlog, just came across these.  I don't normal thrift socks, but NWT...      
 Pretty cool.  Now I have to figure out where to find larger sheets of it.
For those of you running garagesale, what kind of macs are you using?  I've got an older mac that just grinds constantly, need to upgrade and looking from some price-conscious suggestions.
Sweet Jeebus the new thread is on fire. I keep wanting to post my meager finds, but feel like I'd be bragging about Haggar and London Fog compared with this loot.
Possibly a University of Kentucky grad...
Recent ethrift for .99 plus shipping, NWOT.
Cincinnati, Ohio.With the occasional ventures to Columbus & Dayton OH, Louisville KY (actually pretty often), and Indianapolis IN.
Hey, when you've got a nice watch, show it off.
Admittedly, we would have hit 150k in just a few more weeks #jompsoed
New Posts  All Forums: