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Unless selling on Etsy, when you might need to verify the garment's age in order to list in the first place.But no, generally would not draw attention to the age of a suit.
You never know, ebay has taken the side of weirder reasons when presented by a buyer.
It's asshats like this guy that make ebay screw us with seller updates. Surely he's breaking some rules, right? Besides keyword spamming?
And he's already lowered the price on grailed twice, despite having just purchased the shirt on the 17th...I have no understanding for what is transpiring with this shirt...
^damn, that sucks. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with nutsinyourmouth. Sorry, couldn't help it, perfect setup.
Just looked up the holiday return policy, and I can honestly say I will be proud to be an "above average" seller.
^you too? Wow, at least I'll be in good company.
   I've heard its easier to ask forgiveness than permission... 
Had to pass on a D'Avenza Roma suit because the prior owner mistook the pants for a urinal. However, I have a trunk stuffed full of new-to-me stuff that will be bound for the 'bay. Does no one thrift in Cleveland?
Took half a day off and thrifted with the wife.  She got started before me, and was texting me from the store - "Loro Piana Storm System vest.  Cashmere.  Buy?"       And, because no cashmere left behind.  Then No Alpaca Left Behind... especially if Willis & Geiger.     Couple o'skeets.  Dig the funky skull and crossbones contrast pattern.     Not sure if hideous or awesome.  Ticket pocket, surgeon's cuffs.       From the same store, my first pair...
New Posts  All Forums: