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     You guys want to see shells?  These are the pairs within quick reach of my desk, all need to be listed.  Alan McAfee's are front right. Noticed two more pairs of Florsheim shell wingtips on a bottom shelf, I really need to get back to listing shoes on the 'bay.  Definitely some signs of wear around the back, but the uppers are in great shape otherwise.   Haven't memorized the Church's nail pattern - is this a match? 
Whelp, looks like I don't need to post the Alan McAfee for Aquascutum made in England shell cordovan shoes I found.
Ahem, tax accountant checking in here...
Undecided on whether to keep or sell. I like it, the wife, not so much. For only $3 invested, may be worth putting up with her being annoyed.
All of this. I picked up a red and blue wool Polo sweater last year that had the "cookie" patch shown above and listed it for $59.99, 10 day auction. Got over a dozen messages in less than an hour from people begging me to sell it to them. Ended up going for just over $281. Vintage Polo is $$$$
Seriously. If those Incos are in good shape and have a 42 waist (and at least 30 inseam) I'll double your money...
I dreamed about thrifting a pile of Drake's pocket squares last night. I think I need help.
Forget stocks. I'm investing in Ralph Lauren boots.
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