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Good kop at $40? Never seen one before.
Lots of great shoes went live - several pair of shell cordovan by Florsheim, Alden, and Allen Edmonds, vintage Florsheim v-cleats, and two pair of Allen Edmonds Sharkskin shoes (one NWOB!)  Check everything out at North Bend Threads.                      
Some of my more interesting thrift store find from the last two days. A Wine Enthusiast Sommelier Tasting and Aroma Kit, new without box Allen Edmonds sharkskin shoes, and a cobblers bench (I've been looking for one for 4 years and found two at the same store today. This was the better of the two).
Haven't posted in a while. Picked up a new to me toy: Came with a Porshe, BMW, and the prior owner tossed in a Dodge Charger as well. Now I've gotta find room to set up the 29 feet of track...
Here's one for the block list.  Bought a linen blend blazer from me, complained that it wrinkled too much (it's linen) and that it had pilling (barely, and because it's a linen silk blend!)  [[SPOILER]]
Ethrift came in. Thanks Linda.
Really hoping I didn't overpay on an RLPL peak lapel tux, made in England. Will post pics after moving new bed into house.
I demand pics.
Okay, after checking out some of the pics from my Canon, REALLY happy with the natural light setup.  Still need to work on the white balance a little, but much improved over my old setup.   [[SPOILER]]
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