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Here's one for the block list.  Bought a linen blend blazer from me, complained that it wrinkled too much (it's linen) and that it had pilling (barely, and because it's a linen silk blend!)  [[SPOILER]]
Ethrift came in. Thanks Linda.
Really hoping I didn't overpay on an RLPL peak lapel tux, made in England. Will post pics after moving new bed into house.
I demand pics.
Okay, after checking out some of the pics from my Canon, REALLY happy with the natural light setup.  Still need to work on the white balance a little, but much improved over my old setup.   [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. Lighting deficiency was much more obvious on the first couple of shoe pics I took.
I love natural light. Potato pic test shot in the new studio.
Speaking of shell, I've been trying to get my back stock organized and sorted out all the shell cordovan while I was at it. High time I thrift funded some shells for myself.
I vote shell. Size?
New Posts  All Forums: