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I sold a Brioni last week for $300 and eBay gave me the same notice.
Here's 4 more to add to the blocked buyers list for nonpayment:   bisha-ghad jusrodrijusti amita1232014 carlos4065   Some weeks I really can't stand buyers...
I'm leaning more toward BINOBO - people full and tipsy, trying to ignore family by browsing ebay on their smartphones.
 I'm really glad I put my 7-year-old to sleep before playing that at full volume.  My wife and I wear laughing so hard it repeated 5 times before I could pause it.
I am now...
Picked up a few Viyella tartan plaid shirts, nice BB cashmere sweater, and this gem.  I love it when the jackets start showing up in the thrifts.  [[SPOILER]]
   Speaking of, I picked up this last weekend - the Cremieux I'm looking for?      
I had something similar happen last spring, and even calling eBay isn't a sure bet. Representative (multiple reps, actually) then let it stand because it was the buyers opinion. I brought it up to another rep a few months ago, and they agreed with me, but said that it couldn't be removed because the feedback had been left over 90 days prior.
I don't think it's him... I bought something from eBay user div25sec9 the other day, shipped out of Canada. Probably just a similar eBay ID.
Spent most of the weekend catching up on house stuff, putting together a new lighting setup.  Did kop two Luxire dress shirts at $2.50 a pop - good pickup? [[SPOILER]]
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