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^no clue on date, but I'd love to see more pics of the jacket.
I have now attended so much of Jompso's school, I want course credit.
Well, it's a bit late/early for tweed, but why not?
Sweet Jeebus, the last 24 hours has had way too much argument about the merits of fake garments and misinterpretation of business basics. Jompso, demand for items generates a need for supply. Sometimes this can be trumped by a revolutionary new product that inspires people to demand it, thus creating a need for supply. But the demand for a product and te availability of supply is what determines pricing, and ultimately supply cannot create demand. I can't take a supply of...
I think I would wear the hell out of that.
Everything measured in at 46/48L. The suits are up on the bay already - paid closer to consignment store prices, and definitely need to refill the coffers after the last month or so of unexpected auto and doctor bills.
Less is more. "man suit".
Haven't been posting finds much, here's from the last couple weeks.   Paul & Shark       Skeets galore.     Brioni silk/wool blend.         Oxxford Super 120s wool/cashmere blend.           A tradly gent donated quite a bit of his wardrobe.  I've never been so angry that I'm not 6'2", all of these would have fit perfectly.  First, 4 J Press tweeds.     Pretty nice J Press suit.           And this gem.  Why...
J Press Presstige suit and an Anderson & Sheppard suit for a total of $100. Dun good? Pics later.
Couple of ties from a recent ethrift, how would you guys describe the patterns?          
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