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People need to stop sending dumb questions before I've had coffee and can control my responses... Buyer sent this message about a Polo Corneliani cashmere/cotton sportcoat: "Offer?" And I couldn't help myself, responded with this: "A glorious good morning to you, I am delighted by your well-worded missive expressing interest in this Polo Ralph Lauren sport coat. A blend of cotton and cashmere, this Corneliani-made garment is a wonderful choice for the upcoming autumnal...
Yes. Sent payment reminders last night. I have unpaid item cases set to open automatically on Friday.
Yeah, couldn't believe how quickly they got here! I got two, only assembled one so far, and managed to get all the remaining piles of stuff in my thrift rooms sorted and stores properly. Now I have to work down one of the two thrift rooms before my wife's due date in early October!
I need some help in a domestic dispute.  My wife has mostly taken over the photography/prep work of our ebay business, and I do the final writeups on each listing.  We have a... disagreement about the colors of three sportcoats.  What would you guys call each of these?      
 Just shipped, and they still have the double racks listed at 59.99 plus 4.49 shipping.
Have you guys figured out who the former owner of this $200k+ donation is? I'm dying to know what they do for a living.
Need some advice. Buyer purchased a sport coat from me three weeks ago that had fairly short arms. Included accurate measurements in the listing, should not have been a surprise to the buyer. Got a message two weeks ago stating that the arms were too short and he couldn't imagine how anyone could ever make use of the coat. No request for return, and I do not accept returns (except in the sense that eBay forces everyone to accept returns). I messaged him back, confirming...
Anyone needing z-racks, this looks like a solid deal. I just ordered two. Double Rail Medium Duty Z Rack Garment Rack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0043CAURO/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_m314vb77RYAZV
New Posts  All Forums: