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   I'll double that offer.    Also, I noticed the size tag was not the second picture shown, playing with fire...
Since the model is in the title, if she doesn't come with the suit I would totally file a SNAD.
^with that in mind, has anyone done much selling over there? How do prices compare to ebay?
I'll probably start testing the waters over there next week. Tons of inventory right now, doesn't hurt to have multiple sales outlets.
I may have to seriously rethink selling on eBay. It's unfortunate, as I've been scaling up buying/listing/selling with the intention of making it a full-time gig for either myself or my wife (she's actually interested in making flipping her thing). With all of the seller changes, and now a 6 month window for buyers to open cases (not to mention that buyers will soon be able to cancel a purchase up to an hour after auction close) ebay seems much less viable for a small to...
 6... months?  A buyer can open a case for 6 months after purchase???  Most stores won't even take a return that long after purchase, but now we have to?
Did I read that correctly? Buyers will be able to cancel any purchase within an hour of the auction ending?
That day when you purchase a Brother EHL-2270DW laser printer for 59.99 on Amazon with free 2 day shipping and congratulate yourself on all the money you'll be able to save on ink... then you go to print labels for 17 packages and discover the inkjet printer is out of ink and you don't have any backup cartridges.
99.9% of the time.
Not much brag-worthy stuff lately. but I did pick up some been had Polo, cool BB corduroy, and a nice Orvis blazer.                    
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