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I'll speak to what I can here - yes, baby carrots are made from larger carrots. They shave off the outer "tough" part to shape the tender core like a tiny carrot. A baby carrot is essentially a lie. Also, regarding boobs - pics or it didn't happen.
very nice work.
That was a great episode.
     The Allen Edmonds are 8A.  The as yet unidentified chukkas are untagged, but I estimate they are about 9-9.5 C
A few more of the things from yesterday and this morning.  My workspace is currently buried under piles of stuff.   Don't normally pick up Tom James ties, but they wer nice solid colors and decent construction, 4x BB   2x Polo with horse logo, Vineyar Vines "Kick the Can" custom that may make an appearance at my employer's next quarterly financial meeting (acutally I like my job so probably not), HSM, H&S, 2x tartan   Back to front: Zegna silk/wool blend,...
^im thinking ebay doesn't want top rated sellers anymore. That, or we should get comfortable with people buying items to try them on and then sending them back.
aw yeah my first pair of thrifted captoe aldens, posted on my 1000th post.
sifting through the massive pile of stuff I picked up today (in advance of a non-thrifting weekend spent working on projects). dozens of shirts, dozens of pants, a pile of ties, but these were my favorites of the day.        
Size on the fedora? If 7.5 and any shade of gray, would be happy to make a trade...
So jealous - my wife and daughter are heading out to visit the inlaws for the easter holiday (atheist gets a pass) but I'll be playing the part of awesome dad and spending my weekend assembling this:http://www.playstarinc.com/Playsets/ReadyToAssemble/GreatEscape/GreatEscapeSilver.aspx
New Posts  All Forums: