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Hey Spoo, did you ever hear anything else from this buyer?
Found some interesting stuff.  Could I get an authenticity check on this Gucci suit?  Also, how would I determine whether it's Tom Ford era (and if not, what is it?)               Also found this quilted moto-style RLX jacket.    
Jesus, yes. Got this message from a buyer Sunday after an item went unsold and automatically relisted."Definition of insanity is doing same thing and expecting different outcome.... I sent you a message yesterday - to which you never replied - saying that you had listed it too high and why. 7 people, including me watched it. None of us bid. And you relist for same price! My offer stands at $200 and only because I am replacing one lost in a fire."I was considering his offer...
Sold a Brooks Brothers tie on Sunday, seller paid today and I shipped it out this afternoon. Since shipping, I've received 4 messages from the buyer either questioning the authenticity of the tie, or telling me not to ship if it's fake.
My busiest week ever. 70+ items sold, lots of shipping to do.
I sold a Brioni last week for $300 and eBay gave me the same notice.
Here's 4 more to add to the blocked buyers list for nonpayment:   bisha-ghad jusrodrijusti amita1232014 carlos4065   Some weeks I really can't stand buyers...
I'm leaning more toward BINOBO - people full and tipsy, trying to ignore family by browsing ebay on their smartphones.
 I'm really glad I put my 7-year-old to sleep before playing that at full volume.  My wife and I wear laughing so hard it repeated 5 times before I could pause it.
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