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Don't question, just enjoy. I snagged 6 Corneliani ties from there a while back for $25, and picked up another batch of ties with a Borelli 7-fold (not mentioned in listing) that paid for several other acquisitions. One of my favorite ebay sellers.
Crud, my favorite spot is on to me. Turnbull & Asser, Paul Stuart ties prices at $45. #thrillisgonebaby
I thrift alone. For that exact reason.
Is there a 2014 Thrifties thread started? I nominate jgill for haul of the year (at least, after we get some better pics)
Continuing to work through backlog (most of which will be waiting until fall.  Drat)   Clockwise from upper left: Dale of Norway, Aran wool, Brooks Brothers lambswool shirt/sweater, Brooks Brothers wool/cashmere half zip.     Good kop at $3.99?      
Offered without comment. http://bit.ly/1epZVL7
Ugh, I passed on a tie that had the ch on the made in England tag, now I have to remember where all I went on Saturday.
Finally home after my adventure south.  Spoo - tux received, and a box o'payment is going out tomorrow.     As I'm totally overwhelmed with stuff lately, here are the first few items I pulled out of the trunk of the car:   Stefano Ricci tux shirt.  50/50 cotton/linen.  Covered placket buttons.           Hickey Freeman camel hair, BB, and for the tiny trad, a Ben Silver tweed sport coat, kids size 10.  Needs a major cleaning, but I think I can get it back to...
One 2 will negate top rated seller status?! I really need to read that update...
How do you guys manage/track your inventory? Especially those of you running a lot of auctions, with plenty of additional inventory to go up, and possibly consigning as well? Packing and writing the ebay item number on a package right after listing doesn't seem to work - if the item gets relisted, it ends up with a new ebay item number. Is there a bar coding system that will integrate with garagesale?
New Posts  All Forums: