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^^seconded, beautiful find.
Hey guys, can I get a recommendation on a good steam iron? I've seen rowenta and ironmaven mentioned, looking for one that has the separate reservoir.
What are the odds that I'm in exactly the same spot?Picked up some ties for myself.And a big shoutout to @Orgetorix for pointing out a local craigslist ad that had been up for 10 days with no love.
Somewhere on the interwebz, a lesson is being prepared...
Anyone else encounter this error? eBay doesn't seem to want me to find my shell cordovan boots.
At first I was all excited at the idea of less expensive shell, then I realized what you did there. #schooled
Absolutely true.  Sorry for that, had to interact with a few of my less than favorite relatives and felt the need to poke the bear.
 FTFY.  Couldn't help it.    And lets not discuss the grammatical nonsense that is "but formally educationally".
 Yes indeed.  Also picked up a few other gems today: More Bills seersucker shorts.   Lets add some politics to today's thread morass.  NWT Orvis Democratic Convention shorts (didn't actually pick these up today, but photographing for listings and I don't think I ever posted them)   Super heavy Lands End made in USA leather.    Paul & Shark-nado!  Not pictured: a Canali Exclusivo Super 150s orphan.  Going to be looking for the pants tomorrow, found it 5 minutes before...
So, after today's lessons, does anyone know how to "create demand" for Stafford and Haggar blazers? Cause I'd like to buy my Ferrari, and I know where to get lots of supply.
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