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So jealous - my wife and daughter are heading out to visit the inlaws for the easter holiday (atheist gets a pass) but I'll be playing the part of awesome dad and spending my weekend assembling this:http://www.playstarinc.com/Playsets/ReadyToAssemble/GreatEscape/GreatEscapeSilver.aspx
No prob. While I've poached in Org's territory many a time (although to be fair I lived there from 1988-2008 and visit my folks regularly) I never head further west than that.
Ill see your three Jos A Banks ties and raise you a Bert Pulitzer.
Ouch.Anyone ever thrifted Lexington, KY? Thinking about making a run there, didnt want to be stepping on any toes.
Also, echecks suck. If you're gonna pay, it should be immediate. If you can't pay right then, let the seller know. Having echecks that hang around for 3-7 days before clearing is ridiculous, there needs to be consistency.
^agreed, something isn't right there. Will contact ebay - but also planning on ramping up sales enough between now and August 1 to keep my top seller status.
According to the new seller standards, I'll only be "above average". Knocked out by an asshat that opened an "item not received" case when my auctions state two day processing, he paid with an echeck, which took over a week to clear and ebay said not to ship until it cleared Paypal. And despite shipping the package on the second business day, case opened...
 Welcome Doc!  Glad to see you visiting from AAAC.
Don't question, just enjoy. I snagged 6 Corneliani ties from there a while back for $25, and picked up another batch of ties with a Borelli 7-fold (not mentioned in listing) that paid for several other acquisitions. One of my favorite ebay sellers.
Crud, my favorite spot is on to me. Turnbull & Asser, Paul Stuart ties prices at $45. #thrillisgonebaby
New Posts  All Forums: