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 Don't know who asked you to report inventories, but it shouldn't have been the IRS.  Based on your facts and circumstances, you should be able to file cash method and are not required to value inventory.  From IRS Publication 334: Inventories Generally, if you produce, purchase, or sell merchandise in your business, you must keep an inventory and use the accrual method for purchases and sales of merchandise. However, the following taxpayers can use the cash method of...
Don't. Unless you have more than 1 million in gross receipts, file using the cash method. Report all of your expenses in the year they incurred, all revenues in the year collected. You don't have to track inventory, or match eBay fees with each item you sold. Just put it all on your Schedule C and you're good to go. (But don't forget to fill out Schedule SE for your self employment tax!)I know, man. I spend three days away from the forum and there's all this accounting and...
Indeed. After finally getting my thrift room(s) organized and everything properly hung, I've probably got a couple of things that would work.
Good looking Seiko, digging the blue band.
Another unidentified English shoemaker. Any ideas?
Awesome, type face is a match, thanks.
my lack of knowledge of English shoemakers strikes again - any idea of the maker based on the writing?
Good god, an ebay user sent me 5+ messages this afternoon asking the same questions over and over.  Are these pants summer weight?  Are they really black?  Can you ship them tomorrow?  Please describe them! - All answered within the listing, and I told him after his first message I would answer the rest of his questions when I got home after a birthday party.     One way ticket to the block list.
Damn, those are nice...and my size...available?
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