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Seriously? Wow, I saw that picture first thing when I woke up (yeah, checking the thread is the first thing I do in the morning) and Cthurkey was my first thought.
Behold the Cthurkey! Tremble before the Elder Gods.
I'll trade you a Barbour for your NWT GUCCI jacket...
   Unless you have over a million in gross receipts you can file on a cash basis accounting method.  Meaning, you deduct the expenses when incurred, not when the item is sold.  See IRS Publication 334.
Hey guys, any idea on the age of this Abercrombie & Fitch (I know, I know, cut me some slack) label?  Looked old, wondered if it was something decent.  
I would spend less time in thrift stores. At least, until SpooBay.com launched.
I wouldn't pass on any of those. Also, eff budgets. This is America, the land of deficit spending.
Haven't posted any of my sale items here in a while.  Some just posted, some closing this Sunday:     NEW LISTING VINTAGE LL Bean Gray Cable Knit Cardigan Vest 100% Wool Sz XL Made in Ireland                             NEW LISTING Dale Of Norway Pure 100% Wool Men’s Ski Fair Isle Sweater -Navy Blue Large MINT                           NEW LISTING GORGEOUS Paul Stuart Multi Color Alpaca CrewNeck Sweater Made in Peru Size...
I'm on board with this - I think my last analytics report said half of my sales came from the ebay mobile app.
Too many "B" italian names to remember... Just as long as it's not Buitoni, right?
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