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Meant to post this a while ago. It's a knock off, but looks sweet, and the price is right. For such a low investment, I'm gonna learn how to reupholster and put it in my library room.
Hooray! Count me in!
Condolences, Doc. I just wrapped up an insane month at work - 14-16 hour days, every day, no time for thrift thread. Turns out I missed the secret santa, too. Any chance I could still get in?
Happiness is finding two pairs of Aldens in your size at the Goodwill down the street from your house.
Spoo is correct, not Corneliani.
Thanks guys!
Hey guys, how should I title these pants?  Polo, 100% Linen, made in Italy, with a lot of cool details.        
Ditto. Plus, some Alden shell wingtips, picked up for $3.99.
Picked up my first Sulka tailored garments today while visiting family in Louisville. Sportcoat is St Andrews, but I don't recognize the maker label for the suits. Anyone know who it is? edit: finally found it, post 1370 of the labels, heels, and nail patterns thread - Caruso.
Good kop at $40? Never seen one before.
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