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Nope no RSVP. Just gotta go stand in line. This is the sample sale for TB this year. they moved it up from the December date. 
Well there is the English way which is "win" and then there is the Vietnamese way which is I think that's a pretty good video explaining how. Anyway back on topic, Yeah I was told that the sample sale would be Dec 10-12 this year so I booked my flight Dec 9-16. I guess i'm no longer going for this sale. At least it's still NYC lol. 
So apparently this TB Friends and Family sale on Nov 14-15 is the sample sale.    I was told by the store employees that it wasn't    Won't be in NYC till December 9-16th 
I just called the store and this isnt the sample sale. You do need to RSVP to see this sale though. (Thom Browne) 
 This isnt the sample sale though is it? I thought this was a different event outside of the sample. I heard the sample is Dec 9-12,2014 
Any idea what the sale will be like? 
Yeah the sizing I got is smaller than the Napoli and Lazio 32. Its probably about a 31.    I did get the pants hemmed up a bit more and I had the jacket let out. I just haven't had time to reshoot with new photos (my photographer is in Japan right now).    Looking back I should have went with the standard SS lapels because mine are slightly too skinny even for my frame.    Also yeah they won't let you change the lapel gorge at all. 
Are you talking about for their MTM stuff? You gotta visit a store to see all that. 
Yeah the alterations are included on MTM orders so I am taking it back today to have all the changes made. I think if there was an option to get 3" or 3.25" lapels it would be perfect because the full 3.5" seems a bit much for my body.  So lets make a list of the things I need to have addressed so I dont forget later: - let out the waist - fix sleeve pitch- hem slightly shorter Anything I am missing? 
Yeah I mentioned in the post about how I need to take it back to have a few things changed. Unfortunately I kind of rushed the post because of scheduling conflicts so I didn't get a chance to have all my issues addressed before the photos were taken.  The lapels are 2.75 on my mtm. I find that I am drowning in suitsupply's normal 3.5inch lapels. 
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