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Hey guys so I said that I would post my review of Suitsupply's MTM program when I launched my blog.   Here is the link to it.    http://www.somethingbespoke.com/suit-supply-mtm-part-1/   Let me know if you have any questions. 
Okay so the experience. You go in. They pull out a bunch of swatches. You have your summer weights, all year and winter weights.  I only looked at the fully canvased suits. On the website it says starting $749 but that's mostly for cotton and linen materials. Get up to the Sienna fabrics (The $649-699 suits) and the mtm costs will be $899-$949 (s120). The next tier up from that is $1149 then $1239. I stopped after that because it was above my budget but i saw that it goes...
Ahh. I am taking a look at the fabrics today. I wear a size 32 there and I feel like it just doesnt fit short enough (jacket pockets are too low) and the pants could fit slimmer so thats why I might opt to do mtm instead of OTR. 
Ahh no worries. I guess I will just have to wait till I see it today.  Thank you so much for your help. 
Ahh I guess I need to see. 3-5 for fully canvas vs 4-6 for half.  I am actually stopping by the store today. Lets see if they can pump it out quick for me.  What other prices did you see for the half canvas line? 
 Which fabric did you choose and how much was the total? From what I saw the full canvas mtm is a shorter lead time as well. 
double post ~~~
Has anyone ever used SuitSupply's Made to Measure program? I am thinking about buying the Sienna but at $639 + the tailoring I need done to it it will cost me roughtly $850 so I am wondering if just getting the MTM would be more cost efficient. I am in no major rush. Just gotta have the suit by the end of May for a wedding.   I am just curious how much a SS MTM with 130s cost (full canvas) 
I have 3 ties for sale.   They are also listed on Grailed which I will link.   Hermes Bi-Color Faconnee Tie- $90 Shipped OBO   Hermes Tie - $70 Shipped OBO   Versace Silk Tie - $30 Shipped OBO   PM me or messaged me on Grailed if you would like to make an offer.
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