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Today I witnessed a young woman tonguing congealed yoghurt drink out of a plastic bottle. It was like watching a bear at a garbage dump, but less cute.  
  Citric acid and mucous membranes seem like a bad combo to me, but I'm pretty vanilla.  
  It's the same sweater, different colour. The guy on the left has the top 4 buttons done up, the guy on the right only two of the middle buttons. Guy on left has sloped shoulders compared to the squarer shoulders of guy on right. Guy on right also has sleeves rolled. All this makes the sweaters look different.
I own a couple of pairs of boots with studded Dainite soles and they are far less suitable for city wear than for country (which makes sense since they are country boots ). The rubber is quite hard and the studs provides little contact surface area on hard, smooth surfaces like concrete sidewalks. I'm suspect the original intent of the design (created in 1910) was for wear on unpaved city/town streets or in the country.
I can't really speak about the Sonos gear but I'm very happy with my Squeezeboxes. In your case you could just install the Squeezebox server software on your iMac and scan your music library. Then you would connect a Squeezebox Touch to your wireless network and plug it into your DAC using the coaxial or toslink output. The Squeezebox will scan your network and find the server. You then use the dedicated remote, or an app on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone to control...
We're looking to replace the dining room table and chairs in our condo. The max size we can work with is about 40" x 60". Our criteria are:   1) solid wood (molded pywood possible, white paint possible) 2) six chairs, or four chairs + bench, must have padded seats 3) no American country look, French country is a possibility, as is a nice farmhouse plank table w/ square legs 4) no glass, laminate, leather, or black   Our budget maxes out around 5-6K. So far...
adblock and noscript make the interwebz tolerable -- it's like walking through a pine forest, stroking a kitten, while a gentle breeze blows up your skirt and tickles your scrotal hairs. Without adblock and noscript, internet is like a dinner party with SEO consultants or actors or something; that is to say, the worst fucking thing ever.
Quote:   Sorry for the redirect to YouTube but I can't find a version that doesn't do this.
Looks like you've got a lot going on at work today.  
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