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I thought I would wear this more than I have. It has been washed in cold and hung dry about three times, which is as many times as I have worn it. I am asking $85 ->$80 or trade for an Epaulet shirt in large, preferably button collar in good shape. Please PM me if you are interested, we may be able to work a deal.  16" collar 17.5" s2s 25.5" shoulder seam to end of cuff 20" p2p 30" BOCShipping included in the price.
Disregard. Question answered. Thanks Epaulet!
    I had what is for Central Washington an epic, epic day. There are only two thrifts here, so for me this is a homerun day. Anything that is available will be marked.    First off, a pair of herringbone PRL 100% wool trousers in my size NOT AVAILABLE.     Next up is an Oxxford Owentsia in 40R. AVAILABLE. Measurements on request if anyone is interested.   Then a Paul Stuart SC in 42R. Available. Measurements on request if anyone is...
Well played!
    [[SPOILER]] Sorry man, Chromcraft is (generally) made in China, and (always) not that great as far as quality is concerned. They each cost probably ~$200 new.
S'good money yo!   SF been had Tailored Suits Paris!
So to add a bit more fuel to the fire (on both sides I suppose) and also some cool finds if anyone is interested,I will interject my $.02.   GW does indeed have a for profit emphasis, in that they are trying to maximize their returns. This can be taken one of two ways. 10 they are missing the point of their mission statement which is "Goodwill Industries International enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating...
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