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Seemed too good to be true. Oh well.
One for £299 here:   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kiton-Leather-Jacket-Black-New-Mens-US-Size-42-EU-Size-52-/151293812217?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item2339d05df9   There are a few in this price range.
They are just made with Zegna fabric.
Quite a few of these are popping up on eBay at bargain prices. Some are not even selling. The sellers are Australian and have excluded Italian buyers. Why so cheap? Is anything sinister going on do you think? Seems to good to be true.
  They look great.  Thanks.
  I wear a 44 suit UK and take a size 10 shoe.  I am in the 'overweight' bracket but not too big to be obese.
I am thinking John Lobb. Have seen some black ones on eBay for about £700 which is the top end of my budget. Would prefer to pay about £500 though. I will be wearing a navy blue Prine of Wales check Zegna suit, red tie, and crisp white Zegna shirt. Any suggestions appreciated.
Does anyone happen to know any wholesalers to purchase a number of ties by someone like Kiton, Zegna etc?   Many thanks.
For me its:   Kiton Zegna Couture Hermes
Thanks will check it out. There are definitely no Zegna outlets in UK I am aware of. And none in Las Vegas which I frequent regularly that I am aware of either so it's going to be tough to find them at say £70 each.
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