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Thanks I will try them both on after Christmas
I'm a 14.5 neck, 34 chest and 28 waist. Which shirts will fit me better; 1.) TML super fully fitted shirts or 2) CT extra slim shirts. Thanks!
Yes I understand what your saying but unfortunately time is of the essence! I am a 14.5 neck, 34 chest and 28 waist. Now, my gut is telling me the TML super fully fitted shirts will fit me better than than the CT extra slim ones.
I'm going to order the casual extra slim fit shirts from CT (2 button cuffs). You can't alter the sleeve length on these shirts so do you think a small will fit me well?
I might have too I have heard that TML fully fitted shirts are even slimmer fitting than CT's extra slim ones. Is this true?
Thanks again for your excellent advice! The problem is I'm very skinny at around 5ft 6 and I have heard elsewhere on this forum that CT shirts are not actually that slim. Can you assure me the extra slim fit shirts are really slim fit? Thanks
Thanks for getting back to me. Some of the shirts ask for sleeve length. Do I go to a alterations place and ask them to measure my sleeve length or do I just risk it and go with the standard? Roughley what do you think my sleeve length will be?
Thanks a million! How can I ever repay you do you think these will fit me perfectly? It would take me about 2 hours to get to London so do you think I should risk it and order them anyway?
So you reccomend I go the mtm route? Do you know of any good places I come from the UK. If made to measure is not possible do you know of any good slim fit shirt brands out there that might fit me reasonably well and just out of curiosity let me ask you question; do you think the average joe will notice the poor fit of the two shirts I have shown you? They are a bit baggy but is it really noticable?Thanks a million!
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