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Filson Tote Bag #260   TAN   Very good condition and well break-in   $75 and free shipping in continental US.  
any thoughts for Warby parker? The style is nice, but MIC
And do you think it is too girly to carry a tote on daily basis ?
Has anyone bought LayerXLayer's canvas tote of any other stuff before? The picture looks great and of course, not cheap. And the feedback of this brand is very limited...     any thoughts?
Hey I am looking for a decent waxed canvas day-to-day bag. Things to carry: 13 inch Macbook Pro, a few books and some pens, paper and key chain and stuff    I'm 5'8, 140, filson 256 series are too large for me...   Need advice for anything like filson stuff, or nice tote, waxed canvas bag would be great!   Thank you all!  
  it was final sale, which always had some crappy items.  The 30% off sale recently really has pretty neat stuffs, especially some 3rd party brand. No contest      
anyways it's a good chance to buy in a nice pair of Alden or Quoddy shoes!
I bought a red wing with full price at the end of oct. Now I m so surprised that they're 30% off in spite of they're collaboration brands...damn, can i get my money back...
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