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just scooped the biege dd from notre. get them while theyre hot boys (and girls)
chelsea boots and cargos, yas
ss up on m&s. their buys are always fucking awesome
does anyone know the sizing on the long shirt found at nmwa? or link to a store that has the measurements. emailed them 3 times and never got anything back.   found here - http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/seeds-long-hem-soft-cotton-shirt-in-dark-grey-cotton-flannel.html 
from last ss? didn't know they had other color than black 
yo, richard pants form this season are so warm and heavy 
is that for ss15 im guessing, or random release?
damn the chelsea boots look noice,
i usually wrap mine around the cuff and its good. but if let down they most likely would get caught on stuff, unless untied   second shipment up on m&s, the fabric detail on the lounge coat look crazy 
New Posts  All Forums: