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is that for ss15 im guessing, or random release?
damn the chelsea boots look noice,
i usually wrap mine around the cuff and its good. but if let down they most likely would get caught on stuff, unless untied   second shipment up on m&s, the fabric detail on the lounge coat look crazy 
damn, ssense was the spot for geller, especially end of season sale geller. sad to see they are only endorsing seconds. 
first delivery is up on ssense 
46, just popped up this morning for some reason
for sure man. unfortunately i would have scooped them but they were a size too small 
do not even know how, but hurry up   http://www.gilt.com/brand/robert-geller/product/179176911-robert-geller-slim-fit-jeans   edit: that was quick
I just waited, I ordered something last ss from nomad and the same thing happened. it took 3 days the first time and 5 this time. but if it doesn't come in a weeks time (7 days) then i would definitely contact somebody. or since you were out of town, yer shit may have gotten jacked :( edit: @cityhunter, fuck your dreams are intense
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