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You can try to get cards that offer no annual fee for the first year with some 70k points that you can convert to airline/hotel... they include   United Mileage Explorer Card (60k miles after 1st use) British Airways Avios Chase Card (100k Avios for $150) Ritz-Carlton CC (70k points, $200 airline credit just like Amex Plat/Cent)...   or   go to . they know what they're talking about.
Is it near impossible for me to buy a RLBL solid navy suit in 38R under $1000 at this time of the year? I swear I'm pretty good at finding premium class airline tickets cheaper but this is on another level haha..
Hello, I am looking to buy a RLBL 38R suit in navy --OR-- any brands that are in the same hierarchy/fit.   If you are willing to sell, please send me a PM with your offer! I pay fast.   Thank you   **forgot to add that I prefer to buy a brand new suit..
Man, missed all the posts due to travelling.. thanks for nice words for my brother's golf swing! anyways yeah he has good swing, and he usually shoots under par... I've gotta say my brother's not good at putting though ..he sucked for the first 3 tournaments, then finished all top 7s for the remainder of tourneys, so we'll see how he does for the US AM...   BTW, does anyone know own one of the SeeMore putters? Saw them at the PGAsuperstore and they looked pretty...
I wasn't too familiar with smash factor, so I had to look up some pros' smash factor. According to, Rory has 1.483, Tiger has 1.471 and Phil has 1.484 which is really surprising. To think that my brother has higher smash factor is kinda amazing!   I was able to take videos this morning during my brother's preparation for the upcoming USGA event. Enjoy the videos!
It absolutely is. With the current set up, they retail at $650. However, because my brother (and many college golfers) get discounts through Titleist, Taylormade and Ping (some schools get deals from Nike & Callaway), he paid less than $300 each. Oh he has Vokey's but he likes how the Callaway wedges' faces look. Vokey's tend to be little round at the face whereas Callaway ones look just straight. Also, he got a deal through a guy from Callaway (2 for $110 ish).    The...
  The Kiyoshi is really great. Flex is X. My younger brother plays for college and this driver set up is exactly as same as his. I don't  play golf as much as I used to (my best 18 hole score is 73 (+1) and my best 9 hole score is -1...I've only had ONE eagle in my entire 7 years of playing golf) and I got it just in case something happens to his driver. Besides, it looks great IMO. (and got it at ridiculously low price... lower than current retail price)   I did ask my...
  Shaft is Oban Kiyoshi 65 
The cities you mentioned are great choices. I can't really comment on Shanghai as I've never been there. But if you would like some info on Seoul, I can most certainly be of help..   With that being said, Incheon airport to Tokyo will be the shortest flights out of all 4 cities. However, Tokyo is an expensive city to visit so that is something to consider..
As long as British Airways & Lufthansa continue to serve Foie Gras on first, I'll eat it.. it's gooooood
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