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Quote: Originally Posted by keikun13 Spiewak. Most of their jackets are within your price range (from what I remember) and they look great and are very warm. +1. Unfortunately, I was in between sizes in the jackets I liked so I ended up returning them.
Yay! I scored a number of them from JCrew and Rugby for less than $20 each.
Does anybody have the Officer's Topcoat? If so, can you chime in on quality and fit? Thanks in advance!
PM sent.
Does anybody know how the sizing runs on the Filippa K melange cardigan? Here it is for reference: If anyone can provide measurements for a small or medium, that would be great too. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by bure I'm looking at these two shirts . I'm slightly built and always wear a medium, do these always fit badly? Anyone know the measurements for sure? Thanks, I just received the long sleeve check in M, which is the size I usually wear. The fit is on the slim side, but I like it except for the length, which I will likely get shortened. Note, I'm 5'8.
What shoe polish (brand and color) are you guys using for the 9011/1911 in Black Cherry?
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw I ordered a pair of the Gentleman Travelers from Cultizm and I received a pair of the 9011s, no red wing logo on the outside of the boots. They recently restocked and have most sizes available. I must say that it was a pleasure doing business with Cultizm. I ordered on Wednesday night and the package arrived Monday around noon. I didn't have to pay customs fees so the total came up to about 205$ shipped to...
It appears Cultizm got some more 1911's in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh Got me some Frye Brandos... Is using mink oil/saddle soap safe on them? I need some extra waterproofness in my climate. Feeling the leather, I'm 50/50 on this. Mink oil and saddle soap is what is recommended you use on the small tag that comes attached to the Brandos. I just bought some of each and plan to use them to care for my pair.
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