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What would you guys say is the most awesome Alden shell cordovan boot, in terms of style, color, and any special details: commando sole, rear pulls, etc.?
On that note, are the Brooks Brothers shell cordovan belts made with Horween shell? Its not specified in the description and their wallets are made in Japan, and I suppose that they're not Horween shell cordovan.
Since Alden shell cordovan belts are very hard to come by these days, I'd like to ask what some options for a belt to go with whiskey shell boots. I've searched this forum and came across an old thread which wasn't too helpful.   Also, what are some thoughts/feelings on a 30mm wide belt. Is this an okay width to wear casually and/or with jeans?   Any help would be appreciated!
I'd like to hear about other options for a belt to go with whiskey shell cordovan. Since its been a while since this thread was added to.
This actually happened to me.
BTW, that was a rhetorical question.
I'm always intrigued by the different values people have. I find it very funny how some people feel it necessary to criticize how others use a forum! Are you kidding me? This is a fuckin' forum after all! :-) I like the interaction with others and if I've worked 70 hours this week, which included various internet research, I may not feel like searching a forum to find an answer to my question. I prefer to pick the brains of fellow brothers that share the same interests as...
I know that this has been talked about already, but I'd love an answer without searching this entire thread. Has anyone used a deer bone to polish their shoes and how effective is it? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance.
Would someone please tell me who makes that second varsity jacket and where I can get one? The Japanese website Motostyle doesn't have that one. Thank you.
Beautiful pics on this thread that I just came across! Here are some pics of my newly acquired #8 wallet from Moulded Shoe:
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