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Very jealous, I'm eyeing the navy casentino overcoat myself. Any advice on sizing? I'm normally 36R suit size, 5'10" 145 lbs.
I really have grown to love my ultra light down jacket (I have the black, long sleeve, no hood version). The fit is nice and slim, it's great to wear alone or to layer with, it's got a lot of pockets, and it's light and compact-able. Only problem is, the materials are cheap as hell. Can anyone recommend a more "baller" alternative? Thanks in advance
Any sizing advice on the GRP rollneck bubble-stitch merino sweater? I'm usually a 36R size suit, 145 lbs, 5'10, dress shirt size around 15.5/34, debating between S and M
Is it advisable to store dress trousers as shown below for an extended period of time? I feel like it might get stretched at the stress point after a while. Thanks in advance   (Assume material is 100% wool of light to medium weight and extended period of time is ~6 months before a wear)  
Hey guys, I've been using PCs my whole life and although I've had an iPhone for a couple years, I've decided to dive deeper into the rabbit hole with a refurbished 13" rMBP. As the switch from Windows to Mac OS is quite overwhelming, do you guys have any beginner tips/tricks/links that will help speed up my learning curve? Will my laptop and phone now work seamlessly together? Do people buy covers/sleeves/screen protectors? Will artsy girls now come up and talk to me in...
Hello, I just received my preordered Stephan Schneider Memory coat in "night" navy wool in size 4. After trying it on, I feel it is too big on me, which is very disappointing because it is a wonderful coat.   I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a size 3 in the same coat they'd like to exchange? Mine is brand new with tags and NMWA clothes hanger and garment bag.   Let me know.
Hey Charly/Dan, just want to thank you guys for doing this. Echoing others in the thread so far, I would also love to see some winter coats such as the peacoat/fishtail/chesterfield being put on offer.   However, I personally do not like the leather hook loop, 2 interior vertizal zipped pockets or the front-facing sleeve zippers. It wasn't clear from my reading of the original post if these were optional details - would it be possible to get horizontal leather-lipped...
Can anyone who received the latest round of boots comment on the last shape? I'm interested in the black calf sidezips/chelseas
Thanks for the review and pics. Shape looks a lot better but still a little blobby from the front. If anyone receives the new black calf sidezips please post pics!
I'm heading to Montreal with my girl next weekend for a couple days. Any recs on food/drink, things to do/places to be?
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