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Just received the Uniqlo U Lemaire sweatshirt in size M (asia) / size S (US) from ebay and unfortunately it's too small. As jet has said, lovely fabric for the price. If anyone sees a M or L available or wants to trade for a bigger size let me know. Brand new with tags from:
@gettoasty I think the website you are looking for is And yeah I gave in and bought a refurbished ipad mini 4, 64GB. Just received it today actually and I love it
From reddit:Sigh. Donglegate. And no new iMacs. Might just buy a late 2015 rMBP and an iPad mini 4
Just accidentally allowed ios10 to install on my 6. I wanted to stay on ios9 for various reasons, and am seriously considering following one of those "revert back to the previous ios" guides online. Anyone have any experience and/or advice regarding this? I'm a long time Apple user and really wanted to like the 7 but I just can't get behind nixing the 3.5 mm jack, especially when there are so many downsides to me personally. I listen to music and care about sound quality so the Earpods and new Airpods just won't cut it. I already have a pair of high end wired...
Buying some discontinued docs (Jeffery model which should fit TTS or slightly larger) online, seller sends this pic. Quite confused at the sizing info - what is US M and US L? What size would these boots fit?
How will the gas mask flap look on the nylon MA-1? Any picture of it from the front, unzipped to show the placket? Looking forward to higher quality pictures on the website
Want to buy Toj oxfords in either S or M. Let me know what you have
Is this the intended fit? The shoulders look too wide and the front length looks very cropped (although I cannot see where the jeans are sitting on the hips). Regardless, looking forward to more pics.
Tim Cook vs the FBI. Who do y'all support?
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