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Buying some discontinued docs (Jeffery model which should fit TTS or slightly larger) online, seller sends this pic. Quite confused at the sizing info - what is US M and US L? What size would these boots fit?
How will the gas mask flap look on the nylon MA-1? Any picture of it from the front, unzipped to show the placket? Looking forward to higher quality pictures on the website
Want to buy Toj oxfords in either S or M. Let me know what you have
Is this the intended fit? The shoulders look too wide and the front length looks very cropped (although I cannot see where the jeans are sitting on the hips). Regardless, looking forward to more pics.
Tim Cook vs the FBI. Who do y'all support?
Does anyone know the make of this tie and/or if NMWA still carries it? Thanks in advance [[SPOILER]]
Any advice on sizing the Heschung Panax boots?
If you have any device still covered under the 1 year limited warranty or under AppleCare, they will replace any damaged cables for free. I recently went into my Apple Store with 3 broken/frayed cables (admittedly because of wear and tear) and the genius replaced them all for no charge. YMMV as he told me technically they do 1 cable per device
Very jealous, I'm eyeing the navy casentino overcoat myself. Any advice on sizing? I'm normally 36R suit size, 5'10" 145 lbs.
I really have grown to love my ultra light down jacket (I have the black, long sleeve, no hood version). The fit is nice and slim, it's great to wear alone or to layer with, it's got a lot of pockets, and it's light and compact-able. Only problem is, the materials are cheap as hell. Can anyone recommend a more "baller" alternative? Thanks in advance
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