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Thanks for the review and pics. Shape looks a lot better but still a little blobby from the front. If anyone receives the new black calf sidezips please post pics!
I'm heading to Montreal with my girl next weekend for a couple days. Any recs on food/drink, things to do/places to be?
I don`t know that much about buttons, but for a regular dress shirt, would the larger diameter of the 18L MOP buttons look out of proportion on the front placket? What would the 18L button size be appropriate for?
I ordered a pair on March 30th and haven't heard anything back as of yet. Granted, they are my first pair of pants from Luxire and I made several specific design requests. Any ideas on what wait time I should expect?
Really? Synthese recently got a pair of scarosso suede boots and while he says they look good, they've already begun falling apart, so I'm interested in what you have to say regarding the quality and construction. Post pics when you get them!
Just got an update from Lian:   "Please see attached pictures of the new modified 110 last on EE width that I have just finished.   The rippling is new. I wanted to make the design more minimal so I decided to add it in order to remove the focus from the welt stitches. The stitches are still there but now more hidden.   The toebox is more rounded and flat compare to the earlier cemented that was more pointed. The toebox has not been stretched out, but it may seem...
Which fabric did you end up going with?
Thank you for the input. I think I'm going to take the plunge given the VBC deal, the other candidate would be the Minnis Black Twill listed at 10-11 oz but it is significantly higher in price
Which seasons does a "3-season fabric" refer to?
The VBC black twill is listed at 250g/8 Oz, what temperate ranges would this be suitable for? Looking for something in a 3 season fabric for a 4 season climate (Toronto, Canada)
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