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Any tres bien shop codes? Might cop something regardless...
Does the collar of the extra fine merino crew neck sweater interface well over a button-down or tee? From the pictures the collar seems pretty wide around the neck. I prefer not to show too much of the shirt underneath.
 I recently purchased this pair of sidezip boots from the emerging brand Story et Fall, which I heard of through Razele's review (http://www.styleforum.net/t/164746/recent-purchases-part-ii/44940_30#post_7261621). The brand certainly evokes comparisons to MMM/CP/SLP, etc. in terms of aesthetic and design elements. As I have been looking for black boots similar to the iconic MMM sidezips for a while, I decided to take a chance on these ones. I don't think there's much...
So I got the 6, been using it for a few days, but I still feel like it's too big. My old iPhone 5 was the perfect size for me, I could use it one handed easily, it was easy to grip and easy to pick up. The 6 is slippery because of its curved edge design, and the screen is at this awkward size for me where I can't hold it securely and use it with one hand at the same time. Of course this depends on hand size, but nonetheless I still find myself longing for my old phone
Does anyone know how to look up and read a user's post history on styleforum (using google wizardry, etc.)? The built in feature on SF only shows the past 100 pages of posts for any given user, but I want to go back even further. Thanks in advance
Re: ULD sizing, imo they run large. I'm a 36 chest, take a small in tops across the board, and I went with a XS. The S would've worked for me though if I wanted a baggier, looser fit
Can anyone advise on +J suit jacket sizing? I'm usually a small across the board, 5'10, ~145 lbs, 36 chest. Using this as reference: http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/support/size/131153_size.html
Should I go TTS or size down one on the +J wool trousers? My true waist is 31
That's terrible. Am I the only one who liked having one big camera roll?
I have a TOJ1 in black/black digicamo in stock 48 up for trade. Excellent condition. Looking for a fishtail or peacoat to fit size S/46, will add cash to the deal, but open to other offers too. Let me know what you have
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