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Looking for Uniqlo +J tapered wool pants in black or dark grey colour to fit size 30-31, waist laid flat should be ~41 cm/16.125". Let me know
Looking for a pair of APC PNS in indigo, size 29, in new or like-new condition. Let me know
Looking for a MMM 5-zip in black calf with MRS zippers, FW1999/2001 preferably. Let me know
Hi all, I love my Seiko SNK809K1 on a bracelet as my daily casual watch, but I'd like something dressier for more formal occasions. Any suggestions for the "Seiko 5" of dress watches? I'm looking for something with a simple white dial, black leather strap, ~37 mm in diameter and thin. I have been considering this Bulova 96B104:  
Has anyone experienced a `pulling`on the elastic band (that runs across the back under the lining) of the leather jackets? I recently put on my CWU jacket and could feel the elastic, even while wearing it unzipped with just a tee.   I thought it must have been due to my upper body getting larger through working out, but curiously enough, I don't feel the elastic on my MDR (p2p: 19.7") at all, but do on my CWU, which is actually slightly bigger (p2p: 20.1"). I don't...
WTB: navy peacoat | chesterfield | fishtail | in size ~46   I also have: TOJ1 2011 black/black digicamo in size 48, camel chesterfield ~46, and peacoat ~46 available for trade
Just went ahead with the navy Memory in size 4 (my first NMWA order ever). Hope the sizing works out well
Hi all, just discovered this thread. I received a pair of the cemented side zips in black calf leather a while ago, but I sold them and ordered the exact same pair in GY welted. I should receive the new pair sometime in February. Can anyone who owns MMM sidezips compare them further in terms of last/shape/quality? Before I discovered this brand I really wanted to get a pair of the famous MMM sidezips. I am considering purchasing a pair of black MMM sidezips (FW13), but I...
For what it's worth, I emailed Charly about the pebbled and/or textured leather on the bottom of my recently received daypack, and he replied saying that he believes it is intentional and that Drew simply didn't announce the change clearly (i.e. was not a mistake in the production process).     I've re-read the original post Drew made when describing the daypack and while there are multiple ways you could interpret it, I personally expected to receive smooth calf...
There seems to be a lot of varying info on the fit of the pocket sweaters from season to season. I'm 5'10", 145 lbs, usually takes a small, would a medium in the FW13 pocket sweater fit me?
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