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Did a newsletter go out this week? I never got anything.
 After dinners. The before dinners have darts in the back.
 Measure wherever you usually wear your pants and compare that to the waist measurement in the size chart. Keep in mind the rise does play a role in where you can wear them—higher rise chinos can be worn lower if you size up, but lower rise chinos can only be worn so high before they become uncomfortable or give you an unsightly moose knuckle.
Do you have the front and back rise measurements?
Still available?
Still available?
Does anyone know the back rise measurement for the current cut of the New Standard in size 30 or 31?
I'd like to see some more pics of the olive chinos. They look more forest green than olive, and I want to make sure before joining the rewards program and ordering a pair.
Is it weird to anyone else that there was a whole discussion about how the waistband isn't included in the rise measurement, but Mauro still hasn't told anyone how wide the waistband is? I just don't get it.
 No one's accusing you of hiding things or making things up. The issue is that your size charts have had numerous errors and, in this case, measurements taken in a way that most consumers aren't familiar with. If you think it's important to teach us about "the industry," then you need to communicate that your measurements are taken the way it's done in "the industry." By the way, I challenge you to find another brand that measures the front and back rise to the bottom of...
New Posts  All Forums: