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My thoughts exactly. It just seemed strange when you consider that places like Epaulet and the Armoury sell theirs for a minimum of $500-550 before shipping.
Is it just me, or is ordering from the Carmina web-store a lot cheaper than getting them from anywhere else? I realize that the selection is limited, but 260-275 euros for most of the shoes (calf) seems alot better than most other places.  I realize that there is a 40euro shipping charge, but even with shipping a pair can be had for $400 US.. Am I crazy?
anybody try out the new ($50) Battisti ties? I'm thinking of picking up a few.
Hi, I also live in the Albany area. The best place to get a suit around here is Amore clothing on State St, in Albany. Robert is very helpful, although I'm not sure that he would carry 38R otr.   Mark Thomas men's apparel also sells high quality suits. They are on Wolf Rd in Colonie. They have more inventory, so maybe they have something you would like in your size.
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