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I agree, all my experience has been positive.
Very nice - thanks again!
Really? I will certainly look into that! I have been looking for oxford cloth with a pattern.
Thanks je, I can't wait for mine!
Thanks je, I have the 145 Oxford on order. How do you like them so far? Are they comfortable? Breaking in well?  
I ordered the gray oxford with black buttons and the Dennison plaid (poplin). When I save more I'm going for the red selvedge chambray. I only buy American made clothing and all my shirts are from either Gitman or Bill's. Going forward I'm going to only buy from Ratio, if Eric and I figured out the sizing.  
Ready when you are!
That was really good! Thanks...
I would just use morgan@workboot.com I always get a quick response.
I just order two more shirts. Eric has the absolute best customer service around!
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