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  You just can't go wrong with theses!
Yes, and they are worth it - but you can find some good deals on Ebay. And you can find some less expensive Chippewas here: http://www.americanmadeworkboots.com/brands/Chippewa.html
Thanks Matt... I actually just picked up a new J Crew Homestead boot on e-bay. These boot are about the best deal going.
Great post, I really like the NC too though I think I'm going for the Homestead cap toe from Zappos. Also, did the NC have the removable insole like the cap toe? BTW - everything causes cancer in California!
1. I'm going to use the Blake boot more for casual wear. I have the Chippewa Bean Cap Toe boot for heavy lifting. I think the Blake boot will work fine for my needs. 2. Thanks, I found your gallery! Great looking shells!
I couldn't find your gallery.
Thanks guys...
I'm about to order a Blake boot, do any of you have experience with them? Are they well made? I recently read that the insole was not up to par, something about leather being wrapped around plastic. Any thoughts? Pictures would also be nice. Thanks...
I would not polish, but do use a good conditioner or boot oil. I once had some dust ruin the finish on a pair of Alden in natural CXL. Keep the leather moist and healthy.
The LL Bean model (cap toe) is a heavily oiled leather (harder to get a shine). And the new service boots don't have the removable insole (which I needed). I had ordered the service boot from Zappos -  that is why I sent them back. I'm not sure, but to me, the Bean boot seemed heavier, more solid - the leather also seemed thicker. The Bean boot is definitely my go to boot for the zombie apocalypse... ;  )
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