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I have had extensive experience with the 1K and Chippewa boots. I know this is heresy in some circles but I find the Chippewa to be a better over all boot, much more rugged, with more general uses. And there is no comparison on the price.
  You just can't go wrong with theses!
Yes, and they are worth it - but you can find some good deals on Ebay. And you can find some less expensive Chippewas here: http://www.americanmadeworkboots.com/brands/Chippewa.html
Thanks Matt... I actually just picked up a new J Crew Homestead boot on e-bay. These boot are about the best deal going.
Great post, I really like the NC too though I think I'm going for the Homestead cap toe from Zappos. Also, did the NC have the removable insole like the cap toe? BTW - everything causes cancer in California!
1. I'm going to use the Blake boot more for casual wear. I have the Chippewa Bean Cap Toe boot for heavy lifting. I think the Blake boot will work fine for my needs. 2. Thanks, I found your gallery! Great looking shells!
I couldn't find your gallery.
Thanks guys...
I'm about to order a Blake boot, do any of you have experience with them? Are they well made? I recently read that the insole was not up to par, something about leather being wrapped around plastic. Any thoughts? Pictures would also be nice. Thanks...
I would not polish, but do use a good conditioner or boot oil. I once had some dust ruin the finish on a pair of Alden in natural CXL. Keep the leather moist and healthy.
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