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I agree.
Here ya go, I just used a little brown polish. The white tends to come back, so you may want to do it every couple of months or so.    
I called them, talked to one of the owners, it is a Hampton last. Some times it takes a while to get the info up. They also have a Natural CXL Chukka in on Barrie last with the crepe sole.  
I would love to see a six eyelet chukka in brown CXL with a flex, single oiled sole. Sound good?
Alden Natural CXL Chukka, might be interesting, no pictures yet.  http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/26115    
Well as long as they were wearing a tie!  
Don't get me wrong - I like the look. My boss is fairly laid back when it comes to a dress code, but I couldn't imagine coming to the office dressed like that.  
Do you go to work dressed like that?  
My favorite argyles are the Pantherella. The wool/nylon seem to have a long life. The colors are great.
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