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I'll tell this story one more time. My dad, a blue collar working man, had two pair of shells. One for work and one for formal situations. He was a short haul truck driver, in and out all day, and wore those shoes in all kinds of weather. He used regular shoe polish on them about once every two weeks - and those shoes lasted 30+ years, and remained beautiful. BTW - back in the early 60s I think he paid less than $20 for them.  
Are you kidding! They are a great looking boot!
Great casual look! Really liking these boot!  
http://leathersoulhawaii.com/category/brands/alden/   You can find them here.  
Yes, the older I get the more I crave a softer sole and comfort over style.
These are really starting to grow on me. With the type of sole they have I bet they are comfortable.
No kidding! They listed some 6 eyelet ankle boots that I really liked but you can't get them!
Sometimes I just take them out of the closet to look at them or brush them even when they don't need it. I got it bad - now I'm saving up for Cigar Chukkas.    
No kidding! I don't why I was thinking that 32 oz was a lot less - and this stuff goes far!  
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