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Lets what down? It is an excellent look for casual wear, and for an older gentleman. I'm 60 years old, so perhaps it is a generational thing. But like Jon P said: Looks fabulous, elegant and effortless. I couldn't agree more!
  Now that is how a gentleman should dress! Well done...
  Have you check with any of these in the link below? Click on "International" http://www.chippewaboots.com/retailers/
 I have never seen a online UK store sell them. You could just have them shipped over, and I think you got the sizing correct.
Where I found them on line I never saw wide sizes offered. I am usually a 10E so I just got 10.5 D and they are fine. I hope that helps.
 Great pieces..
Ok, so that is what it is called. Real nice color!
Nice, what jacket is that?
I always do a couple of coats when I get them. Some boots are on the shelf quite awhile before they are sold - the leather tends to dry. And a well oil boot seems to break in faster.
Yes, a nice little out of the way town!
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