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You certainly can. Actually I like to see young people dress with the style of Frigiliana (old school is the new original). And it doesn't have to cost that much. In my avatar I'm wearing a Pendleton hounds-tooth sport coat (made in the US) , a Johnston of Elgin scarf and a B-Wear Spitfire cap (with Bills Khakis, Gitman Shirt, W/Chippewa Cap Toe Boots). You can find some great new old stock on e-bay at great prices if you search around.        
Lets what down? It is an excellent look for casual wear, and for an older gentleman. I'm 60 years old, so perhaps it is a generational thing. But like Jon P said: Looks fabulous, elegant and effortless. I couldn't agree more!
  Now that is how a gentleman should dress! Well done...
  Have you check with any of these in the link below? Click on "International" http://www.chippewaboots.com/retailers/
 I have never seen a online UK store sell them. You could just have them shipped over, and I think you got the sizing correct.
Where I found them on line I never saw wide sizes offered. I am usually a 10E so I just got 10.5 D and they are fine. I hope that helps.
 Great pieces..
Ok, so that is what it is called. Real nice color!
Nice, what jacket is that?
I always do a couple of coats when I get them. Some boots are on the shelf quite awhile before they are sold - the leather tends to dry. And a well oil boot seems to break in faster.
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