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Do what your moma did - use a little bleach.
Thanks for the links conak - I really like the Spirit Horse site - man their wool jackets are very reasonable! And that Heirloom Brand site is great!!!
Yes the Cabourn line is excellent. I like what Woolrich Woolen and Engineered Garments offer but they are often slim fitting. I have owned Trickers, Viberg and Whites Semi Dress - all great. Right now I'm looking into the British made William Lennon boots - they are a great deal for the price. I haven't purchased the Surgeons jacket yet but I did speak to them - it is made in Ireland. Thanks for responding!
Thank you...
~~Splendid ! If I do a MTO this is the boot I'm going to get. Do you mind telling us the cost? Also I can not find any info on the last - my feet tend to run wide - any thoughts?
 You would think that AE would get a clue and put something like this in production!
Keep trying...
Considering that you are late to party as regards to style you have some good instincts. Of course you are from my generation, so you have memories of how men once dressed.
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