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Where I found them on line I never saw wide sizes offered. I am usually a 10E so I just got 10.5 D and they are fine. I hope that helps.
 Great pieces..
Ok, so that is what it is called. Real nice color!
Nice, what jacket is that?
I always do a couple of coats when I get them. Some boots are on the shelf quite awhile before they are sold - the leather tends to dry. And a well oil boot seems to break in faster.
Yes, a nice little out of the way town!
Millerton! Cool, I was married in Millerton (I'm from Torrington). I shop at Terni's quite a bit, Phil gets some nice stuff.
You might want to call Chippewa, that is how I found that Schott in NY had the "copper" color Homestead. And they have links on their site. Here is one possibility: http://www.ruzeshoes.com/p-6546-chippewa-original-6-homestead-boot-crazy-horse-mens-casual-dress-boots.aspx
I use Filson boot oil with a light coat of Saphir cream. And I found the Red Wing to be excellent boots - I just prefer the Chippewa.  
The first set of pictures are my "crazy horse" leather Homestead boot after a couple of months. My latest are the Homestead "Copper" Ok, some points: First, Chippewa boots are about the most underrated boots around. I have owned Red Wing, AE, Alden, Viberg, Trickers, and White's Semi Dress, yet the Chippewas are hands down my favorite - often priced hundreds of dollars less. They are rugged, well made and you just can't kill them. I really like my new "Copper Caprice"...
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