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Yes, that is a wonderful jacket but the Old Town jackets are so much more reasonable in price - don't you think.
Yes, I think that Old Town is my best bet. I did e-mail them - thanks to everyone for the responses!
I really like the Old Town stuff but on their site they only size up to 46. I would be on the high end of 46 or a narrow 48.
Thanks for the links - I really like the Nuffa
Yes I looked at FreeWheelers and thanks to you Mister Freedom. Really nice stuff - but I'm an older man, with a little gut - this stuff would never fit me. Sad...
Thanks so much!
Thank you. BTW - does anyone else make the kind of rugged sports coat like the Mallory?
A question; on jackets like the Mallory and others, does Nigel Cabourn manufacture these themselves or is all the work subed out to other companies? And which companies, if anyone knows.  
Do what your moma did - use a little bleach.
New Posts  All Forums: