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  Yes the sole and leather look like the sole and leather from the Gentleman Traveler line. A little more dressy!
 Has anyone seen the new Iron Rangers for Crew? I like the mini lug soles. And the leather looks different.
 That's true, and these jackets and such last forever.
So workwear is popular because you actually work in it or because people want others to think they actually are working?
 Yes it is, but tin cloth is bomb proof! And takes forever to soften up!
 I guess we differ. I never thought of my Filson as stylish, though come to think of it, it is pretty cool looking.
Yes, they are not meant to be breathable, they are meant to protect you from the elements. I have used Barbour and Filson for years and these are not jackets one buys for style. They are meant to be used in weather, and work quite well.
  Mine are older than yours, I think this is a date mark, mine are 9 94. The  really important thing, to my mind, is were they made in the US? And second, are they in decent condition.
 Looking good! Yes, that back collar gave me problems too. Give it time, and don't tighten the upper lace so much at first.
Happy, happy, joy, joy! I just oiled mine last week!
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