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 I guess we differ. I never thought of my Filson as stylish, though come to think of it, it is pretty cool looking.
Yes, they are not meant to be breathable, they are meant to protect you from the elements. I have used Barbour and Filson for years and these are not jackets one buys for style. They are meant to be used in weather, and work quite well.
  Mine are older than yours, I think this is a date mark, mine are 9 94. The  really important thing, to my mind, is were they made in the US? And second, are they in decent condition.
 Looking good! Yes, that back collar gave me problems too. Give it time, and don't tighten the upper lace so much at first.
Happy, happy, joy, joy! I just oiled mine last week!
  I have only re-waxed my Barbour or Filson jackets. It takes a while - you will need a good wax, you can get them from Filson or Barbour (only in green or black I believe). Then you need a hair dryer. You simply heat up an area of the jacket and rub the wax in, do that over the entire coat. If you have a tan color coat like above it will take on the tint of the color wax you are using. The guy in this link has it right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtpNzTmcX-w
If you are looking for a good weight, American made flannel shirt, I suggest Vermont Flannel. Their shirts are warm and last forever. Bills Khakis and Gitman also offer some lighter weight flannels in season.   http://vermontflannel.com/
  Class act!
Thanks so much!
http://www.countryinnovation.com/clothing/jackets  http://www.hilltrek.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_copy_of_Ventile.html  http://www.howies.co.uk/mens/clothing/jackets.html
New Posts  All Forums: