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The best, longest lasting boxers I have found are from City Boxers. Made in Maine. They are custom made and a little pricey but last forever and a great selection of fabrics. https://www.cityboxers.com/
I'm always interested in well made socks - especially from the UK. I just found this company  http://marko-johns.com/   Has anyone purchased these? They seem reasonable especially compared to Corgi. I ordered two pair and will give an up date when I receive them. 
 Hehe, here in New England I've already been wearing them!
Have you tried calling LL Bean? I bet they can find them for you.
 Funny, I always liked these boots too. I don't know about them specifically but they are Blake stitched which is a good welt. I suspect that they are well made.
  Yes the sole and leather look like the sole and leather from the Gentleman Traveler line. A little more dressy!
 Has anyone seen the new Iron Rangers for Crew? I like the mini lug soles. And the leather looks different.   https://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/NewArrivals/shoes/PRDOVR~97961/97961.jsp
 That's true, and these jackets and such last forever.
So workwear is popular because you actually work in it or because people want others to think they actually are working?
 Yes it is, but tin cloth is bomb proof! And takes forever to soften up!
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