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Yes Saphir will do the trick on your Long Branch - light gloss and conditioning. Personally I just use my fingers to rub it in, then let it dry, usually an hour or so, then buff. No extra moisture needed.
If you don't mind spending a few bucks I suggest Saphir Renovateur, there is nothing better for luster and to bring out the character of the leather.
Well some have said that, all I know is that the older I get the more I crave comfortable shoes. I have recently ordered a pair of these chukkas and am waiting for them to arrive. I will post a heads up when I get them. And I'm wondering if anyone else has tried them. Here is a link:    Here is a write up from a different site:   
The best, longest lasting boxers I have found are from City Boxers. Made in Maine. They are custom made and a little pricey but last forever and a great selection of fabrics.
I'm always interested in well made socks - especially from the UK. I just found this company   Has anyone purchased these? They seem reasonable especially compared to Corgi. I ordered two pair and will give an up date when I receive them. 
 Hehe, here in New England I've already been wearing them!
Have you tried calling LL Bean? I bet they can find them for you.
 Funny, I always liked these boots too. I don't know about them specifically but they are Blake stitched which is a good welt. I suspect that they are well made.
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