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I'd avoid the 3 strap shoes from this season. The leather is thin and unlike any other white leather, in terms of quality, I've seen from them through the years -I have 4 pairs of white leather Achilles, and one pair of slip ons, from different years. I went to clean up a smudge on them, with a wet paper towel and a bit of dish washing liquid, and it took off the top layer of coloring. Lol, pretty damn lame since that's how I've cleaned my other pairs with no issue....
I like Garcia too, and I think with his father who's basically the opposite of him personality wise, he has a chance at being the most marketable welterweight if he continues to win. I don't mean just the most marketable to PR boxing fans. I think he's generally underrated and I'd love to see him against any of the bigger active names out there.
I'm hoping Porter vs Thurman is better.
It's a huge fight for boxing fans. I hope an injury doesn't prevent it from happening and I hope it sells well.
Keith "Sometimes" Thurman gets outworked and loses a decision.
I compared a five year old Made in Macau pair with a Made in Vietnam pair I just got. The quality is the same as it was 5 years ago and they fit exactly the same.Which black ones? The black raw fit different, tighter, than the indigos. I'd recommend sizing up. I haven't worn them enough to get fades.
The price of what I was looking at went up on Ssense and is now just below Mr. Porter's price. Since prices are close, I'd much rather buy from Mr. Porter, so the tactic wasn't really effective in my case.
If somebody really wants your wheels, the locks won't stop them. You'll keep your wheel lock key inside of the car...
You're taking it too far, bruh
He should unify and then wait for Canelo, who's running out of opponents at 155. Who's Canelo going to fight next?
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