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He'll do it if they move the event to Oakland.I have no idea what Ward's career strategy is now besides cashing in on his Roc Nation contract and becoming an announcer. His last fight against a bum, granted after taking like 2 years off due to a contract dispute and surgery, was at 172. He called out GGG at 168 and even Kovalev at 175... This next fight of his better be at 175, because GGG has no reason to fight him at 168, and he needs at least one or two top 10 light...
If I was Pacquiao I'd go for Khan. I too think it would be an easier fight and a bigger pay day. I don't see Garcia taking Pacquiao with just one fight at welterweight. He doesn't really have an incentive to, either. He'll get paid well being on PBC no matter who he fights and he could actually win a belt there, which Pacquiao doesn't currently have.That Mayorga slap was staged.Oh, and there's talk out there about Ward being on the Canelo/Cotto undercard!
It looks like Pacquiao may fight Khan next.
I'm not expecting Cotto to be much of a threat. Hopefully it's competitive, at least. Thurman vs Broner or Garcia would be interesting, imo. I think he'd get beat by the other established elite welterweights, though. Fight of the year, so far.
They're trying to get Chocolatito on the undercard. Assuming he gets a worthwhile opponent, that's a pretty solid PPV. Lemieux is certainly a b side fighter here, but he'll be the strongest test GGG has had so far. Also, iirc, the winner(GGG) will get the winner of Canelo vs Cotto. So we may have Canelo vs GGG for boxing's post-Mayweather biggest star in 2016.Also, it looks like there might be a Kovalev vs. Beterbiev fight in November, even though Beterbiev is aligned with...
From a different thread and a couple of days ago...I got a pair of the training boots from Ssense as well. Black in size 44.The sole appears slightly thinner in height, but it fits the same as 44's from several years ago and even ones from SS14. I'm basing that on 4 pairs of CP's with that sole, besides the training boots, and one pair of Buttero's.
Yeah, measurements would be appreciated.
Just a follow up... I am still unable to subscribe to threads with my actual computer(MacBook, Safari), but I am able to subscribe with my phone(iPhone, Safari). Hope that helps someone.
You sure they're not Skechers?
^ I've been having the same problem. Failed to create subscription every damn time.
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