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I'd return if they were anywhere near retail.
I'd have that quandary if the boxers didn't know the risks going in. GGG vs. Brook It had the expected outcome(best scenario for both boxers) and the only real thing I took from the fight was that GGG had an off night. He needs to get Billy Joe, unify, and then have a mega-fight with Canelo. Although from what I've heard Canelo's side doesn't even seem interested in giving GGG a fair purse. Kovalev vs. Ward I still see it as a 50/50 fight. I don't think it'll be very...
Is anyone actually paying for the Vargas fight? I saw that and thought "who the hell wants to see this matchup?" I'm just excited about the Kovalev vs. Ward fight, and I think whoever wins can claim top 3 p4p status. They're both top 10 right now, IMO.
Darnell Boone tested his chin and I'd be surprised if his chin is as good as Hopkins' or Chilemba's. But he's a better boxer than both of them. Kovalev needs to establish his power and range early on, kinda what he did with Hopkins. And he most certainly has to be the aggressor to win on the cards. Do you think it'll be an entertaining fight for casual fans? I think that's what they need to worry about. There's no drama here besides two good boxers, who respect each...
It truly is a 50/50 fight, though. I can't wait!
Yeah, it's rather disappointing that nobody wants to fight Golovkin, so we're seeing matches like this made.I wanna say props to Kell Brook, but I also want to shake my head at it.I won't be buying it.
I'd like to see Garcia against any of the top welterweights. GGG vs. Brook GGG is the favorite and it seems like a money grab for Brook. But, it could also work in his favor getting him better fights at welter after getting his ass kicked by GGG.
I'd avoid the 3 strap shoes from this season. The leather is thin and unlike any other white leather, in terms of quality, I've seen from them through the years -I have 4 pairs of white leather Achilles, and one pair of slip ons, from different years. I went to clean up a smudge on them, with a wet paper towel and a bit of dish washing liquid, and it took off the top layer of coloring. Lol, pretty damn lame since that's how I've cleaned my other pairs with no issue....
I like Garcia too, and I think with his father who's basically the opposite of him personality wise, he has a chance at being the most marketable welterweight if he continues to win. I don't mean just the most marketable to PR boxing fans. I think he's generally underrated and I'd love to see him against any of the bigger active names out there.
I'm hoping Porter vs Thurman is better.
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