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How much are you willing to spend?
think you could please message me if you ever have any mcallister walnut or black park ave in a size 9.5 E, I would greatly appreciate it.
Im normally a 32x32 in a straight fit, I know you said that these are skinny, but ive tried on some RRL jeans before and sometimes theyre bigger then you think they would fit me and what waist are you normally?
Recently picked these up at a Bloomingdales near me...they were reduced to $53.15 and that was before the %20 off coupon I used too.  :D
Yeah when I told my buddy about the Unbranded jeans he said heard from a few places that they were kind of cheap or crappy...Also I didnt like the tag on the back and it looks like its awkwardly stitched on. good looks whodini..
Thanks Ceoceo, they look pretty good and are definitely within my price range..
so after one of my friends picked up a pair of selvedge naked & famous weird guy jeans I have been looking for my first real unique and quality pair of jeans, but was not trying to break the bank ($50-$150)...Normally I wear straight leg, dark wash Polo RL or Levi's and recently I have been interested in the "raw" and selvedge denim look...I saw a pair of Unbranded denim on urban outfitters for $78, but was wondering if it would make more sense to spend some extra money...
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