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hmmm....seems they are made in the same factory as Zegna.  It's definitely a nice tie I just hadn't heard the name.
can someone tell me about Villa Bolgheri ties?  This one... sitting at the Goodwill by my work.  The pattern doesn't catch my eye but I'd be happy to grab it for someone if they'd like it.  
I've seen enough Breaking Bad to know this wouldn't be a good thing.  
chrissakes!!! GMMcl drops that haul and I roll in with pedestrian work boots    you guys are beasts
meh stuff   Grabbed a NWT BB Makers tie       Wolverine Dura Shocks (needed some 'round the house work boots):       Poking around the aisles I see a pretty beat up, badly re-glued shine box...   [[SPOILER]] ...but as my compulsion often leads me to do I opened the box and find brushes, creams, polishes, and a shoe horn    
OK, so as a newb who's gone through the experience of reading through this entire thread I thought I'd toss my 2 pennies in for the next newb who is told, "read the thread" and explain how I did it.   My first post was a couple hundred pages into the thread and like a good boy I did the leg work.  It doesn't mean I didn't ask a dumb question or two or make a dumb buy or three but I know I left a lot more behind than I would have otherwise if I hadn't done the...
It's a vicious cycle.
I've been reading along silently in the background but haven't posted in here since 2/24.  Why?  1.  Some random schmuck drooling over everyone else's success without contributing any of his own gets old, and 2.  I haven't found anything really brag-worthy of note until recently.  I've picked up some sweaters here and there - a couple of common everyday sweaters, some beater pants on $1 day for work, etc. but these few items are few and really far between 'round these...
^^^ I will thanks.     "...whatever you do, don't break down and buy the Stafford."  lol, I threw one on under a sweater I wanted to check the fit/look.  It fit really well except for the neck and I almost bought it just 'cause....good thing the cuffs were shredded or I may have had a moment of weakness.
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