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Hi, I'm looking for a new or gently worn pair of brown RL Marlow tassel loafers in 9.5D. Does anyone have a pair they would like to sell? I will pay a fair price. Thank you, Nathan
To whom it may concern,   I just picked a pair of RRL Murdock Boots via the online store and, while nice, the description and photos are far from accurate.  The boots are not outfitted with the "vintage deadstock Cat's Paw heel caps" as described nor are they stamped on the side with "R R L" as the image indicates.  I know inaccuracies in RRL photos and descriptions have been a point of discussion many times in the past but it never ceases to frustrate.  Online team - If...
Hi, Does anyone have access to a small Star Iron shirt they would be interested in selling? Thank you, Nathan
Hi,   I'm selling a J.Crew Gift Card with $629.29 worth of credit.  I returned a pair of Alden's and can't seem to find anything else I want to spend the remaining value on.   My asking price is $600 but I'm open to reasonable offers.  (My seller feedback on eBay is 100% with over 600 feedback/comments)   Thanks for taking the time to check out my listing.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.   Nathan
Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if eBay seller "vintage_rl_store" is a member here? He as an item that I'm interested in purchasing. Thank you, Nathan
Hi Everyone   Do any of you know where I can find one of these floating around in a size small?       I spoke to Dastig, no dice on finding one in stores or online.  I was hoping that someone here had an extra or purchased the wrong size.  Let me know.  I'll do my best to make it worth your while.     Thank you,   Nathan
Hey stu00a,I just the Camarillo outlet. No chinos. No RRL anything. I spoke with an associate and manager. Both said they haven't had any RRL inventory in a year. (Manager's comment "If we had it, I would have bought it all myself.")There is also a Barney's outlet in Camarillo. We're you referring to that location instead?Thank you,Nathan
Hi stu00a,What color chinos did they have in Camarillo?Thank you,Nathan
Hey Dave - Thanks for the reply and heads-up regarding Marshall's. I'll give them a go this weekend. Unfortunately for me, Medium is just too wide and long. I appreciate the gesture.
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