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haha nice
I also have the regular guy ducks. I think they are great. I cuff mine though 
yeah that's pretty good. I would keep the jeans and have them send you the correct ones. Cool to hear they made things right 
what? Mate you need to have them make this right. I would ask them to overnight you the correct pair and speak with a manager. Also in the future, never order from them 
    here are my regular guys..I love the cut. These are custom made after winning the first contest
I am looking at the pics of the red-core jeans and really not liking them. Not that the fades look bad (leaf in the back pocket is not my thing) but the fade to red looks not that great...just my opinion 
leaving for the airport 
  here is a new pic of the slim guys I had tapered below the knee. I posted a few pics a long time ago but I wanted to post this because a few people have been asking about it. 
I did this and like the fit. I posted pics a while back 
I'll get some up soon. I have worn them all summer and walked all over Tokyo in them when I was there in June :) I will get some evo pics up soon. They are actually at the tailors currently, I am having her go ahead and reinforce the crotch before it gets out of control. I do not have a rip yet but I am starting to see lots of wear and I want to fix it before it becomes a problem. They are not hard to fade at all...nice denim and pretty stiff at first for such a light...
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