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N&F jeans + N&F belt  
I don't size down at all. Sizing down is not a rule for everyone. If you're not sickly skinny then try tts, especially if you ever plan on washing     
this is similar to my situation. Currently I am wearing my indigo/indigo WG in a 32 which is still not the most comfortable cut for me. My 31 slim guys are great aside from the width below the knees. Do to this I took them to the tailor and had her taper them below the knee. I pick them up tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully she doesn't fuck them up. 
I also wear a 31 in slim guy and I got a 30 in apc. Depending on the cut you might want to give a 30 or even 31 a try. They do stretch but I don't size down as much as most people do. I also always wear a belt
the weird guy high is only a limited cut?....bummer I was very interested in trying some out.
it all depends on your body type. I have a pair of slim guys that I love. they fit slim in the thighs and are more comfortable for me in the crotch area then the weird guy cut. The obvious difference is there is no taper below the knees. 
I will try to take some soon though I only have a camera on my phone to use. I want to see more updates myself on others indigo/indigo's. I don't even remember when the contest is over? I think next month. With such a short contest I don't expect to see many pairs that beat up
sorry for the double post but obviously I don't know how to add pics properly 
                      Wore my indigo/indigo jeans everyday all day while visiting Europe....They are also my rock climbing jeans...I had to do a soak when I got home due to the really bad smell. This is a pre-soak pic while in France
wow slater! It fits much, much better! Congrats mate
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