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what i have learned from years of raw denim experience is that no one on these forums can tell you what size to get....everyone has a different opinion on fit and different body type. The best thing to do is talk to Jay at B.O or the dudes at Tate and yoko. Both stores have awesome customer service. It's their job to make sure people get what they want. If more people would do that it would clear out the "what size should I get" posts ....which would delete about half...
I know it's a bitch but if you don't like the fit you can always exchange..
I agree completely. I do really dig this company though and they produce lots of great clothing in my opinion.
Japan Heritage 2 B.O collabs. Pic with cell phone. I love these jeans. One wash thus far  
I saw them a while back at the N&F factory, I wouldn't buy them but would love to wear them out at night. They are really cool 
so I have been wearing the new blue owl collabs for a few weeks and I will finally comment that the jeans are great but the length is to short. I am not that tall and I didn't soak and I can't really cuff them how I normally would like. Has anyone else measured the inseam on these?? It must be 33 or at most 34 pre soak. Can anyone else agree with this? 
I sized up on these, they are really great but fit more slim then other WG's 
    Here is a quick pic of the Jap heritage 2 collabs            They are extremely stiff and really nice. I have only worn them a few times so far and decided not to pre-soak :) completely raw!! 
    I could not agree more, sizing is tough for this raw denim biz :)   Luckily I am moving to a city where I'll be able to find any pair I want to try on so no more guess work for me, I am so excited 
yeah they give you denim and thread color options and you can choose any existing cut. It is still a really really awesome prize. I also had them add a red patch which looks nice :) I put up pics on this site a long time ago when i first got them. Currently I am rocking the new blue owl x NF. The denim is great. 
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