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Free bump. Would kill for a pair of these in my size. Great pair of jeans and very few out there, particularly brand new.
Seeking a size 34 BOM-006 tapered. Shout if you have a pair you are looking to sell
  What he said - wash your jeans. Not any fault of the denim - washes will strengthen the denim. Research it a little and you'll see..
Don't think I've seen this mentioned here - J Crew has a 20% off code that WORKS for Alden stuff. WIT20 is the code. Not sure how long this will last. Just picked up a pair of the cordovan perforated captoes!
Not a marking for seconds, and not worth worrying about the welt. Wear them in good health. They look good.
Interested. Can you please post pics of the jeans? Thanks
Thanks to all of you - great call on NRO.  To answer one of the above questions, I didn't have any issues with fit. I just grew to dislike the lack of sleekness of Barrie - especially compared to my 1493 Leydon chukkas.
That's a shame. I've given up on Barrie. Just sold my last 2 Barrie shoes recently. I just find the Leydon to be such a sleeker last. Maybe I'll just have to skip the Dover and grab the 1494s.
Does anyone know if Alden makes the tan suede Dover in the Leydon last? Or just Barrie?
Another vote for Yuketen. Other companies I'd love to see: Red Wing, Danner, Momotaro, Japan Blue, Baldwin, Naked & Famous, Big John, Reigning Champ & Left Field   Thanks!!
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