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3Sixteen+ 3BSP Straight Taper   -retail: $270 -only 2 weeks of light wear -$150 shipped.   size 32   measurements and info here: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=87&products_id=1017
For sale: -NEW with tags Espionage waxed jacket -lined with camo -detachable hood -corduroy collar -size medium -fits tts-slim -$100 shipped   Measurements: chest: 21.5 shoulder:17 arm: 25.5 length: 28     Click the link for images http://zooyork77.img7.kr/product/espionage_2012/120317_ep_02_920.jpg
5010 sold
^ Last year Nomad Shop had 30% off for black friday/boxing day.
You are right that it's subjective. Personally, I liked last season better. This years stuff looks like it came from GAP or HM
this seasons jackets are so boring, basic, and extremely overpriced. *yawn
Anyone got info on the jacket he's wearing?  
I feel like an idiot for missing out on this sale   http://www.gilt.com/brand/robert-geller/product/140658474-robert-geller-washed-cotton-hooded-bomber
^ yea agreed, Herschel is shit and only looks good if you're in high school.
I'm currently using this backpack. While it's very functional it's not too stylish. I've looked into everlane backpacks but they are way too small and flimsy.   I carry 1 laptop, 1 textbook, and 2 binders with me.   So I'm looking for a backpack that has: -size -back padding/support -under $200 -looks stylish   Any suggestions out there?      
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