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^wow you are dense.   I did call their HQ, no one picked up and just went to voicemail. Even emailed with no response   I hate to have to resort to the forums, but I didn't get any response other wise.   But it's all taken care of now. thanks to David for reaching out.
 Your white-knighting isn't helping their cause. In fact you are making them look worse.What you're saying is: pay a premium price with TS and with that get the dangers of shipping delay and screw-ups. Buying from TS and paying a premium price of $100 for one oxford is speaking with my money. For that money I should expect quick service and shipment. TS knows I can go to JCrew and get the same green oxford for more than half the price, get someone on customer service, and...
 ^This, first time buyer so I wasn't even aware that there was a "model" that could lead to delays. ^TS oxfords are almost 3x the price of J Crews.
What exactly needs to be "rolled out?" and the past campaign a couple months ago doesn't have to do anything with my recent order from last week. their Web page shows the army green Oxford is in stock and ready to be shipped out. If you actually don't have the Oxford in stock or you are expecting them, the shopping cart shouldn't list them as in stock, bc again, you actually don't even have them.
^First time ordering from them so I wouldn't know.   Either way, they did not have the product in hand or in stock but still charged me. At least put a back-ordered notification on the product page.
^Taken from their Website. the fabric is from Japan and they assemble it in California.   Also:   With Priority Mail, that means you should receive your package within 3 business days or less. If you live on the West Coast, you will receive your packages in 1–2 days after receiving your tracking number.
Ordered two oxfords from TaylorStitch. I live in CA so expected the shipping to be fast considering they also ship via USPS Priority. Couple days went by with no contact so I reached out to them for an update, here is the response I got.   -We've been a little backed up with incoming product and are still waiting on the Army Oxfords to come in...-   The shopping cart and page for the oxford said nothing about the Army color being out of stock or sold out. So are you...
Probably a long shot, but does anyone's local uniqlo have this cashmere blazer in a Navy Large? Willing to pay for proxy and shipping fees. Or if you have one and want to let it go I'll buy it off of you if the price is right  
Uniqlo +J Fishtail Parka + Blocktech Size: Large  Color: Dark Tan/Camel Condition: Excellent. 9/10  No rips, stains, tears, etc. No sign of wear/tear. Was only worn once by me. Measurements  shoulder: 17.5  chest: 20.5  length: 34  sleeve: 25  -I would say it fits more like a medium. Notes:  Taped seams with blocktech. Similar to gore-tex lining. Perfect for the winter and rainy days as it is waterproof  Refer to pictures for details        
Uniqlo N-3B Down Parka Size: Small  Color: Dark Olive Green Condition: Used, but in excellent condition. Only worn twice by me, never gets cold enough here in Socal to be wearing a padded down Parka. Measurements: Shoulder: 17.5  Length: 28.6  Chest: 20  Sleeve: 25 Notes: -Fur trim is removable  -90/10 down feather (super warm)  -Sherpa lining in hood  -Inner zipper  -2 outer snap pockets and 2 hidden "hand warmer" side pockets
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