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@LuxireAny info would be greatly appreciated.
Yea I figured that was the case. But wanted other customers input that have had it made. Any pointers or suggestions?
How does one construct a neopolitan fit for fuller chest sport coat? Do the chest measurements have to be increased? Or is it matter of shape? Any help would be appreciated.
do they normally take 24 hours to respond?
looking to get 2 down jackets proxied to US from AUS.   PM me reasonable offers/rates.    thank you
Looking to get 2 jackets shipped to US.   PM me proxy costs and fee's.   thank you
Debating between strand vs mcallister and brown vs bourbon. . I rarely ever wear a suit. I wear business casual almost daily, sometimes with a blazer, most of the time not. I typically wear wool slacks and a dress shirt. Which combo would you guys recommend?
Can anyone proxy me the uniqlo u pleated pants in navy 32 for a reasonable price?
^wow you are dense.   I did call their HQ, no one picked up and just went to voicemail. Even emailed with no response   I hate to have to resort to the forums, but I didn't get any response other wise.   But it's all taken care of now. thanks to David for reaching out.
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