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I really don't know.  Last time I communicated with Brett was back in December, and then most of the conversation was about his donation of the MTO boots for the Ronald McDonald Charity Drive, which, btw, brought the most money to the charity than any other single item.  We raised over $18K in total for the charity, so, hats off to you guys.
I think that in order to avoid any hurt feelings or protracted discussions about things that will never happen, I'd have to okay the top 10 or so makeups with Brett BEFORE any rounds of elimination. There would be changes and straight up eliminations. The implicit explanation would be simply "this is/is not where Viberg wants to go." We are not a tiny stockist, but we are a pita. This program is a personal favor, unique amongst stockists, and we don't have a right to...
It's an iterative process, is the issue. A flowchart like you describe is, possibly for the better, not realistic because the leathers are changing constantly, Brett is constantly innovating, etc...Realistically, what I outlined already is a best case scenario. I don't know how to make that more clear.
Balenciaga.   Though I actually like a fair bit of Balenciaga stuff, so...carry on.
The next set of GMTOs, if there is a next set, will not be as wide open as previous GMTOs.  I'll not allow wide open suggestions.  Instead, I'll convocate a private "conference of the wise", of customers who have had extensive experience with Viberg, and who are understand both that necessity to work with Viberg proactively, to produce a much smaller number of boots that have been OK'ed by Brett.  After that, we'll do the votes, etc... I think that Brett is tired of some...
I may, but we have decided to do NYC again for a variety of reasons, starting from just the quality and availability of spaces.   San Francisco sucks for space rentals.  For all the Californians, April in NYC is pretty nice, imo anyway, and I'm trying to see if we can't get a travel sponsor and a group rate at a good hotel...  Cheers, Fok.
So, I didn't preorder, and I am sure that I am an exception to all types of things, but... in my case, I set a strict limit on my personal spending, and adhere to it religiously.  I hold the belief that if I say, even once "well, it just goes on next month' budget", then it's just a sliding scale/slippery slope.  For me, there is no exceptions to the rule. I was also really good at adhering to a restricted diet (incidentally, I am not on one now), exercise regimes, work...
I'm such a mass audience/populist as such things go.
That would also be excellent. "The fleet is ready, Admiral""Very good.  We ship out tomorrow.""Is the plan sound?""God willing. the 10th fleet with stop the U-boats in the North Sea,  That supply convoy has got to get through.  The storms plays in our favor today.""Godspeed.""Aye, I have a feeling we'll need it."
I was just talking about this with my wife this morning.  The S-Cape is possibly the most functional garment for Bergen itself.  I spent a summer there (so, the non-rainy season) and it still rained a ton.  And when it rains in Bergen, it is not a drizzle.  I would go running in the mountains in the rain, and seriously, I was soaked through when I got back and could fill up a large bucket with the rain water I'd accumulated in my clothes.  An S-cape, you can keep...
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