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Okay, now I'm a little confused?
http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/ has a ton of good stuff at 70% off. Mismo, some Butteros, etc...  in that vein of things.
You're probably right.  But most of our threads occasionally meander off into related subject matter, before course correcting by themselves.  I like to keep things organic, and only steer things back on course if it seems like we've wandered too far afield, and are in danger of never getting back to the thread topic.
That's the first time I've been offered money to play basketball.
For all the talk of the good old days, mostly, what we had more of six or seven years ago was nerdy discussion. In the earliest days of the forum, there were actually a lot more truly hardcore hobbyists.  It wasn't all about bespoke.  Thrifting was a huge thing, as was super high end designer stuff.  All this co-existed on the same forum - SWD did not make an appearance until about 2003.  There was one guy who had an incredible collection of Jhane Bharnes knitwear, which,...
 "We'll look great losing.  We guarantee it?"
Incidentally, that markdown post was a really useful post for a lot of readers, I feel.  Your model works when a retailer's goods are of an exceptionally good taste level.  I used to shop at Alan Bilzerian, when I lived in Boston.  He had 2 seasonal sales, and markdowns depended on how long the goods had been on the shelf.  Which meant that if you knew your stuff, you could make out like a bandit, which, as a poor postdoc, I really appreciated.  You had about 2 weeks, and...
Hi Brian,   I was wondering what Visvim you are going to have for the upcoming FW season.  I'm mostly interested in the footwear.   Cheers,   Fok.
A 13 year old girl can embarrass me on the court.  My basketball skills consist mainly of criticizing players for not making their free throws.  I can't either, but to be fair, I'm also not getting millions of dollars to do it.   That said... I would sponsor a Styleforum basketball team.  It would be cool to own a basketball team, and that is likely to be as close as I'd get to ever doing so.  
Lol.  My bad.  You Cary Grant types all look the same.
New Posts  All Forums: