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You guys put me to shame    I resolve to put on clothes once in a while so that I can post fits.
I have a PhD, and four kids.  Not an excuse!
That looks really good.  I would like to make my own noodles, but making pastry (as opposed to cooking) drives me crazy.  My wife is a really good baker and generally good at making things like noodles though.  Maybe I'll see if she'll "help" me.
Thanks.  On the other hand... what do you mean "don't have time?"  This implies that you have other things to do.  Not cool.
     Alright, stick together it is then.  Now I need to think of inventive ways to put the stuff together so that it looks diverse but cohesive.  Thanks.
I love noodles, hot and cold.  And I really like Shanghai's native cuisine (I mean, obviously modern Shanghai has every kind of Chinese food and more).  Actually, could go to a Shanghai-nese noodle and dumpling house right now.  
Lawyer.  The advice will probably be to do an LLC, and to file for S-Corp for tax purposes if you get big enough.
I dislike the Argentinian team slightly less than I do the Brazilian, but I have always cheered for the Orange.  Hoping to see a Netherlands vs, Germany final.  I'd be torn about who to cheer on for then, though.  I always cheered for Germany as well.  I think that if it comes down to Germany vs  the Netherlands, I'll have to cheer for Germany,  There has been just a bit too much diving on the Dutch side for my liking.
Meh, we'll see.  I'll withhold comment until it actually happens.
You might be right, but I don't want to get your hopes up.  The pattern for a rider and for a moto are pretty different, and it sounds like you want a lot o different details as well.  It doesn't sound like a very similar jacket at all, except that it would be leather, and made by Vanson.  Again, @Thurston Bros has the definitive answer, but I wouldn't get your hopes up that much...
New Posts  All Forums: