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This, although I think that in the first case, greys can work as well.
I've tried this on. It was really nice, but for me. an awkward fit. It also made me look like a wired, long, balloon.
Ha. Absolutely agree. That was my wife's call. I originally had a tailored jacket over that. I win! I don't have any really loose tops though.
Either the dude just refuses to talk, or that is the worst interviewer ever.
To appreciate this style of clothing, you have to consider traditional tailoring as a jumping off point, rather than a destination. It's essentially an alternate dimension.
not to mention, generally within industry tolerances.
Dude, a couple of extra inches would just make them worse. They look like Cathy shorts.
Suresh. Clearly he should get am oversized tee and just tie it on the side.Seriously, those shorts suck... and I am generally the guy who advocates for unpopular styles. The length is very suburbanmom, and not in a good way. Knee length shorts are super awkwand.
Because their moronic "street team" keeps spamming the forum with their codes.
Got bored and played dressed. Robert Geller Robert Geller Man of Moods Julius Robert Geller Ann Demeulemeester
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