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 I really like Lewis leathers, but in general, they are not the same thing as a ToJ.A) C';mon.  I mean, I am probably going to buy a Scarstitch, because it will fit my "dark Americana" thing, but no other CCP jacket is even comparable, stylistically, to any of the ToJ jackets, which are all based on sexied up versions of very traditional shapes. B) ToJ is not "awesome", but it's pretty decent for what you can generally get for a fashion jacket, at under $1000.   And I love...
I think that this derby is going to be available from Viberg.com.  We are trying to not overlap with Viberg, and we won't copy other stockists boots, for obvious reasons! Cheers, Fok.
Icy mocha is cool, but because the the natural variations in tannage, the lightest icy mocha looked like natural CXL, and the darkest, like brown CXL.  So, given that both of these were already stocked, Viberg decided to not be redundant in it's leather . And it's alright.  I mean, your mother named you "Bootspell", so  this is clearly your destiny.
Hi,   Welcome, and looking forward to hearing more from you guys.  Will be excited to meet you in SF next time I am in town.   Cheers,   Fok (i.e. the management here.)
 Hmmm... I don't own a goat jacket.  I guess that it might be time to change that.  I do wish that they had more options for colors at hide house those.  Gonna choose me some sweet leather.
Um, we can't do 6 eyelets.  The machines are not configured for that right now.  7?
Gotta decide on the 2030 or the 110 last, and discuss from there!  Thanks man. Fok.
Not yet.  Today was a shitshow of work.  Um, and Guy is not in on Mondays, iirc.  I'll try tomorrow.
fwiw, and if you care, they are meant to be worn a big low, with a slightly dropped crotch.
Big John and Big Star, both denim based.LTB by Little BigOn Yoox, I found a couple of brands: Big Uncle (must be an Alden holding) and Big-E
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