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 Nice pick.  I haven't thought about Factotum in a few years - I saw them in New York when they showed at Capsule, and liked most of their line, but it's been a while, otherwise.
I spend the morning working with contact cement.  Feeling pretty heady right now.  Woah...
I rarely opine on moderation decisions, but here goes:    @sprout2 was not timed ouf for any one offense, but for an accumulated number of them, to the point where I was getting regular PMs complaining about him, including from guys who are have been on Styleforum for a long time and know the rough and tumble nature of the place, and have never had a bad word to say about any other member, nor any other member about them.     Styleforum is a community.  If one member...
Yup.  Once I have the boots in hand, you'll get a paypal invoice.
Well, what I originally meant is when I try to get people to do things, but that never happen. I don't mind when things go off topic, we've always wanted conversations to evolve organically.
I've been known to give the occasional headbutt in the clinch.
If you mean bang my head against a table, maybe.  I spend enough of my time banging it against walls already, so...
Should be, yup.  The plan is to have the boots to everyone by the end of next week, at latest (the exception being international shipments). Cheers, Fok.
I'm completely confused right now.
Oh right.  This is where I give my stats, and slightly exaggerate my athleticism. 5'11", 175 lbs.  Size 40.  Size 16 neck, Pants vary between 32 for most jeans to 34 for European dress trousers (though the number of squats and the amount of rowing I've been doing has been giving me larger glutes - not sure if anyone really needed to know that.) Size 10.5-11 shoe size (43 in Common Projects to 45 in most Guidi boots, 9,5 UK in nearly all traditional CM brands). Moscow, Idaho.
New Posts  All Forums: