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As long as they are not washed jeans with distress markst aroung the knees, you should probably be fine.  I say probably, because there re different types of jeans.  If the jeans start tapering at the waist, you'll be good to go.  However, if the jeans taper to the knees, and then are straight thereafter, the jeans might look a bit off. Nudies are not "that" expensive, particularly not on sale.  I would highly recommend that you get a pair from a store with a good return...
One thing that we've been exploring, behind the scenes, are contests with giveaways.  Not "product for review", but just... product.  It's relatively inexpensive, especially for designer brands, and it's great marketing, as long as you have an interesting hook.  Mainly, I've been thinking about doing campaigns like this mainly because I like free stuff.  Unfortunately, the very guidelines I drew up would preclude me from actually getting anything :(
It's also the most pimp.  I have a light grey Esemplare fishtail parka that is way dope, and I feel like a rapper every time I wear it.
That's one way of looking at it! I've added Japanese outlaw to my inspiration board of bikers, cowboys, and sneakerheads.  We'll see what comes next.  
Lalala.  @Parker and I got the charcoal and the grey, respectively.  Waiting for the shipping email...
Kopped (or paid for the rest of) my Stephan Schneider Frozen Waves coat, in the heavy gray wool.  Should be awesome.  
  KOPPED.  (@conceptual 4est please UPS this post haste.)
An official welcome to you - there are a lot of St. Crispin's fans here, including me.  Look forward to having you here and sharing your knowledge with us.   Cheers,   Fok, managing partner, Styleforum.
We have not received them yet.  But the moment we do, you'll hear!  I'm stoked too.  Getting all these out the door to their wearers will feel great.
Missed your chance.  @Synthese is scheduled for a change of scenery, and will next be seen at Bread&Butter, in Barcelona.  Hopefully I will be there too,  Then Synth will write stuff like "after having to endure Fok's bloviating about the plight oc Chinese migrant workers in Europe over a two hour dinner, he and Jen went back to the hotel, and at last, I could say "shit fuck dick cunt bitch asshole," like I'd wanted to all night to him.  After getting that out of the...
New Posts  All Forums: