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It seems like you know exactly what you want.  I would allow the shirtmaker to make suggestions about fit, technical details, etc...  since the shirt in your head might not be feasible for some reason.  What you should insist on his how you'd like the finished project to look, though.
 Have you emailed anyone at either GQ's wardrobe department or Prada with the picture, explaining what you'd like, and that you'd spend to get it? It looks like it might be a version of this from the runway show:  Or maybe the grey version of this:http://www.yoox.com/us/41637130QX/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41637130QX&sizeId= 
This jacket looks amazing: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/blackmeans/patchwork-denim-jacket/633084?ppv=2
Sorry, I just changed the OP now.  My back.  Anyway, here is the link: http://www.styleforummarket.com/the-new-hopper-boot-preorder-viberg-for-styleforum-shipping-worldwide-included-50-deposit-until-may-15-2016/
I would, personally, go with your 2030 size.  That is what I did, but I also hate tight shoes...
They have some good stuff on there - I like Greg Lauren myself.  But... yeah, could be a store in search of a customer.  Or maybe they are making bank.  Who knows.
http://www.lastcall.com/Ben-Sherman-Murphy-Leather-Cap-Toe-Boot-Black-Boots-Chukkas/prod36770096_cat5920056__/p.prod?icid=&searchType=EndecaDrivenCat&rte=%252Fcategory.jsp%253FitemId%253Dcat5920056%2526pageSize%253D120%2526No%253D0%2526refinements%253D&eItemId=prod36770096&cmCat=product   http://www.lastcall.com/JOE-S-Tyler-Leather-Wing-Tip-Boot-Black-Boots-Chukkas/prod36770153_cat5920056__/p.prod?icid=&searchType=EndecaDrivenCat&rte=%252Fcategory.jsp%253FitemId%253Dcat5...
I would do that.  But... since I am glutton for punishment, these are some cheap options that will get you through the night (and maybe not much more): http://www.bluefly.com/marc-new-york-baycliff/p/376729001 https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/1464437/frye-oliver-lace-up-boot?color=BLACK
Well, you have asked a nearly impossible question.  You can get cheap, or good, or fast, but not all three at the same time.  My advice would be to just wear your chelseas.  For the future, look at Meermin.  No, they are not $150. but $250, but they are about as good a price as you are going to get for a decently made boot.
Hi.  First of all, sorry.  Botched alterations are always terrible. Second, I am moving this to menswear advice, where this can get a little more visibility and hopefully, some answers for you.Cheers, Fok.
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