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Note to new users wrting to "support@styleforum.net"   "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SELL ON THIS POS FORUM FUCKING CRAP"   is probably not the best way to get help finding the "post new listing" button.   Also:   "I would post on this forum except for the presence of member X (admin's note: and who has been on the forum for years, and who most people seem to like).  If you ban member X, then I'll probably come back, lol"   is probably not going to get you what you wanted...
So, while we are waiting for the bigtimers to step up, here is a preview of what is yet to come, not in chronological order, and with at least 3 items yet to be listed.   2) Ring Jacket from @JeffArmoury and the rest of The Armoury Gang (https://thearmoury.com/product/ring-jacket-re024s09-wool-silk-ice-twist-184-suit?Color=Grey) 3) 4 MTM Individualized Shirts from @Drinkwaters 4) 2 Bauhaus watches, one black, and one white, from @Kent Wang 5) From @pediwear, a pair of...
Just to clarify that this will be a separate auction, and is NOT part of this one.  Sorry for the unclear wording.  That wallet is from that reindeer that dug up from that sunken ship, and is in and of itself a very dear object. Cheers, Fok.
Someone beat this by just $150, and they will also get a Calabrese tie.  It's like a free tie (except that you are actually giving money to charity.) Cheers, Fok.
They are coming, they are coming.  There may also be a few marquee surprises from CM as well. Stay tuned.
Whoever wins this will probably be a man of mystery, and international jetsetter/spy.  So, to that end, @hangerproject  and @kirbya has donated a choice of either a Russian Reindeer passport holder or pocket (aka breast) wallet: https://www.asuitablewardrobe.com/russian-reindeer-passport-cover.html or https://www.asuitablewardrobe.com/russian-reindeer-pocket-wallet.html.  Because, well, the TSA needs to know that you are a baller.   Edit: That wallet or passport holder...
You missed the email, David, but no matter even though I personalized it and everything   Thanks for your generosity.  Awaiting PM. Cheers, Fok.
Are you assuming you've won already?  it's a big, bad, world out there.
Alterations tailors rule!
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