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A bit of a false dichotomy, but... right now.  If I like it, I get it.  I assume that my personal tastes will evolve a bit.  But what you like is a function of your personal experiences, and it's impossible to predict how you'll be in 10 years, in any meaningful way.  I mean, ten years ago, if someone were to tell me what I'd be doing today, and everything that has happened in the past ten years, I'd ask for whatever they'd be smoking. That said, it's not like I buy...
Nice, as always.  I just posted two of the fits to the tumblr...
Depends on the piece and the styling, IMO. The criticism that he does nice garments really just means that his stuff works well as separates. Pieces range from tight to loose, heavy to featherweight, so its impossible to generalize. For a lot of the summer 14 pieces, I'd say loose tapered, lighter washed jeans.
Debating getting another pair of Visvim sneakers, or maybe boots.  The price is definitely right, but I have a pair coming already, plus I just commissioned a belt.   Decisions, decisions.
I thought that that was brilliant.  And why not?  Penalty kicks are a completely different beast than goalkeeping during the regular course of play.  Would you play a pitcher all the way into extra innings?  Would you have your defence also be your punt return lineup?
Well, I think that the best way to describe it would be through the restaurant itself, which is pretty illustrative of the differences.  Osterias in Rome are typically pretty ristic places.  Even the "Americanized" versions are often only well decorated by the standards of the 1980s.  They feel like someone Italianized a Ponderosa steakhouse.  On the other hand, Locanda has beautiful, professional, waitstaff, and the hardwood floor is emaculate.  The lighting is uniformly...
Thanks for checking on prices and stock for me man.  Really appreciate it.  Man, it's not like I really need more ways to spend my money...
Hilarious.  Most of the collection looks like what Kanye wears, or rather, wore a lot of, offstage, a few years ago.  So, essentially, RRL + fur + Visvim basics.  Everything is wearable, versatile, and because it is both of these things, fairly underwhelming.  If someone traded this out for my travel wardrobe, it would take a few minutes for me to realize that there are fewer belts and leather jackets, and more fur, than I usually wear.
Yes.  hahaha.  Oh, man.. Weight off.  Thanks.
We also have an entire subforum about this stuff. A lot of CM guys travel a fair bit, and eat well, and would also have good recs. Most of them don't even bite. Our we have the random food thoughts thread.
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