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Self Selection plus a growing feeling that you've done something very wrong with your life.
Grad students are just more bitter and generally less good looking. @TweedyProf et al., I'm happy to change the name of that thread, if someone gives me something to work with.
It's enough of a deviation that you are not going to find it from a more traditional maker.  Just go with the Saint Laurent.
Hi Gus, It's in the same place where you sign up for notifications in your account profile! Cheers, Fok.
Hi,   I am the administrator and owner of this site.  I was asked to ask you whether Paypal would be a valid form of payment, or if not, what would be,  Paypal is typically considered quite safe.   Cheersm   Fok.
I'll see what I can do.  Often, there is a balance between not being assertive enough, and being so assertive that people want to not do things for you just because you are being annoyingly demanding.  I sit on both sides of these negotiations regularly, so I'm pretty confident in my ability to create a good balance. Cheers, Fok.
All leather shrinks a bit, but ime, horse, especially front quarter horsehide, shinks minimally.  I have washed jackets on high heat, and the leather shrank... maybe... 1/2 a size. Cheers, Fok.
Lineup. unless Viberg tells me otherwise, will be:   1) Hopper Engineer Boot Model: Engineer Boot Last: 2005 Leather: Tobacco Chamois Sole: Cats Paw Sole & heel Notes: Japanese Roller Buckles - Natural Midsole - Unstructured Toe - Stitchdown Construction 2)  Gandalf the Grey Model: Service Boot Last: 2030 Leather: Grey Calf Tongue: Matching  Eyelets: 7 Gunmetal Sole: Natural Midsole with Dainite Goodyear welt Perforated Captoe (Note, not pull tab - picture is not...
  Gonna need this.  
Washing leather, except for a very tight grained leather like horse, will always shrink it 1-2 sizes.
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