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I can tell you that retail is in the tank, for a variety of reasons.  There are a variety of contributing factors: 1) Tech and the VCs that back them have a continuous and exponential growth mindset.  The menswear sector is growing, but traditionally, retail is a pretty incremental growth, low margins, business.   2) Retail is hard!  I see a lot of people armed with business plans and no real experience in the business, getting funded.  There is nothing easier to spend...
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So, you can take a look at all the boots on preorder here: http://www.styleforummarket.com/rider-boot/ Note that in addition to the cognac shell, we are also doing the balmoral boot in the mahogany shell: 
Frankly, that happens with the insoles of shoes often, regardless of the quality. As for the insoles, that should be easily removable by yourself.  If it's not, you'll need to speak with a cobbler.
Don't lie.  You tried the code on Aldens.
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Also, @Cadnog123, moving this to Menswear Advice. 
woah.   1) Consider using a foot powder in your shoes to soak up moisture.  And yes, replace that insole.  C'mon, is that even really a question?     2)  Given the sweatiness of your feet, the Hugo Boss shoes are holding up pretty well.
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