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We are going to start the discussing process next week.  The goal is to get people their brown waxed flesh boots (there were a lot of them), so that people have a good idea about sizing, and a lot more people can chime in about it. Cheers, Fok.
I usually get hit with something between $15 to $60.  The latter is rare though.  Usually, if it's Fedex, I am on the hook for something around $25-35.  
  At $250 and change, couldn't resist.  Will wear in the summer with battered up, sorta loose, jeans, or tech pants.  And of course, faded out tees.  I already have the standard ones, but I love Margielas non standard colors.
 If you had a newsboy cap, a tight tank top, and a pair of Adidas runners, you would have fit right in as a gay LA clubber.  Everytime someone found out I was "in fashion", particularly in denim, and at every industry party where there were boyfriends of whoever, this was the buff gay dude uniform, and I would inevitably be asked by at least 3 guys: "what do you think of G-Star.  The jeans are so great.  They just fit my ass right." (shows off GStar clad ass).  Yup.  They...
Lessee... Robert Geller Richard jacket from fw12. I keepin playing catch up, getting all those things from previous seasons that I wanted, but stupidly pulled the trigger too late. Then it's months or years of trawling ebay and weird stores with backspace, and yoox.
If a zombie apocalypse comes by, I figure that I'll either have to kill someone for his shit, or exchange them for sexual favors. Essentially what I do now anyway.
Do you have a background in Chinese watercolors? I do, and our line technique is nearly identical and very stylized.
Not sure if the Derby shown is on the 2030, 1032, or 2040, which has been described to be as the round toe version of the 2030, but we will use the same last. Love that shoe.
The jacket looks bad on Pharell. The sleeves are too long, and it looks as though the front is too small. Shoulders are good though.And yes, the Derby is the base.
The.Also, the Derby just looks better on a leather sole. Me, I'll be getting them topied for protection. Best of both worlds.
New Posts  All Forums: