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I've reported this and upgraded it to "URGENT".  Thanks guys. Not sure what is the issue here at all. Cheers, Fok.
So, I was talking about the origin of goods in general, like "made in China" vs "made in Italy'. I think that fast fashion and discounters (anything from Uniqlo to Walmart) are a different beast altogether.  That is about squeezing the last cent out of every dollar, and it's a system not just engineered for, but that also rewards, abuse. Like the drug trade though, ain't nothing gonna change as long as the consumer demand is there.  And it is increasingly there, at all...
Sorry, Greg, but this is an overgeneralization that cannot go unchallenged.  The cost of living varies significantly throughout the country.  In some places, yes, $15/h is barely liveable, but in others, an annual income of $28-30K/a, while not amazing, will certainly afford a single person a reasonable standard of living, and housing costs are low enough that someone making $600/month is well above the critical housing level. The development of a lot of countries begins...
The crust cxl is somewhat darker, from what I've seen, though probably within the tolerance for natural cxl. The big difference is that the crust cxl is not dyed, while the natural is. That's why b the natural cxl can take color, day, from vat dyeing, without any stripping of the leather.Cheers,Fok.While that sounds awesome, we can't do the indigo dye during at this point. It's even more of a pain to work with, and we have not yet even sampled the Echo boot.
For everyone else, let's get those proposals on please, in that standard form. Cheers, Fok.
That's all fair. We will consider that the answer is a "no" until we are told otherwise, to not set expectations up for disappointment. If the response is positive enough, the model should still pass. If it is not, then perhaps something else will be made instead, though I am sorta rooting for this one.We may find out a day or two before voting ends whether the height adjustment can be made. I simply cannot answer for Viberg.Cheers,Fok.
Hi,We'll take care of you for sure. In the past, we have had boys sent directly to Viberg, but protocol may have changed. Please email me at Styleforummarket since I can never, with few exceptions, match IRL names to Styleforum usernames. We'll bring Drew into this, though he is on vacation next week, and will probably not be able to respond immediately.But I personally guarantee that we'll get you the UNmessed up boots you deserve.Cheers,Fok.
Guidi boots, and leather and denim e'erthang.   I once tried to buy a very CM scarf to wear with an overcoat, but it just felt a little too UES for me.
"Shoppers, who spend an average of $700 on each Farfetch order, might not mind grainy shots at inconsistent angles when they are stocking up on toilet paper or socks on other websites. But they have higher expectations when shopping for a $2,500 fur jacket—and so do the 1,500 designer brands that Farfetch sells." Apparently, they've been looking at my baskets...
It's fashion?
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