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$10 increments, Edina!
It was a personal experience with one of these families (the boy is well and growing up now.  Probably an annoying tween at this point) that showed how great is this organization. Always good to hear from one of our senior-most members.  You may either donate to Styleforum.financial@gmail.com, using a personal payment, with the subject line: "Donation, Ronald McDonald House Holiday Drive", or look at www.rmhc.org, to see how to donate directly.  I think that the important...
It's approximately the same for the same size, but the toebox is rounder.
Unfortunately, my CPA (not my wife) says that this is logistically nearly impossible. Sorry :( Cheers, Fok.
Hi guys,   Just wanted you guys to know that I am extending the deadline for the order of the MTO Styleforum boots, both the loden green service boot, and the tan bison scout boot, to December 15.  Unfortunately, I had a bit of a medical emergency, and have not been able to fulfill requests the past week.  If you wish to preorder, please feel free to do so here (I think that we have 2 great makeups that are entirely different, and that are both reallt special and will be...
Hey guys,   I'm a bit laid up after some emergency surgery over the weekend (yay!), and so, won't really be able to answer all the emails personally.  I am still waiting on prices from Robert as well.  However, I'll be slowly getting to you guys all, in order, once I do get those.  Sorry for the unexpected inconvenience, but I hope that I'm up and able to use the internet more, very shortly.   Cheers,   Fok.
Thanks @SpooPoker. You're awesome, man.     Tomorrow we'll start the first auction, for a Calabrese Napoli bag and a Drakes tie package, donated by @gdl203 and @Edouard of No Man Walk Alone.   Let's raise lots of money for the Ronald McDonald House.   Cheers,   Fok.
Thanks all. Let's make it big this year. Cheers, Fok.
Just fixed that.  Sorry for the confusion.
btw, the neck warmers are cool, but definitely for smaller dudes.  I'm thinking no bigger than a 15" neck.  I have a 16" neck, and nearly strangled myself trying one one. Gloves are for smaller hands as well.  I'm am 8.5, and they were way too small for me.  I would say between a 7 and 7.5.  Maybe 8 if you like a really tight fit.
New Posts  All Forums: