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For sure.  Of course, I'd expect everyone to respect the privacy of those who do not wish to be photographed.  
Awesome.  Look forward to them myself (for me, the Bison scout boot).
Should be cool.
Some designer shoes use corrected grain leather, some use top notch leather and construction.  It really depends on the designer, the model, the season.  Definitely more inconsistent than traditional maders though. It sounds like you are going for a very minimalist,, Other-Shop, Christophe Lemaire type of look.  If so, Other-Shop actually has a collaboration with Grenson that might work.  It has contrast white stitching, which I find cool for that look, but...
Cutoff is actually midnight, tonight.  Sorry for the miscommunication.  I am going to put together the order tomorrow morning to submit to Viberg.   Cheers,   Fok.
Hmmm...  Does it work now? Cheers, Fok.
Yes, the ripple sole will be white, and "mini".  However, I am going to ask if it's possible for some variation there, since that is pretty much the last step of construction, and a wedge sole is a wedge sole.  That said, it might be a communications nightmare of the floor "what sole on what size?" so it may not be possible. Cheers, Fok.
Hoiw casual?  What price range and what are you going to be wearing with it.  It could be anything from Vass to Raf Simons.
Think of it as kicking a rock. Every time you kick the rock, it moves a little. Then it stops. You are saying "look, it moved." But you are forgetting, or ignoring, that every time this has happened, it has stopped.But don't listen to me. The fact that this forum has been around for 12 years, and that we've worked with over 120 vendors, and had only a handful of real failures over that entire period, should count for nothing.
Just a note about mediation. It can only hope to work if both sides agree to abide by his decisions before the process starts.
New Posts  All Forums: