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I dunno if I should believe my head moderator,  On the other hand, I know @emptym, and I would be highly surprised if his photoshop skills were that good.
I am going to rule in favor of @P-K-L on humanitarian grounds - which is to say - his situation mirrors mine, so I a biased in favor of him.  My initials, if properly done are "F.-Y.T.L"  This has caused endless confusion, so I've just learned to use "F.Y.L."  Ruling on the field stands.  @P-K-L will receive a courtesy monogramming from me.
Um, who doesn't understand French food?  It's great sauces, and meat with lots of fat,  And other things cooked with lots of fat.  And salt. Oh right, and bread. What is there to not understand?
Am I allowed to make a "yo momma" joke at this point?
Well, you don't  need a personal stylist, and honestly, and decent shop, their are personal shoppers, and any boutique, a good proprietor will help you out, though they often have their personal biases.   Where are you based?  If you are in LA, NYC, SF, or Chicago, or some place like that, you are in luck.  Otherwise, if might be more hit-and-miss.   I'll tell you what?  I can just make a few recommendations for things that you can get online, though for a brand new...
lol.  Absolutely,  PM your paypal.  Lemme guess pkl@gmail.com?
Well, Al Pacino has been looking rather gaunt of late, so being thicker than him is probably a good thing.   He tends to wear a lot of dark colors and often, when not in a suit - and I am making a bit assumption that you don't want to wear a suit casually - is often seen in black jeans, boots, and either a henley and sportsjacket, or a white shirt and dark knit, or a white shirt and sports jacket.  These are all pretty standard "creatives" uniforms.  You want to get a...
Not yet.  Sheesh.  We just finished this round.  Maybe in the fall, though! Cheers, Fok.
 If there is a next round, no. I mean, I don't even know what we'd be making, but is is highly unlikely that we woiuld be redoing the same boot, yet again. We would not use the catspaw sole though - it's just not a very good sole. If you missed out on this one... PM me, and there is a slim chance we could add to the order (already submitted), but there would be no promises.
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