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Shit happens. Incidentally, I would agree with the big 5.  But that is literally 5 companies (maybe add a 6th,) and even those have fundamental issues.  Google's core proposition, for example is that better data analysis will make it's advertising offerings better.  This is really a statement of faith rather than of fact.  No, it will not go belly up if there is a bubble burst, but the mystic that sustains it may be gone.  And if anything happens to google, entire...
I think in a large city like Toronto, that you should start with somewhere in the city, and perhaps move to online when you have a better idea of your new sizing. A personal friend and a designer who has also pretty extensive actual tailoring experience is Sydney Mamane (http://www.shopsydneys.com/made-to-measure) He is offering, at least according to his site (it's been a while since I talked to him) MTM suits for $995 CDN.  Even though he typically does a 60's style slim...
Hey there.  I am going to move this to our new menswear advice forum. Cheers, Fok.
I moved our talk about (possible) tech bubbles here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/521771/omg-the-tech-bubble-sky-may-burst-a-discussion
I see that @sinnedk beat me here by a second.  Well, I'll move his post here.
I don't think that menswear is in a bubble. It think that tech is in a bubble. I used fashion tech startups as an example because it's an industry I actually know about. I look at the revenues of actual stores, including but chains, and there is essentially no way that most of these fashion tech startups aren't over valued.
 I like this:  and the smaller version:
No problem.  Chicago has a surprising number of tailors.  The designer shopping used to be fairly limited, but even that is growing, so, something for everyone.
stone colored chinos could work.  "Stone" is a pretty broad range of possible colors though, so a picture would help.  And definitely lighter colored shoes.
 I don't like having people under me.  So I bought the building.  Of course, I only use the penthouse.  That and the helicopter on the roof.
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