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 I'm not a Belstaff expert, but that most certainly looks like a fake.  I would say that, more often then not, if you buy Belstaff outside of authorized retailers, that it will be fake.  Belstaff is one of the most counterfeited brands outside of the luxury brands.
How about a place like Godfry's (http://www.godfrys.com/suits-sportcoats/).  They have a wide range of brands for you to try, and you can get a good idea of what looks good on you and what you prefer.  When you go to a tailor re. alterations - make sure it is someone who knows what they are doing, and allow them to educate you, rather than trying to spell everything out from things you've looked up on the internet or had us answer here.     Styleforum, and frankly, any...
1. Yes and no.  The Headporter Plus brand of clothing is, AFAIK, completely independent.2. Probably again, yes and no,  The products are all made by Porter, but some of them are exclusive for Headporter.  3. B is a like that Porter has done for the Beams chain, afaik.   I'm not sure why you would say that the products are "blatantly taken from" the Porter catalogue, as if it were a bad thing, or somehow dishonest.  It's like most collaborative collections.  There are going...
Gudi derbies (992) in a light color. Visvim slipons (done). Will probably get a bunch of relaxed v-necks from Alternative Apparel, and otherwise, be done with. Faliero Sarti or similar lightweight scarf.   A few linen or washi cadet and work caps to shield against the sun.
@moltoelegante has been timed out until late June.  Let me take this opportunity to remind you that racist slurs are not going to be tolerated, even in CE.  Thanks,   Fok.
Headporter is something that can only really happen in Japan.  It is a store that was founded by fans of the Porter brand, specifically to sell Porter items, and ended up collaborating with the Porter brand to make specific Headporter specific Porter items.  
It really depends on the style and fit of the suit you want.  If you have a regular tailor overseas, maybe contact him and ask him whether the cloth you are thinking of (say, the frescos that @Claghorn suggested) would work for CMT, and for suggestions.   I know that tailors and shirtmakers do get frustrated when a client insists on either some detail or some cloth is that is not suitable for the style, or perhaps for the client.
fixed, and here is the link.
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Most of these small stores aren't hooked up to vigilinks or any other affiliate commissions programs, so this is just a pure PSA and so that people get links to some cool places - Antic Boutik is one of my personal favorite boutiques. www.anticboutik.com
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