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Re. ToJ, people act as though a calss action lawsuit is a plausible thing.  Gimme a break.   And there is precedence for something like ToJ happening.  In this very country.  Astor and Black was one of the biggest MTM suit businesses in this country once, and it failed, mostly due to losses because of poor infrastructure.  A ton of customer attrition and returns because the "fitters" were not trained or assessed properly.  It went bankrupt, and a ton of former customers...
It's a wierd store.  I think that they are doing a pretty good job of reaching their market, and in recognizing the differences between the B&M and online shopper.  Would buy stock.  Come to think of it, maybe will buy stock.  It seems to fluctuate a bit, so maybe I'll wait for a low point. Decision making is probably the easiest thing in the world to do, mechanically.  You can make a decision while in the gym, taking a shower, eating lunch - as long as you are conscious,...
Our Legacy is like Uniqlo.  It is going to look okay, all the time.  I mean, I would wear this, no problem.  The entire outfit.  But I would not blow any minds with it.  I think that it's a decent staple piece that looks "nice"?
You guys should think about entering our galleries contest: http://www.styleforum.net/a/styleforums-first-ever-gallery-contest-win-a-gift-certificate-to-opumo-com-and-a-custom-title   $200 gift certificate for www.opumo.com, and a custom title.  Do it!   Cheers,   Fok.
You have to think of Urban Outfitters like Zara.  It's trendy clothes that are available better, but for much more, somewhere else.  I'm generally not a fan, but honestly, if I want something fast, and tracking down the original means weeks or months of work, and it's not a piece I want that much, I'll go there.   I remember that they had a copy of the Lanvin cadet hat I have, and now they have versions of the Ts(S) engineer caps, not that an engineer cap is anything new.   
There are sashiko pants, but gi pants are usually made from a sturdy denim material with a gusseted crotch, and knee reinforcements, rarely from sashiko.  They are also usually pretty loose, for obvious reasons.  I think that a super baggy look (but with a cinched waist - you don't want your pants falling off in the middle of a match) can be ultra cool.
RE. A$AP Rocky himself, he has definitely learned a lot in a few years.  I remember reading an interview in which he "analyzed" fashion with someone at GQ.com, a while back, and either he was punked, or he just didn't know wtf he was talking about.  I read like a fashion Rorsarch test.  These days, his answers seem much more informed and circumspect.
 Strong analytical abilities is a very limited way of measuring intelligence.  I was at Caltech for my doctorate, and then at Harvard for a postdoc.  And from my personal experience, success, even in an academic setting, is as much about the political and diplomatic abilities, and the ambition, of the individual, as much as by the ability to think real good (and hard).
I feel that I need to remind everyone that creating multiple user accounts, especially for the purpose of obscuring yourself from something that you did, is not at all cool.  I'm going to ask that that member stop using those usernames, immediately, and stick with just the one.     Thanks,   Fok.
Any academic should be able to relate to this.  If they say they can't, either they are lying, or they are put in the "most annoying people in the world" bin. In terms of dollar amounts, though, not that different.   Stipend is about $25K/a (at least in the sciences), tuition waiver is $30K, and overhead is 50-100% of that total.  So, very conservatively, $80K/a.  That's a pretty big spend on a guy who is probably surfing the net for, conservatively, 25% of the time.
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