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Reminds me of those stories about Soviet factories producing all the right shoes, and then not getting quite the count right, no pun intended, on the corresponding left shoes.
Hey there, The natural cxl is a lighter color, but it is far from "bright".  It has black low tones.  That said, like all light colored pullup leathers, it will darken over time, to either a more brown or a more black-brown color, depending on the particular leather and on the wearer.  There are natural variations between each batch, and even each hide, of course.  That has less to do with the making of the shoe, and more with the slight inconsistencies during the tanning...
Because people are morons.  Riri makes a nice, smooth, zip, that I find really nice on say, a purse, or a zip pocket on a pair of pants, but ime. hgg end YKKs are much sturdier, and I prefer them for things like bags and outwear.  Brands like Lampo are also nice. One of the big problems with Riri is that all the zips are made to order, so a broken zipper is impossible to replace, which, for me, at least, is a big negatve.  You have a YKK number 10 heavy outerwear zip...
I just read the last little bit, and thought that I'd add my $0.02   A lot of unncessary social divisions come from improper attribution of moral significance to consumer preferences.  I think that the first thing to recognize is that pretty much all non-essential spending is morally equivalent.  There is nothing better or worse in spending $20K on a watch vs. spending $20K on a home workshop.  Let's check any parsimonious judgements of others at the door and move on.  
I havea normal heel, maybe even a slim heel, but I have a wider forefoot.  I take a 9.5 in the Trickers 4497 last, and the Viberg 2030 last in the 9.5 fit me the same,.  Actually, my latest pair, a pair of the natural cxl derbies, is actually more comfortable in the forefoot, since it is a bit more pliable.  I take the same size in all of the Viberg lasts.  For the GMTO boots, built using the natural CXL, I would recommend going your usual UK size.  For a stiffer leather,...
+1. I would also like to add that the top tier manufacturers in China can put out a product that are very good, and very consistent, but any standard, and that the workers are highly trained and have "dignified" wages and standards of living.  Even Kilgour, for a long time, had a "Shanghai bespoke" program that was only recently shelved, and not because the product was substandard, but because the house decided to concentrate only on the luxury market.   I've been...
I think that a lot of men underestimate the value of a good stylist.
No one laughs at my Seinfeld imitation.
There is a false dichotomy here. There are plenty of very skilled artisans working in those cheap factories.
Honestly, you are my size 10 years ago, and I wore a size 48, and adjusted the pants down.
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