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Just a reminder that it is the last full day for the Styleforum Stephan Schneider preorders.  We have several unique makeups (The thinner jacket and Oil coat in the navy with reverse side wool, in particular), so this will your last chance to pick these up, not just now, but pretty much forever.     Without further ado, here they are again:   The Styleforum preorders for Stephan Schneider AW16 are...
I did do personal shopping once upon a time, and frankly, you'd probably be one of my less frustrating clients, since you have a good sense of what you like, and a good vocabulary for clothing (i.e. you don't need celebrity flashcards).
Same. It's like a boutique speakeasy.
One of my favorite stores in Seattle, great stuff, no pretension, with the most unusual name, is on sale.  Tons of Sage de Cret, Norwegian Rain, Nigel Cabourn and more, up to 60% off:   http://babyandco.us/collections/aw15-sale-mens
Oh yeah... in case you care... our boots from the past 2015 round of GMTOs are done.
Done.  What an excellent idea!
Usernames must be 4-15 characters and should contain only alphanumeric characters and single spaces between words, but sure. And PM me directly.  j is off being a gentleman farmer or whatever.
Acne?  Ami?  Wings+Horns?
Anyway, color theory is mostly bullox, just because there are nearly infinite combinations or complexion and the entire pantone book.
I think that you have a very pale, nearly alabaster complexion, no?  That works well with a range of colors.   I am distinctively Asian, and yellows, including the oatmeal in the collection, makes me look undead, but not in a cool way.  Greens, particularly blue greens, but even moss greens (so, black toned green with some yeloow) look good.  Or maybe I'm just lying to self.
New Posts  All Forums: