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I used to love to travel.  For a span of about six or seven years, in my late teens through my mid twenties, I would pick up and go, anywhere, at any time, and I spend many summers at least a month outside of North America - usually in Europe.   I used to love hostels, meeting and hanging out with random people, eating cheap, and staying up super late.  I used to sit in airports, and wonder about all those people with more money than I had, scrambling running through the...
There is not more icy mocha CXL at Viberg.  Because of the natural variations between hides, the icy mocha looked like the darkest natural CXL or the lightest brown CXL, so it was redundant.  I'm not against makeups using the "standard leathers", which are the natural and brown CXL, black and brown oil tan, and stuff like that.  I just put the more interesting/limited leathers out there because people are not as familiar with the leathers. Cheers, Fok.
I also like the rain.  I lived in Bergen for a summer, and it was pretty awesome.   Okay, sometimes there was a bit too much rain.
Well, I hate summer and love cool, green, climates, so it's perfect for me. Also, I like to go outside best when it's between 5-15C.  To me, 10-15C is pretty much perfect weather.  Warm enough that your coffee stays hot for a while.  Cool enough that stepping outside without a jacket is pretty stupid.
Hey, it's my wife! On the forum!
I travel for two reasons these days.  Work, and a far and few in between vacation with my wife.   When I am traveling for work, I want a hotel with a gym, good wi-fi, and good room service, so that after a day of either running around at tradeshows or whatever, or a day sitting in a meeting room, I can get back to my hotel, shower up, sit in my lounge clothes, and sorta zone out for more of the same the next day.  And if it is in a city that has a large Styleforum...
That would be a very efficient meal for me.  I'd be shitting my pants as I ate...
I'd highly recommend going custom - I'm doing this for the second time.  That way, you can dial in the fit and get exactly the leather and the details that you want.
If you like food, spend a day or two in Lyon.  I can't think of a place with a larger concentration of good restaurants.  Of course, there is really not that much there otherwise, but it is a nice destination for good food, and on your way to the South of France.  Most of Italy in summer sucks.  It's full of American, German, and British tourists, and it's ridiculously hot and humid.  I avoid it as much as possible (you'll not see me at Pitti in the summer).   Personally,...
I had made something similar for myself before.  IMO, this would be a service boot on either the 110 or the 1035 last with a partially constructed toe.
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