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 www.jcrew.com - 50% off of sales styles with code SHOPSALE
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Congrats.  Very DIY of you.  Very punk.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Please email me, @wingin' it , at styleforum.net@gmail.com, for further instructions. Cheers, Fok.
I now regret not implementing neg rep on this forum.
I'm tempted to pick up a pair of Yang Li drawstring trousers (they are like expensive versions of Gi pants, I think).     Thoughts?  Anyone try them on?
This is a perfect receipt for cooking leather.   I would recommend a hard sear on high heat, 3 minutes a side for 12-14 ounce denim, 5 for 16+ ounce jeans.  Baste constantly with butter, and have a spring of sage in there.  Let them sit for 5 minutes before wearing.
Seriously?  I am going to commission a custom leather bag after having thought about it for months.  Does that count?  
Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I don't know the production timeline, so I can't really make an accurate prediction yet.  Hopefully, I will know in the next week or two. Cheers, Fok.
New Posts  All Forums: