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The darker polo could work.  The two greys could be a bit too close.  You'd have to show the chinos and the shirt together to be sure, one way or the other.
I'm pretty sure that between Barneys, Saks, and Neimans, all lined up in a row, that you'll find everything that you need.
I wouldn't even have answered that.  It's a no win situation.
Cool.  Yeah, not obvious from the site at all.  Very good.  I like the Barenia leather, but I like more distinctive looking leathers.  Yeah, for a card holder/wallet, I may wait on it, seeing that I just got a Dasmasquina one, but I like the simplicity of these designs. Re. the stitching, they probably do it using a double running stitch (one in each direction), which is difficult to break, and for obvious reasons, can only be done by hand.   Conceptually, it's simple, but...
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That second one is just a terrible fit on the jacket.   Also, the top one is just called a "semi-spread" collar, nothing is hidden about it.  That's the way most collars should look. Don't get me wrong, you can do an outfit like the second (I have something nearly exactly like that from Jil Sander), but it being "SWD" and not conforming to the proportions of CM suits does not excuse it from just fitting terribly.  I would call bullshit on anyone who tries to argue that...
A lot of stuff is announced on Monday mornings. In any case: www.yoox.com - 10% off with code TOPSTYLES10 until 7/21
I'm going to move this to "Menswear advice", which was created with exactly this type of question in mind.   As for specific suggestions, maybe something like common projects, which are low profile and sleek, might be good for you.  Barring that, maybe own it and buy yourself some Rick Dunks.
New Posts  All Forums: