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The EU laws were enacted to protect the consumer from unfair contract terms, specifically because it is assumed that there is a knowledge asymmetry between the vendor and the consumer. Generally, the three tenets of EU consumer protection laws are to ensurefair treatment; (of consumers)products which meet acceptable standards;a right of redress if something goes wrong. Of course, how legislation actually plays out is not always congruent with the intent of the law....
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Er... not to throw too much water on this, but "as originally described" is not going to hold, guys.   We've been through this enough to know that you give some, you take some.  And I am absolutely, absolutely NOT going to guarantee something like 1/8" lower heel.  If the definition of what is acceptable is that rigid, I'm going to save everyone a lot of disappointment.  Remember, this would still go to a vote, and unless things change drastically, this would be the vote...
Yes they do, but because of the way Viberg boots are made (both GYW and Stitchdown) I've found that they will not soften up as quickly as some other boots.  Certainly, if you want a cushion, it might be advisable to put in an insole. 
Do it!   Most comfortable outfit I know: Robert Geller Richard jacket and pants combo from 2012.  It's thick fleece with a knit top side.  Yes, completely pilled up by this point, but the silhouette is cool, and it's like wearing PJs and still looking acceptable at a bar or whatever.
I hate speedhooks, personally....
I know that you are right, but this is one of the reasons that I'll not open an office in the EU, and will always base operations in the US, and with stipulation that US laws apply to all of our transactions.  I think that there needs to be a balance in laws, and for me, the EU laws have become much too strict to allow a business to operate in a reasonable fashion.   Basically, all legal obligations aside, I find it unethical to impose your financial burdens on someone...
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New Posts  All Forums: