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I suppose that my question here then would be whether influencers influence you in the same way that more conventional advertising affected previous generations of consumers.  i.e. while you may not be consciously influenced by specific individuals to buy specific products, your ideas of what might be cool or interesting at any specific moment are affected by the innumerable images you pass every day, so to speak. Someone who lives in say, Moscow, ID, and is a farmer is...
 I might be an exception, but I am rarely to never influenced by modeled photos.  I buy things online based purely on product shots.  The rare exception are some footwear, though in all cases, they are footwear shown worn, but below the knee shots, so that the shoes or boots are seen more as an object being worn, rather than as a part of a bigger ensemble.     I suppose that I have a pretty specific idea of how I'd like to look, and so pick items that would fit that...
I was thinking about NYC as well, and that was definitely very elitist.  I think that if anything, fashion was more elitist in the "money and influence" way, with so much of the fashion coming out of the big houses, as opposed to now, when we have a much more fragmented scene.
I dunno, man.  I am not as old as Raf, probably, but I remember a fair bit of elitism, and definitely the type of elitism associated with money and privilege, in the LA and NYC scenes.  I mean, the throwing of exclusive and ostentatious parties that were typically closed off except to "VIPs" and friends, were pretty common in the late 90s and early 2000s.
We'll be getting the Styleforum preorders in soon. So, get your pennies ready.
It was one of the mods, but they were just following guidelines.  There is a short step between an informative post and self-promotion, and having reviewed the deleted post, I can understand the judgement call made. Cheers, Fok.
Just got up, but I agree in post with you on this. I'll write more about that later.That article is so rife with jargon that it becomes hard to read, though.
Anyway, we are just waitng on a few key vendors before announcing the show.  I mean, I've already signed the contract for the space, so this thing is going to happen, one way or the other.  A few of my ideas, like an #menswear mosh pit, have already been nixed by the other organizers.  But, there will be great vendors with superlative products, excellent beer, passable wine, finger foods, and possibly even a liquor sponsor.    So... who wants to be the person in charge...
This would be both awesome, and dangerous.  Just sayin'.
 Please style it like that.  Please.
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