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You can still find those - there is just no direct link from the product.  Just google "Farfetch [storename]".  Here is what you get from googling "Farfetch l'eclaireur", for example:
I'm a 12 year old at heart, so the bolded part made me giggle.   All y'all are fancy.  I just used the pull tab to get my foot in.  The first time was sort of a pain to get them on , but every time after that, it's been pretty easy.
There is a big shoe maintenance thread, here: There is also a lot about shoe polishing in the Hanger Project affiliate thread:
Hmmm... dammit. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a pair of the size 9.5 Hoppers in natural waxed flesh, BNIB (well, worn once around the house, which is mostly carpeted except for hardwood floors on the first floor). Need to fund a leather jacket, and just bought Hermes for the wife for Valentine's Day, so shot my monthly budget - sale up to 50% off - final sale now on - take 30% off $125 or more with code LOVE17
It's thick socks that did that to me.  I wear mine with thin dress style socks, or even barefoot, and my pretty darn wide feet slipped in pretty easily.  
They really are pretty awesome...  I think, that for me, at least, these go into the HOF.
 Boots about 7 lbs: USPS priority is between $15 and $25 domestically, depending on the size of the box and where you are sending it. Cross a border, and you are looking north of $50, for sure. People getting their junk in a knot about retailer shipping apparently have not tried to ship anything themselves.
 You guys need to stop. You are going to trigger my PTSD.To completely date myself, I remember the joy when we discovered that we could hook up a bunch of 486s in parallel and have the same computational power as a Sun workstation.
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