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I'm afraid to even ask.
I think that late January is doable, a crazy nice New Year's present.
I agree with you, Derek, but I think that you may be misreading the tone of some posters who want "the look for less." It's not so much that they can't afford something. Many of them post with the attitude that anyone buying the Vibergs or Daytons, or anything, at a high retail, is a sucker, and that to get the product for less is getting one over on the rubes, or alternatively, rich assholes.I find that attitude, and the attendant attitude that they are entitled to have...
No such thing actually exists yet. The best way to envision it is the Bison boot shown, with a slightly thinner, white mini ripple sole as shown in Johan's boot. I getting a pair for myself on the mini-ripple. Will be awesome. Cheers, Fok.
It's on! This time in a massive, beautiful, space. More delicious clothing, footwear, and accessories, same great food, drinks, and friends. Come hang out. No reservations needed, but a quick RSVP here would be great, so we know how much food and drink to plan for. Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8, 11am-7pm 320 Studios NYC http://320studiosnyc.com 320 West 37th St 14th Floor New York, NY 10018 Vendors: No Man Walks Alone Epaulet New York Ercole Custom...
The tone is very different from the reverse natural cxl of the boondocke, which is more of a tan or beige color.
Sure, but she flat out refused to give any advice. To your point, size guides are a poor substitute for trying things on, or, barring that, good personal advice. The same measurements can feel and look very different on different garments, because they describe very little about the pattern and the combination of the pattern and the fabric makes the future.
Here is a picture of the mustang under strong incandescent light: Howeve, under natural light, it looks a lot more like the pic in the op, or like this: But more red, like this:
It was a woman who answered the phone.
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