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I need to go through, literally, about 1K pictures, but I'll see what I can do. Cheers. Fok.
The horsehide and the grey Italian calf are thinner leathers.  Everything else is fairly thick.  The other calf leathers are midweight, and everything else is plain thick.  I don't know which would be lined though.  A few of those leathers are on the edge, so to speak. The "black unicorn" is the pit dyed moose.  Black Unicorn just sounds so much cooler. Cheers, Fok.
And it sucks.
I'm going to say, tentatively, that we'd like to cap it at 4 makeups this time, but we'll see how the proposals and voting rounds go.
The Aged bark is not a pull up leather, but yes, it is oiled (as are essentially all leathers) imo, the tan horse would NOT be too light for a service boot.  After all, the most iconic service boot, the bootdocker, is natural CXL - much lighter. Agreed.  It's the most immediately captivating of the leathers.
I don't know exactly, but... the very first Half-Japanese 145 work oxford had been finished.  I have pictures to prove it.   Oh, and it looks gooooood.
I was going to leave that one out, but then realized that at least one asshole was not going to be able to resist the trap.
It really is.  Maybe I'll make it our motto: "Choose them all."
So, for anything but the 2030 or thin leathers, I am now officially endorsing the "partial structured" toe.     1) It's really soft, but helps things keep shape, and also gives the toe a bit more depth. 2) It's called "Ping Pong". Can't beat that.
Pretty much what I had in mind.  The 310 people never seem to be able to pull it together though.
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