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Write to Viberg and cc Styleforummarket@gmail.comWe'll figure something out.Cheers,Fok.
Welcome. Looking forward to seeing some of your product.
I bugged Greg a full year to do something in a thick, tough, wool.
Bull wool gansey.
Cxl is a pull up leather, and you should always expect the color to change and migrate from flex and stress points.
Loch Ness fitpic. I'll try to do better later.
@metranger8694 has been permanently banned. Pretty much the only Ser in stone rule here is that using a racist slur gets you a perma-ban. Carry on. Fwiw, Persians are not Arabs are not Sikh.
Greg is a city boy. Pretty much it smells the way most wool sweaters smell. And it's only scratchy if you would describe your skin as "baby soft."
What is your usual size? I am a small 40, and my M fits perfectly over just a tee. If you are on the larger side of 40, or intend to wear it over a shirt, L would probably work.
New Posts  All Forums: