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Trying to buy shoes from Japan is the most infuriating thing. I am a size 10.5-11 US, 9.5 UK - so, biggish, but hardly Shaq sized.  In Japan, a lot of makers never order about a size 9 US or so...
The "funniest is when you are actually there five minutes before noon, and they decide that if they let you in, you will take more than 5 minutes, and that would cut into their lunch hour/afternoon delight, so it's "Please come back at 3 p.m.  Then the place closes at 5:30.  Ostensibly, it says "1800" on the door, but that would cut into happy hour/late afternoon delight.  The stores typically open at around 10 a.m.  That means that an average work day is... 5 hours on the...
I don't know what the specifications are, but in general, unless you are working with very specific MTO with specific needs articulated, it's pretty common for equivalent materials to be substituted.  This is one of those things that just hasn't been adequately addressed as we move from traditional retailing to MTO and preorders.  Previously, these changes would have been opaque to the end customer.  From what it looks like, at least from what little I can tell, the jacket...
Bring my Ts(S) chore coat and Schneider scarf to the trunk show or I'll frog march you back to NoMan to get it. Cheers,Fok
Hello, and welcome to The Proper Kit.   Thank you for your RSVP. We are pleased to announce that several vendors have extended special offers for attendees of The Proper Kit. Please see all the details below - most are only good the day of the show, so you’ll have to be there in person to get the deal! To see the full list of our vendors, please visit us here.   **Please note - due to the number of anticipated guests, you may experience a short wait time at the door....
Nice offers, Mike.  Also, notice the highlighted part.  You can start your keto diet on Monday.
The oversized coats will work for you.  I am a size 3, and am a solid 40" chest. The only place I have issues is through the lats.  Apparently Japanese people have no lats?
I am also surrounded by wealth and power? 
They fit pretty TTS.  I mean, they are not "slim", but do you really want a bullswool, Hemingway-esque sweater to be "slim"?
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