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The one set rule of Styleforum is that you don't argue with the mods.  Styleforum is like your local bar.  If the bartender, or in this case, the bar owner, says it's a no go, it's a no go.   What I've asked for is not onerous.  Put up a classified, and you can refer to it here.   Thanks, Fok.
It depends on what your definition of reasonable is.  I would guess that that type of alteration would be at least $20/shoulder, since there is a lot of work involved. (This is the most costly part of alterations on a leather jacket or suit, at about $100+.  Also, a LOT of places where this can go wrong.  Maybe just try shrinking them up in the washer and dryer.
Like I said, you are welcome to alert other members to your classifieds listings, but you are not supposed to post full listings here. Cheers, Fok.
That's fine, and I don't mind a simple "Hey, I'm selling this, check out my listing in B&S?  I'm willing to sell locally in Toronto"  However, there is a general prohibition against commercial posts in the main forums.  Classifieds should stay in the classifieds section, for obvious reasons.
You can do a link to your SF B&S listing, but you can't do full descriptions right in the threads, guys.  I'll give you a few hours to correct this before deletion.   Cheers,   Fok. - USE CODE FEBRUARY50 TO GET 50% DISCOUNT Ends February 28th
Some logistical problems.  We'll get it sorted soon enough.
 The City of Vancouver itself is not huge, but it's the nexus of a much larger, contiguous, greater Vancouver Area, which is around 2.4MM people. I think that that qualifies as a big city in Europe or North America. It's not even like cities like LA, or NYC, where the cities and boroughs are separated by freeways and bridges, respectively. If you drive from Vancouver to Burnaby, for example, only a sign on the street will tell you that you are moving from one city to... PRESALE.  See the details below!  
And here are all the boutiques for the US on Farfetch: Atelier is the only store the fits the bill (I checked the websites of the other NYC stores either on farfetch or on their own store websites)
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