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1. MENSA seems like one of the saddest clubs to which to belong.2. Yeah, I know that criterion, but I think that it's highly flawed, not least because IQ tests are inaccurate and imo, a poor measure of anything non-trivial.  It's like saying that really tall people have the potential to be good basketball players.  
Yeah, maybe.  I suppose that it could just be my reaction to seeing too many over thought out outfits.  I know that there are competing schools about how one should present oneself, and I am entrenched in the school that says that it's better to look like you make less of an effort that to look like you made too much of an effort.    On another note, the word "genius" is ridiculously overused.  True genius is rare.  I can't possibly believe that everyone out there knows...
Hmmm... I could get behind this attitude.  I've seen some interested in vintage Omegas and Rolexes that seem pretty reasonably priced and already have some of the dings of age.  Maybe I'll get one of those, bang it around a while, and see what I think.  
The world loses a bit though. The German fans are the worst dancers in the world.
Amazing goal to finish the world cup. Congratulations to Germany. The right team won.
Lol. Germany is not as clean right now as they were against Brazil. Um, ie. Argentina is playing defense.
I've heard of, but have not, read the book.  It is often quoted, and I think that it's pretty easy to understand the adrenaline rush.  That said, I prefer adrenline rushes where I probably won't die.  For example, MMA, my drug of choice, involve you beating up, or getting beat up, by another, hopefully trained, opponent.  But another man has a much lower likelihood of killing you than say, a fall from an ice-cliff, or willingly throwing yourself 80 feet into the air on a...
I'm not rich, but I would use the watch to bludgeon someone so that I could take their potatoes.  Apex predator indeed 
Which begs the question - with all the cool places in the world, why would you choose to go to places that people are trying to leave?  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a wartime journalist for a bit, and then I came to my senses and realized that I loved life, running water, nice restaurants, and shopping, and disliked beheadings (chief among them, my own), being kidnapped, and fearing for my life... and for relatively low pay, considering the occupational hazards.
For me, the issue wouldn't be that I feel ostentatious, or that I'm afraid of being jacked.  No, I'd be afraid of me scraping it against something by mistake. or absentmindedly tapping it on the car door, whatever.  Maybe it's just a matter of psychological comfort.  I wear all manner of expensive clothing into the field, and don't worry if my sneakers get some mud on them out observing on the fireline, or if my leathers get scratched from brush.  I'm sure that there are...
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