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On a non-related topic. I would advise everyone to non use adblock on anything.  imo, it handicaps people from seeing what advertisers and advertising and marketing companies are doing, and where is the state of the art.  I know a few people in tech who use adblockers, and it astonishes me.     I would also recommend that developers do all of their work on an older laptop, and not on a ridiculously fast machine with 3 screens running.  It takes away the tendency to...
We are working on some things, in particular, a size filter, but as you know, changing something that already exists is a lot more difficult than making something from scratch, and there is a lot of technical and political stuff going on behind the scenes that makes changing B&S difficult.  I believe in it, but most information based sites, including forums, have more or less abandoned the idea of a viable classifieds section as part of their long term vision.  I...
@Epaulet has some cool stuff planned for this. Mike?
When everyone else doesn't like you, the problem is probably with you. You come off arrogant and condescending. Please try to get along with others.Cheers,Fok.
Last week for preorders: http://www.styleforummarket.com/viberg/
No. The idea of the vote with $$$ was to keep voter's accountable, so.that we didn't make a model fewer people wanted. You can still opt to get just the chromepak, of course.
We can only ban words for all users, sitewide. We've tried doing this, actually, but bots don't care, and real live spammers are too smart, for it to be any type of deterrent.I spend about 45 min a day on spam duty...
I think that ETQ Amsterdam have some mid top models that would work well.
Mainly, he started off sleazy. He built a user base by using the pm system of many forums, which is against everyone's ToS, for obvious reasons. Then, being a hypocrite, he puts out a DCMA against a competitor. Then, is starts to ban or censure his users for things they said in pm, which, despite his denials, he could not have known without reading the content.Judge for yourself.
All b&s listings that link to grailed will be deleted. Actually, since the guy is so scuzzy, I'll be making the term restricted so that there will be no links to that site.
New Posts  All Forums: