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It's a wool cashmere blend.  That's how it was described, and the cashmere seems to be in the blend specifically to give in a soft hand, so I think that it's a reasonable description. In any case, the exact composition is given, so every reader can make an assessment on their own.
Seattle, Boston, Portland OR, Portland ME, LA, San Diego.  What are you looking for?
A lot of her current clothing is here: http://debonnefacture.fr/en/28-eshop
I am working on it, and I hope so, yes.  It's in Deborah's court right now.  I've bounced her an email.  If I have a few firm commitments, it would help our case, so shoot me a PM or an email to styleforummarket@gmail.com.  With the discount, I think that that coach jacket, which is one of the really strong pieces in the collection, would be about $750-$800, based on what she quotes as retail and wholesale, and given the price of shipping, duties, etc... Cheers, Fok.
Yeah.  Completely off topic, but I saw your posts in the No Man thread, and I think that probably, the Norwegian Rain stuff would be good for a Florida winter.  Um, probably don't need a liner though.  Those things are warm.
Fabric Brand is nice as well, but I didn't see that.  His eponymous brand still puts out some solid product though.
Different schedule. We try to space things out a bit! Should happen in a week or so.Cheers,Fok.
Well, SNS Herning is doing some interesting stuff for FW16 (incidentally, we'll be doing a preorder with them).  A 12 gauge knit cable is mixed with a 4 gauge yarn in a grid pattern.  I also saw some good stuff at Stephan Schneider - in burgundy, deep blue, and grey striping.  I especially liked a Breton sweater I saw there.  Also, some really nice, hand linked wool/silk blend shawl collar cardigans at Ts(S) - I would want one for myself, but the prices were sorta hard to...
For real, the Thinner jacket and the Film Coat are excellent.  The first is really dialed in re. details, especially the trims, and the Film Coat has an excellent shape..  There were some good knits as well.  I liked the Breton that they had, for example.  A lot of the knits had interesting striping in sutle mixes.  We could only do so much in terms of preorders, so we opted for the outerwear, which was not only very strong, but much less likely to be found in a certain...
If you are worried about the shoulders, the V is probably a good call.  Usually, for the jackets (not the coats) and the knits, my issue (I am a 40), are the upper back, shoulders, and arms.  The coats seem to be cut, generally, with a decent amount of room in them, but the pullover knits, in particular, are made for pretty narrow shoulders and arms.  My biceps show through some of the 2013 knits, I I don't have gigantic biceps.
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