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Screenshots or it didn't happen.
ahem. You serious?
Incidentally, we are going to have an email newsletter.  @Synthese is the head writer and editor-in-chief.  Other writers will include Professor Fabulous, as channelled by @rach2jlc, and @unbelragazzo.   The material will not be available on Styleforum until a month after the newsletter has been published, so it might be worth your while to read our newsletters.  And if you are not subscribed to receive emails from Styleforum, now might be a good time.   iirc, that...
As long as you are proxying at cost, I'm good.
The $500 is supposedt to be a deterrent, and it generally works.  When a powerseller deliberately plays the system, and is dinged, they pay, and usually, nearly immediately.  Well, actually, they generally plead poverty, and after getting no reply, they pay after a couple of hours.  Some of these guys do thousands a month through the forum.  $500 is enough to hurt, but not enough to knock them out.  The highest fine that we levied was $2K, and the majority of that was paid...
Actually, we have had sellers pay fines of up to $2K, within the hour.  Some sellers make a lot on the forum using our free services. I actually offered him $100, since he seemed like a reasonable guy.  After posting in violation of our policies, and then arguing with a member about his conduct, there was no way we could let him off scott free.  He opted to register under two different usernames (MacbookPro and Andrewgreg1) instead, and ask members to help him circumvent...
They are all good zippers.  I personally think that specialists, like Talon, are best for items in their niche market.
It's not as though a single tailor makes your entire Savile Row suit either.   It always seems to be one complaint after another.  First it was the zoning.  Now it's that foreign firms are buying up the old houses.  Ultimately, something has to change.  And it seems like some of the most vocal people are not wanting to make any changes at all, something that is clearly not tenable given that society and technology keep on changing.
Yum.  Sounds a bit like the three squeals fetal pig appetizers.
Timeless and classic style steeped in generations old rich artisanal traditions.
New Posts  All Forums: