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http://thegreat-divide.com: Get 30% Off all Coats & Jackets with the code TAKE30 until midnight. Certain exclusions apply.
Nominally, a medium is a 8.5.
I'm not a huge fan of Mast Bros. Chocolates, even the bars without that grainy texture that is a little like older style chocolate, but not really.  That said, I've had a few decent bars.  Nothing I absolutely need to go back for, but pretty good.  For American craft chocolate makers, right now, I really like Dandelion (San Francisco), Istanbul (Santa Monica, or something in the LA area, anyway), and Patric (Missouri, I think).  There is a lot of great chocolate out there,...
But "has a lot of life left" is just a euphemism for "beat to shit".  I advocate beating your own shit to death, but I'm not going to buy someone else's beat up shit.  Maybe vintage stuff to get cues from, but to wear?  Not so much.  I suppose that I'd buy a 60s moto jacket if it was in decent condition and in a color that is impossible to get now even custom.
Just remember how much more a barstool is, or a coffee table.  So... bargain?
One man's poison? But yes, I am trying to take advantage of the rate right now.  Hopefully, the USD will start going up again vs the Euro, so that when my Guidi are finished, they will be essentially $700.
Um, I think slightly wider.  I got a pair in January that were initially a bit tight.  These were roomy from day 1.  That said, don't get shoes that don't fit the way that you like. The sole is probably a couple of mm thicker?  Doesn't take much for things to seem very different, in shoes. 
Every online retailer does this, at some level.  That said, the number of excessive returns has to be very high, because, often, the most loyal customers return the most,. relatively.  For Zappos, for example, the general return rate is something around 30%.  The most loyal customers?  About 50%.  Of course, there is a limit.  If you are a high volume buyer with an 90% return rate?  You might want to keep a few things just so you don't tip the scales so that your business...
Though I haven't recently, i've made many purchases from Yoox.  I think that I've had an issue with the condition of the merchanidise maybe a couple of times through the years.  Returns are never an issue.  Just abide by the rules, and they are fine.  It's a profitable company worth well over $1BN.  They also run the stores for many luxury brands.  If you are looking for security of purchase, it's about as good as it gets.  
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