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The colored leathers are probably aniline or semi aniline and most likely corrected top grain leather. This does not mean that it'slow quality. The famous Horween chromexel, for example is a corrected top grain leather. The cheap stuff comes from the middle splits.Maybe, but even for ToJ leathers, there are regular reports of the leather reading under pretty moderate use.
Perfect Fit  
I have a 76" reach at 5'11".  That is pretty decent for fighting, but not all that great for buying a lot of Japanese brands.   Incidentally, that is a misleading measurement.  I have, for example, fairly long fingers (size 8.5 to 9 gloves), so some one with slightly shorter fingers could have just as long a knuckle to knuckle meaurement than do I.
I think that I will actually start this auction on Friday evening, just so that everyone knows.... You could end up with a really awesome bag at an awesome price. Cheers, Fok.
Honestly, I don't even bother looking at lamb leather .  Lamb is super soft, and pliable, and it can shred pretty easily.  With something like steer or heavy horse, I've hardly ever seen any jackets go in for any repairs from tears in the leather itself.  Goat is very pliable, and it can be prone to the same "bagging": that pliable leathers are prone to - it's part of the look, but not everyone likes it - but it is quite durable, and also has a cool grain.  Calf is...
That is just the natural grain of unglazed lambskin, and it looks pretty well matched.
Also, it's just gonna be a kick ass day to shop and have a drink while doing it.  Really happy to work wth you guys to make this thing a reality.
Please tell me that the natural horse (?) colored ones are a size 43, please?
Styleforum itself will be debuting its collaboration with Rider Boot (@RIDER).   Here is a little glimpse of what we have in store for you:     There will be 12 different iterations of these balmoral boots available for MTO and GMTO.  If there is a minimum of 6 boots of any one configuration ordered, the order will be considered a GMTO.    Here is the pricing.   Calf and suede versions: $475 + shipping ($20 within the USA, and $50 outside of the USA - these are...
Trying to buy shoes from Japan is the most infuriating thing. I am a size 10.5-11 US, 9.5 UK - so, biggish, but hardly Shaq sized.  In Japan, a lot of makers never order about a size 9 US or so...
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