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It's a brand that is owned by Yoox.  Doesn't mean it's good, or bad.  Yoox is, after all, having net revs of over 500 MM Euros a year.   http://www.marieclaire.co.za/fashion/fashion-news/african-label-kisua-collaborates-yoox-com
Red, maybe.  But blue, taupe and grey?  With the latter two you can essentially get dressed in the dark and come out looking fine.  Blue, especially like, a royal, can be a little tougher, but if you have grown up around denim, you should be able to tell tonality in blues and browns really easily.
Boots are different.  Gats run small though.  I have a pair of 43 GATS, and my toes jam right up against the toe box.  I feel like I could play 90 minutes of soccer.  My many pairs of size 43 CPs?  A nice bit of wriggle room.
At least a 46.  I am a 43 in CPs. and my 44 GATS are considerably tighter.
I had a prof in grad school who had a theory that I found hilarious in my 20s and I had an unbreakable body - 2-a-days, 3-a-days, adventure racing, which is essentially like a crossfit competition, but with a point, combat sports, ate like crap and still stayed in shape.  He said that our bodies are like cars,  You only have so many miles on it before it starts to break down.  Now, he was no paragon of athleticism.  But he was in his late 60s, early 70s, and he would do...
kangaroo is great.  The only problem is that while it has great tensile strength (thinking of getting roo laces to replace my Guidi ones, which, predictably, suck, and have broken a couple of times already), it's pretty thin, so it is not as abrasion or puncture resistant as you might want something to be.  
On a lighter note, I am going to get duplicates of this:     My man Donnell at Uncle Otis in Toronto.  Tell him that Fok sent you:  http://uncleotis.com/shop/tri-saver-vest-navy   Sashiko.  About the same weight as a mid weight denim.  Not the thin stuff that Garbstore has used in the past SS seasons, or the Hillside (those are 10 ounces), but not the really heavy stuff like Blue Blue has used either (that is 22 ounces or so,)   Fit is "roomy" which works well...
Yeah.  I also know that feels.  I went from 5 days hard. about 90 minutes average workout time, 120 on Saturdays, to zero for over 9 months.  And even now, it's like... rowing and some light stuff.  For the first month or so, I lost my appetite completely... 
Sorry man,  I know that feel.  Sucks.  Good wishes on a good and swift recovery.
I just had to delete skeen's post and restrict him from this thread, which means that he can not only no longer post here, but he cannot read the thread either.  Seriously, when I say "enough", that's it.  The conversation is at that point, done.  Any ToJ talk, kindly restrict it to the ToJ thread only, which is there for exactly that reason.  This goes for everyone.  C'mon guys, don't make me have to do this.  You don't go into an affiliate thread and call people who like...
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