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Stitch density, uniform tension, and consistency. Leather quality.
Always try to imagine the product outside the context in which it's styled. That is what designers, and stylish dressers, do. Otherwise, you are always going to be limited by the imagination of others.
So, food and drink recs? Good whiskey is already on the list.
Lewis leathers are up there with the better traditional makers. Not Aero. Closer to Vanson, one.
We made exactly the same shoes. I got the specs from Guy. Just fyi.
That kudu leather is amazing. I couldn't capture either the nap or the color, but it is incredibly rich looking. The natural cxl, and pull up leathers on general, are easy to capture.
Do it, and be like me.
Looks awesome @rydenfan Your purchase the distinction of having been actually accepted at the post office on Labor Day, a holiday (check your tracking) Yeah, they love us that much.
Write to Viberg and cc Styleforummarket@gmail.comWe'll figure something out.Cheers,Fok.
New Posts  All Forums: