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Yup, and yup, and yup. I agree (as you know) with all of this, which is why we are moving to a different format for coverage with our editorial, as per your idea.   When it comes to paid content, I think that a different approach rather than a "report on awesomeness" is needed.  I think that the more interesting approaches invite actual audience participation in the exercises, and that making them into games and contests, or otherwise give incentives for the audience to...
Mine scheduled on same day. Um, check it out though - I have heavy leather jackets that weigh less.  If I have this on my carry on, it will tip the scales of the draconian Alitalia rules. Shipped/Billed On:09/04/2014Type:PackageWeight:9.00 lbs   
I already explained this in the CM version of this thread.  The "categories" are most likely just made up to allow for some conversation, and the data is probably only useful in the aggregate, to get a picture of the forum as a whole.  Having worked with large datasets for many years (I got my PhD in 2003, and worked on big data until fairly recently), I can tell you that it's nearly impossible to make sense of individual data points, especially on such a complicated...
I think that I am probably a somewhere between a wide boy and a bullshit artist, though I thought that the terms were pretty much synonymous   I know too many people who are much better than me to claim any membership in that first group. Yeah, I can't but think that it's playing the percentages, and that the targeting is fairly broad, and that the ads are designed to be effective across large parts of the demographic hyperspace, especially those "programmatic" bought ads....
I've actually designed social science surveys as well. This one was for programmatic sellers. I have a hunch that the categories are purely to give users something to talk about, and also that the data is only useful in the aggregate, and means little on an individual users level.That, or someone was asleep at the wheel.
No need to say sorry to me..  I didn't make the quiz!
Oh, I understood.  I say do it, anyway.
It's a common fallacy that you somehow are losing money if you buy something you really like at a retail, and then a few months later, at sales time, you find the same pieces on sale.  It's like saying that you feel ripped off because day-old bread is 50% cheaper.  Silly.  You get months and months of enjoyment from the piece, rather than following it constantly, essentially better against your favorite designers. I've gone to about 70% bought at the beginning of the...
Why? Do it.
Hehe. Over on SWD, pretty much everyone is a sports buff or a sports addict.
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