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 You guys need to stop. You are going to trigger my PTSD.To completely date myself, I remember the joy when we discovered that we could hook up a bunch of 486s in parallel and have the same computational power as a Sun workstation. - an extra 40% off sale with code EXTRA40
Suede is the reverse side of the hide as well.  A lot of suede is split grain suede, and it tends to be more delicate.  However, you can also get full grain suede, which includes the grain side of the leather.  Note that even "reverse leather" has layers sheared off.  You simply cannot use the full thickness of steerhide, for example. for jackets - it would be unsewable, and pretty hard to wear as well.  Super heavy leather jackets top out at about 4 ounces. Most "fashion"...
They are really nice.  I had been thinking of selling a pair of my Vibergs to fund a leather jacket purchase, but all of them are so nice that I am having a hard time, though I have.... a lot of Vibergs (though not nearly as many as some others.)
Only the chelseas so far. The other boots, I think, are being made now, but with multiple models, I don't have an ETA for production or shipment yet.  I'll be sure to keep everyone updated though. Cheers, Fok.
How would you propose to do this?   I think that Spier and McKay said that this was cloth from a closeout?  I don't work with cloth, but I know that this happens regularly with leather.
  I'm inclined to delete the posts without more conclusive evidence, since the charges are serious and are based on very flimsy evidence (heresay about the opinion of an undisclosed source.)  I've also noted that the charges have been made by a disgruntled customer, who should not be expected to be impartial.  I'll discuss with our moderation team.
When you guys get yours, please post pics!
We have about a foot of snow on the ground right now, and it's in the teens and twenties.  I heavy suede jacket with a heavier nap that is more like a roughout, like the James Grose one, holds up just fine.  But yes, lighter suede, not that practical.
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