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We talked about it, but are still trying to figure out how to do white midsoles without object dyeing, which is the way Guidi does it.
I have a pair of 110 service boots - my MTO.  They are pretty roomy throughout.  For the most part, I like my foot wear to fit loosely, so this works for me.  However, ther is no doubt that my 2030 lasted boots conform to my foot more. The chukka CAN be built on the 110 last.  Nigel Cabourn's "broad arrow" chukkas are built on that.  However. they do look a little cloddish.  For Nigel, this is his look.  uilt on a crepe sole rather than a wedge Vibram sole, the chukka...
Honestly, if you are anywhere close to average, get your "normal", stock, size.  Fucking around with measurements is a pretty decent way to get something shitty.  You would be effectively trying to get Drew/whoever to alter a pattern that you've never tried on before, and not only that, but you are going to fuck up, because you don't have any experience doing fittings.  95% of the population will fit into a stock size, maybe with a slight adjustment in the arm and body...
I could see it on the 2030, but with a partially structured toe to give it a bit more body, while preserving the almond shape.
The crepe that is at Viberg is "natural".  I like the Sander Bertie, and I like Steve mcQueen, but I think that we can design a better chukka.   Re. "tradition" - chukkas have come with crepe, leather, or dainite/hard rubber soles.  Personally, I really like the casual look of the natural sole.  Goes extra well with denim, imo.
The typical measurements found on a webstore are incomplete and do not give as good an idea of "fit" as one might hope.     Also, a shirt is not cut the same in the front as the back.  The shirt you describe has a very slim back though, and if you measure across the upper back, I would guess that if you have any lats at all, that this would not be the shirt for you, unless you are a bro with great pecs but a concave back.
I think that the chamois or the tan calf would be nice for this makeup.  I also feel that to get that traditional chukka feel, it would be great to do a crepe sole.  Dainite is nice, but I like the casualness, not to mention the comfort, of crepe.
I used to love to travel.  For a span of about six or seven years, in my late teens through my mid twenties, I would pick up and go, anywhere, at any time, and I spend many summers at least a month outside of North America - usually in Europe.   I used to love hostels, meeting and hanging out with random people, eating cheap, and staying up super late.  I used to sit in airports, and wonder about all those people with more money than I had, scrambling running through the...
There is not more icy mocha CXL at Viberg.  Because of the natural variations between hides, the icy mocha looked like the darkest natural CXL or the lightest brown CXL, so it was redundant.  I'm not against makeups using the "standard leathers", which are the natural and brown CXL, black and brown oil tan, and stuff like that.  I just put the more interesting/limited leathers out there because people are not as familiar with the leathers. Cheers, Fok.
I also like the rain.  I lived in Bergen for a summer, and it was pretty awesome.   Okay, sometimes there was a bit too much rain.
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