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As a challenge, I would absolutely do this.  "Designing for yourself" has got to be one of the mentally laziest things.  Succeeding in getting into someone else's head is so much more rewarding.   For example, I just talked to Shaun at Honourmark, and we are going to begin sampling for our collaborative project.  For production, which we want to bring in at under $1000, hopefully closer to the $900 mark, we will probably will use goat.  Goat is super strong for its weight,...
As long as you have a dedicated, streamlined, production line, and limited options, it can be done.  Gucci, Armani, Tom Ford, etc..., use this as a big upsell.  And there are tons of internet startups that are doing limited MTM suits.  The technology is there.  What is really difficult is to get a good fitter.  Humans, as usually, fuck things up.
I just designed a bag:   Oxblood Italian Leather Gentlemen, Overnights Bags, Pissenlit Travel Bag, Pebble Grey $ 419.00   Sounds pretty cool.  So, if I were to actually order this bag, what would the wait time be like?   Cheers,   Fok.   P.S.  An official welcome from management.
Is this not very similar to the waxed flesh boot already proposed?  Since we will not put more than one up for vote, you need to talk to other people interested in a similar boot and get some consensus on the exact specs.
Ah.  Yeah, they could.  I could not see a MTM jacket going for $850 though.  That's crazy.  Maybe with a slight changes allowed, yes, but not full on MTM.  Maybe 2 tiers.  RTW at $850 or so (which is at that budget baller level that is ToJ's bread and butter) and then MTM starting at $1200 or something.  Hard to do this type of thing at scale.  Actually more economical when you are really small.
 Guys, these both sound great, but I'm not putting them on until I can confirm leather.  I mean "tumbled golden dublin" is really, really, specific/
Whose marketing and production know how?  Marketing, maybe.  As we've seen, production and logistics is not ToJ's strong suit.
Pretty much any company can be revived from the ashes. It might not look the same, but it can be quite profitable.  A large number of luxury megabrands, started as niche producers - see Tod's, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and so on.  In other, less storied cases, it's certainly possible to make a make a mark and still maintain its brand (if fact, that's the name of the game.)  Look at something John Elliot, which grew up on forums and online outlets like Hypebeast.  I think that...
 I really like Lewis leathers, but in general, they are not the same thing as a ToJ.A) C';mon.  I mean, I am probably going to buy a Scarstitch, because it will fit my "dark Americana" thing, but no other CCP jacket is even comparable, stylistically, to any of the ToJ jackets, which are all based on sexied up versions of very traditional shapes. B) ToJ is not "awesome", but it's pretty decent for what you can generally get for a fashion jacket, at under $1000.   And I love...
I think that this derby is going to be available from Viberg.com.  We are trying to not overlap with Viberg, and we won't copy other stockists boots, for obvious reasons! Cheers, Fok.
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