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The fact that orders are trickling in, and rather haphazardly, suggests that this is the case. My team and I fulfilled 70+ boots, last week, and it took a full 2.5 days for three people. And we have a good professional backend. Doing this via PayPal only and emails would be a logistical nightmare. For an unmotivated person...Incidentally, refunding orders that old is harder than a few clicks.Not any excuse for Drew, but a possible scenario of what is going on.
Proofreading is for basic ninjas.
You should always have about that much room in your footwear, especially at that size, just for your general health.
Lol. Terrible IRL idea. I've done collections, and it sucks. Unless you are willing to go to prison or have legal sanction, theories little to.be done.
Hot every season.
Vacation. No computer.
On vacation. All questions will be answered next week. Cheers, Fok.
I generally European lacing technique.  I find the asymmetry of the shop lacing to be extremely annoying.
Guy told me that the 1035 and the 2030 are similar lengths, but tuat the 2030 appears more elongataed because of the shape. Cheers, Fok.
"Streetwear and Denim" is a misnomer.  It really refers to anything that is not pretty strictly in the classic menswear/tailoring/shirting tradition.  Yamamoto and Dries van Noten are also in this section, so...
New Posts  All Forums: