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Geez  just follow @Synthese Maybe if Spacepope has tumblr, that?  
Are you conceding so early to an evening of abuse and regret?  
Deep fried prawns and hamburger steak?  Sounds like the "working class" surf and turf I grew up with (where men were men, women were men, and children, likewise, men.)  Sign me up.
At least on the CM side, it's sort of an honor to be featured on the Styleforum tumblr.  I know that I've gotten emails thanking me for the mention, and irate emails asking why they weren't featured.  And the featured people follow their own pics and see how many likes they have gotten.  Styleforum has about 8K followers in tumblr, and growing, and is regularly featured on #menswear.  I've never worried too much about repurposing a technology.  I think that that's the way...
Isn't that a breed of dog?   But yeah, I mean, why not.  I love cooking, and I've always wanted to go to a restaurant to do it.   First sake round on Styleforum.
This could be sorta cool.  I'd make @Synthese curate the curators.  I know that he is pretending to not read this.  
While you are probably right, the double running stitch technique is identical, and also, pretty much every Japanese company I've seen that uses the material refers to it as sashiko, so it works for me.  It's also what it's called by the Japanese wholesale dealers.   I dunno anything about Judo, but competition jiu jitsu gis use a double thick, 20 ounce+ fabric and the lapels are made a midweight, tightly woven "denim" with a very thick interlining (it's harder to get...
What price range are we looking at guys?  I am looking for something, but as you guys know, San Francisco goes from pretty affordable to ridiculously expensive.
Probably best to start with an old reference that is nonetheless still relevant: Kaiser, Susan. (1999), "Identity, Postmodernity, and the Global Apparel Marketplace." In Meanings of Dress, ed.  M. L. Damhorst, K. Miller, and S. Michelman. Published New York: Fairchild.  (and then search forward for the writings that reference the work.  There are other examples, of course.
This is something that I, and many others, have thought and written about, pretty extensively.  Styleforum is a prime example of what the internet enables.   Right now, we have people in Australia, the UK, throughout all of North America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, some legitimate users from India and the Philippines, and so on, all constantly and instantly exchanging information, knowledge, opinions.  The growth of "global culture" has...
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