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No comment, except to say that that bolded part is not a reasonable expectation.  I suppose that if you worked with a Savile Row House, and they fit, refit, and refold, etc... (and those leather jackets will come to about 4500 GBP), and using a thinner leather, maybe, but for things like the shoulders, a 0.2" tolerance is nearly impossible to get to.  Rolling thick leather at the seams is tricky business.  I think that 0.5", or 0.25" on either side, is considered pretty...
Possibly in the future, but for now, it's not going to be an option.  I can ask again, but it's 99% certain.
Oh, I generally agree, but the Guidi default laces are like8" of super fragile leather.
Yeah - I think that the main reason is that leather laces have a lot more frictional force, and won't naturally loosen up with the foot as much.  Also, the look a lot cooler. Incidentally, does anyone else have an issue with Guidi's paper thing leather laces? If you have laces that thin, they need to be made of waxed cotton or something with some tension strength.  Those thin, long leather laces can't take any tension at all, and they abrade easily.  Nice shoes, but...
The back is a much bigger then the chest. If anything, this shirt is made for a guy with a relatively shallow back. I know that a lot of Japanese clothing doesn't fit me for precisely this reason.
In general, yes, a man's back is bigger than his chest.  Exceptions are... if he's a woman?
We talked about it, but are still trying to figure out how to do white midsoles without object dyeing, which is the way Guidi does it.
I have a pair of 110 service boots - my MTO.  They are pretty roomy throughout.  For the most part, I like my foot wear to fit loosely, so this works for me.  However, ther is no doubt that my 2030 lasted boots conform to my foot more. The chukka CAN be built on the 110 last.  Nigel Cabourn's "broad arrow" chukkas are built on that.  However. they do look a little cloddish.  For Nigel, this is his look.  uilt on a crepe sole rather than a wedge Vibram sole, the chukka...
Honestly, if you are anywhere close to average, get your "normal", stock, size.  Fucking around with measurements is a pretty decent way to get something shitty.  You would be effectively trying to get Drew/whoever to alter a pattern that you've never tried on before, and not only that, but you are going to fuck up, because you don't have any experience doing fittings.  95% of the population will fit into a stock size, maybe with a slight adjustment in the arm and body...
I could see it on the 2030, but with a partially structured toe to give it a bit more body, while preserving the almond shape.
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