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It would depend on Brett. Frankly, I don't know what he'd say before asking him.
Neither, but if one must choose, the Versace. Send both more decadent and more iconic
I worked with Chris Bossola starting in 2009, but haven't had much contact with him recently.  Unless the guy has changed his core personality and inclinations, Totokaelo probably has a much better manager now.
Content will not be created unless there is money for the content creators, and the brands, which fund the content being created, have found that funding content that is directly about their products gives a much better ROI than funding whatever the hell it is that some investigative reporter wants to spend months doing. I am not sure how any of this is going to pan out, but I think that it's important to note that the focus of journalism has been traditionally quite...
In other news, I called this early:   http://nypost.com/2016/09/16/mode-media-screws-its-employees-on-the-way-out/   For you guys who don't know already, Mode Media was the company formerly known as Glam Media.  It was essentially an advertising agency/publisher hybrid that subcontracted to a network of bloggers.  It was once valuated at a ridiculous $1B.  I don't know that much about that much, but I do know that you need have essentially the entire world to be...
It's not eating your cake and having it too.  It's people not being entirely self-consistent, which translates into just being human.  As a fashion consumer, he very possibly is disappointed with fashion as it is now.  As a fashion designer, he might see the Calvin Klein job as an interesting challenge, or as a person who wants to eat well, he might just see that it's a pretty sweet job.
I really don't feel that there is any real danger in explicit commercial agreements, unless that's how little we are going to trust people's judgement.   I think that the waters get much murkier when the sponsorship is NOT made explicit, (which is what the FTC is apparently going to be going after) and where there is not just an endorsement (I mean, if a moron thinks that a sports star wears Nike because it performs better than Underarmor, or vice versa, that moron is...
Incidentally, and I just got this today, but we get this stuff all the time, and I am sure that other publications do as well:   We would clearly never go for this, for any number of reasons.  But stuff like this is pretty prevalent online.
I like Jesse, but I have issues with what I perceive to be his overly strident way of doing things.  I think that the real issue that I have with Jesse's POV is that I don't fundamentally believe that there is fashion "journalism".  I mean, once in a while, yes, you have a real investigative piece on some company abusing workers, or whatever, but c'mon, to call fashion writing journalism is really over-elevating its importance. Yes, there should be a degree of...
It's not racist.  Some cultures just have more developed cultures of the cult of personality.  And selling in different cultures is simply different.  How something is marketed in China vs. Japan vs. the USA are all, by necessity, different.
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