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It's strictly Omakase.
No. We are waiting on just a,couple of pairs ( out of 11 cases).Cheers,For.
That's how you become Dean (0).
I sorta wanna see his military academy...
I wasn't involved in the Vanson moto project, just the rider project. Vanson uses proprietary leathers.  Whatever their weight, they have a very distinctive look.  It will be, unmistakeably a Vanson. The Honourmark/Johnson's Leather moto will probably be in goat - which has a lot more drape, and will likely need no real break-in time.   Both good options.
You highly underestimate the propensity for people to fuck with shit just to be a dick.  I would put my $5 on that, rather than on some nefarious plot.
Depends on whether you are Lynrd Skynrd.
Well, of course.  There is a ton of money to be made in real estate I was only addressing the idea of homeownership as generally a good idea.  I think that there is no blanket answer.  It depends on the person and the circumstances.
This, but next time, I'll be sure to include a sarcasm meter.
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