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That looks really good...
I'd be in for that. May as well go for the gold. The question really would be whether we could offer 2 tiers of the same model, and what the ptimes would be.Cheers,Fok.
The original Junya, you mean. I'd go with that. All the pictures I've seen suggest that it wears in well. I'm personally interested in something that is sturdy, but by the same token that I don't need armor, I don't want something that can't be worn while detangling barn wire, either.
I don't know what Johnson uses, but I know ToJ leathers, and while not bad, they don't stand up to the leather that company's like Aero and Himel Bros use - I.e. leather from some of the best tanneries in the world.Also, "shiny" is often the way top notch leathers look before they see some wear. Leather quality really cannot be judged from an amateur picture on the web. Give me any jacket, a leather kit, a model, and a few days, and I could make something from a shifty...
I agree on the leather, but I think that comp weight is too much. What do you think about something in the 2.5 ounce weight? Any idea what the Junya leather was?
Ditto. But selling things at your cost at the end of season is not really a sustainable business model.
Sure. But the silhouette is markedly different. I think that what Drew brings to the table is good taste levels. Most people make a complete hash of mto/MTM/bespoke without proper guidance and level of experience. What Drew has done is to narrow choices down so that pretty much anyone can get a good looking jacket that is somewhat customized, purely online. This is something that even time tested outfits have had trouble doing, and is to be commended.
C'mon man... I mean, for a specific style, at a decent price, he has it dialed in. I hate fanboyism more than just about anyone, but let's give credit where it is due.
Hey guys, It would be great if you guys could post the links. We get affiliate commissions, which helps us do things like keep the lights on and keep paying @Synthese to keep writing entertaining stories, and it costs you nothing. Much appreciated. Cheers, Fok.
Does anyone still want to do that Junya Watanabe inspired "slim Japanese" Vanson rider with @Thurston Bros? I'd be in for sure, and am willing to facilitate. Cheers, Fok.
New Posts  All Forums: