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I remember that shirt. It was actually pretty interesting, but a bit bonkers. Vivienne Westwood does shirts like that you. Sorta felt a bit like dressing for a Tim Burton movie.
@Epaulet also sells them, at least, last time I checked.
How about the Engineered Garments Vans.  They are suede and leather though.  I have the navy, and material aside they seem like they would fit your needs completely. Cheers, Fok,
It's an idea that had some steam in the earlier part of the noughties, and it makes sense for a shirt with a slightly higher collar like this, I think.  Of course, it got, as all things, a bit nuts.  At some point, Interno8 was making a 4 button collar.  
So, I'm going to qualify my statement here.  The summer and winter jackets seem to fit differently.  fwiw, mine are winter.  (In summer, all I buy are sneakers, hats, and belts.  And like, tees and technical pants.  
Unfortunately, it's not there. Sorry.lIf it's in the market store, yes. Some stuff is on sale. You'll see the discount at checkout.
46, for sure.  I am 5'11" and 175 lbs, with a 40" chest, and range between a 48 and a 50, depending on the look.
Barney's own brand is a pretty good bet for things like that - basic chukkas, black oxfords, etc... and they can often be had for a really good price.  Saks can be decent for that type of thing as well.  Honestly though, I feel that having a good pair of black oxfords is not a bad idea, for anyone.  Mine are Sutor Mantellassi, but I may get a pair of Edward Greens, just to have them.  That, a good charcoal suit (look to pick one up during Yoox sales, get it tailored fairly...
It's definitely not for me either.  If I suddenly become old, rich, and Italian, all at the same time, maybe.  But while it's not a look that I personally would go for, it's a pretty impressive version of what it is.
Well, I am next level.  I am wearing jeans, Heschung Apache Moccassins, and a henley, right now.  Have a Kapital "Kogin Outlaw" cap for when I go out to keep the son off. Arm bracelets.  not as many as Luca Rubinacci, but hey, I am not an international playboy or whatever.  I'm channeling my best "Asian guy interpretation of a drifter in the Southwest". Incidentally, this is pretty close to how I dressed as an academic, and then with wildland firefighters.  Not in the gym....
New Posts  All Forums: