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 I suppose that you could, but that would be missing the point.  It would be like complaining that the water is wet.  You sorta just gotta sit back and enjoy it.  It is really, really, crowded, this year, though.  A monster show in Berlin was cancelled, so a lot of brands and buyers who would otherwise not attend, did.  It's been impossible to navigate.
It's the beginning of Day 2.    Yesterday, Day 1:  After we had a very informal breakfast meeting, which was highlighted only by @Synthese presenting @Rosenrot a whole orange, no bowl, we walked to Pitti.  Or rather, everyone else walked, and I fought cobblestone with my scooter.  All styles were represented. Jasper wore his approximation of Hood by Air (black erythang, optic white Ann Demeulemeester vibram boots, David, @unbelragazzo), in #menswear, with a briefcase...
Big coats/jackets with skinny pants are pretty much the official uniform.
Check out the email newsletter.  Jasper will do the Pittilogues soon.  I will supplement, as will David (not sure if David will do his own thread in CM).  We will have tons of other coverage as wel, obviously.   As for things at Pitt today: 1) Working on a cool project with Yuki of Monitaly - bring you something very Styleforum and very Montialy at the same time.2) Ditto with another, yet to be revealed, company known for really cool boots.3) My feet hurt.4) I have drank...
Hey man, PM me with your email address and phone, and let's see if we can work something out.   Um, can you write? Cheers, Fok.
I was in Boston between 2003-2007, and there were some great buys (they had Cloak on the designer floor in 2003 and 2004, and Boston just wasn't ready.  Most of it went to sale, and was bought up by New Yorkers,  It didn't become a talked about and sought after brand until about 2004-2005.   Even then, though, it was a store in crisis.  Debi Greenberg was notoriously difficult to get in touch with, imo, a real mistake for a high end boutique, which Louis really was....
Dammit.  Now I sorta regret not coming.  Did someone take a picture?
In other news, Cristiano Ronaldo's face looks eminently slappable, as usual.
I read this as "for added ferocity", which, imo, would have been better. Anyway, Gracia is out to dinner with @Synthese , @Jen, @gdl203 and @unbelragazzo right now.  I am lame and tired and wanted some rest before the circus and decided to not attend (we are having a group dinner tomorrow in any case.)  If I was less lame and tired I'd probably regret this, but I am happily watching BBC World instead.  The next four days should be exciting enough.
Go into your account settings, and click on "receive email notifications", and also  "receive newsletters". Cheers, Fok.
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