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I suppose that it's the bolded part that I find to be untrue, and frankly, besides the point.  MA+ quality is not great if you look at it as construction, just as an example.  A random Chinese factory could do better.  In fact, if you look at basic metrics of "quality" like consistency between garments, the proper tension in the stitching, etc... MA+ is probably quite low on the list.  The construction of the garments, in particular, is stone aged.  The boots are cool, but...
Typically, pink matches to navy well, and purple can, but it's impossible to say unless you provide pictures of these garments with some decent representation of the colors.
It's not a suit, but a jacket and pants combo from, it looks like, FW15.  Since Johnnie walker did this all in conjunction with product tie ins from net-a-porter (i.e., for me, www,mrporter.com), the clothes would have been in and advertised on, Mr.Porter.  Not there anymore, but worth an email to them about it. Cheers, Fok.
Well, to speak to M.A.+ specifically, because, as I've stated before, all of these brands have their own ethos, and cannot really be compared side by side, M.A.+ is very much putting together a garment, a bag, a jacket, a shoe, by sheer manipulation of the material, and with as little actual construction as possible.  The construction of MA+ leather goods is... stone age - simple loop stitches, or example, are used, and the silver work is not "fine" silverwork.  M.A.+...
Kingston.  It's pretty much right between Toronto and Montreal. It's an actual swamp, and not a very fun city.  But ymmv.
I would pass on the second two pairs.   The first pair are not oxfords, which have "closed lacing", like in the second shoe.  They are derbies, with "open lacing".  I don't know that shoe in particular, but if the higher end Zegna shoes are, or were, apparently handwelted, and really, quite well constructed.  I do no know if that it true for your particular pair.   I'm not a fan of used shoes either, but understanding that you are on a budgetm and that these are in good...
Moving this to Menswear advice. Me, I always get my leather soles topied.  Leather soles were simply never made for city streets, and getting them resoled is a hit or miss process.  Also, while I cannot be sure, I believe that the Santoni Turners are Blake stitched, with the upper stitched directly to the sole, which, while allowing for a more flexible, lightweight sole, will also more often lead to failure due to the stitching wearing out.
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