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We couldn't get that leather in on time, so we will do it next round, as long as Viberg is ready.
Yes and no.  Viberg doesn't do group orders except through stockists, like Styleforummarket.  Part of the reason that we set that up was because more and more wholesalers are finding it unprofitable and difficult to work with individual groups who don't have retail experience.  We are happy to entertain whatever the membership wants, but for each order, we do try to limit to 2, and in some special circumstances, 3 different makes, based on popularity, and we try to not...
I can't even bend my arms that far back.
Like a biker ring on your wrist?
I have a custom belt with a Wakugi buckle coming in from Equus, and a Kapital stitched denim cap also on its way.  So... essentially I'm stuck in 2008, but with much looesr fits.
I have never done this.  But, I may or may not have raked the face of a prominent executive with the S-clasp of a Flathead bracelet once, when, for some reason, possibly fueled by alcohol, a meeting turned into an impromptu Jiujitsu lesson.  Rivets hurt, man.
Bitch, mine is a 2012, fully decked out.  You don't even know it yet.
I have watched this fucking movie about 300 times.  It is the movie of choice when we driving in our minivan.  So, I am going to say that my good taste in cartoon cars balances out my bad taste in minivans (Honda Odyssey, for anyone who cares, split screen tv).
1. Ahem, am offended.  I have a very influential blog.  People care.2. Hate the term "networking".  There must be an alternative.3. Would you think the opposite if the guy was wearing Aldos?  Or is he just being normcore.  And would that be bad?
It was just a joke.  Essentially, Greg was wearing what I'm wearing every day.  Not that funny, I know.
New Posts  All Forums: