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BTW, NYC guys - who has the best bombolini in town for that 10:30 crowd?  Gonna get 100 or so and a handful of carafes for the vendors, organizers, and whoever else shows up early.
I'm seriously considering getting one of these, from @PierpontLeather , for my wife, for Christmas. Checj out the stitching and finishing.  
Glad to have you aboard.  And you have a secret connection to the forum!  Which I think that people could appreciate.
 We are going to be super happy to have you here.  Everyone, remember to come in the morning for bombolini and coffee, stay for the bites, and then have a glass of wine with Gerald and get your hands on some really great ties (and more, of course, but... ties.)
USPS.  You should have received a tracking number automatically, I think.
I was just about to email you!  Four of them, including mine, did not make it past QA/QC.  So yeah, a few of us will have to be poor little match girls this winter :( It's wierd, because it was not even one we made up in our head.  It was something they had sampled.  But often, sampling and production are very different, so... things happen.  Sorry to you, me, and two others.
American jackets typically have epaulets at the shoulder, and often, full belt.  They also typically have the coin pocket in the front.  English style jackets don;t typically have epaulets, nor the coin pocket, and in the case of Lewis leathers, often have side adjusters instead of a full belt.  Of course, none of this is set in stone.
The Manila is probably closest to a Lightning, with the zippers in the same configuration, but with the belt line of the Cyclone, which is the picture you had up originally. Lightning:   @gdl203 - I'm not a big believer in originality in fashion, but that jacket is an homage to classic English designs, while a lot of the jackets that you have shown are classic American designs.  Lewis Leathers has an "American" style double rider, called the Bronx, that was popular...
 I'll freely admit that this looks cool.
I need to talk to Guy about leathers. On a personal note, if any one wants a pair of Size 9.5 Route 10 chukkas - natural CXL chukkas with ping pong partial structure in stitchdown, NIB, I'm letting go of my pair if anyone is interested.  $500 OBO,  I've just come to the conclusion that I'll end up wearing my Hoppers instead this fall.
New Posts  All Forums: