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Both of those brands are/were really intimate with their geographic origins. I don't think that they'd work for you, as married as you are to warmth and sun. But there are other brands that might. Raw denim has a heaviness that I like, but my mindscape seems to be the mirror opposite of yours. I see a lot of lightness and clean lines, and not just a little luxury, in the way you dress, which seems to suit you. You might try brands like Marni, which are very different...
This sounds like one of those "is a white horse a horse," conundrums.
I have the 9.5UK. They are snug through the midfoot, but a little long. I probably would not have been able to wear a half size down comfortably. I like my shoes to fit with some room.
Nothing that says that you can't like all those brands. I can understand your POV, but me, I find mixing and matching and incongruencies more interesting.
The original Lewis Leathers model, the Bronx, has passants, as do many subsequent models from them and other makers.You can just say you don't like something. The meta narrative is that the original is good, or at least something to be honored, or at least respected. I find that we should sometimes examine that narrative.
We'll have to agree to disagree, which means that we're unlikely to convince the other of anything.Now, should I pair inherited Huntsman with boots for a Paul Hardnen look.
No, the length is perfect, but unlike the Malkos, which run long but are slim through the midfoot, these are roomy throughout. They are completely unlined. They are made from a very supple full grain suede, which is impressive. It's unusual to see in mocassins of this quality.
My Apaches came today. Great shoe. Extremely comfortable as well. Like a slipper. They size huge though. I am normally a size 10.5-11, or UK 9.5. I got the UK 9/US 9.5, and they fit and are pretty roomy.
No, I got that. But your last sentence in your post suggests that you'd hate the copy regardless of how well it was done because you hate the design of the original. That's fine, but it's very different from your original criticism.
Not a fan of the slp kicks either, but this makes no sense.
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