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For the US, there is definitely a sale: www.mrporter.com - SALE up to 50% For Europe, no, the sales season has not started yet.
I do sometimes get a sense that some people feel that they are entitled to a big sale, and entitlement is always annoying.   I would guess that that is where the source of annoyance comes in.   Personally, I would much rather see people asking if some cool, obscure item, is on sale somewhere.  That would be interesting.  I could probably live without reading another post asking where there might be a good deal on Common Projects white Achilles low. 
This is exactly the right attitude to have.  Yes, you are going to priced out of some things unless you are fabulously rich.  It's going to happen to you at some point.  The point is to enjoy the things you get, not to only enjoy them only because you got an awesome deal.  Chasing the deal can be fun, but if that is the primary part of your enjoyment, you might be missing out on something.
white sneakers?  A light blue patterned shirt or slightly oversized tee?  What is the issue here?
  Conor McGregor is at Pitti.  Cool.
Re;. CSC - retail is a hard business with tight margins, and instagram doesn't sell shit.  Return customers, where the money is, are still retained by careful relationship cultivation, aka traditional clienteling.  And in this day and age, good customer service is needed.  It's a grind.  Maybe especially if you are the boss, you need to be on floor doing hard work.  And you can never lose your game face.     From what I understand, there were issues in all of these areas...
Just an update of the consolidated sales list:   www.brooksbrothers.com Annual sale up to 40% off www.barneys.com - sale now up to 60% off www.bloomingdales.com - $25 each $100 with code PRIVATE www.ralphlauren.com sale on now, up to 40% off. www.thecorner.com 60% off now www.matchesfashion.com - up to 50% off www.mrporter.com - SALE up to 50% www.oki-ni.com - Sale up to 50% off www.frenchgarmentcleaners.com 30-50% off Sale www.openingceremony.com 20% off sale with code...
I dunno if I should believe my head moderator,  On the other hand, I know @emptym, and I would be highly surprised if his photoshop skills were that good.
I am going to rule in favor of @P-K-L on humanitarian grounds - which is to say - his situation mirrors mine, so I a biased in favor of him.  My initials, if properly done are "F.-Y.T.L"  This has caused endless confusion, so I've just learned to use "F.Y.L."  Ruling on the field stands.  @P-K-L will receive a courtesy monogramming from me.
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