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The price is not always based on the composition.  There are a few cotton wool blends that were more expensive than the wool cashmere fabrics in the collection, for example.  
Bruno Mars is trying to be Michael Jackson in about 1985.
Re .shills.  A shill is defined thusly:   an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.   By definition, someone who is the vendor or is openly paid to promote something cannot be a shill.  The definition of shill implies some dishonesty, some pretense to being a paying customer when in fact, you are being paid for your opinion.  Someone mentioning a sponsor during Super Bowl interviews, in 2016, is...
It's street style during a fashion week. Not really not sure what you expected. We also saw a lot of unremarkable looking people.
Wow defense.
You are only allowed to post these sales if they link to a Styleforum b&s sale. They must be full listings with no link to other marketplaces other than the same item as an auction on EBay.Cheers,Fok.
Excellent. Think that we could have this done by this coming Friday? 
1) I never watch football during the regular season2) The Superbowl is a fun event.  I will enjoy it even though I barely know/don't care, who is playing.  As long as you understand the rules of the game and the basic strategies with which it is played, it can be really enjoyable to watch.
I dunno man.  There are some interesting points in the article, but her use of that analogy doesn't read that way you are reading it.  So either the point was lost in translation, or it's just a load of horseshit which translates into "the editorial models are chosen to appeal only to a bunch of elitist assholes who choose the models not in small part so that they can indulge in being elitist assholes."
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