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Come out for a late lunch/whisky break on Saturday.  I think that it's settled then.  You'll be there.
I always wear jeans, expensive but banged up sneakers, and usually a scarf and some DIY project, so we'll have a drink together. You have classes from 12-7 on both Friday and Saturday?
It depends on the intended look and model.
This is actually one of the easier questions to answer, and if it drives sales of Robert Geller merchandise, which will lead to more orders, which will lead to getting fed.  I don't what the back end of Robert's sale system is like, but designers actually do keep this type of information organized, because at some point, they needed to know who got what, when. 
It's exactly that, issues with a new model that are being ironed out.  We'll get the problem fixed ASAP.  And sorry for the inconvenience.
1. STFU, since it's obvious that you are being a dick just for the sake of being a dick.  If you have any actual evidence that Viberg doesn't stand behind their product, and that Styleforum leaves our members who have done a GMTO with us in the wind because of a mistake on our part, then start talking again.2. Yes, times have changed.  They've introduced a brand new model that requires techniques different from the techniques they've traditionally used to construct their...
Anyone with this issue should email Guy and also styleforummarket@gmail.com, and we'll get things fixed. The reason that this has happened in at least two cases is that the derby is their first model where they need to fold over the leather (as opposed to cutting it straight across, as is the case for the boots, for example).  In the one case that has been brought on our attention, the issue probably arose from too much leather being folded over, with the result being...
Well, Greg, specifically.  So, take that as you will.
It is deliberately unfinished, and in suits, for example, deliberately more fragile and prone to destruction and decay than in a classical jacket, which is "perfect". It's the opposite of "quality". We did and interview with Karlo Steel where that is discussed. Look it up.
There is an expanded menu. I am talking to the manager, who is an active member here, on Monday. We will hook it up.
New Posts  All Forums: