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We all know that this does happen, though, and more frequently than it ought to.
Last call.   Cheers,   Fok.
Just in case there are any last minute decisions makers, I am closing down the Styleforum preorders in about 2 hours. Last call here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/517050/stephan-schneider-styleforum-preorders-are-now-open-until-noon-february-3
This is just your spam filter being overly cautious.  I routinely get this about very legitimate sites.  I think that the word "private message" trips up the filters sometimes. The shockwave thing, I've reported a couple of times and is hopefully being resolved now.
 We've sent out a cease and desist letter. That was on the 20th. It usually take some time to get the ISP to take down these mirror sites, but we'll get it done. It's a pretty clear IP violation on a few levels, from the code to the database, so it should not be a problem. But the legal system moves more slowly than I'd like.You want to see the bad guys of the internet, guys who do that are it. They are really the parasites of the internet, and they do that to any...
I'll report that as well. Cheers, Fok.
Yes, it's being looked into.  I am getting the same shockwave issue, fwiw.   Cheers,   Fok.
Yeah, they are often glazed in some way. The bags are the same.  It's decent if you like the look.
I'm not Greg, and I may also have different heat/cold tolerance than you, but if you wear the coat over a midweight jacket like the SS thinner, You should be fine for the 40s, and downright toasty in the 50s.  I mean, it is like a shell, but a heavier, windproof shell.  With a liner, that is a full on winter coat, and it could take you down below freezing, easily (imo), with a knit underneath.
I remember when M0851 took on it's unfortunate name.  Some market research guys should be serving 15 to life that that.     Anyway, the jackets can be okay.  They are best known for their bafgs.  They are all over Canada - last time I took a look was in Vancouver.  For me, the Aero has a lot more character.  I'm just not sure that the minimalist lite style of M0851 translates that well into jackets.  I would say to look at Falcon, or maybe the Luxire jackets that I've...
New Posts  All Forums: