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So... Cleveland.
UPS redefined on time to mean "when we get there." So, shoes... not here today. Maybe tomorrow.
Same as this:http://www.styleforummarket.com/robert-geller-hooded-summer-parka/
Lol. A little bit, maybe.Both these and the derbies will be made.
,England is a nation of shopkeepers. That insult was taken as a compliment and should continue to be a point of pride.
Italians and jeans are stiff competition.
Tbh, I don't think it's so much about explosive growth, as about maintaining their core customer and growing in a sustainable manner. The competition is making serious inroads, and is investing heavily in customer acquisition. You can be profitable and still have a company on the rocks, if the competition is siphoning your pipeline of customers.
Anything done poorly is uunlikely to succeed. I think that this discussion assumes proper execution, and that the core of the discussion is what initiatives, properly executed, might be the way forward.I'd heard a lot of voices saying that the row has always been for a selective few, and can't ssuccessfully grow beyond that without failing, but to me, that is a self defeating attitude. The Row was never as selective as the couture houses, and many of those grew...
It does look a lot nicer though. But yes, the regular stuff is obviously field ready.
I wonder how much of Richard James's revenues comes accessories and hosiery, and whether it is licensed out. It certainly seems ubiquitous. It seems that that type of business, properly managed, could be a boon to both the revenue and the profile of a house.
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