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It's the famous 90% off sale! 
www.luisaviaroma.com - 10% off $500 or more or 15% off $1000 or more with code PRX.
Common Projects are head and shoulders about Stan Smiths in terms of both materials and make/finish.  Not 8x as good, or whatever it is at retail - you are paying for much more than "quality" when you buy $450 sneakers, but better, most definitely.
The trousers are much too long, but that is easily fixed.     The jacket fits decently, though it's perhaps a bit tight in the middle.  
It's a wedding, wear a tie.  Use one of the navy ones, and something with a matte and not shiny texture.   Use a four-in-hand knot.     For the pocketsquare, just a plain white one.
You are going to need to use product.  Me, I like Bumble&Bumble Sumotech (https://www.amazon.com/Bumble-Sumo-Tech-1-5-Ounce-Jar/dp/B000BIUGTQ).  Also, long hair is not just "Long".  It's cut and styled that way.  You probably need to a hair stylist to get it done right.  You can't just simply grow it out.
Just throwing it out there, but... white oxford or blue chambray shirt?   Maybe try here: https://www.taylorstitch.com/collections/mens-shirts
I would say that those are going to need a resole within a few months.
For ts(s), I am a "true" 40, and a size 4 fits me in most things, vests being the exception.  The vests are cut huge, and a size 3 is regular to oversized on me, generally.  Not sure what they are calling an "S".
For those in Scotland:   www.aeroleatherclothing.com  
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