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There are 12 possible iterations. I'll put them up, hopefully in the next week or so.
Thanks for helping out.
That sand suede pair is mine. As in, that specific pair. Try to buy them, and I'll have to slap you. Just a PSA.
They are great. My wife has four pairs, and loves them all. They are definitely a much more feminine shape.
Meh, I'm bidding $450. If no one wants this, I have someone who would love it. BTW, in increments of $25 or more, guys. Retail is $1500.
The problem with measurements Is that they're both incomplete, and sometimes give an inaccurate idea of how a garment fits.Two garments can have the same measurement in chest, but fit quite differently because of the differences In the back and through the shoulders and whole. The upper back measurement across the lats is hardly ever given.
Hmmm. I would think that something bigger up top, like a short chore jacket, or a gi style top, or, for a more pedestrian look, a k way style jacket, with flat slip ons on bottom, would look good?
Let's start. Who do I have wanting this for $450?Cheers,Fok.
I actually don't know, sorry.
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