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It's a lie by about an order of magnitude or more, usually.  Or, it was worn once to a mosh pit.
Alright everyone.  I am now officially closing this chapter of Random Fashion thoughts, and starting a new one, here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/480819/random-fashion-thoughts-part-ii-a-new-hope   After a certain number of posts,  threads get a bit unstable, and take up more render time.  and this one... is there.  Over the next few days/weeks. I'll be gradually doing this to a number of our mega threads.  Moving the last 50-100 posts to that new thread.  You guys...
Meh, or, just get what you like.  Recently, I've really been into dark milk chocolates with interesting stuff in them, especially things like burned sugar, coconut, wierd peanuts, etc...  Basically the same stuff I typically like in ice cream.   Re. hipsters.  They may have annoying beards the the propensity to wax philosophical/nerdy about anything from mayonnaise to chocolates to axes, but I forgive all of that because that type of nerdy obsession does tend to lead to...
Pretty much.  I still don't get how people pass along a pair of used boots.  That to me sounds just plain nasty.  I'll certainly look at B&S or eBay for something that is brand new and that I can get a good deal on, but someone's used boots?  Maybe a vintage piece that I want to get replicated, but to wear?  No way.
Honourmark and Johnson's are still working on it.  I don't believe that Styleforum will be actively involved in that collaboration anymore, though.
Alternative Apparel: 30% off with code FRIEND30.   Good for hipsters, cheap people. and cheap hipsters who are preparing to survive summer in the least discomfort possible.
http://thegreat-divide.com: Get 30% Off all Coats & Jackets with the code TAKE30 until midnight. Certain exclusions apply.
Nominally, a medium is a 8.5.
I'm not a huge fan of Mast Bros. Chocolates, even the bars without that grainy texture that is a little like older style chocolate, but not really.  That said, I've had a few decent bars.  Nothing I absolutely need to go back for, but pretty good.  For American craft chocolate makers, right now, I really like Dandelion (San Francisco), Istanbul (Santa Monica, or something in the LA area, anyway), and Patric (Missouri, I think).  There is a lot of great chocolate out there,...
But "has a lot of life left" is just a euphemism for "beat to shit".  I advocate beating your own shit to death, but I'm not going to buy someone else's beat up shit.  Maybe vintage stuff to get cues from, but to wear?  Not so much.  I suppose that I'd buy a 60s moto jacket if it was in decent condition and in a color that is impossible to get now even custom.
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