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Most excellent.  It looks like you caught @spacepope in the middle of a bathroom break here:
I'm late to this game, but it can work, so long as you keep in mind the proportions of your clothing.  In the case of Stephan Schneider, in particular, trying to achieve anything "fitted" in the outerwear is generally not going to work, because the shoulders and arms will look extremely fitted, but the body will be blousy.  This is of course a more common mistake if you are a more muscular guy.  If you size such that there is ample room through the shoulders and arms, the...
And.. we're done!  It's the Route 10 chukka, followed by the Aged bark chukka.   So, the final lineup is:   1. Hopper Boot 2. Gandalf Boot 3. Alternative district 4. Route 10 chukka 5. Aged Bark chukka   Cheers,   Fok.
The 110 boondocker died on the vine.  Essentially no one voted for it.
About the same right now!
Yes, because it's lucrative...
No. We have our own mobile site now, so ..
I think that you have bad karma.  You'll probably be born again as a black woman in academia.
Everlane started out selling polos to men, but i think probably quickly realized the limited and competitive market.   You are out of your gourd if you think that guys will buy those shoes.  Maybe something that looks more like a Vans slip on, but then where are the margins?  Vans already only cost $45-65 for standard pairs.  And even then, you run into the branding problem.  If a dude is going to buy designer kicks, he is going to buy designer kicks.  It he wants a pair...
A few more hours, guys.  Let's do this thing.
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