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@VitaTimH - just the sheer number of users on the site alone makes what you are trying to do very difficult.  In any given month, 5-7K people post something, not to mention those who engage less actively by doing things like voting in polls and giving thumbs, and this makeup is changing all the time.  There is a core of users that changes much more slowly, and that is sorta what you see when you actually read the forum, but the actual usage of the forum is very complicated...
All denim will expand with wear, and shrink back up some when washed,  Jeans should fit reasonably comfortably from day 1.  If you can't button them up easily, you need to size up, it's that simple.
This is something that annoys the crap outta me because, well, that's the one feature that really makes the most sense for quick engagement on mobile.   If any of you guys work in tech, you will know how frustrating shit like that can be.  "BUT IT WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA.  Or fine, let's do other random shit instead."
You want me to send you ads for all of your local leather daddy stores and then track your click throughs on my phone?
Yup.  Sand, from Ebay.  Hopefully on their way. I like the dark brown, but I would never wear them.  I just sorta have this psychological thing against dark footwear with anything other than a suit.  I look in the mirror, and feel that I look like I have tiny tiny feet, even if they are the chunkiest things in the world.  
Maybe a flower, but I think after all of the mac and cheese that I am gonna eat, i think that it will be difficult to be delicate after eating a lot of this:  Here is the write up from Serious Eats (http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2010/03/the-best-macaroni-mac-and-cheese-in-nyc-new-york-manhattan-brooklyn.html) that puts them as tied for number one Mac n Cheese in NYC. Sauce: Deep cheese flavor in a beautifully silky béchamel. Perfect sauce-to-noodle ratio.Cheese: Mostly...
Hmmm... now I feel less special   Is that the Charlie Brown smiley?
Just off the phone with Mike - he is going to be bring some pretty awesome chelseas (I just saw a texted picture of the sample, and my first instinct was "Oh SHIIIIIIITTTT!" in a variety of suedes and leathers.)  I am going to get a pair in raw horse - see how they develop.  Super awesome price, plus a freebie for anyone at the show.   I'm stoked.     If you haven't already, RSVP here: https://theproperkit.splashthat.com
I would never do that to a man.
Well, they are made for bike messengers and like, riding across the continent, not for looking cool carrying your macbook air in.
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