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Terrific.  Now I want some Nice Collective pants...  Hello 2003.
I want a pair of those in olive...
Or... maybe you just never hung out with enough guys who would actually beat the shit out of you if you ran your mouth too often.
Sigh... and nice shoes too.  But why, why, do Japanese stores only carry tiny, manlet size shoes. I am a US 10.5.  It's not a gigantic size...
I work with a lot of zippers and trims during product development, and as an all around zipper, YKK excellas are my favorite.  They are both strong and run very smooth, even for long stretches.  Unlike other companies that sometimes get more hype, I've never had one catch.  They are also very sturdy, and I've never had any teeth fall out.  When I get leather jackets custom made for myself in a more modern style, I prefer Excella zips to anything else.  (I'll use vintage...
The soft navy briiefcase is a real beauty.  I first saw Roman carrying it earlier this year during a visit to San Francisco.  Now I'm trying to stop my wife from "borrowing" mine permanently.
NIce. I fell in love with unlined peccary a few years ago, with a navy pair from Madova, and have picked up a couple of other pairs since.  Will try to take some pics later.  Two pairs are pretty well worn and broken in by this time.
Is there a particularly good webstore for the bags,  I  really liked yours....  Haven't bought a bag in a long time.  It's either that, or I'm getting some custom made in NYC by a place in the LES, probably something like this: http://abknyc.com/shopbags/2012/12/27/bagstock
Like a good father, I passed mine on to my son.  He likes my old AA thermals more.
Those are still accessible, just locked.  The quality of photography is much, much, higher, today.  Anything else is subject to argument.  This is not.  The available technolgy and just general know-how (thanks instagram and tumblr) is just much, much, higher how than it was 5 years ago.  The sole exception may be Victor's, who sorta swooped in in about 2011 and blew everyone out of the water and set a new bar.  
New Posts  All Forums: