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I think that a lot of men underestimate the value of a good stylist.
No one laughs at my Seinfeld imitation.
There is a false dichotomy here. There are plenty of very skilled artisans working in those cheap factories.
Honestly, you are my size 10 years ago, and I wore a size 48, and adjusted the pants down.
Get used to it, man.  The US and EU governments are seeing that untaxed cross-atlantic transactions are putting a crimp in their revenue, and are cracking down.  And since this is not like going cross border shopping with Canada, where people just sorta hide whatever they are buying, if you are using a courier service, the goods all pass through customs.
My favorite tacky store in BH was Theodore Man.  I remember that they carried Ann Demeulemeester back in the late 90s, and it was always on sale then, since the core customer of the place was the West Hollywood, established, older, often gay, man, who was much more interested in easy fit jeans from SBU and enzyme washed polos, which they carried in pretty much every color.   What was the name of the store that used to sit on the far corner of the golden triangle in BH, on...
In breaking news, old men decry that the world is not as it used to be.
 You're very welcome.  Automatic for the People.
With your build, try Jil.  I am pretty sure that I have shirt very much like that from Jil.  Dries van Noten shirts also tend to be fairly straight cut with narrow shoulders, but his stuff is much more seasonal.  Dolce&Gabbana is good, but it's more... body conscious.
Dolce&Gabbana cuts an incredible suit.  tbh, it's not great for smaller guys, but if you are vaguely athletic/muscular, it makes you look like Brad Pitt, and if you are Brad Pitt, you will look likea better looking Brad Pitt.  My "straight" suits are all from those Italian brands - Costume National, Valentino, Dolce.  If you are going to a wedding, or a stupid reception, or whatever, a midnight blue suit by one of those brands with a simple button down and a tonal knit or...
New Posts  All Forums: