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Probably consider actually imbedding the image - you'll get a lot more looks that way, as opposed to making people download a jpeg image.
I have updated the OP.   There are 23 makeups. Only 7-8 will go to the voting stage.  I's not good enough to just throw up a makeup.  I need to hear discussion and people getting people into committing to their makeup, to even get to votes.  Many of these are somewhat similar.  I would strongly urge those who like these makeups to come to some sort a of consensus.  ime. those are the makeups, in general, that get voted on, and then made.  You have roughly a...
If you can photoshop them brown, then yes.  I don't feel like explaining a bunch of times the color difference, etc...   It's funny the first time...
vale tudo, brother.
I will if I can get confirmation from Guy that this leather is actually in stock.  The only Guidi leather I know is in stock for sure is the off white/bone color
Four is the absolute minimum, but the past few makeups, the lowest "winning" makeup has had 10+ in on the makeup.
     That's true. But I've met both of you guys.You'd need the exoskeletons.
I don't have a swatch yet, but I believe that thats the one. Smoothside only.
Yeah, I may put two 310s in the initial voting list depending on interest, but remember that it's not just meeting a minimum, but it's beating out the other boots to be in the top 3 or 4.  So, a division in the camp may well lead to no 310 boots being made.  A real consideration.
It depends on the last.  I need to check our order sheet, but iirc, the 2030 goes down as low as a 5.5 now, and the 110 definitely does as well.
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