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 Ask Andy huh?  So I assume that you got the sweatshirt for sporting and the jeans for gardening? Me, I got these:(Both Made in the USA): (Mission Workshop - I'm getting into the idea that I can look like a normally dressed human being, but be able to do high kicks ( and this, custom-made to be a bit larger so that it's a good carry on for a laptop, a full change of clothes,...
I had a coffee at some mall a few blocks from 4horsemen in Victoria a couple of years ago.  Is it anywhere close to there?
 iirc, He uses DHL.
RydenFrank!  RydenFrank!
Guidi!  Boots, shoes, belts!
I'm going to ask Michael (@psidy) to kindly take this up with Zam in private.  There is a place to give a vendor feedback, but a continuous airing of grievances in public diminishes the conversation for everyone.  I feel that everything that needs to be said has been said.  Thanks everyone, and let's move on.   Cheers,   Fok.
 All the off-field bullshit aside, the game was freakin' good.
In yo face.  NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS #Fansince2001  (when they beat the odds, won me $50, and let me rub my "I know all the stats" friend's nose in in).
Well, the "big lie" is that successful startups are led by gun turks straight out of college, or by dropouts.  IME, and statistically, this is simply not true.  Most startup founders are in their 40s and beyond.  The first start up typically is started 10-20 years out of the last degree, with the more highly educated taking longer to start. Frankly, I read these horror stories about San Francisco/Silicon Valley (and associated) startups, about the arrogance and the...
 Definitely. I'm reasonably sure that they would agree, and we could work something like that out should they decide to become an affiliate.I don't want to go into the details, but if it had been a first time offense, or the offense committed by mistake, I would not have been so public or so final (you are unlikely to see it, but we delete commercial posts and explain the rules of the forum and the governance of commercial activity on the forum, with many vendors.)
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