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New Guidi 992 derbies in full grain white horse.  
I am wearing my new Guidi 922 derbies, fresh from a topying at the cobblers.     When my wife was picking them up for me last yesterday, the cobbler, who runs a very traditional workboot shop, with some "city" shoes, asked her "So, when does he wear these?  Does here wear them around?" "Yes, he just wears them around."   Apparently, he was both satisfied with the answer and a bit bewildered.
May I suggest a dark silk paisley lining?  It will be subtle, but will also give your coat a richness. 
Just from my experience with Viberg, I would say that while the chelsea (one of my favorite models) is good, that a sidezip, for obvious reasons. can give a more fitted look in the ankle. I think that both are good options.  fwiw, side-zips are considered a variation on a chelsea.Cheers, Fok.
I don't have the leathers on hand, though I've handled them all.  Those were pics sent to me by Drew.  I can ask him to do that next week though. Cheers, Fok.
Okay, and remember that I am going to take a weekend off to spend with my family, so it's possible that I don't get to your questions, but these are the options for the heavy boots (which we can used for stitchdown construction) and then the possibilites for a city boot (chelsea or sidezip) and which can be used for Goodyear welted boots.  These are the options that Drew and I came up with based on the discussions here.   1) Heavy boot leathers for the "tough boot" that...
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Ask, and ye shall receive.  Once again, they will be waiving the MTO fees for MTOs, at the Trunk Show in person only. Cheers, Fok.
I'll see what we can do. Tobacco Chamois is out (that was the reason we needed to get the last Hopper boot makeup changed), and I don't know how much aged bark there is.  I will need to talk to Guy, Drew, and Brett, about possible leather choices in the mid to dark brown spectrum for you guys.
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