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Yup. Some people think that if someone sold directly to the public, that the price would be the same as wholesale.  That's crazy.  Wholesale account are a shit ton easier to deal with than end-user customers.  Acting as your own retailer obviously allows better margins, but it's not that much more.
Well, I think that he did make a decent profit, but he did it in a fairly unsustainable way, by really skimping on infrastructure.  Which is what brings us to this point.  If a business cannot operate without one single guy going at it 100%, it's not sustainable.   Drew never had steady leather suppliers.  He went to leather marts and bought from jobbers.  He never contracted with a professionally run factory.  He contracted with individual artisans, and there was no...
 There are some companies that straight rip off designers.  One hypothetical Spanish fashion company did some black shorts with graphic white stripes that my dead grandmother could have identified as Hood by Air. However, this doesn't seem to be the case here.  Designers don't live in a vaccuum.  They often have studied together, are often exposed to the same influences, and interact professionally.  I'd be very hesistant to yell "plagarism" when a COS jacket looks a bit...
In other news, Shaun and I are picking hardware for the Honourmark/Styleforum/Johnson's Leather moto.  And yes, we are looking at zippers that cost $30/apiece.  And yes, bringing this in at under $1K makes margins extremely tight.
This is actually on the development docket - it's the ONE feature that we really gunned for and got.  It will have a US shoe size filter, and then there will be (at least at this time), a second field (not a filter) that sellers can use to put down the marked size.   Cheers, Fok.
+30 = 24281 In other news, I highly dis-recommend ever having a serious injury or medical issue for fucking with your overall strength and fitness levels.
If you want to buy the rights, please PM me.
According to Drew, ToJ is incorporated in Japan.
The fact that orders are trickling in, and rather haphazardly, suggests that this is the case. My team and I fulfilled 70+ boots, last week, and it took a full 2.5 days for three people. And we have a good professional backend. Doing this via PayPal only and emails would be a logistical nightmare. For an unmotivated person...Incidentally, refunding orders that old is harder than a few clicks.Not any excuse for Drew, but a possible scenario of what is going on.
Proofreading is for basic ninjas.
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