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I don't know what sort of boots you are used to wearing, but if it's something like Viberg or a traditional Northhampton GYW boot, Visvims are very light indeed,  The midsole is light, and the moreflex sole is light and kangaroo is a strong but also very light leather.   I like those, but I know, because of my own wierdness, that I would never wear dark brown.
My post was arguing mostly about the value of commercial emails, and I may have overstated the lack of importance of editorial emails, except to say that they have no value for me, generally.  I do open your editorial emails, but mostly because I know you already, and also because I interact with your other customers in your thread, here.  I do wonder what is the rate at which non-Styleforum members open those editorial emails.  
Well, in your case, you are substituting time for money, which may be a good trade for you.  Someone else may feel differently, and also for perfectly valid reasons. As for why it's harder to find "normal" sizes at consignment stores, it's because while the distribution of buyers is the same as for a regular store, the distribution of consignees is different, specifically because the demand for different sizes is different.   If I had the choice of selling my size 40 suit...
Those are pretty much the ONLY store newsletters, apart from those with an enticement of a exclusive coupon code, that I open.  There is otherwise no reward for me.  I don't really care about the editorials from stores, and wonder at the ROI on those.  Maybe they are good branding opportunities?  In any case, I have, for example, not opened a single "editorial" piece from Mr Porter, but I open their Tuesday and Friday "new product" sends, every time, and if there are less...
Looks like mine will be here tomorrow.  I'll wear those, or Guidis, or Hender Schemes to the trunk show,  Or maybe Viberg derbies - whichever seem to make most sense for hauling big tables. Cheers, Fok.
I think that it would be even funnier if it were: "Vendors are people too, my friend.". Hey guys, what do you want vendors to bring to the show,  This if your chance to speak now or forever hold your peace.  
This should not be happening - but we use a cascading set of networks, and usually, the problem is from the advertiser (not network) side.  Advertisers will sometimes spoof scripts, sometimes categorize their ads, either deliberately, or just because someone click on the wrong button.  Please help us by click through on a safe browser (we have had just 1 incidence of clickthrough to malware in the 5 years we've been on this platform, since we only use the top tier...
It does to me.  972 items is just 10 pages, even at only 100 items per page, and these days, being about to scan 250 products at a time is pretty common.  It's worth my while a lot more than seeing a dozen new products.  At very least, the likelihood that I'll find something I'll actually be interested in is statistically much higher.
 A lot of the treatments used by CCP et all are actually quite destructive, and will in fact compromise the structural integrity of the footwear in one form or another.  Corroded nails, glue that has been subject to a extended immersion in water, etc... deliberate oxidization and drying out of leather, etc...   These are practices that would make most traditional shoemakers recoil in horror.  One treatment that I really like - dying leather in indigo, does dry out the...
It's also the vendors. I prefer to buy from people I know whose tastes and integrity I respect.
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