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My wife now wants a pair of Guidis. Sigh.  Do you guys know how the women's line fits?
Always making me look bad, but it's true.  Without our volunteers, it would have been... problematic. Thanks guys, really, really, really, thanks. Cheers. Fok.
The seven hole moc toe that Visvim did with Sophnet in sand, BNIB, is something I've been looking for for a while now.
I hear that ramen is cheap.
I was full!  More cardio today, and lots of bodyweight and resistance exercises in my future. Just wanted to thanks everyone for making this the most kickass event we've done so far, and a special thanks to @Corey Knight, the founding editor of A&H Magazine, our partners in crime.  Rest assured that you'll see more and... even improved, events.   More than 500 people came through our doors, saw amazing wares from 21 vendors, and just had a generally great time, drinking...
There are 12 possible iterations. I'll put them up, hopefully in the next week or so.
Thanks for helping out.
That sand suede pair is mine. As in, that specific pair. Try to buy them, and I'll have to slap you. Just a PSA.
They are great. My wife has four pairs, and loves them all. They are definitely a much more feminine shape.
Meh, I'm bidding $450. If no one wants this, I have someone who would love it. BTW, in increments of $25 or more, guys. Retail is $1500.
New Posts  All Forums: