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When you are hunting?     tbh, they are popular this season, for some reason, so you might want to try now, but be aware that you could look either like a hunter, or very dated, fairly soon.
Don't forget to get in on the HoF Hopper boot, guys: http://www.styleforum.net/t/522310/viberg-for-styleforum-hof-gmto-the-hopper-boot-put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is-vote/0_50#post_8420975
unstructured means that there is no "sappa" or harder leather part that keeps the toe shaped.  The partially structured toe that Viberg uses has a harder part in the toe that is called, endearingly, "Ping Pong".  The partially strutured toe will have a slightly higher toebox.
  The best poncho ever: (http://norwegianrain.com/products/raincho) 
Get your votes in, gentlemen.   Cheers,   Fok.
 Would you mind emailing me a higher resolution version of that image and also your UX and browser version?  My email is styleforum dot net at gmail.com Thanks, Fok.
I think that this may be a big part of it.  Bill's khakis never adjusted the patterns, AFAIK, from year to year.  Pretty much every other designer does that.  A few curmdugeons will notice and complain, but most people will not, especially if the tweaks are gradual and lag trends.   So, is the company back, then?
You're not allowed to lie on the internet.  It's illegal. Just fwiw, @Returningson , Chris @Despos is a bespoke tailor of some reknown from Chicago.  I would suggest that you take his advice rather than listening to the rest of us yobos. @jefferyd is not an indifferent bespoke tailor himself, who has also extensive experience with the RTW side of things, and the author of tuttofattoamano, one of the best blogs on mens tailoring that I know of. This coming from the head...
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New Posts  All Forums: