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Incidentally, this includes password recovery emails, so it's screwed up a lot of people's accounts.  So... don't do it?   Cheers,   Fok.
I'm going to start a thread in the "General" forum on this once I recover from waking up at 3 a.m. for a flight this morning.  So, the story is, that if, at *any* time, you globally unsubscribed from emails, i.e. you used the unsubscribe button in a Styleforum newsletter for any reason, that the email sender software will not send you any more emails, period.  I can't even fix that on the backend, and you can't resubscribe either.  It has to be reset manually.  So, moral...
Hard a perfect fit, but a nice antidote to the many "Fashion: serious bizniz" fits.
I like the way he puts it on like he doesn't give a fuck.
You're thinking about it using the wrong paradigm. This is not a townhall. This is a nice place at which to hang out.
Because we are interested in an asymmetrically positive community.
Numerous case studies of this. Works for her Q&A format platforms, but essentially nothing else.
Absolutely agreed. But development takes time and resources. I suggested something similar already. There really is not muchore discussion.
They seem to bother a lot of people, including guys like Brad. The ccommunity is not just people who agree with you. In 2015, an extra click is a lot. It's really a UX issue, and I've brought this up with development, but comments will remain off until it's fixed. Not ideal, but we do.what we can.
Absolutely, but that reaches a small demographic, and the majority was clearly negatively impacted. Views of comments/thumbs did nor increase either...
New Posts  All Forums: