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Since you are the guy who suggest the #20, I'm going to ask you to switch to the Bison on a mini-ripple.  The boot cannot have the stacked leather midsole, though, as I explained.  3Sixteen gets first dibs if and when Viberg greenlights that for production.  It will look more like the bison boot pictured, but on a white mini-ripple sole, so, considerably lower profile sole than the Vibram Moreflex sole.
So, we could actually do chromepak.  The thing is that because Viberg does not have this in right now, and because Viberg has become very popular, the boot will definitely not come until spring.  We would need to get our order in, so that we don't lose our place in line.  If you guys are okay with that, we can put this up for vote if this ends up in the more popular makeups.
Well, it turns out that you are in luck.  That stacked heel is not something that Viberg is prepared to do right now.  That was a sample made specifically for 3sixteen, and they will rightfully get dibs on it when it actually is okayed for production, so we will switch the orders of these, and I'll change 20 to a scout tan bison on a mini ripple sole.  What do you guys think of that.  Guy also said that he roughout o the bison would made a good boot, so we could go either...
So the answer is, yes, I'm a little crazy.  Without getting in specifics, I come from a very different tradition than most people in CM, and a lot what I do outside of Styleforum is experiment with textiles.  I don't think that pin dots on a knit fabric is that insane. Personally, I am not interested in having something boring be the official tie of Styleforum.  That said, I don't see why we can't do something that is both interesting and versatile at the same time.  I...
Rhetorical question, but probably freaks that don't like life, generally.   Starbucks Apple Fritters were a go to when I was at Harvard, and had zero money.  $1.50, and it was breakfast and a snack as well.
I agree.  I'm not going to inundate Viberg with 5 makeups or something, though.  However, I could see a #20 "Johan" boot for the winter, and then doing the bison, which is a more supple leather, with the mini-ripple sole, for spring.  
Okay,  So, we did do a oil tan basic black boot in our first go around, and barely got the minimum, so for this to go through, I want to see at least six commitments on this.  No offense to anyone, but we already offered a very similar boot, and although lots of people said that they wanted it, no one bought it.  But if you guys actually want to do it, and are willing to put together a big enough group, I'll obviously do it. Re. the number of eyelets - it's not choose your...
I would, though not with speedhooks, and I'd want to see it with a ripple sole, which is sorta more special and imo, more in keeping with the spirit of the supple leather than a thicker Moreflex sole.  However, I already put my personal support behind another boot, so I'm going to follow y own rule.  It is a truly superb leather, though, and I want to make sure that we use it.
Tell me the number on the OP, and I'll amend it.  Then PM the people who have expressed interest if you really want to get this into the ballots.
Your hypothesis was correct after all!
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