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So... I like all things tweed: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Harris-Tweed-Passport-Case/MQ00219,default,pd.html?dwvar_MQ00219_Color=DKGR&contentpos=1&cgid= It's $64, so, slightly over your budget, but I like it.   Heschel supplies is also a good bet for you:http://shop.herschelsupply.com/collections/travel/products/raynor-passport-holder-leather-navy-pebbled-leather 
I've decided to live all summer in tech pants or lounge pants and sneakers.  Just not sure whether to go slightly fashiony, vintage tech, or like, Yeezy.  Those are really the only questions I need for the summer, I think.  Right now, it's a wierd amalgam of stuff that makes no sense together, but feels so comfy.  
www.saksfifthavenue.com up to 60% off.  
www.ralphlauren.com 25% off extra on sale with SUM25  
Just looking at the pictures on this thread, and particularly the one that @Caustic Man doesn't like, the guys in the vest, henley, pants, and plimsoles, dresses like an extra in a Prohibition era mob picture.  There seemed to be a lot more of that "ye old workwear" look.  
For anyone who cannot get to a location, Crockett & Jones sale (30% off) is accessible through mail order: http://www.crockettandjones.com/retailservices#mailorder Mail Order For distance sales and/or advice, please place orders via email correspondence by using our comprehensive Mail Order Service. This service is available across all retail locations and will provide a personal approach enabling us to answer any questions you may have before we proceed with your order....
Go to a good alterations tailor, and one who is very good at understanding customer requests, and tell him to hem them, but without taking off any material.  Tell him the reason.  It will be easy to change back. Otherwise, get some basting tape, like this: https://www.amazon.com/Collins-Basting-Tape-5-1-Yards/dp/B000YZ5RVI, and do a quick iron.  It is not perfect, but should hold.  Just tell him to not doing any Kung Fu kicks.
Hey @kiya - Back in 2005 or 2006, Studio D'Artisan was my introduction to Japanese denim.  10 years later, still wearing them, albeit a few waist sizes up (I was 31, 155 lbs and lean.  These days, I am 175, and a full 2 sizes larger in the waist (and a size larger in shirts and jackets).  Sigh... age, delicious carbs...   I started off wth the same SD-103 model that everyone wears, as well as a left handed, blue grey model.
http://eboutique.maisonmargiela.com/us/maison-margiela/men/menswear   Margiela up to 50% off summer sale  
Nice, but Brooks Brothers and other classic American brands have a really strong following with Pitti (and other, usually non-American) #menswear dudes.
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