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You realize that the Italian organizers are still putting things together, right?
You guys are way too organized.  There is a pre-Pitti party a month from the event.  I can't even imagine being that well prepared.
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 We'll be in touch!
Truth is that I'm hideously deformed. Also, I am actually okay with a camera, but every mirror is in a not particularly well lit place.  Actually, just straight up poorly lit, for the most part.  I think that I might be able to do something earlier today, but we'll see.
I'm fairly stoked, and have pretty much the same predictions.  I think that one thing that Weidman does incredibly well, and this is never talked about, is his ability to stay at distance.  In his second fight with Anderson Silva, he was actually hitting Anderson and making Anderson miss.  Belfort is a KO artist, but he does it either with a flash flurry, or when the other guy is standing still (see Luke Rockhold).  I look to see Weidman frustrate that with volume of his...
I've eaten it sober, I've eaten it drunk.  Never a bad decision. Hot sauce though?  Nah man, have you even eaten a good, Canadian poutine?  The fries are super hot and crispy - sometimes hot enough to start melting styrofoam.  The curds are big and squishy.  The gravy should be salty and rich and thick (I had them in NYC once, and the gravy was much too thin), and together with the fries should be hot enough to melt the curds. Done.  Don't complicate this good shit.
New Posts  All Forums: