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@other-shop could you describe the outer shell of this beauty?
I think that your analysis is somewhat off the mark. It's criticism of a celebrity. Whether you feel that the criticism is warranted is another question altogether, but it is the public personal of a private person that is being discussed, not a wholly fictitious character.Personally, I enjoy his balls to the wall way of dressing, and think that he usually looks good, especially in pictures. The guy has a great facial bone structure.
I do like that quite a bit. Might be more spend though. 1035 last f poi r sure, for that.
Maybe a grey brown chukka. Grey latigo roughout is nice... but so many boots have been done in it.
I think maybe a burgundy service boot, something dressier than the other boots we've done, and I want to propose a scout boot in tan buffalo, on a ripple sole. I think that that could look amazing, like the most awesome hunting boot ever. Paging @Fycus and other Visvim fans for this one.I am open to other ideas as well.
Waiting on the first of 2 outstanding shipments now (it's being Fedexed.) Then onto the Cabourn inspired service boots is copper task replacement roughout) and possibly up to 2 more brand new makeup is, hopefully in time for the holidays.
A lot of that is because we allowed to the category field to be optional. That will be changed when we add the size filter. We have the same frustration.
We will have that, but not 8d, just 8. Straddling between too much and too little granularity. We will probably have a size 8US/7UK/41EU/26JP, and then go by half sizes.
Google the Cultizm styling. The boots can go perfectly with jeans, for example. A lot of good use of suede, wool, and other decidedly rugged materials, as well as lots of chunky lasts. Having plenty of those other brands, particularly Trickers, I find muscle reaching for my Suede Malkos instead.Also, financial failure is not always an indication of anything but where the market adoption is at. I can name lots of brands that are a success now that had problems catching...
New Posts  All Forums: