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Thanks.  The technical ad people (as opposed the the direct sales people) are looking into this.
So... I've gotten emails and PMs.   I am not going to Korea to clear up this mes.  First off, I am dealing with medical stuff that is on and off right now, and am barely cleared to travel in the country, much less travel to and stay for an unspecified amount of time in Korea.  And, you know, I have businesses to take care of here, not to mention 4 kids and a wife. Also, ToJ is not my business - it's not a business in which I've ever had a stake, and so if I was there, I...
What game?  
Anywaym, just reported it.  Hopefulyl I'll hear back soon.  Part of the issue with a lot of non-direct internet advertising is that it's a chain - a vendors makes an ad, a network trafficks that ad and bids for the ad space, and when we have space, we auction it, with guidelines on what is and what is not allowed, so say, for audio ads, the networks don't bid on Styleforum at all.  It's the same with pretty much any site.  The problem arises when someone along the chain...
Wierd, and no, I've never experienced this.  And I use the non-mobile version of the site all of the time on mobile, mostly for spamminaton. One thing that does happen, and only with the non-mobile version, is that the non-mobile version on mobile takes a bit to render, so you click on something, and instead of going to that location, it goes to whatever link just rendered.  Could that possibly be it?  I am on Chrome though.  Is there anyway you could get me some more...
Does this have wire brim?
Wide. It's on the 110 last. Might consider the Viberg thread.
Or maybe you could buy one baller coat and donated it to the drive, so that one homeless dude gets to be a baller.
There has always been a symbiotic relationship between sellers and customers.  Each offers the other something valuable.  Pre-internet, this was even more so, though just less public.  The "introducing your son to your tailor/shoemaker, etc..." though romanticized, is actually quite real.  Every retailer worth his salt used to have a "little book" with all the particulars of a customer - likes, dislikes, price points, career, family, etc... Society works because of the...
It may, or it may not. But you might say the same thing about the natural CXL service boots a few months down the line. Oh, right, and you guys have about 3 hours to get all your orders in.  And then that's it.  I am getting this order in tomorrow, so that we can get these ASAP. Cheers, Fok.
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