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Perhaps I wasn't clear in my posts, but we are not going to copy someone else's boot.  ti's unoriginal and disrespectful unless we have a special deal with them.  We can do models that are informed by other boots, but this is an opportunity to create something new and amazing. Cheers, Fok.
I will, when we actually have some concrete stuff on the table.  I prefer to not jump the gun on a project like this.  Lots of moving pieces, I can't be sure of the lowest viable cost at which we could offer these (probably calf and lamb?) and what sort of customization is possible.  It will not be as wide open as ToJ was way back in the day.  That type of stuff adds additional overhead, and both gums up the works and makes it more and more likely of a mistake occurring....
Bradley Cooper always looks good, but why no love for the shawl lapel?  It's classic, and is, imo, more elegant and less aggressive than the peak lapel.  (full disclosure - both of my rigs are shawl lapel.)
No, we can't do that.  It seems, to you, to be a minor thing, but when you are running a production line, everything has to be identical, even the sole, or it gums up the works.  In the case of the pull tab, there would be a completely different piece clicked for the heal counter.  You guys need to decide between you guys.  Personally, I like it when the tab prevents the jeans from going over the boots.  I like slim jeans to sit on top of the boot, but that's just...
Tonal vs. contrasting stitching are two different looks!  Contrast is more traditional - like the copper stitching on jeans.  From what I understand, it was purely a matter of efficiency and utility.  Tonal stitching is more "modern", like tonal stitching on jeans.
 Same deal!  Um, I will put that in the list of boots for votes. Cheers, Fok. 
You could use some help in choosing accessories.  It's not a bad thing.  Although you can get help here, it's like learning martial arts from Youtube.  The results will be mixed.  The internet is still a fairly limited and one dimensional medium, and clothes are hopefully still three dimensional. Just as a starter, your shirt has a gap in the collar, and the tie is not particularly well tied.  However, at least from what I can see, you may be having some issues with...
You are having way too much fun with photoshop.
Hmmm.. I'd forgotten about this leather.
Don't get fancy and try to micromanage the leather of the tongue or whatever.  It's best o stick to something general like "brown tongue - match color as closely as possible" unless you have a specific reason to choose a specific leather.  Someone tried, years ago, to get a shell tongue, and caused everyone no amount of of unnecessary grief, because it just technically was not possible.  Obviously, the same difficulty is not there for cxl, but there is no reason to ask for...
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