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This belongs in Menswear Advice, so I am going to move it there.   Maybe Butteros? Diemme? If you are looking for espadrilles, Castaner (which is Spanish, but...)  
Because shirts are unlikely to fall apart, even at fairly low prices, durability is probabably not the best metric for determining the quality of a shirt.  I would look at things like the roll of the collar, which are the little things that distinguish a serviciable shirt from a good one.
As long as your trousers are not also navy, and are a lighter color, like a lighter grey or cotton chino, you are good to go.  I mean, chukkas don't really do with suits anyway. But a sportcoat, chinos and chukkas.  A pretty classic combination, and usually works as long as everything fits well.
Oh right, a lot more photos here: http://tailorcaid.exblog.jp/
So, it occurred to me that I ought to make a thread here about proxy shopping from Japan via our partners at zenmarket (http://www.styleforum.net/t/518233/japanese-online-stores-proxy-service-zenmarket-jp-official-affiliate-vendor).  I approached them since it's the proxy service that I personally use, and have had 99%+ success rate with.  They offer the first item free of any proxy fees (see the SWD thread for details) so there is no real risk in trying...
My personal purchase, another Kijima Takayuki cap:   http://www.inthegarage.jp/online/goods.cgi?code=04734&check=2
Kijima Takayuki (http://www.inthegarage.jp/online/goods.cgi?code=04734&check=2) via www.zenmarket.jp
Hi, Welcome to the forum.   I'm moving your thread to menswear advice, where it may get a better reception, and also be of help to other newer members who might have a similar question. The short answer is that that is a bad hem job.  At no point should that happen.
Sounds about right, the gf part.  I think that it's fine.  There is actually a jacket that looks very similar on the Armani Collezioni site right now, albeit in viscose: http://www.armani.com/us/armanicollezioni/two-button-jacket_cod41625871sr.html Assuming that this is a daytime wedding, I think that a navy knit tie and a plain white pocket square would be a fine.  For this level of informality, I would say brown shoes would be appropriate.
Yes, there is a big jump in the quality, and I wear Vans because they are a nice shape, and cheap.  Some Vans can also look really cheap and shoddy, though... Of course, sometimes, if you are wearing Lanvin slip ons, you can look like a douche, so there is a tradeoff.
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