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I like the way he wears it, but I would never wear it like that.  I know that this clean look, paired with narrow shoulders, and volume through the body and hips, and going down to a taper, with slim shoes, or sometimes chunky, creeper style shoes, is really popular right now, but I don't really do clean very well, and I definitely can't wear that silhouette.   My personal style is a lot more heritage sportswear and western influenced - er, think if Visvim had been a...
Well, okay, I'll only speak for my own 5'11", 175-180 lb frame then.  
I'll have to ask, but I think that this jacket will have the specs of the sample.  I don't think that they want to sell the other version (shorter arms and tighter shoulders) without the sample coming in first, which is prudent.  Also, the Styleforum one will the the Japanese floral lining.  Making these samples costs real money.  I expect that @Thurston Bros figured that some of their core customers would like a jacket that is a but closer to a typical moto jacket.  My...
Mismo has used cotton as well.  I am looking at a Mismo briefcase that I got pretty cheap last year and have never used, and it is heavyweight italian canvas.  I do like the nylon that they use it their FW13 satchel, though.  They are about as sturdy as "nice" (i.e. office ready, not rugged and deliberately unfinished looking) bags go.
We had hats.
Yeah.  I saw them.  The Sashiko FBTs look interesting, but I don't think that I could forgive myself for being that much of a Hypebeast.  tbh, what I am most interested in are the skagways.  The Virgils are cool, but I can get a better boot from Viberg.  The Grizzlies are cool, but I actually like the Yuketen Maine Guide boots more, etc... The FBTs are actually really cool... but Kanye wears them 
Any stockists have a decent AW14 selection in yet?  I'm interested in see how my money will be spent this fall.
Lol. Let's sorta kinda keep this on topic.
CM is TV.  SWD is the internet.   It's intimidating, imho, primarily because there is relatively little programming.
My wife (Jen) likes her heels. It's not that high, as heels go, maybe 2.5-3", what might even be called a kitten heel.I dunno about comfortable. Me, I wear loosely laced sneakers, so I have a different idea of foot comfort.
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