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Japanese stores often do modeling on a few models of different sizes.
This is pretty typical. Dips and stuff on the athletic chair as well, and stair running in a stadium. Bear walking, pushin dogsleds, lots of different types of crunches and situps. Box jumps. Kettlebells. All high intensity, in intervals. Long, slow runs for that cardio.The workouts are designed to build "functoral" strength, power, and muscular endurance. Carrying too muscle is generally seen as undesirable, since it taxes your cardio, and can also decrease fast...
I like trashy.
Hopefully you like the stuff too! We've got a nice set of Vibergs coming up too.
Very skinny, that.
I was a fighter (MMA), and while not tiny, have never been jacked. One of the biggest punchers, and A lhw, Kovalev, is pretty lanky.
Lol. Um, not exactly. All in good time. I prefer to overdeliver.
Stay tuned. Two pieces of good news, one from me, one from a party soon to be revealed, soon.
I wish the price was lower as well, but double overdyeing raised the cost a ton, as well as limited production. If it helps you at all, $400 is lower that what Japanese retail would be, significantly.That's not even accounting for our r&d costs.
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