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Because posting on the internet is a hassle, and it opens things up to rampant speculation. Unless Drew really has something to hide, however, he has been open to friendly visits before.   I make it a point of meeting physically with people with whom I am doing business, as my time allows.  The internet is a great place on which to miscommunicate.
This.  Be aware that you could screw everyone, including yourself, the moment you start doing something like this.  Or maybe you'd screw everyone, but not yourself.  It's really hard to say. Also, if you have a stick, and you threaten to use it, be aware that you may then be forced to use it, and that just taking out the stick can lead to a series of events over which you may have no control. I mean, by all means, do whatever you feel like needs to be done, but just take...
It's not that uncommon fpr a bankrupted company to be revived under different ownership. who may have bought the company as a whole, or just some of the assets (the trademarks, for example.)  It's also not that uncommon for there to be an "earn out" by the old owners written into the contract.  Whether or not its a good idea to have that old owner continue to be the face of the company is another matter altogether, of course.
We have a host of tools to determine if an account is a sock.  If you feel that someone might be, PM me.  That said, it's not unimaginable that someone might disagree wtih your opnion of Louie.  I had a little discussion with my moderators before deciding to ban him.  One of the moderators also enjoyed his crusty personality.  In the end, I had to ban him because he was being too disruptive to the community and was clearly going to disregard any moderator or administrator...
There is not.  I want to say very early 2015, but everyone, Viberg included, is still waiting on the leather.  We are at the end of the supply chain, so we have the least say in the matter.
I'll try to take a picture later today.  Also shown in that photo: Big John "Rare" jeans, slim tapered cut, sized up one, White Mountaineering sneakers, Lanvin and Steam Locomotive bracelets, fist of fury.
I'm torn between the two soles, tbh.  I think that the mini ripple works better than the standard Vibram Christy sle because it is slightly lower profile, which is in keeping with the softer, lower profile, "street but also outdoor-inspired" look of the leather and the scout boot upper.  But the full ripple sole looks a little tougher.  So... I dunno. In any case, put a note on your order, and if I can, I will accomodate your request for that original, full ripple, sand...
You might consider contacting the vendors directly to ask them to bring that size.
If you come to the NYC trunk show, you can have a drink (we'll have some good Scotch) with me, and maybe hash things out with @Kent Wang.  I can't speak for Kent, but my eyes will probably be glazed over from a full morning of setting things up and not enough coffee.  
For sure.  Of course, I'd expect everyone to respect the privacy of those who do not wish to be photographed.  
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