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Well, I stand corrected.  Those really run the gamut, from a smoking jacket to a shooting jacket to a bunch of jackets with military inspired details.  Pretty interesting.  But yeah, there is a very "forward" stance to all of them - something very distinctive. I suppose that Rubinacci is similar, if only judging from all the different models of jacket that Luca has been photographed wearing.
Could you link me to the models?  I am on the site, and am apparently too stupid to find the options.
I'm going to submit that 30 different models is not actually that many.  Split them up into double and single breasted, two, three, and 2 roll 3 buttons for the single breasted, peak, shawl, and notch lapels, different vented and ventless models, and you are pretty much there.  It sounds like a different approach, then say, Huntsman, but it doesn't seem like a free-for-all either.
I obviously do not know what Luca was talking about either, but these are my thoughts as a "personal stylist".  Tailors can give the best technical advice about a suit - for example, is a particular cloth suitable for a specific kind of suit.  However, tailors are craftsmen.  In my experience, they are not that interested in fashion, in the broad sense of the word, and they are used best when the customer also uses the services of a stylist.  In the case of a company like...
Um, what's going on here?
As unsatisfying as it sounds, we are just going to have to agree to disagree.  I've already brought up the Hermes example.  It is possible to focus on making a highly profitable business whose mission is to bring a superlative product to the market, regardless of costs, because there have always been people with a ridiculous amount of money, and a willingness to spend it.  Successfully acquiring that customer is, obviously, not easy, but clearly, someone is doing it.
The blue oxford seemed to be an odd choice.  But... do people really change to go into the boardroom?  Not being a white shoe lawyer or a financier, I really can't say, but is there this much scrutiny... anywhere?
Levels' 1 and 2 seem really close, as do 3 and 4, for any industry in which I've been involved.
On the other hand, there is a reviled brand of headphones that actually work pretty well.  I'll go ask my Head-Fi buddies to job my memoru, and report back here.  But c'mon, Sennheisers are not brand image neutral either.  They are a secret handshake between members of a tribe, just like nice shoes and clothes are. All that said, I love Sennheisers.  The first pair I got were from an old school electronics store in Pasadena, CA, near Caltech.  I've been hooked ever since....
On a nearly completely unrelated note, I have had many disappointing experiences with "World Famous" burgers, and also "The best Apple pies not made by mom."
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