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Right?  I will be the first to wear mine.  You guys should get your pennies (aka Paypal accounts) ready.  I am shorthanded, and so boots will go out weekly.  You will get an invoice for the second, final, payment, once I verify that everything is here.  Then, I'll send out all fully paid for boots once every week.  Miss the cutoff, and it'll be another week before I have time to get to the post office again... (there are not a ton of boots, so I'll just send them out myself.
Yes, but Asia is a different continent...
DIY seems like the obvious choice...
It does.  They should ship either tomorrow, or Monday, depending if I can get my shit together (which means about 50/50).
www.barneyswarehouse.com - an extra 30% off for up to 65% off sale  
www.tizianafausti.com And extra 30% off final clearance sale items with code XFS30  
www.ralphlauren.com Friends&Family sale 30% off with code FAMILY  
On a more serious note, designers HHATTTTEEE "inspirational media".  We were once mistaken for one of these companies (Um, Stylechic, or something) and until I yelled out what we really did, I thought that we were going to be tar and featured by some of the skinniest SWAT team members in the history of the world (SWAT team nostalgia is big for FW16 and beyond.)
well, your jacket is awesome, so you're cool by me.
The other 0.01% is firing people (for reals).
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