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That is an ungoogleable brand.  Greg's mechanism also works.  We do that for most of our preorders, but have NOT done it for the Vibergs for a variety of reasons.  I have a few days to think about this.  Tell me, if I did this, would you be tempted to buy 2 pairs? No problem.  Take your time, though, maybe not too much time.
Nice to see some evolution pics.
www.ln-cc.com 30% off with code LNCCSPRING30  
No, haha.  My powers only go so far. It's going to take you time.  To track down items like that, I would guess at about a full day's work, maybe 6-8 hours.  I used to do this to track down rare things for people, but the hourly fee for services like that are significant.  The article is for the best men of 2015, so they are all recent, and probably relatively easy to find.  I would look on Firstview.com to find out the exact season, and then start by tracking down stores...
Could someone help? Unfortunately, I don't have any pairs with my right now to measure...
Just thought that I'd throw in a teaser here. I've been talking to @gshen to do special run of a burgundy bourette grenadine tie with both the Vanda Tag and a tag with a new "small" logo for Styleforum, being designed by @Parker, with 35% of the proceeds to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Spokane (www.rmhcspokane.com).  Details to come.   I'm sure that you guys have already seen pictures of this mythical tie, but here is another picture of it, for your...
Ann Demeulemeester flower sneakes for my wife: http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/women/ann-demeulemeester-flower-hi-top-sneakers-item-11016459.aspx
It is, but I think that their returns are reasonable.  And you typically pay in convenience for a lower price, so... it's really a case of picking your poison.
It looks that way because the jacket was not made for your shoulder slope.  It's not a stiff, heavy leather like horse or steer, which will wear with time to conform to your body, either...  So, I would return, personally.
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