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Alright.  We should be good to go now.   Cheers,   Fok.
Yeah. whic reminds me to hide all the product that was from Playjobs.  Gimme 5 minutes.  Everything still on the site after that is still here in Moscow, ID! 
Registered mail.  And from Italy.  This package is going to take forever getting here, isn't it?
Welcome guys.  Apropos of nothing, I had a good Italin childhood friend named Sebastiano.  Interesting concept, and I'm excited to see how you guys develop. Working with Gambert, you have a solid backbone to create a good product.  So it will be interesting to see how you develop and tweak the little things.   Incidentally, it might help if you posted some pictures of your shirts, swatches, and shirts being worn, here.  As @Shirtmaven suggested in the discussion above,...
I understand what you are saying, but casual belts have been getting narrower for many seasons now, and in 2014, the difference between a casual and a dressier belt is more distinguished by the leather, the finishing style, and the buckle, than by width.  Dress belts are still uniformly not wider than 1.25", but casual belts regularly range from under 1" to about 1 5/8".  I do like the Damascus buckles, but tbh, I think that I like the Rentetsu more...  
I've been wearing my Wakugi for the past week or so, since I got back from vacation.  Pretty great belt, and unique buckle.  In the future, if you do order more of the Rentetsu, would it be possible to get a buckle made for a 1.25" strap?  It would be great to get that belt (I'd order it immediately, even prepay for it) in the smaller size.  The 1.5" belts are great with heavy jeans, but I feel that a 1.25" strap, especially with such an interesting buckle, would be a...
Yeah man.  Those things, even brand new ones, are really expensive.  There is a toy store in Ballard, near where Balckbird used to be, that sells those.  I always make sure to steer my kids away from that section of the store.  I can imagine what vintage bears, in good condition, must be worth to collectors.
Guess that since you won't like the pocketsquares, that you are getting that sex advice for Christmas this year.
The upper sorta looks like Gazelles, but the Gazelle is a low profile shoe, and that one is pretty chunky.  Of course, that chick is ridiculously skinny (I'd guess that she doesn't top a buck ten, and that's only if she is really tall.  Probably more like 100-105 lbs.  So anything with any bulk is going to look big on her.
If you can show me some Etymotics with dope leather and chrome construction, then sure.  When I'm not listing to music, I want my headphones to look cool around my neck (5).
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