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Price is the number one driver, bar none, followed by free to low shipping fees and lightning fast shipping options (which are pretty expensive).  This is faciliated technology.  There are ways to retain customer loyalty, but they are radically different from tradtional "customer service". Carrying exclusive products is one of those.  Preorders and GMTOs are a subsets of this.   As for "bound to go on sale", this is just incorrect.  If the customer is conditioned to expect...
Re. Everlane.     You can become wealthy by building a company like Everlane.     If you are lucky and smart, you can build a decent life with a brand like Stephan Schneider or Robert Geller.  The odds of you becoming a baller are extremely low.  Many small designers essentially make a subsistence living.     I don't know about Everlane in particular, but six figure salaries in tech companies are commonplace.  The starting salary for someone is fashion is well below...
This.   I talked to Jun, and his minimum is 30 pairs of boots, same style, with variations in the leather.  That's a $850-900 or so pair of boots at current exchange rates, and including import taxes, shipping, etc...  I am doubtful that I could get 10 guys, much less 30, to commit $$$ to this.   I was talking to a few potential retailers who would be partners, but to a man, they had the same concerns.  It's a niche product.  It is a decent price, but the Jun Hashimoto...
I wear a pair of size 34 in the pants, that fit quite loosely on the waist.  My usual jean size is a 33, and I am a 34 in "dress" pants.  I would recommend that you buy them TTS.  The pants are not meant to be worn slim, and imo, having a tight waist and a slightly less roomy seat and thigh sort of defeats the relaxed, comfortable feeling and look, of these pants.  However, I'm not one to argue with people appropriating an item and making it conform to their own style.
I have a pair that I wear uncinched, over hightops or Guidi chukkas, in the original, olive color, and they fall very straight and relaxed.  I'm on a rare vacation right now, or rather, packing to go on it, but if I have time today, I'll try to get off a quick snap.
They were actually being made last month, so it should be soon. I will probably know next week.Cheers,Fok.
You are like, a one man diversity machine.
I've always wondered why I was so popular 15 years ago.
My wife insists.
Give me the quote.  I had that book way back in the day.
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