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A white leather bracelet with a silver rosette snap, from Good Art Hollywood, which is the spot for baller biker jewelry. Will take pics when I get it.
I like that retro style, but the belt makes wearing a jacket open, which I always do, extremely awkward.
And warm gloves. Lined. Mitts are warmer. When it gets really cold, as in -20c, I'll wear a heavy sweater, a fitted down vest, since wind kicking up under your coat will make you really cold, and then a wind resistant coat (shell, Melton, or leather will all do). And your mom was right. Always wear your scarf, mitts, and hat. This year, it's a cashmere cap, huge mohair scarf, and cashmere lined deerskin gloves for me. If you are buying something purely for warmth,...
I grew up in cold weather. Any down coat will do. Layers are your real friend.
Pretty sure, since I just got it yesterday. My fit is not super streamlined, more room and drape like @gdl203.
I dunno man. I have the grey in a 5, and it fits well with just a tee underneath. With a heavy knit, it will fit slim through the shoulders and chest. There is some room through the body. I am a 50 EU, 5'11" and just under 180 lbs. My shoulders and chest have bulk, but I'm not yoked.
I am a smaller 50eu, and some size 5 Schneider is small on me. So, not at all crazy.
Don't do it. The shoulders make the fit.
He likes tight. I am a 4, sometimes a 5, and I am a small to regular 50 Eu. Some 5 might fit you.
@comrade is not a typical troll. I think that he is genuinely a grumpy old man, but a good guy, having mm et him in real life. (About clothing, we agree on nothing.). That said, Styleforum is a big tent, and I think that it's better to have fun in a tent you out like than complain about how lame are the other tents.
New Posts  All Forums: