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If you upload the picture using the landscape logo, you are much more likely to get an answer.  Very few people are going to download or open your jpeg
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The answer is: not without a lot of trouble, most likely.  The pants were probably enzyme washed to faded post manufacturing, and it's difficult to replicate that process.  There is a slight chance that a very, very, dilute bleach solution could help, but you could also mess up your pants really badly.  I personally could not recommend that.
A typical dress belt is 1.25" wide, and typically, your belt size is 2" greater than your pant size, so, if you wear a size 32 pair of pants, you will probably wear a size 34" belt.  Of course, sizing can vary between brands, both for pants and for belts.   I personally think that you can never have enough belts (I have over 60), but realistically, you "need" three or four.  A black calfskin dress belt (lined), a brown calfskin dress belt, a suede belt for more casual...
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