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The IP ban tool being broken, which means a ton of spam to deal with.  I have better things to do.  Like sitting my my ass, picking it.
Guy told me that the 2040 is the rounded toe version of the 2030, and that the 1035 was a brand new last designed for the derby.  But the point remains the same.  For all Vibergs that I've tried on, I'd recommend the same size, unless your feet are particularly wide or narrow.
I am essentially in charge of *everything* on the forum, and responding to this complaint, which has no immediate *and* reasonable remedy, was not really on the top of my agenda.  B&S has been on my list of things to lobby for development resources for enhancement of and fixes to for a long time, and we just got word that *some* development might be possible, so I thought that it would be a good time to post.  Years ago, I used to post "we are looking into possibilities"...
Asymmetrical toecap plus distressing?   I dunno who would agree to both of those things, man.  Its that an actually military boot of some sort?  Sorta looks like a jumper boot.
We care, and we will actually be doing a size filter and revamping the categorization filter.  However, for the most part, it is just not feasible, right now, either financially or in terms of development resources, to implement a lot of the technical changes that have been suggested.  A lot of these options are what you see on Ebay or Yoox, both of which are billion plus dollar businesses.  We are considerably less flush, and share development costs with other sites, to...
It seems to be taking a little longer recently, but generally, it takes 8-12 weeks from when we send in our order.  In the next set of makeups, I want to propose maybe 2 boots, and a derby. The proposed boots would be a service boot in whatever replaces copper task, roughout, on a dainite sole, probably on the 110 last, same as the Cabourn collab, and the second, probably a scout boot in tan buffalo, with a ripple sole, like a tracker boot.  The derby that I have in mind...
Let's not get into a Current Event's discussion here.  If you guys want to complain about the Wrold Bank, journalists, hardened capitalists, and liberal media bias, get ye to Current events.
http://www.margom.it/   Google is your friend.   I imagine that there will be at least a 100 minimum though, though it could be as high as 500.
Our jacket will also have shorter arms, which will make it more suitable for street use.
 Oh, and in other news, all the Viberg for Styleforum boots are deep into the manufacturing process, so the end is (somewhat) in sight.  Don't ask me for a more precise ETA, that depends on the factory.  But yeah, you guys are going to get some kick ass boots for this fall.
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