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I sorta feel like @Synthese should buy one a size too small for him and give it to me.
It's the Viberg size, which seems to be closest to a UK size, but apparently, Aldens follow the same sizing scheme.  If you need your size changed, it is not too late.  Email styleforummarket@gmail.com, and include your full order information, and we'll get you sorted out. Cheers, Fok. 
Sizing is always the marked size, i.e the Viberg size.  I find any conversions to be confusing to everyone.
Hirsh is harmless and doesn't get into it with anyone.  I am not going to time people out just for being wierd. Back in the day, we had tools to make specific users invisible to everyone else, but we don't have that anymore.  10Hannes seems 100% about bashing ToJ.  Not sure why.  If he brings it to other threads, I'd probably have to do something.
Yes, that was the reason.  No, we don't email explanations.  It's usually pretty obvious why you were timed out.  A time out is usually for doing something dumb, and generally doesn't last more than 2 weeks.  And nearly no one is so dumb as to not understand where and how they crossed the line.  I mean, wishing that someone dies?  Not cool, man.  I don't care how annoying you find that person. My mods and I have enough to do without sending out emails stating the obvious....
I don't know if he is in great demand, but he seems to have clients that are willing to pay his high prices.  I have seen some of his work, and it really is quite good, though not necessarily to my personal liking.  
That's probably true.  It's also probably the reason that Mariano Rubinacci is so in demand.
No one....? We hardly ever ban anyone.  If you get banned, (not just from B&S or from a specific thread, or whatever), it's probably for something like a using a racist slur, which gets an autoban, or you've just been such an unrelenting pain that no one can take it any more.  Or you can really piss me off, like Andrewgreg did, by deciding that the rules that go for everyone else don't go for you.  If you are banned, therefore, and you email me, it's pretty unlikely that...
I'm gonna need a drink...
styleforum.net@gmail.com.  What's up? fwiw, the support is for technical issues, and that stuff is put in a queue.  Of course, tech geeks are not good at answering emails.
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