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I could be wrong, but my understanding was that it is just a case of marketing strategy - that LBM 1911 just reads better abroad, sort of the way Vestimenta used the "Hilton" mark in Europe, but "Vestimenta" in the US.
Woah... I think that you're right.   Did anyone clown around and get KTFO?
@Parker - so...   1) You don't wear boxing gloves in the cage.  The standard is 4 oz MMA competition gloves. 2) I kept on trying to figure out what was going on in the cage for the entire video.
Marc Jacobs is on record as saying that he doesn't understand menswear, and leaves that all to his team.
We were not planning to, no.  I may need to go to NYC for some very specific appointments, and if I do, I will do a story here and there, but we decided to concentrate on Italy this year.
lol.  Yes.  Actually, that is an issue.  People have had their credit hit because someone reported the wrong John Smith or whatever.  The credit agencies are not realy accountable to anyone.  
Yeah, there are few notices.  I had a UPS bill go to collections.  It was one of those really clear cut cases where I had a emails showing that UPS had promised to take care of it, and the shipper (SNS Herning) confirming in writing that they'd sent a commercial invoice instead of my personal invoice.  The bill was for $1.6K, and was for 100 sweaters.  So the collection agency took the info, and it was quickly resolved.  However, for a case like this, which is perhaps less...
Terrible idea.  It will go to collections.  They can't do anything, really, but they will hit your credit score.  And a single blemish on it can be quite detrimental these days, with lenders being super cautious.  If you want to cause yourself a much larger headache later on, this is the path you should take.
I am back, but that was the first week of the schedule.  I have heard nothing back from Guy or Kate, but the way it usually works is that a vendor tells a guy like me when the shipment is ready, and how I'd like it sent, pay the final invoice, etc...  I know that our rather larger order was in production, back in December.  I am sure that I will hear once the shipment is ready.  Everyone wants to get these things out the door!  Fast turnaround is in everyone's...
This is what I saw and heard firsthand as well.  Business was booming.  A lot of the guys who complain about the lack of orders were much happier this year.  Could be because B&B is dead, but even in the classic menswear side, orders seemed to be streaming in.
New Posts  All Forums: