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Yup, that's the one.
Spare pair?  Works for me.  I have done this with clothes and sneakers.  Never boots though, at least, not yet.  
It really depends on the terrain.  I own boots in both, and find the ripple lasts longer.  I think that this is because there is much more "give" on the gumlite soles, which means a bit less abrasion.  This despite the fact that the gumlite is a lot blown rubber sole, while the dainite is a heavier, more dense, sole.
I personally think that 20 would make for a pretty brilliant boot.   So, the way I always think of these things is:  Is it something that I never knew could be done until just now, and did it blow my mind and make me wish I'd though of the idea first.   In this case, it is.  To me, that's what makes a winner. The mini-ripple sole sitting under the stacked midsole with that color of roughout, just looks spectacular.  It's similar to the tan bison that I had in my mind, but...
You can still submit a makeup.  I'm not sure that the support is there at this time though.
  Welcome to 2004 technology, @Murlsquirl .  Also, we could do both of those.  The $$$ and the interview.
So... if anyone cares, this is the fit that tumblr has liked the most so far in the past month, from the Styleforum tumblr.       with 603 notes, total.   In the past 24 hours, @Henry Carter has kicked butt with this 203 note fit:   Surging steadily, through the week as been the slubby 161 note fit:   I think that the lesson here is that blue is the new blue.   Anyway, sorta wondering what might be a good prize for those who contributed the top fits, and...
I'll start.   I vote for  1) and 20).   Yes, I'd buy both pairs for myself.   Cheers,   Fok.
Woo...   I think that I got everything into the OP.  From now on, please refer to the numbers, like Chinese restaurant.  If I've forgotten something, number it, and I will add it.  If something is redundant, I will delete it, but the numbers will stay the same, to avoid confusion.     Personally, I like the idea of the Cabourn boot, the mini-ripple sole boot, and then maybe a more unique black boot.  I could see the gentleman shitkicker as a taller boot.  I am pretty...
There is no real "goal", per se.  It's what people want.  If it's 3 service boots (and it's been this a lot), I'll do it.  We will put the Cabourn inspired boot up for vote (with your $$$) for sure, since we have wanted it so long.  The other 4 (total 5, we will make 3) pairs that are put up for vote, it will depend how many people actually want the boot, rather than how many people are kicking tires.   I don't mind the gentleman's shitkicker, but there is a group that...
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