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I would generally agree with you, but I feel that @Claghorn has executed this pretty well.  The colors and size of the pattern match with the jacket well.  There are definitely more ways to fail than to succeed with this jacket, but I feel that Clags has hit that rare success.  Question to Clags - how many ties did you have to try before you got to the one with which you stuck?
That said, I've seen some really atrocious stuff at Pitti.  You are left thinking "If you can't get good samples made for such an important tradeshow, I'm afraid to see what your products will be like when they hit the retail floor."
I think as in 39 years old, but you've got me confused now.
With the rare exceptions, I feel that art and fashion are two different things, even though fashion has a strong artistic component.  In a different era, the difference between the two might have been less pronounced, but the paradigm for art and the paradigm for business, in 2014, are quite distinct.
Party foul.  If you mean to be sarcastic on the internet, you need to put (0) (perfectly serious) or (10) completely sarcastic, or some number in between, in your post  I think that I am older than you (I'm 39) and even I know that.  C'mon now.
In the spirit of evenhandedness, I'm afraid that I disagree with the bolded part as well.  There is clearly an intended emotional response, and I'm willing to bet decent money that revulsion was not it.  I've heard a lot of designers say this in response to criticism of their work which does not invite a real discussion, and I sympathize with the compulsion to try to make lemonade out of lemons.  I just don't think that the response is on the mark.
We'll have to disagree, as usual.  The problem with some people at Pitti is that they take themselves too seriously, and don't have the self-awareness to understand that they are, in fact, a little silly, and that there is nothing wrong with that.  That's real indignity, and I see that same trait in the shrill critics of the Pitti people.  Really, in the end, it's just clothes.  We need them because we are hopelessly inadequate animals.  So, if we are going to get dressed,...
Theory is pretty solid.  The designs are not mind blowing, but the quality is usually quite consistent, and you could easily build a "styleforum approved" outfit with just that brand.  If what you are looking for is good basics, there are worse ways to go.  I've seen a handful of Theory pieces over the years that are actually really nice.  But yeah, if you are looking for a "black bomber, white tee, black jeans" + black boots or white sneakers type of fit, Theory is a...
I am going to the Oregon Coast next weekend, so, my picks with that in mind:   1.  Heschung Apache - I pledge, if I win the 40% code, to buy these.  I got the beige color, and I really love them.  Wear them all the time. I am sure that I would love these, in the off white as well.  Of course, I would feel dumb doing the "buy all the colors" thing.  But, at that good a deal.  Fuggedaboutit.  I would feel dumb NOT buying...
Blue, man.  Always blue.  Blue forever.
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