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This.  The dampness is a stone cold killer.  If it's damp and windy, fuggedaboutit.  Your favorite color suddently becomes "warm".
The most accurate photos of the shape, imho, of the Guidi 017.
They are slightly less rounded than say, my 988 or 994 (which is the chuikka verson of he 995), but it's not pointed and slim like some CCP boots, for example.  I like the shape, and the one piece construction.   It depends on your style, I guess.  I needed to get these MTO because the config that I wanted (a heavy leather like horse) in reverse and in a light color (112T, which is usually an off white, caramelly color) just didn't exist.
Yeah.  I got an email from him this morning that the are on the manifest that is supposed to arrive early next week!  So stoked.
Wierdly did not get this notification.  In any case, I haven't seen it yet, but I think that that might be cool.  I could see a chelsea boot in a CXL roughout.  
My MTO Guidi 017 appear to be ready and on their way to Munich.  Were originally slated for a July delivery.  From what I hear, Guidi is slammed.  Will be happy to get them though...   Have a pair of Guidi 988 backzips at the cobbler gettting topied.
C'mon man.  I come from Kingston, Ontario.  We got the wind kicking up from the lake.  And that is when you want either a long ass coat, or a cinch at the waist, because it gets right under any space.  No A shapes wanted, thanks.  It's -15C regularly, sans wind chill.  And it goes to -25C will windchill regularly. As for Seattle and Portland being cold?  C'mon man. leather jacket (none of that lambskin bullshit though, something in horse with an anilne finish - they are...
This is the 1 billion dollar questions (literally) for forums.  Every platform has issues.  A blog has low grade and low amounts of info, generally.  Instagram and tumblrs, are generally highly visual and not a good place for information, and the blogs housed on tumblrs have the same issues as a blog. A forum, which has the real time knowledge contributed by highly informed and invested hobbyists, has a ton of information, but it's hard to find, and we simply don't have...
Not sure if you guys saw our Styleforum with No Man Walks Alone feature.  btw, we are having reports of our newsletter inadvertently hitting spam boxes,  It would really help us if you would fish it out of there and mark "not spam", so that google learns (sorta, as much as it wants to anyway)
It's a half vest.
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