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We will do 2 makeup next time. What they are will depend on what you guys want most.
Just got yourself two weeks off. You've been around long enough to know that family is off limits.
The wait is variable. We'd need at least 4 orders to consider this. The price for this would probably be north of $1K.Would you guys be.interested?
unfortunately, some msocial issues had me laid up, so those plans were stalled, but I'll contact Soren to see what can be done.Cheers,Fok.
Will kop pants.
That's pretty much it. Celebrity endorsements are huge. People take cues from public figures. That's one of the big questions asked of designers
Well, wear that next time we hang out. If I'm going to steal the shirt off your back, that's the jacket I want. Please keep in good condition until then.
The pants or jeans worn by the tbs model are much more loose, lighter weight. It might be worth your while to get something that drapes more than heavy denim.Relaxing the neckline would work as well.
@Parker does my spring outfit, but 10x better. Love the details on the jacket. Do you know where I can get one? Looks like a better version of a bunch of stuff I have.
All leather shrinks, to some degree. Naked leather is only made from the best hides, with the fewest blemishes. How much a jacket will shrink depends on the animal much more than any surface treatment. Lamb shrinks like crazy. Calf doesn't much, unless you hot soak it. Horse will shrink only a tiny bit, ime.
New Posts  All Forums: