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Gord Downie, we're with you til whenever.  For those of you who don't know, Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.   For non-Canadians, it's hard to articulate how much the Tragically Hip means to Canadians.  I remember, in grad school, in LA, being about to watch this band at the House of Blues, just a few feet from the stage.  Their concerts in the States were much smaller affairs, and brought out Canadians from all walks of life....
www.yoox.com 25% off on fall styles  
This. A lot of people are pissed about this, and frankly that includes me, since I have to deal with this shit as well any time an affiliate pulls some shit.  It's not like I have any control over it - some affiliates I have a hard time even getting in touch with - much less my having a direct hand in their affairs - and yet some people think that I exert some special power over them. That said, knowing people who face or have faced financial troubles through no fault of...
Omg, I had no idea. My father and his are colleagues, and we used to see the guys, who were older than us, doing quotidian things like riding their bikes, very slowly, helmets on, with their kids behind them, around town.They looked super cool in concert (it was a treatcwatching them play in LA, at the House of Blues, a pretty intimate venue) and their style in the early 90s certainly influenced mine.
It looks fine.  Is there any specific question you have about the fit or style?  Otherwise, it looks fine.
1) You are way better at photoshop than me.2) Your talents were wasted.  Go to design school right now.
No worries.  If you are on a computer, the top nav bar is the best way to move around.  I will probably move the "introduce yourself" thread, which now sits in the "general" section, to this section of the forum, which is one of the two sections where most people hang out anyway. I'll leave this up for the time being as a beacon for lost members. Cheers, Fok.
From what I know about those jackets, probably a very good deal.  He has posted here also.  Does anyone remember his username here?
Case in point, I think that this looks pretty cool (I have the same boots, but in a more white color:)  
www.lindelepalais.com - Summer sale - apparently not over, and up to 70% off.  
New Posts  All Forums: