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I've got nothing against site skins, and I thought that this one was done reasonably well, though I'm not fond of the "seconds" branding.  I don't typically see the creatives until the last moment.
Her attitude has always annoyed me.  First it was "I know better than everyone else, and don't need to take advice.  After all, this is Louis Boston.", and that evolved into "The world sucks, and that's why we failed."  Equal measures arrogance and self-pity.  Ugly.
Or... maybe there is not enough consensus between those groups, and no chukkas nor boondockers get made.  It's up to the people wanted the different styles to decide whether to compromise or not.  Or maybe we end up making 4 chukkas and a boondocker like service boot because that';s what people want.   We've certainly done runs where it was 4 different pairs of service boot, so it's not that remote a possibility.  This is the time for you guys to start playing politics.
This.  Start from the list.  That was created for a reason.  The point now is to get as specific as possible.  There is no point in going in a direction that would take us further from a final list of SPECIFIC makeups.
That style of "civilian" jacket is the basis of a ton of modern jackets like the CCP Scarstitch.   Geoduck clams are decent.  Honestly, not my favorite clam of all time, but I love seafood, so... not bad either.  Why are you only trying geoducks in Seattle?  They are all over  the place in any Chinese restaurant with one or more of the following words in their name:1) Palace2) Dynasty3) Lucky4) Golden5) Happy6) Harbor  Generally avoid any Chinese restaurant with things...
Alright. So, I don't care.  Start a new SWD gaming thread if you want, but any gaming references here will be deleted from hereon in.  That, or I'll move them to Current Events.
We have 18 makeups already.  Any more, or can we start narrowing them down?  Let's give it 24 hours.   Cheers,   Fok.
Yeah, it happens.  On the other hand, we have a ton of different brown leathers for you guys to choose from here, in a variety of finishes.
I have to disagree completely with Debi.   Her attitude very much reflects an inability and unwillingness to evolve, and if anything, shows that lack of an innovative mind.  Just looking at our affiliates, not to mention the many, many, stores that have flourished because, not in spite of, the technology that we have available to us today. I don't think that brick and mortars are dead.  I think that brick and mortars actually have a better chance of survival because they...
I believe that there was a brown, but that they used it all up...
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