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I have more experience with the sneakers.  They are actually... okay?  But they could do a lot better for the price. Margiela footwear though, sometimes shows a profound lack of respect for the customer.  I mean, throw in a welt.  It's sooooooo easy.  
For the price, I really, really, wish that Ann Demeulemeester and Margiela footwear didn't suck so much in make and materials.  I mean, c'mon.  You are pricing in the $800-$1K range.  You can afford to use decent leather and like, non bargain basement construction methods.
Are they Blake stitched, or Black rapid?  It seems that with soles that thick, a simple Blake would be tought to do.
btw, if you ever carry Guidi boots in lighter colors and in materials like horse (as opposed to baby calf or whatever), I will buy them.  They are actually impossible to find.  The only stockists who carry those babies are Japanese, and not only is it much more expensive, but they don't have sizes over 44, which is essentially a 43 for most of their models.  So... annoying.
It's super thin.  We did a collaboration with them way back, and the leather is extremely thin.  The integrity of the piece comes from the bonding on the back, otherwise thing would rip super fast. Something like this: http://m-u.co/products/card-wallet-oxblood might suit perfectly, and it's really well priced.
Me - some people meet me there.  I will be the one who looks like an Asian guy out of Mad Max.
Okay, "cropped" is not synonymous with "short".  Can we please stop using the two terms interchangeably? /rant.
I think that I would like to get the jacket reversed, (so, rough side out), but with a leather collar - a very traditional 60s touch.   Cheers, Fok.
Fuck you,  That's supposed to be  my jacket.  So, seriously, can I work off your pattern?
How do Lost&Found boots fit?
New Posts  All Forums: