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Maybe check their newly revived affiliate thread.
Faliero Sarti "New Regina" scarf for my wife:   https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/faliero-sarti--new-regina-scarf-item-11557421.aspx?storeid=9089&from=1&ffref=lp_pic_25_6_
Lambskin has lot of immediate appeal, but it will stretch out of shape more easily, and will not age as well.  Also, it's much more fragile than calf, cow, or horse. For most fashion jackets, I would recommend a middle weight calf or kangaroo, the latter of which is very strong for the weight.  Goat is strong, but it can stretch like crazy.
I never did get the Causse ones.  Nice, but I ended up getting an Hermes cardcase instead.  Only one ridiculously priced leather purchase per trip, I think.   I'm trying on all 3 pairs, and the Thomas Reimer fit perfectly.  The most important thing seems to be that the finger lengths are perfect on me.  fingers are exactly as long as each of my fingers.  I have to thank my hand double at Thomas Reimer.  I have 2 pairs, one cognac/navy and one navy/grey, that fit dead on....
Incidentally, @SartorialSol - you should never forget the sales section of Mr Porter for Brioni end-of-season.  They usually have less suiting and more lux outerwear and also, footwear (though, imo, the footwear is pretty forgettable for the price.  May as well go with something inconic like Corthay or St. Crispin for not much more.  Or Gaziano&Girling.  The list goes on. https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/Sale/Designers/Brioni/All
That sounds about right.  I'm hoping for sooner rather than later.  As you can tell, they are in the final QA/QC and finishing stages. Cheers, Fok.
This is a great spirit. It's the holidays, guys.  For me, I participate in this not because I want to receive, but because it's fun to give., and I feel that I can say this with no hypocrisy, since I've always given pretty good gifts (fine bourbons - some of my favorite bottles - designer clothes that I myself would wear and that I reached to to figure out the right size, etc...), while, last year, I was the one who received @edinatlanta's glass pickle (which he will never...
@Connemara was gifted a ticket to Andy's event in NYC after he complained about the price.  He did not get on the flight, and, iirc, had a lame excuse weeks or months afterwards.  Not much of a story, other than that we already knew that if Connemara looks a gift horse in the mouth, that he might shoot it to make glue. 
Quirks are nothing particular special.  And, at least ime, they don't give you any "better fit".  I think that this was just something that specific makers who did it latched onto as a marketing tool,  My Madova gloves have them, and they were 100 Euros a few years ago.  My much more expensive Thomas Reimer gloves have a completely different structure that does not use quirks, but look to have much more pieces to give the glove a more 3-dimensional, and purportedly, better...
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