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Those are fine as well.  The APC denim is lighter weight, at about 12 ounces, but there are plenty of jeans from those other companies in the 12-14 ounce weight as well.  It really is about the fit.  Get something a bit higher rise, with some more space (but not too much) and you'll be fine.  I personally feel that the New Standard is a more comfortable fit than the petit Standards, which are lower rise and have far less room in the thighs.  I may be bigger than you, too,...
I buy them comfy and a bit loose at the waist from day 1.
Never change, bro. 
This,.  I don't want to make this a daunting task.  Frankly, at some point I'll try to convene a group, and we'll put together a Allen Edmonds wiki, but for now, I think that what is needed are the topics, but instead of a big writeup, just a line of text for each and then links to the most important and/or useful posts. Cheers, Fok.
Get both, and give me the one you like less. Gimme problems, I'll give you solutions.
YES.  It's that Margiela x Mezlan collaboration I've been waiting for.
Excellent.  Really glad they turned out so well.
 Lol.  Okay.  Um, here is a terrible cell phone picture of the latest, and essentially perfected (I'll take in the hem and body maybe 1/2 of an inch on a size 40 - I want it to hug the body a little more, but since it's longer than the typical rider, I don't want it too tight and bunching at the bottom when zipped up. Note the really even grain, good stitchwork, and the really nice Talon hardware.  Note that we did a more Lewis leathers inspired style as compared to the...
To me, that's where the fun comes into play - something unexpected like that.  I mean, you can walk into a cool boutique, that caters to you, merchandizesto you, and for sure you are going to find something.  Coach though, hits squarely at the high end suburban mall shopper.  In those outdoor malls all over California, from Pasadena to Walnut Creek, it's in there with White House|Black Market, a nice running goods store, maybe a PF Changs. When you find something there,...
New Posts  All Forums: