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So... if anyone cares, this is the fit that tumblr has liked the most so far in the past month, from the Styleforum tumblr.       with 603 notes, total.   In the past 24 hours, @Henry Carter has kicked butt with this 203 note fit:   Surging steadily, through the week as been the slubby 161 note fit:   I think that the lesson here is that blue is the new blue.   Anyway, sorta wondering what might be a good prize for those who contributed the top fits, and...
I'll start.   I vote for  1) and 20).   Yes, I'd buy both pairs for myself.   Cheers,   Fok.
Woo...   I think that I got everything into the OP.  From now on, please refer to the numbers, like Chinese restaurant.  If I've forgotten something, number it, and I will add it.  If something is redundant, I will delete it, but the numbers will stay the same, to avoid confusion.     Personally, I like the idea of the Cabourn boot, the mini-ripple sole boot, and then maybe a more unique black boot.  I could see the gentleman shitkicker as a taller boot.  I am pretty...
There is no real "goal", per se.  It's what people want.  If it's 3 service boots (and it's been this a lot), I'll do it.  We will put the Cabourn inspired boot up for vote (with your $$$) for sure, since we have wanted it so long.  The other 4 (total 5, we will make 3) pairs that are put up for vote, it will depend how many people actually want the boot, rather than how many people are kicking tires.   I don't mind the gentleman's shitkicker, but there is a group that...
 Boston is a working class city with a tremendous number of universities and colleges, and the institutions and support business and culture that surround those.  Neither are cultures that have any particular propensity for suits and ties.  I lived there for four years, and it is probabyl the most tense place that I have ever lived.  The tension between the different groups is palpable, and unlike London, for example, which is a much larger city, both geographically and in...
I will try to go back and make sure that all makeups are in there.  There are a lot, it;'s pretty easy to get lost.   Cheers,   Fok.
I would absolute;y personally wear the pictured boot.  I also like the idea of the riff on the Caboun boot.  Once is more traditional and has a more heritage feel.  This is more streetwear oriented, but with a definite nod to a very classic shape. And the colors are just brilliant.  I guess that you can count that as 4.  But it will still depend on who is willing to put their money where their mouths are.
Someone collated the info, and I'll change the OP.
I get the bread because it is delicious and really mellows out the flavors with days hint of sweetness.
Gonna call it on submissions in two days. Then, we will spend 5 days narrowing it down to 5 for voting. Make your case, get out the support. Team up with similar makeups.
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