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There is no good career reason for GGG to go up against Ward right now.  It's too big of a jump in competition for him to go up against someone that crafty and who is also a bigger fighter.  He can KO guys.  But can he KO a true Super-middle with good defense?  The last thing GG wants for his career right now is a relatively uneventful loss against a superior boxer. Froch, Erislandy - hard fights, low exposure, low paydays.   Cotto has the title he wants, but Cotto is a...
Eh.I mean, the dudes wearing this stuff, maybe Brad Pitt and Jude Law being exceptions, clearly do handle with care.  See the SZ B&S.
Yeah, I can try to find some time to photograph the sample I have.  Note that it is in thick bison, not calf or goat, so it looks somewhat different.  It's a super nice jacket.  
I have a bunch of friends who are tattoo artists.  Every time some corny white girl comes in, they draw straws to see who has to do the infinity tattoo.  
What brand?  As with pretty much any sale for current season merchandise, there are generally exceptions.
The find that search on Yoox is ridiculously easy.  Re. photography - they use robots to keep up with the volume.  Some of the stuff (that was previously on the corner) do have model pictures.  But yes, Yoox is best for an expert user and the gambler.  I'm sorta both, so it works well for me.
Maybe it's because I don't live in a city like San Francisco or Portland or New York, where people seem to really enjoy lining up for food, and because I don't follow instagram or tumblr, except to monitor/do the Styleforum ones and do enough research the those things work, but the hipsterization of things has not really affected me in a negative way.  I get to enjoy the products, and not have to deal with the (punchable looking) people.   If I had to move back to a major...
Speaking of burgers, made some awesome ones yesterday.  Really simple, but I also have really good beef, which I get from a friend of mine who does some ranching.  Made the patties with just beef - no binder or anything else needed.  Just a plain patty, with the sides thicker than the middle, so that when the thing plumps up, it will have a burger shape rather than looking like a huge meatball.  Generously salt both sides.  Smoked paprika on one side, and cracked black...
I have stuff that still has tags on it.  That's pretty much all I'll ever sell, and even that is far and few in between.  
Sounds like you just hate the internet and the democratization of nerdiness, and in general, the modern "sharing" culture. Burgers are awesome.  I love them at all levels.
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