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You have time for all of that?  I spend all my time in front of a lighted screen, so I'm not going to be able to help you.   Maybe talk to someone with a life.
Why so angry?  I said that you had good hair.
I am not as nearsighted as you, but I'm up there.  My father is something like a -15.  Unfortunately, there is really only one solution if the distortion really bothers you, which is a smaller frame.  The trend towards frams right now is really big, and it seems like most frames are 50 and up, closer to 53 in many cases.  You probably need something closer to 48-50, tops.  Unfortunately, yes, that will rule out a lot of the "modern" frames.  But hey, in 5-10 years, people...
The Johnson's will be a bit more for a fashion customer, and the Vanson will be for those who want something beefier.  Um, in the words of @ChrisGold, more "daddy" in the Vanson.  The Vanson leather is heavy and very distinctive, and I think that the super heavy chrome hardware will make for a more aggressive look.   The Styleforum/Honourmark/Johnson's jacket will more more minimalist and streamlined in it's look, with "black nickel" Excella hardware, which is as high end...
Me? Guys on the workboot and denim brand threads?
Not yet.  We just ordered some custom hardware, so things are underway, but the first post of the new thread will be some kick ass pictures of the samples.
It was through DHL "economy", which is just the postal system.  They hand it off to USPS.  In any case, as you may have gathered, my posts were (mostly) in jest, but it is odd.  The package took 6 days to get to the main Frankfurt hub (Germany is not that big of a country.  An invading army could have reached Berlin by foot in that time), and then the package has been sitting there (with a USPS stamp now), ever since. Re. Glitter.  I know what my next secret Santa is getting.
Awesome. On that note, can @linafelt PM me with all the little details (the box toe, the exact sole specs, etc...) so that I actually have them for when I talk to Guy?  These comments should have been in the original description.  Cough, cough, ahem.
What if it gets there before my package gets to me?  Maybe I should just go over there and confront them in person?  wtf happened to German efficiency?  Frickin' End Times.
Think of the children.  They need that post for posterity.
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