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I made chicken fried steak from scratch tonight.  With a nice gravy, new asparagus, and popovers (my wife and I found a great antique cast iron muffin tin a while back that holds heat so well.   Food is one of the great joys in life.  Robuchon is a PITA to do, as is anything from Thomas Keller, but if you learn some elements, you can cook well.  I mean, to cook really intricate dishes requires more technique, and sometimes great knife cuts, but really, I aspire to cook...
I don't believe that it is possible, that it was a special thing for Cabourn that one time only, but I can ask.
 I like both versions.  They are different looks for sure.  One is definitely more in the vein of a Visvim, the other, much more stark and minimalist.
Seriously though, buy the white boots.  They will blow your fucking mind.  
It's just the customer service "orders?" email on viberg.com They are pretty slammed now though...
Morgan left the company to go back to school, so I wouldn't expect a reply from him.  Guy is customer service there, so he is your best bet.
...and from a photo.  They didn't even have a sample to break down and work from.  I mean, tbh, it actually looks relatively okay, given the situation.  I would not have been surprised if he'd gotten a jacket that looked like the menswear sometimes made on Project Runway. Also, I've never heard of the Luxire guys just shout down someone that way.  I figure that everyone has a breaking point, and apoarently theirs was getting threatening emails when you are just a couple of...
Latigo it is then (I changed the makeup to Latigo on the OP. Cheers, Fok.
So yeah, stretching a but seems possible, and I know that a lot of cobblers offer that service.  How would they shrink a boot though?  
To relast is one thing, but to actually change the size?  How would that even work? (geniunely curious).
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