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We did a loden green boot that was not much ordered, but well received.  Would that be an acceptable leather for the Chromepak substitute?  It's essentially a green/black.  On the boot, it looks a little more green, because there is much more leather.
Okay fools.  I branched this off into a separate donut thread.  Let's take the donut talk here.     When it's winter, and I want a heavy donut, I crave a walnut crunch from Tim Horton's. 
 I actuallly quite like the Gentleman;s shitkicker.  I just don't personally wear black boots, or pretty much black anything, the occasionally jacket excepted.  Footwear in the lighter brown and grey/brown spectrum just suit my personal, blue heavy, style. Love Will Ferrell.  Was ambivalent about the movie, but obviously laughed, because Will Ferrell.
Is this a vote?  Serious question.  I need to see numbers if it is.  It's already confusing enough for me to tabulate votes.   Right now, it looks like the Cabourn inspired boot and the John inspired boot (sheesh, maybe I'll call this the homage collection) are locks in votes, and there seems to be a fight between the Gentleman's shitkicker, and the regular blue collar shitkicker.  Class wars ftw.  I see some talk about chromepak as well, but we'll have to see if that is...
Ha!  I was just about to send an email to Kate.  They were supposed to be finished within a week of the other makeups, which were in and out, so, I expect them soon.  I ordered a pair of the natural CXL derbies for myself, and it's dippping into fall here in Idaho, so I am just as stoked about these as you guys. Cheers, Fok.
The boot #20 referenced has a stacked leather midsole sole with warm tones.  The boot works because the tan roughout (note that it is not a dark brown) of the upper complements this.  With a cool grey like the latigo grey is, there is a lot of contrast.  To much, in fact.  You would have the an abrupt transition between the grey and the natural stacked midsole, and then the optic wine mini ripple sole.  It would probably look too busy.  I mean, I could see this boot in...
Yeah, Italian suppliers are tough to deal with.  I know companies with separate production managers whose entire jobs are to deal with Chinese and Italian factories, respectively.  You have two completely different set of issues, apparently.   PM me, or email me at styleforum dot net at gmail.com, and I think that we can set something up.  It seems to me that the Styleforum tie ought to be subtle dots on a navy grenadine, if such a thing exists, but let's start a new...
I have tons of grey, but for this makeup, something in the light brown spectrum makes more sense.
I try to get the same feeling by browsing all, or by new arrivals.LA has better stores than NYC, generally.
Yup, that's the one.
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