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Probably not. French seams are already secure. I suppose that you could ask that he do an overlock, same as on non- selvedge jeans, but that seems overmuch, and may not be possible under the French seam anyway.
Yes, unless You are using selvedge fabric, that happens.
Fwiw we have a separate sales team.
On the road, so a short reply that does your post no justice, but we read the same thing. The problem with bloggers is enforcement, not the regulations proper. The relationships are not more complicated, just more asymmetric, which causes problems; most bloggers have no compensation outside of freebies. You do the math on that. Re the thank you posts, the "no call to action" is silly. The "buy from our sponsors so that they keep supporting us," is already implicit. ...
I come to the opposite conclusion as the main interviewee.  There has always been a symbiotic relationship between editorial and advertising.  Online "sponsored posts", and the people that can't figure out that something marked "sponsored posts" means that it is paid for directly can't really be helped any way, are pretty clearly advertisement.  The current regulatory system actually allows a more clear delineation between editorial and advertisement, and takes away some...
For a MTM/MTO jacket, I personally feel that the additional cost is well worth it to get the right fit.  A leather jacket is pretty expensive. and with heavier leathers, you want to make sure that you get the shoulders and sleeve lengths right.  Those really make or break the fit.
I personally would prefer a shorter jacket, like the Alpaca, or the donkey jacket.  Long coats are okay, but a jacket, you can sling on, and not worry about what to do with it when you go indoors - and they stuff more easily into carry-on luggage, etc...
This sounds pretty close to my measurements, so I am thinking, probably a medium, like me. @Thurston Bros, how are the shortened arms looking?
Er... well, you came to the defense of an undefensible position, and then when I said "everything is done", you went on.  By rights, I should have deleted your post, and then timed you out, and that would have been the end of that.  Instead, since I was not there to do just that, people piled on you, essentially telling you to shut up.  Which, if you want to take the context of a bar, is what would have naturally happened when the bartender tells someone that it's done,...
Not you.  But I am tired of this discussion.  It didn't need to be had in the first place.  Let's move on.
New Posts  All Forums: