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Ha!  No, it's not that.  It's just that there are, literally, about 2K high quality (well, in terms of size, at least) pictures on the camera, and downloading them to the computer makes the computer extremely unhappy.  But yes, I will try.
Copy the last version of the list and ADD to it, or your entry will not count.  ANY variation will be considered a new makeup, for obvious reasons.
Absolutely not. Both measurements are important.
All shirts are larger in the back then in the front. However, some Japanese shirts don't have as much of a difference. This is an issue for me. I'm not a heavy lifter, but I did MMA and used to be able to.do a ton of pullups, different kettlebell exercises, etc... so shirts made for overall slender guys didn't work for me.Re. Measurements, I rely on shirtmakers and patternmakers. It requires technical expertise to get it right.
Hey @DLJr, could you pm me about this? Sure it's legit, but protocol is protocol. Cheers, Fok.
Pretty much every country I've visited that is overwhelmingly of a single ethnic group is like that.
Careful about measurements. One of the most important measurements is never given: the seat. I have jeans that are sorta big everywhere else, but because the seat is too shallow, there is both a gap a the back of the waistband and is uncomfortably tight in front.
For what its worth, I really like these old style boots. Wildland firefighters all wear Whites, and thats what I'd do I'm the field. What Viberg offers is a wider vision, more and honestly, more casual wear lasts, leather options (huge plus imo), and more sole options. But yeah, if you want a pure workboot, these are nice options.
There are a lot fewer errors using a GYW machine, and leathers that don't flex well are less likely to crack. This is the reason upcoming shell boots are likely to be Goodyear welted, since stitchdown requires the upper be turn inside out and back several times, which results in shell breaking and a significant loss.
We aren't allowed to change the pattern...Yes, but it will darken to that color with wear.Chunks on a crepe sole is my personal jam.
New Posts  All Forums: