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www.stylebop.com early fall sale 20% off selected FW16 stuff.  
 This is sorta cool.  I like the idea of an all black boot with a wedge sole.  Not sure that we have done anything similar in the past. Cheers, Fok.
I'm not really looking at any workwear looking derbies, I don't think.  The model wasn't really made for that.  For me, it would be more like a more rugged version of what the "artisanal" brands do, or something a little more dressy.  We already did the half Japanese, and I'm not sure that it's time to replicate that or make something so similar, so close. Not sure about the sidezip vs. the Chelsea.  I really like the story with zipped boots and their popularity, which...
There was a literal last hour possible change in plans.  Some really wanted the aged bark, and a few people had expressed concerns, so I threw a Hail Mary not expecting any results.  Got the news that we could change part of our order, and with about an hour to go to send in the amended order, I called an audible.  Not perfect communications, and only those who had expressed grave reservations about aged bark got the second email, since I'd already split up the email...
We will add your uniqueness to our own. Resistance is futile.
Visvim does a version of the Seven-hole boots pretty much every season. These are my favorite version:  but there are obviously others.
I'd ideally like to do 3 different styles with different tones.   1) A Chelsea or side-zip in a grain side leather2) A casual derby3) A more rugged boot, maybe a hiker, a country derby, something like that.  Think of a Viberg take on an English country boot.
I'm a pretty realistic, practical guy, and I am a decent negotiator.  Probably the most important thing I've learned is that negotiations are about relationships, not about a specific transaction, and also how to neither push too hard, nor get pushed around.  Different people have different ways of doing things.  That's a trite statement, but it also happens to be true and useful.
No, worst that they can do is to just cut us off altogether.  Never gonna happen.  I choose my battles.  That's not one hill I'm planting my flag on.   Plus, there are so many interesting new shapes and styles that I'd rather do.
Listen, they can do whatever.  However, certain leathers are going to be harder to work with on a stitchdown vs. a welted boot.  They can also do fewer or more eyelets, but that would require resetting machines, etc...
New Posts  All Forums: