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I didn't even really want the bomber, but now I sorta do?
Topy is your friend.  Or, just wear crampons everywhere.  That's truly badass.
PM me, for real.  Or email me at styleforum dot net at gmail.
This shop talk is now getting wierdly meta.
I already leveraged the king of data - first party data.  Why do you think I made that yell and sell here?  Why do you think that I offered thumbs?   I'll just go ahead and take your fucking position already.  You probably don't even know how to make an effective email drip campaign (incidentally, something that we actually do well with (0).)
Buy some sick jawnz by clicking through our links!!!  If you buy during this period, you'd not only get great jawnz, but you'll also get the special opportunity to post on "Recent Purchases" and get thumbs from your community of clothing nerds!!!  But wait. there's more!!!  Buy a really nice watch through a click through, or even a car, i nthe next 20 minutes, post on recent purchases, and you'll also get a special thumb from Fok.  He'll also send a voucher for more...
Welcome to my world.  This is me, Visvim, Guidi, and any number of brands where I like very specific pieces from particular collections.
Carmina is a good choice - nice styles, very reasonable prices (many under $500).
I do like me some sneakers?
I'm holding you to this.  Buncha enablers.  I asked my wife.  She was a bit tipsy and said that it was cool.  So... gonna get done.
New Posts  All Forums: