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For that style, it's really a combination of an interesting but non unwearable design (CPP, imo, veers there), a good buckle design, and interesting leather treatment.  Nearly never is the actual leather and workmanship going to be of the level of say, something like Equus, but those belts won't get you what you are looking for either .  MA+ and the classic CCP belt are both good candidates.  imo, the silver for the MA+ belts is pretty solid, but really unnecessary. 
Thanks Riccardo.  And now... affliate of the week!   Cheers,   Fok.
Having done this type of work, that is a loooot more than a day of work, especially with no easily searchable database and an efficient fulfillment system.   Put it this way, just taking inventory, doing labels for, and packing up and shipping out, 50 items, is a full day of work for 2 people.  And that's with a really good system, where everything is well labeled and stored and supplies are readily at hand, and labels can be printed out in batch.  Given the current...
It just means that a pleather has been embossed with the characteristic cross hatch of saffiano finished leather.
Actually, you need to email to styeforummarket again.  I can't find your email (which needs your original invoice). Cheers, Fok.
Hi Everyone,   I will be maintaining this thread personally.  Vendors and user-initiated efforts, please post your GMTO here so that we can keep track of them.     In addition, for those private users initiating efforts, please get in touch with me.  It's been brought to my attention that some projects have gone awry.  Styleforum the capacity to facilitate these types of priojects, yhelp deal with vendors and to provide members wishing to participate with a sense of...
 All the preorder votes have now been refunded :)  And now, for the long (3-4 month, with the current production schedule, wait).  A game of Jenga, anyone?
  Charly has already answered this, but just as a matter of general knowledge, save for sales, and even that is getting increasingly rare, employees are rarely paid on commission.   Maybe it's time to just thank Daniel and Charly, and move on from there.
Just wanted to chime in with my personal endorsement.  I think that if you are looking for very "clean" looking accessories and minimalist (I hate the word, but it's slightly better than "grown up" sneakers/trainers, that Opumo has a really good selection - my current favorite being ETQ Amsterdam.  The prices are extremely reasonable (was going to pull the trigger on the grey "alloy" runners. but someone beat me to them. Oh, yes, Andersons' belts are really good.  Size up...
Hi guys,   So, 2 notes:   1) Because of the limited number of orders in this order, I am refunding *all* votes, even if you did not buy.  This is an unusual situation, but this will not be the norm.     2) If you ask for a change in the size after orders have closed, it slows down the ENTIRE shipment, because it means that I have to change the entire order, and then wait for one of my people to cross check it.  It takes, at a minimum, 3 days, and can slow down the...
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