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At $600, that's like, the bar tab for a not huge group of guys, on a not huge night.  Let's do it.
$600.  Dont disappoint me, guys.  Come to think about it, if @tifosi and @JubeiSpiegel don't come through, then maybe they get the titles "The Disappointments", like a rather depressed 50s band.
Go all out and sell a kidney.
One word: teamwork.
Correct. Perhaps with a descriptive expletive.
@JubeiSpiegel and @tifosi had better bid soon (I'll let them combine funds), to avoid being called tirekickers.
Only $800 now.
yup. And all over.
We are at $10159.  Let's keep on going, see if we can do close to $12K by the end of this auction.
On a roll, let's keep the needle going up.
New Posts  All Forums: