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The arms will appear a lot slimmer one they are shortened.  That's a pretty common illusion when the arms are overly long and the shoulders a bit big.  Also, slimming the arms any more will 1) throw off the balance, and 2) If you wear a knit underneath, and the arms are anyt slimmer, then will be blood pressure test tight, and  3)@Synthese may be, as Thurston already commented, either in a size larger than he needs, or between sizes. Please keep all of that in mind.  
The Styleforum official editorial team "uniform" is this Stephan Schneider "Album: scarf.  It's a signature knit, but the colors and texxtures will go well with Jen's classic look, @unbelragazzo's #menswear suits, my blue everything, vaguely southwestern via Japan stuff, @Teger's workwear stuff, and @Synthese's drapey, goth ninja lite, look.  So, if you are at a tradeshow, you'll be able to see us en masse.  It was either this, or company...
You'll see that you are wrong. Fit pics from Synth to come soon. 18" is about perfect on an L, judging from the fit pics I saw.
I just talked to Morgan, and they should be ready to ship mid-next week. You'll get them soon after that.
I really like chukkas, but I'm not sure that there is enough momentum to get a makeup going.  I would think that the 2040 last (same as 2030, but with a rounded toe) would be the best last for a chukka.  Maybe I'll put it up for discussion in a bit, see if there are enough people behind this to get it going.
Yeah.  I just PM'd him asking if he'd like to be an affiliate.  It's an interesting store, and we'd be happy to have them - they seem helpful and knowledgeable, but it's unfair to our affiliate vendors, especially those who stock Eidos (No Man Walks Alone and Carson Street Clothiers) to allow a non-affiliate vendor to post commercial posts on the forum.   Hopefully, he'll email me.  Would be great to have them. Cheers, Fok.
Guys, I have never tried on the Junya jacket, but I have tried on several derbies, and while they feel great, on my not huge 5'11", 175-180 lb frame, the 40 made me look like a linebacker.  It's really built up through the shoulders.  I think that it's meant to take armor underneath.  The vast majority of us won't need that extra room.
Oh, well, if we are going to go full nerd, let's at least do this right.  I think that "The Stick" will be both descriptive of the jacket, and appeal to comic book nerds, alike.  I also feel that.  I think that the beefier version of the jacket should be named "The Bushwacker",  The really big version of the jacket should obviously be "The Kingpin." Re, fits - I would allow Thurston to make the adjustments, guys.  They had the actual sample, and have experience adjusting...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nonnative-Lumberer-Jacket-Fall-2012-Sz1-/171417036570?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item27e940671a   This is a really solid piece.  Way too small for me though (I wear a 3).
That would be even more confusing. Look, I did not have any hand in the naming of the different models.  I am just trying to help people out.   Here, lemme try again:Derby = a standard jacket in the Vanson arsenalDaredevil = the jacket based on the first prototype that we developed.  It is the exact same fit as the Junya jacket.  Available for preorder now.Slimfit Daredevil = Final Styleforum "Japanese Slimfit Rider".  Still in development.  Final sample not yet made....
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