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I am moving this to Menswear advice.
I suppose that I should post this anyway:   www.tres-bien.com sale up to 40% off  
Sure, but tailors are not, AFAIK, also personal trainers.
I've seen Anthony Peto hats at tradeshows, and they certainly seem to be of decent quality.  Locke&Co do not actually make their own hats, but work through various subcontractors  That said, I've never seen a truly terrible Lock&co. hat.
Post a picture.  No one is going to take the trouble of checking out your instagram just to tell you your face shape. Cheers, Fok,
The more information you give (who is the artist, the youtube video from which you pulled this, etc...) the easier it is for people to answer your question.
When I was in 8th grade, preppy was a big deal, so the outfit above was hardly "too formal".  The boots are fine as well, but they don't realy allow you to do anything even remotely athletic in them.  That's something to consider.
If I had to choose a single jacket, I would probably choose something like a navy fresco.     That said, of those two fabrics, the second shepherds check might be more versatile for the variety of uses you've outlined.  It also has a lower risk of looking like an orphaned suit jacket.
Those pants need quite a it of alteration.  The jacket needs to be let out through the back and torso.  
I also had a pair of butteros where the stitching had obviously broken during the soling process,, and instead of redoing the stitching the factory worker had something stitiched of over the broken stitching (which was fairly obvious, since it was on front side of the sneakers) instead of redoing the stitching or just ditched the sneaker altogether. Come to think of it, I have only had one issue with Common projects, in which a pair of super thing suede tournaments ripped...
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