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A few comments, based on personal experience and also a long experience of working with manufacturers, brands, and retailers. You can't pursue both legal and what seems to be extra-legal avenues.  It's just highly inadvisable, and weakens your legal case, and may in fact, land you in a great deal of trouble.  Once you start legal proceeding, you need to have an arms length.  Everything is through your lawyer.  Don't make a peep without consultation. I had a similar issue...
The 110 has a very roomy toe.  It is also not very upturned at all.  Having seen many, many, pairs, and having a custom pair, I would say that the toe in not upturned at all.  I don't know.  Might be the angle?  the sole unit used (often a wedge) is thinner at the toe than the midsole, but the upper itself is fairly "flat". Cheers, Fok.
Guys, if you don't refer to the number in your post, there is a decent chance that I'll overlook it when I tally up interest.  So, for everyone's sake (I want to get this right as well), if you can please edit your posts to have the number in them, and always reference the number going forward, that would really help streamline this process.   Cheers,   Fok.
No, we are not voting.  I am just seeing how many of the makeups are just sorta tossed out there with no support, and allowing you guys to consolidate, garner support, etc... Already, I can whittle down about half of the field. Real votes cost $$$ (well, the require that you put your money where your mouth is.) C'mon now guys, you know how this works.
You like in SLC, dude.  It's much harder in the Bay Area, where that furniture would have had 100 inquiries.
You can look pretty good in just Uniqlo and the GAP, but it does require a pretty good eye and some decent knowledge.  Unfortunately, that's precisely what a lot of people shopping at the GAP don't have.  Same goes with furniture.I thought that this was pretty funny.  Let's translate into Styleforum terms:"Fuck man, I mean, it was some random designer, not even like Hugo Boss or Prada or something really famous.  I mean, who the fuck is Rick Owens anyway?"
This is sorta the hobbyist approach.  I can deal with it, but if you want a great looking place in a month or so, this is not an approach that will work well.  You'll have some mismatched pieces, have to wait and keep on looking around for that second chair, figure out how to repair that small rip in the leather, etc...
Alright.  The OP is now updated.    I need to go through and collate comments.  If you have a proposed makeup, and want to help yourselves, then help me do that at the end of the week.
Welcome to owning real shit.  Clothing is a pretty inexpensive hobby, all things considered.  Of course, you can do the equivalent of shopping the sales, and do that, plus drive around to vintage stores and estate sales.  Like this hobby though, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.  Right now, you are trying to do it all retail.  That's like walking into a top tier boutique and getting an entire wardrobe from scratch.  Even if you go to Target or whatever, you...
Just the last right now.  Focus on that.
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