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It's like that a lot...
I forgot that my grammar teacher was on the forum.  What else should we get?  Suggestions solicited.
So, MacCallan 10 year and Laophraig will be available.  Should we get a few bottles of anything else?
Spam sucks. The problem with spam is that it needs very little return for it to be profitable.  And third world labor is dirt cheap. So you get what we have here. Limiting the number of posts/threads does not work.  In fact, it creates more work for the moderators and me.  Email accounts are easy to come by, and labor in third world countries is cheap.  It has just lead to more registrations, which means more accounts to spamminate.  The kitchen spammers seem to be the...
The tech people are looking into it to see if this is a site problem. Cheers, Fok.
No one said that it would be simple.  In any case, you have listed two very different sets of concerns.  One is about the logistics of sending someone to fix the problem.  I agree that it's not simple. However, what other solution would you propose>  Let's just take "Get Drew working the way he was three years ago" off the table, because that would take a change of heart, which is something that is really hard, probably impossible, to effect. The second set of concerns are...
I was referring specifically to someone, like Charly, who is familiar with the ToJ operations.  At some point in the not so distant past, ToJ delivered goods quickly and efficiently.  When I bought my jacket, and I wanted something very specific, the back and forth to make sure that the leather was available, was much longer than the time it took to make and ship the jacket. I understand that there were a glut of orders, but that doesn't really explain why so many orders...
I am betting that Charly is as frustrated as everyone else, probably moreso.  He has to deal with Drew, and also with everyone else, and without being physically present or having direct access to ToJ funds, there is probably not that much that he can do.
1.  tbh, I can sorta understand his frustration.  It's really hard to create something, and really easy to tear it down.2.  As an administrator and owner, you have to be a little more levelheaded than you otherwise would want to be.  
Thanks.  The technical ad people (as opposed the the direct sales people) are looking into this.
New Posts  All Forums: