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Hard to argue with this.
Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. In Manton's opinion, it's clearly the second, since it was, in his (not unjustified) opinion, the white dudes of European descent made modern American society and liberal government possible.  Did it mean a world of suck for the North American Indians?  Yes, but that's irrelevant to the central point of Manton's thesis. You might not agree with his opinion, but it's scarcely laughable or illogical.
I've McGyvered things before. Or I can just get my ass down to Jo-Ann's.
That was a reasonably accurate portrayal of the Manton I know.
Perhaps I was not being sufficiently clear. I don't appreciate members throwing slurs at other members, and a reasonable reading your posts is that you mean the term "fascist" to be just that.  So thje burden is on you to show to me that you are not in fact doing that. Frankly, I'm not sure why all of you just don't take this immediately to CE, where it clearly belongs. In actual random fashion thoughts - I got some waxed linen thread and leather scraps to reinforce a...
Let's not call people Nazis.  Also, if you are going to call someone a fascist, please make sure you are using that term correctly.  Thanks for the civility, guys.
Sigh.  I give up. Talk on.  I'll clean this thread up like the janitor that I am and stick this all in CE at the end of the day.  CE is private, btw, and the post counts are not updated there.  Not sure if that is retroactive or not.  
Just because you are of one social class doesn't mean that you can't sympathize with the plight of another.  Politicians putting on Levis and a plaid shit is just theater.  As for Manton himself, I'm not sure that he had a "Come to Jesus" moment.  His views, with which I do not agree, and which we've discussed ad nauseum over the years, have been fairly consistent.  Of course, I've "known" him for close to 15 years now, and I'd hope that anyone with a brain would change...
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