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You said that Edward Green is in a class by itself. That's an incorrect statement. The fact is that it's in a class along with many others in any area, from heritage to the quality of the make.You can have a preference for Edward Green over any other firm. But to assert that it's uniquely positioned is simply not true.
Never knew that giving people jobs had become so lucrative.
That's actually not true. It's up there, though.
Not to mention notoriously poor customer service. Literally one of two places I've been burned since about 1998, personally. And I've shopped at, literally, hundreds of stores.
Edward Green can make a pretty rugged boot, but they gave a completely different look and feel than Viberg. I like both. If I am going very #menswear clean - with a clean break in my pants, I like Edward Green. For my everyday wear, which has heavy textures and a much more traditional streetwear silhouette, Viberg makes a lot more sense. As for people never having heard of brands, there are hundreds of brands of note that we just don't discuss. What we do discuss is...
I wish people would stop using pricepoint instead of price. It's really boring technical term that I think got picked up because it sounds cooler than it is.
I've heard both ways, depending on the accommodation. Seems pretty fair, all things told. Can't make a living at 0.5%, clearly. Just say that the typical job handled by that type of agent pays a decent, but not earthshattering $200K, at 0.5%, you'd need to place 100 a year just to make six figures. That's a very low return on placing $20M worth of jobs.
Dude, headhunter commission is closer to 10% It's either that, or free.
The zipper ones? Yeah, they are interesting, but veer onto a wierd area for him. Does anyone know the story behind them.
Robert Geller does have some footwear misses, and unfortunately, I think that this night be one of them. ETQ, IMO does a better job, and in a way that works better with his clothes. Tatras collaboration stuff all looks amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: