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Looking forward.  And this invitation is extended to everyone who might be interested in hanging out, looking at nice things, and eating good food and having good drinks.
Medium fits best.
"Foke". My parents can't spell.Tags it is.Awesome.
Charly can at least suggest. I don't think that Drew will want to do it, but life is full of stuff we don't want to do.
I don't disagree with any of this. I'm just saying that imo, a soft approach is sometimes needed, depending on your actual goals.
I deal with customer service every day, and with a lot if different constituencies. I am not telling anyone to feel sorry for Drew. I'm just saying that empathy is a good tool for getting things done. That's all.
You feel that this will get him to work faster?
I am generally uninterested in revisiting the past, just in solving problems.
I am not making an excuse, just giving an explanation. Doing mtm/mto for a young (and most of his customers are young) internet savvy audience is stressful. I've seen a lot of people overextended and burnt out in the past dozen of years or so. A fair number have just packed up shop and left town.I don't see Drew having that personality, but at the same time, dragging yourself to do something for which you are not passionate about anymore, while being bombarded online,...
Drew is just burnt out. That's the whole explanation. He has said as much many times.
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