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Alexa is never accurate, but yes, platforms like tumblr and instagram hurt both posting and traffic, but most acutely in SWD, which has a less verbally articulate, younger, more visually driven demographic. This is why Styleforum is still strong, while something like sufu is completely dead, since we've always had a more affluent, professional audience that is also often computer bound during the week. This is also the reason summer is a bigger lull than winter, because...
We do it to ourselves. Guys complain that a hem 1" wider is "too bootcut" or whatever nonsense rules the day.
That third jacket looks like a late 60s and 70s interpretation of earlier, say, 30's jackets.  It reminds me a bit of the East West Instruments 6 pocket "hippie" jacket, though it doesn't have quite the same vibe.  I would love to see the historical jackets that the RRL team uses as inspiration.  I heard that they used to go to Bobby's of Boston and just clean out the place.
There are a ton of ToJ jackets that look subpar, but I don't think that this is one of them, the too long length aside, and that seems to be because the original owner was 7' tall.  I understand that animosity to Drew right now, but I don't get the dislike for his product.  Did some people put too much stock in the brand?  Sure.  But the fact remains that some of the jackets were pretty decent, imo, that one included.
I actually like the design of the third one, which looks to me like an early riding jacket.  The other two are pretty standard rider jackets.  I don't love them, but I don't hate them either.  I dunno why the strong reaction to either.  Some people don't like the Buco style D-pocket, but I think that it's a nice touch, for that vintage rider look.  
I like those.  I really do wish that they made more boots on a 3" shaft though, sorta chukka or high top/midtop height.  
Dude, I'm not sure where you got that @hoodog was being a douchebag.  He made what I read to be a very innocent remark that just speaks to the point that we are all inspired by classic design.  There are some designs that are iconic, to the point where everyone does a version of it, and the language of that particular piece can and should be considered a part of the commons - something that can benefit everyone, since the "copyright" relates to function of a design detail...
I see that you got Kareem's jacket.  Congratulations. A couple of things that you can do, with varying degrees of dificulty: 1) Get the front zipper replaced with a double zipper.  Luckily, iirc, ToJ uses mostly stock YKK 10 zips, which are not very difficult to find, even as a double zip.  Of course, you do not want anyone except for a leather jacket specialist to do this. 2) Get the length shortened.  This, post manufacture, is fraught with peril.  It could easily throw...
The belt line is the top of the belt. If you look at the picture from behind, you'll see that the jacket US several inches lower then the top of his hips. Because the buttocks are larger than the top of you hips, a tapered jacket like that can never sit correctly there. Either a skirt needs to be in the design, or the jacket simply needs to be shorter. On longer cafe racers, you'll see that the zipper starts about 2" abovethe hem to aaccommodate the hips.
Re stretching - or letting it relax - wear it really, really, hard.  Move a lot.  That's really the only way to do this.  
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