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You can wear your tux, but be prepared to stick out and be teased mercilessly, as will be your friends' duty.  Do it anyway.
The best way is to do traditional and gives some brand name examples like Himel, Real McCoy, Brimaco, Eastman, Lewis Leathers, Golden Bear, Schott, Lost Worlds, Langlitz, and Vanson, just to.list a few "repro" companies as well heritage companies. I would even argue that RRL should be in there.
OActually not. It's the image host's placeholder for defunct images. One of the reasons we prefer that members upload the images to the actual forum.
It's probably a nice idea if they have something special in mind, but I think that it's hard to beat something like the Buzz Rickson MA-1, for the price, which, given the low Yen right now, is well under $500.  The absolute margins on something like that, MTM, to be competitive with something like the Buzz Rickson, would be pretty low.  I can see a production version of it.  But MTM?  Lot of overhead for very little gain.  Of course, Charly and Dan would know their...
For an unstructured jacket that long, in a material that soft, I feel that it would be hard to get the drape right.  But if it's who Derek says it is, the dude knows product.
It's nice. I think that I'd like it a lot better had it had zippered handwarmer pockets.
Interesting takes on what looks like a very early riding jacket and a A-2 hybrid.  Not sure that I love the idea of the M-65 (well, M64, it looks like, but whatever) in suede.  I would seriously look at that first jacket if I hadn't read the words "soft lamb suede" and had read the words "3.5 ounce reverse horse" instead.  
I didn't say anything about the new ventures or collabs.  @omgcookielol baited me into talking about them when he took offense at a pretty straighforward, post that I made (btw, that was a good example of baiting, just fwiw.)   I changed the title of the thread because the amusement I got from that is the only think that is keeping me from 86ing the entire thing right now.  So sick of the bickering, finger pointing, and other bullshit on this thread, which imo, contributes...
1) I was in regular contact with Drew for a couple of years, essentially until he decided to close down shop.  If you read through my posts, you'd have gotten that.2) I'm not baiting people into anything.  I just confirmed that that things don't look good, with the head not in the game, and the heart definitely out of the game, permanently. That's doesn't even remotely meet the criteria for "baiting".   BTW, I changed the title of the thread.  I suppose that people should...
Every time I am tempted to open or post in this thread, I ask myself the question: "How much do I hate myself and wish to imflict misery upon my soul?"     Apparently a lot.
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