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There are some issues, but undescribably poor is a vast overstatement.  C'mon.  I mean, have you taken a look at some seconds?
I saw some kids stuff at PNP (women) as well.  I guess that wealthy goth ninjas want to have gothy ninja kids?  Maybe they are preparing them for a life of arte povera?
Everyone was photographing her.  One dude made her walk up and down the ramp of a pavillion a half dozen times to get his shot.
40 isn't dead, man.  Also, it doesn't mean that you need to dress a certain way, or that people expect you to dress a certain way.  Maybe in 1955.  In 2015, unless you work in banking or at a white shoe layw firm, pretty much all bets are off.
Try the Big John slim cut in the "rare" denim.  There is ample room in the seat, and the rise is actually pretty long, but there is a nice taper in the legs.
Where was this? fwiw, I sorta like MA+
Dear Greg (@gdl203),   If you buy one of those Ts(S) chore jackets made of the wool on nylon embroidery, in my size, I will promise to buy it.  As you know, I do not kid about such things.  I am probably a size 4?   Cheers,   Fok.
Wait, so, he recreated Apple Bottoms?
APC clothes are never really bad.  They are sort of a blank slate.  You can put whatever personality you like into them.  They work perfectly as separates.  With pretty much anything.  The other day, @sinnedk paired some MA+ boots with APC jeans.  It looked fine, good, even.  You could have paired the same jeans with Common Projects, and it would have looked equally fine.  Or Vibergs. Possibly Edward Greens.  Maybe some HBA stuff.  Which is what makes the things that...
The print looks decidedly Dries.  The colors, the black background, etc... could easily have been from SS14.  Dries does do a lot of military inspired outerwear pieces, though I'm not sure I've seen an M65 variant in a while.  Meh, nothing new in fashion.
New Posts  All Forums: