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I feel that vents are extraneous on most modern jackets.  There is simply no need for a vent on a jacket that is not meant for riding.  I think that if I got on a horse, with my skill, I'd be jumping up and down the rest of the day, trying to get everything back to where nature meant things to be.. And it's even more extraneoous on a jacket that is shorter than about 30" in the back.    Most modern jackets are 29" and less, which, on a 5'11" man (i.e. me).  On a shorter...
Incidentally, I am the same.  I think that it's the heel stabilizer.  Other boots have no stride correction.
Does anyone know if there is anything like the mid gris, or something like a heavier sneaker, in the upcoming FW lineup?  I am looking for something that is more boot, but with sneaker elements.  I like the boots like the Virgils, but those are really more straight up boots.
You are probably doing to just deal with it.  I know that it's hard to accept if it's not your mindset, but stuff that is a little beat up looks more natural anyway.  a heel tap would be wierd, but whatever.
Ahem, a heavy tweed, non-vented sportsjacket for fall.  That is all.
@gdl203 - Just call the contest already and give me the 40% code.  I am going on vacation and want some new stuff.
Brand adjacency is wicked important.  I'v schemed many hours on how to get X designer into A+ retailer.  For a starting retailer, and particularly a pure play, it's really hard.  Often, it comes down to who you knwo who trusts your judgement and may or who may or may not owe you a favor.This is not meant as some sort of expose.  It's the same in any business.  Sometimes, it's getting brand Z owned or represented by a friend or close colleague first.  That draws in brand Y,...
The funny thing is that people hate on Theory for being just boring basics, but when it comes time to personal purchasing, a lot of guys eschew anything interesting for things like White Common Projects, which are about as blandly stylish as you get.   Incidentally, I feel that this is a good argument against the "minimalist" wardrboe, which had its heyday in the 90s (Donna Karan's 7 pieces, Puma's 96 Hours with Neil Barrett), but is still a concept that has appeal,...
Hehe.  It happens.  I think that you are wrong about the consensus.  The replies in the thread suggests that no such general agreement exists.  I also can't see how it's possible to extricate the external and internal.  The judgement about the exterior is clearly a judgement that extends to the interior, in this case.
I get really bored at most evening events.  Maybe I'm a homebody, but most of the time, I'd rather be in my lounge clothes, chilling out at home, or occasionally, at a quiet place, having a drink with some friends (if I was reporting back about the Pitti shenanigans rather than @Synthese, there would be a lot of entries like "We were really tired after the expo, so I went home, ordered room service (the pasta was delicious, the steak, underwhelming, and worked on the...
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