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It's the female version of MrPorter, or rather, the "mother" of MrPorter.  It's the core company that starte and owns Mr.Porter (though both are owned by Yoox Group now).   Normally, I don't put up women's sales, but... I shop for my wife, and I figured that a lot of other guys do too, and we also have a fairly large contingent of female lurkers, so I thought that I should throw it out there.   Maybe I'll put a (W) besides those sales which are primarily or wholly for women.
I could very well be of by a few years - I judst remember that one of the big three had C&J, and one, Edward Green.
There is no way of doing this.  However, some jeans tend to fade less than others.  I would recommend that you call a specialist, like the guys at Self Edge (www.selfedge.com) or Blueowl.us to get a good suggestion. Good luck.
The quarters are perhaps   slightly too open.  That said, it's a casual jacket, and so you don't need to fuss so much about a "perfect" fit.
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No, for that, you need to figure out the shrunken size.  From there, the stretching will be about the same as for any other pair of jeans with the same tension in the weave.
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