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That's fair, but for retailers there two high value customers - regular customers who help them sell through at retail, and those they want to make into regular customers.  If you are a sales customer only, it's like staying at a motel 6 - the service will probably be decent enough, for the most part, but you can't expect them a great restaurant, or turn down service, or whatever. I've never seen restocks from TBS.
One wash jeans will have little to no shrinkage, and the same amount of stretching.  Raw sanforized denim, you can expect about 1-3% shrinkage.  Unsanforized, you can expect up to 10%, in any direction, though shrinkage is usually higher along the length rather than the width, due to the way denim is cut.  For unsanforized denim, you can also expect a "twist" in the leg seam.  This is something that is more "authentic", though not, obviously, for everyone.   The amount of...
I will bet you good money that they don't have a "security" team.  Maybe they have one dude who works with their credit card processing solution.  Also, dealing with security (in terms of dealing with fraud) takes fewer resources, and typically has a higher payoff than CS, which is incredibly labor intensive and requires really good communications between various departments.   I'm not saying it doesn't suck, but shit happens, regularly, and it's best to take it in stride,...
The jacket looks too small across the upper chest and shoulders, resulting in quite a bit of pulling and the lapels not sitting properly on your neck and chest.  I am pretty sure that that jacket cannot be fixed to fit you, but someone like @Despos can give you real, expert, advice.   Cheers,   Fok.
I'm guessing that it was a yes, and that congratulations are in order? Congrats, man.
 Yeah, the body could definitely be a bit longer, and the body taken in, more at the very bottom than at the natural waist. I would really recommend using the same terms as luxire uses on the site, which are a bit different from what other online makers often use. That said, this looks awesome: Makes me want to get a cream leather, though irl, that color does nothing good for my complexion.
And yet, it's a valid (sorta) excuse.  Sending out that type of explanatory email requires infrastructure, unless you have very small volume - essentially, just a guy and a computer and some stuff to sell.  At any type of volume, a workflow has to be created, and personnel assigned.  Not saying that it's not something that shouldn't be done. but having been working with a variety of small verging on mid-sized companies, I've seen how stretched resources are.  Much of the...
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Some Vass shoes or Guidi boots, depending on what you like?
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