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Me? Guys on the workboot and denim brand threads?
Not yet.  We just ordered some custom hardware, so things are underway, but the first post of the new thread will be some kick ass pictures of the samples.
It was through DHL "economy", which is just the postal system.  They hand it off to USPS.  In any case, as you may have gathered, my posts were (mostly) in jest, but it is odd.  The package took 6 days to get to the main Frankfurt hub (Germany is not that big of a country.  An invading army could have reached Berlin by foot in that time), and then the package has been sitting there (with a USPS stamp now), ever since. Re. Glitter.  I know what my next secret Santa is getting.
Awesome. On that note, can @linafelt PM me with all the little details (the box toe, the exact sole specs, etc...) so that I actually have them for when I talk to Guy?  These comments should have been in the original description.  Cough, cough, ahem.
What if it gets there before my package gets to me?  Maybe I should just go over there and confront them in person?  wtf happened to German efficiency?  Frickin' End Times.
Think of the children.  They need that post for posterity.
For real, what is it?  Link me.
I looke for this, but apparently, they are stuck back in 2010.  Maybe I'll just troll their Facebook?
Maybe I need to explain that I own a very influential forum and a lot of people care what I think? I'll put that in my letter. It's a German store, and the package seems to be stuck in Frankfurt.  Is it too soon to be making a joke about the war?
Of course, you can always post this for sale in our B&S section, and then the item would turn up in the sig of every single one of your posts if you specify that for the listing.
New Posts  All Forums: