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Not ruled out yet.  I am trying to get at least one of them made.  It's ultimately not going to be my call though.  It's a collaboration between us and Viberg. It's a sand ripple.  However, that order is closed for the time being, since there is very limited leather left, we already have a lot of orders, and I still have to confirm exact numbers with Guy.
There is an obvious and tasteless joke here...
I think that you are probably right, and they will get first priority in the next round if it can't be done this round.  It's a pretty uncommon standard - in that it's a common shape and color in workboots, but seldom seen in a higher end boot in higher end leathers - so it's something worth doing.
But... David Beckham?
The only option for you is to go custom or to get jeans tapered.  Honestly, though, that look is not really for guys with big thighs, and small waists, so designwise, you are probably going to have to try a bunch of things until you find something that works for you.  The Momotaro "natural taper" might work for you, and www.blueowl.us carries them, but it's not a really in the same style as the SLP jeans.
Sure.  You can just go into your styleforummarket account and update your address information.  
Waiting it out until I know for sure what we are allowed to do, and what I plan to do since there is obviously a demand for that and the echo and navy boots.  Sigh.. If only Viberg could make everything, instantaneously.
Acne is not going to be a good fit for you, as you found out.  How tapered do you want them?  And what do you mean by athletic?
http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p6387_Viberg-Boot-Service-Boot-Mocha-Oil-Tan-White-Christy-Sole.html I think that that picture is too dark, but the tone of the leather is correct.   More like this picture (toe only):
I'll ask Guy to match these as closely as possible.  I am not committing to a specific sole on that make up, since it is meant to look as close to the original sample as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: