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I think that that is a reasobalbe stance, especially on this and other forum B&S sections, which are completely free.  Paid services alike Ebay and Grailed, even though you pay on the other side, are, imo, often not worth it.   Again, it really depends - would you like to optimize for the total number of items, or would you like to maximize the amount you get from any individual item, over a (often much) longer period.
If you are in grad school, my advice is to do lots of cool things, really apply yourself to your research when you are actually doing it, and try to leave work at work. ime, and I've been through one of the tougher grad schools in the world, plus advised graduate students, the thing that leads to burnout is not shorter periods of intense work, it's the gnawing, grinding, slow stress.  The most successsful students that I knew, applied themselves, intensely, for pretty...
Grailed flippers are the world's worst businessmen.   Selling on the secondary market or discount is a volume business.  Retail is already a low margin busiess.  Your margins as secondary market seller or discounter is even lower  It takes a disciplined organization to make any money at all.  I realize that grailed flippers are typically just opportunistic kids, but they also risk their reputation in a closed community for pennies that may not even materialize.   
They are not going to work for free.   It's a way to get rid of old stuff.  Clothing is not an investment.  There are very specific things that can increase in value, but the vast majority of used or even new by deadstock clothing is worth a small fraction of it's original price.  A lot of people harbor the inaccurate notion that their collections hold value well.
You probably want something from a more traditional company like Begg&Co or Drakes.     Something like this, maybe: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/scarves/grey-reversible-lambswool-angora-scarf.html   It's 63", but pretty close to what you are looking for.
I think that you could have gotten a higher price, but would have had to do a lot of extra work, and waited a lot longer, perhaps indefinitely.  If you value your time very cheaply or not at all, then maybe you could have gotten, what?  25% more?  30% more?  If you value your time at a very reasonable rate of $20/h, you would have been losing money at just an additional 3 hours of work - that includes dealing with lowballers, tons of questions, having the relist the item...
imo, unless you are really willing to wait, and you feel that the right buyer will come for your rare piece, I think that it's better, in general, to just send your stuff to Luxeswap or some other luxury consignor, who will get you a better aggregate price.  You'll get less per item, but you also won't be sitting on a closet of stuff that is not getting any more valuable.
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