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I am not, and actually have not been able to reach Jamison for several months either.  Without going into detail also, we're loolking into it.  Jamison has been a member of this forum for even longer than he has been an affiliate, and I'd like to give him as much benefit of the doubt as possible and reasonable.
Dude, blue goes with more blue.  It's the best color.  Once in a while you have to mix in some grey,but even that is a bit of a copout.
I think that the internet has increased out efficiency by 125% and our productivity by only 5%.  I for one, am glad that you guys would rather hang out here and argue about tailors/cutters/stylists, then spend your time making gifs of cats, or e-stalking your high school girlfriend.
I nominate this post for best use of quotation marks in this "threak."
My boss is a complete asshole, but he is also dumb and complacent.  Also, it's Monday, and on Mondays, we can't be bothered to do shit in the office. Ohhh.... incidentally, if you are not signed up to receive the Styleforum newsletters, but you even marginally enjoyed our coverage of Pitti Uomo, and wish to be entertained by the likes of @Synthese , @unbelragazzo , and also Prof. Fabulous (tm), then sign up for those.  The first one comes out on Nov 24.  I promise that no...
Until very recently, I was an academic.  I think that I subconsciously miss banging my head against a brick wall.
My position rests on how you, other cleints, Luca, and friggin Mariano himself describes his role.  I just put a very traditional label on it that you do not like.  Did I not say that I was using these terms in the more traditional sense?  I know what a stylist means wth respect to RTW, since I have filled that role in many different ways. many of which, you may be surprised to know, are quite similar to what Mariano does, and doesn't look at all like the makeovers on TV...
Actually, Heismatt specifically stated that London House was started by, and continues to be headed by. a stylist.  Luca, who is the heir apparent London House. has said that he is a stylist.  wtf more do you want? Not that curious.  You are the only guy arguing with everyone else, and insisting that things are not the way that they have been described by the heads of LH themselves, and that seems to jive with the experiences of everone else.  Everyone else: "Yes, that...
Honestly, I think that that looks great.  To me, Engineered Garments looks wierd if it is too body conscious.  There are plenty of other labels for that.  I'm not sure what you mean by back flare there.  There is a slight, intentional, A-shape, that I think looks really good.
Kindly see the bolded part. it comes down to this.  When you pay a lot of money, you are probably going to see the things that the service provider wants you to see, unless you slip up.  If you don't believe that, then you would make, or do make, a pretty awesome whale.
New Posts  All Forums: