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yup. And all over.
We are at $10159.  Let's keep on going, see if we can do close to $12K by the end of this auction.
On a roll, let's keep the needle going up.
If the price is right.  Paging @mafoofan now is a good time to jump in and take this before your are sacrificed on the altar of charity.
lol.  That works for me, same rules apply, of course.  And it can't be to someone I've already bequeathed a title.  Um, $900.
Well, that would move towards the same number, wouldn't it?   $1000.  Someone go for it.   Remember, there is a minimum.   Cheers.   Fok.
Skint, are we?  $1200.
Winners get to lead the discussion that leads the title.  They are allowed a veto. Um, $1300.
$1400.  C'mon, ballers.
@Chicago Guy 46 , which time zone are you in?  If you are in Central Time, you don't have until 5:30, you have until 4:30.  Just sayin'.   Just from the MrPorter website: Next Day • Order by 5.30pm EST to receive your purchase next business day • Delivery between 9am-8pm, Monday to Friday  
New Posts  All Forums: