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The leather is a lot better, or at least, more interesting.  The Workboot line is great if you want a workboot for construction or firefighting or whatever, but they neither have that "vintage workwear" nor "fashion" feel that the boots on Viberg.com have, and are the reason that people seek them out.
Never. It's a boot that already looks beat. Let it get beat and stained more.
So, the Route 66 is the makeup that I started with... so clearly behind that.  I also like the horse on crepe or chunky leather sole.
1) You don't.2) Ask the store for a prepaid shipping label, and tell them that you'd be happy to pay for it.  If it's a sale item, don't expect them to do it.  But if you paid full price, and are a loyal and easy customer, they might (some have for me).
They look much more like the leather ones, when worn.  Guidi boots are all object dyed, which is why they have that signature, weathered look, and sometimes odd shapes straight out of the box.  However, they look a lot more like this, worn (when a human foot is in them, unsurprisingly, they look more filled out: They have a rounder toe and a chunkier silhouette than the 017 I have on custom order (and that are taking their time to get here - delayed a couple of months,...
I actually like them on Chukkas for precisely this reason.  I like my jeans to be a little stacked and with the tab outside - just a little messier and more "street".  Can't stand looking too clean or presentable.  Of course, it's one of my idiosyncrasies.
You'll see up close.  Um... think of fine suede.  Depending on how you've stroked the nap, it will look different.  Sorta a cool effect, but more pronounced because of the depth of the nap.  
Yes, and we've done it before.
lol.  I got the reverse 994 (http://www.mrporter.com/en-dk/mens/guidi/suede-lace-up-boots/518365) 
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