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It's the instagram/influencer life.  Get up in the morning, get dressed for your daily WAYWT, then change in to gym clothes.
Flatshop on sale:  http://store.flatshop.it/?mc_cid=3e00ff1c58&mc_eid=34c467cfad  
And now, for that (quickly) consolidated list so that you can be separated from your money (I have been experiencing this:  www.fwrd.com - sale up to 50% off. www.brooksbrothers.com Annual sale up to 40% off www.barneys.com - sale now up to 60% off www.bloomingdales.com - $25 each $100 with code PRIVATE www.ralphlauren.com sale on now, up to 40% off. www.thecorner.com 60% off now www.matchesfashion.com - up to 50% off www.mrporter.com - SALE up to 70% www.oki-ni.com -...
Updated with dozens of sales.
www.maasandstacks.com more lines on sale now, 30% off  
www.endclothing.com - summer sale - up to 50% off.
www.wingsandhorns.com Summer Sale   Shop 30% off the Spring/Summer 2016 collection in-store and online.
Back tp actual sales:   http://www.tizianafausti.com/eng/ PRESALE SUMMER 2016   Insert "PSP40" at the checkout to get your exclusive 40% off on SS16 collections. Promo valid till 26th June 2016 at 23.59 (UTC +1). Some brands restrictions apply.
This.  He is in the business of making money, and that doesn't necessarily translate into spending money.  I mean, otherwise, he would have stopped $69.9 billion ago.  No human being has a lifestyle that requires that much money, unless you are a supervillain, I guess.  Earth destroying death rays have a lot of R&D costs.
Yes, a lot of the undercollars of leather jackets use the neck part of the hide for the undercollars.  The leather is more creased and grainy, but it is also soft.   If that part of the hide, or that graininess, were to be used on another part of the jacket, I might be more apprehensive.
New Posts  All Forums: