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It's like Disneyland.  You don't really want to go.  You feel somewhat obligated to go.  You spend a ton of money (come to think of it, the price is not dissimilar) to have a terrible time when you are there, and you are exhausted and relieved when it is done.  And then, someone talks you into it a few months/years/decades later.  I like a ton of one star restaurants.  I can't think of any two, and definitely no three star, restaurants that I want to go back to ever again.
This phrase is giving me a headache.  It's like one of those really annoying optical illusions.
It is a good time.  I also like tailgating and grilling.  Sometimes, things that can be described as "urbane" and "sophisticated" turn out to be pretentious and generally no fun.  In food, this to me translates nearly directly into "tasting menus".  I.... really.... hate..... them.....  Hard to articulate how much I hate them.  Anyone who has hung out with me in San Francisco or NYC knows that I insist on places that serve decent sized portions, and where no one course can...
With all due respect, those are rocks.  These, these are mountains.  Check out the waterfalls.  You see this nearly the entire length of western Norway. 
Well. I actually enjoy going to a Nascar event slightly more than going to Ibiza, so, yeah, agreed.  They both suck.  But people at a Nascar event are typically fairly friendly, and for lack of a better term, "geniune".  The same really can't be said for any "beautiful young people" party that I've been to in Ibiza or anything that aspires to be or resembles Ibiza.
Because the Junya is just a derby with some customizations.  For the same size, it has wider shoulders.  This is one of the major complaints about the "sizing" of that jacket.  If you want slim shoulders, you have a super tight waist, and the sleeves are typically extremely long for any given size. The Daredevil has considerably slimmer shoulders.  No, you won't need to having your arms fully extended to ride a bike, but at the same time, you do want reaching for your...
Removing shoulder gussets would likely the a bad idea.
It's pretty amazing.  I still think that the Western fjords are more awe inspiring in their starkness, but Haida Gwai is beautiful.  I've been all over (well, not Africa), and I do find it hard to find landscape more incredible than that of my home country, Canada. Aren't you going to a place that is the opposite of that?
Cargo shorts are nearly always a bit baggy.  They are slim only in GQ.  And then it doesn't look neutral, just bad.  And yes, a black hoodie is about as neutral as you get.  Not getting the no shoes thing though.  I lived in LA for years, and there is no way I would walk anywhere without footwear, unless you like infections and/or cuts.  @Soprano28: get some Vans slip ons or some Stan Smiths.  They cost $45-160 for the most primo Stans.  A low price to pay to not rish...
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