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Yes, that was exactly it.  I don't know the details of how he did it, and we have (well, I didn't, but the techs did) since implement some additional safeguards, since that was a real security risk, as you probably know, rather than just an annoyance.  There are a lot of hungry and smart people out there.
Meh, we can discuss this offline, but I really don't feel like discussing it.  It's just another unnecessary headache in my day.  
On a related note, we do get, and regularly, spammers who leave hidden hupu images in posts.  And that's when you see how good the human eye is at language analysis.  They are perfectly innocuous posts, except for slight misuses of commas.  And @emptym and I can catch them immediately.  However, there is nearly no possibility of a machine figuring this out, without essentially infinite sampling, and even then, I'm guessing it still would have a hard time distinguishing...
The dude was good - I have to give the to him.  He had hundreds of posts throughout the forum, all innocuous comments, and then these hidden tiny urls.  He was smart enough that we didn't catch him for a good 3 years.  It was like that scheme in Office Space, except with the right number of zeros.  I figure that he syphoned off thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars, over that period, but we'll never know for sure.  I think that in the end, he tripped himself...
Oh, right. @unbelragazzo ordered cake from Momofuku milk bar.
Come to the trunk show. We will feed you and no man has geller Nov 7-8.
Just as a note, every abandoned forum is overrun with spam. Most have spam filters running. That's actually one way professional administrators identify and purchase distressed properties. If spam disappears, you can be sure there is someone actively killing it.
He was good.
We could. That just means that legit users get frustrated, and existing threads get spammed, as used to happen all the time.
Tbh, it's frustrating when people assume that you are either negligent, venal, or just plain stupid, for not doing something that seems "obvious" to them, when the very opposite is true. Not only do I spend a lot of time trying to get traction on the spam with technical solutions, but I spend and inordinate amount of time manually dealing with spammers and figuring out where the state of the art of spam is at. What you see is the tip of the iceberg. Spammers have become...
New Posts  All Forums: