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Thanks for buying that.  Glad it got a good home.  It was junking up my garage. Incidentally, this means that the number of thumbs on Styleforum are now limited.  Give'em out while they are still available.
For the shirts, I would say that to get a bit of the relaxed fit, a V would be right.  The shirts and blazers, in particular, ime, are cut fairly narrowly.
 And you are very welcome. Unfortunately, we have relatively little control over the layout of the various units, since we use a hosted solution. We only have space for a limited number of "stickied" threads, but I've been thinking of having a HOF thread in which the first post is simple a lot of links to HOF threads....Cheers,Fok.
This.  Also, if you are a 40, a size IV in the shirts is generally tiny.  I should know.  I got a IV shirt on, sort of - it looked like a compression shirt, and I took it off very gingerly so as to not hulk it.  The outerwear, particularly the coats, on the other hand, typically fits TTS or even oversized.  I have a size V Merinos coat from No Man, and I could smuggle a case of beer under there.  It's cool, but definitely the fit seems to depend a lot on the type of garment.
The answer is a definite yes.  It's something that I feel strongly about.  I think that Ashish will definitely agree to a screwed by TOJ discount, and even if he does not, since I receive a small commission for sales of this collab, I will personally give a discount out-of-pocket.  Of course, this screwage discount will not be indefinite.  If you come to me two years from now and ask for a "I was once screwed by ToJ", then probably the best that you can hope for from me is...
I can see the point of a yearly dedicated Allen Edmonds umbrella thread - sorta what I'm inclined to do right now, for the reasons above. Is there any one willing to make the first post and write a little FAQ to guide new members so that we don't get as much older member/new member comflicts? Cheers, Fok.
I have the sample in my office, hanging up.  I'll put the thread up when I have both samples (rider and moto), and when I have a more definitive timeline and hopefull, prices. CHeers, FOk.
@peppercorn78 @watchidiot and @JSO1 as your new thread starters. What say you, Allen Edmonds community?
Any of these suggestions would work for me.  It's whoever the community decides. Cheers, Fok.
How about one catch all thread, and one Rolex thread?  Ultimately, it is up to you guys.  The only thing I know is that this thread will need to have a part II pretty soon.  Cheers, Fok.
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