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Yeah, let's keep things focused for now.  Incidentally, there are about a dozen people who voted who have not yet preordered.  You guys have a few days left to do this.  I am not going to take preorders after the due date because I want to make sure that we get in the queue ASAP, and it's not fair to the others if you hold up their boots!   Cheers,   Fok.
Love the idea.  Um, hate/love the pun.  Incidentally, you guys had a CA4LA cap, black tweed or something, in stock, ealier.  Is that now sold out?   Cheers.   Fok.
I can absolutely change it out.  I just don't have the time right now to do all the formatting,gathering all the information, etc...  But if Wade (@Thurston Bros can do this, I will absolutely cut and paste it out to the first post. Cheers, Fok.
Hey Wade, There is technically no way for me to do that, but if you can send me a formatted post, I'd happily change it out!  You can either PM it to me, or just post it here and send me the URL (easier that way, since no formatting get's lost). Cheers, Fok.
@gdl203 and @conceptual 4est  I want ot see: Stephan Schneider Clover in both iterations (size 5) Monitaly Gentleman's jacket - size 40? Monitlay riders - size 40? Oliver Spencer boiled wool sportscoat - probably size 40?  Maybe size 38? Robert Geller Richard - size 48   @Epaulet, would love to see that Croots carryall the greeen bridle leather.   Cheers,   Fok.
Looking forward.  And this invitation is extended to everyone who might be interested in hanging out, looking at nice things, and eating good food and having good drinks.
Medium fits best.
"Foke". My parents can't spell.Tags it is.Awesome.
Charly can at least suggest. I don't think that Drew will want to do it, but life is full of stuff we don't want to do.
I don't disagree with any of this. I'm just saying that imo, a soft approach is sometimes needed, depending on your actual goals.
New Posts  All Forums: