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@edmorel gets the tone of advice exactly right.  There is no such thing as an absolute, universal, "perfect fit".  Even agreement on a good fit requires that all the people in a discussion agree not just on a set of parameters, but on a specific, wholistic, paradigm, in which to discuss the fit. An obvious example are the differences between the ideal "Savile Row" cut (and I use that term as broadly as possible, since there are so many difference between the different...
First in a long time. Kapital kogin outlaw cap and Garbstore and Indigo Farms Judo jacket. Double overpainted.
Sigh,  @LouieBailie is sitting out the next week and a half, until August 3, when I am coming back from vacation.  I think that he has a lot to contribute, and he is a guy who seems to have decent experience in reburbishing boots (everyone gets their boots done at the end of the season,) but there is really no reason to call other guys out and make completely unnecessary and deliberately provocative posts about "alternate lifestyles" or whatever.  Not to mention that it's...
I always go down for unlined and cashmere lined gloves.  Deerskin is qite malleable, and stretches to the hand well.  
If either of you are a size 8.5, lay off.
My wife and I went out drinking on Day 2 of one Pitti.  I was fine, but she was forgot to drink any whater, and drunk/hung over until about dinner the next day.  She was supposed to be taking photographs, which is why the pictures for one day last year look like they were taken by someone standing on an old train.
The most formal of jackets are still ventless, though... Evening suits are traditionally made ventless because the only place you are going to park your butt is in your seat.  
Darker.  That shot is really overexposed.
I'd be more interested in how to grow a man beard.  I want to go to Pitti with a respectable one.
That's actually not all that inaccurate.  I wouldn't say that it's the majority of people, but a lot of people seem to have come to fashion via rather circuitous routes.  It might just be modern careers, which, on average, change courses a lot more than they used to, ever.
New Posts  All Forums: