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I say that for a Dr, we opt for a midweight leather. That will allow the jacket to also look good open. A lighter weight leather will make the Dr droop and say through the middle.Also, a Tartan would be cool. I have a legit claim to wear a Gordon tartan, so that is my vote.
Lol. I do workout, but especially in the past six months, due to circumstances way beyond my control, I've got 15 lbs worth losing. But the length is perfect.
On the bomber, possibly. On the Richard, no. That flatlock stitching is not going to come apart easily. Funny, because the arms on Geller stuff fits me perfectly.
Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. I'm just saying that it's apples and oranges.The Barneys site really sucks. They should just scrap it and start again.
I love Haven. But it's not on the same scale as those other sites, which are backed by some very deep pockets.
East Dane is not as polished as Mr Porter or The Corner, but it's way more attractive than was Park and Bond, which looked like a discount site from day 1.
Well, I'm a college professor, so that should go without saying.
That is really beautiful.
Semantics are important. That aside, my point is that you should seek to appreciate that to which you are not personally attracted. It will make your life richer. That is usually my point.
Bad buying, poor visual merchandising, inability to differentiate from GILT. Yoox does a much better job with The Corner, Amazon with East Dane.It was a failure of execution, more than of timing.
New Posts  All Forums: