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You live near there?  I used to live 10 minutes walk away from David Square.  It was always a chiller alternative to Harvard Square.
It's worth noting that both of these are from Viberg itself.  Also, I know that the black unicorn roughout was done like that by mistake.  I mean, you cover all that work with black edge paint, so...
Company policy clearly states non drinking on the job...
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You got the government you deserve.
imho, these are... the best:  
Ashish (@LuxireStudio) was at a big textiles show, but he should be back soon, and I know that things are underway. The Talon zips that were ordered for these jackets are already there, and the leather colors and weights are to our liking.  Right now, it's about tweaking the fit of "standard" sizing.
Have you ever seen the editorial shoots featuring the worlds' least probable MMA fighters or boxers?  You need "some" muscle to do those sports.
Scuttled, but we are close to having the Luxire samples done!  You can ask @notwithit and @gomestartheir impressions.  
Well, we'll be doing a flack Friday sales with codes and coupons newsletter, so... might be your shot. Cheers, Fok.
New Posts  All Forums: