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Except that thumbing is active engagement, not an indicator. We were interested to see if comments would spur engagement. It had the opposite effect.
Trial run showed decisively that use of thumbs dropped off.
Looks like McTeagues is by far the closest.  Let's see if that's open.  You are going to make me work out at army hours after all.  I did that all through college and grad school, training.  Not my happy time hour.
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Hey Guys,   I'm locking this thread, so that we can concentrate on the new one.  Mauro wanted a fresh start on the forum, without the baggage the is here.  We will keep this thread viewable for a while, though locked, for reference sake.     For all new conversation, please go here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/476230/wolf-vs-goat-official-affiliate-thread-new-april-16-2015   Cheers,   Fok.
Welcome to the new Wolf vs. Goat affiliate vendor thread.     Mauro Farinelli is no stranger to Styleforum, and he has been on this forum for many years, good and bad.  I've personally known Mauro for close to a decade now.     In this thread, he'd like to concentrate on the new offering from the line that he has developed and designed, expanded, and improved continuously for over 5 years now.  He is, at core, a clothing nerd, like most of us, and passionate about...
http://www.abbeytavern-sf.com/Looks like they are playing the match. I want to work out at non army hours, but would join you there. Who are we cheering for?
Just have to remember that every empire has fallen.
Okay, so let this be the last food post here (i.e. let's move it to Radom food thoughts) but in the bigger grocery stores, the also have crazy flavors like three cheese (super rich, too much so for my unaccustomed palate).  My friends and I used to go to big Chinese groceries in Monterey Park, and along with buying tons of fresh and cheap seafood, we'd pick up the wierdest ice cream in the selection.  Three cheese was a pretty intense one.
New Posts  All Forums: