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White Mountaineering. Fell in love with these when I first saw them. More of that Americana by way of Japan style.
None. And I dunno.They will probably sell that one for $700-720, plus shipping, is my guess.
There is actually no premium. It's retail. The only difference is that we include worldwide shipping, which is actually cheaper for anyone not located in Canada. Our derby will probably use a Dainite sole which, IIRC, is not planned for the Viberg site.
They are/were in production, and @guyferguson was going to post some pics last week, but the dude is Bbbuuuuussssy.
But they are supposed to be wide. Wide can create a draped effect that is impossible with narrow. I think that there is room for both, even in the same collection. For example, I have some pants from Cloak fw04 that have a 20"+ hem. The sister jeans from the same collection have a 13.5" hem. Both look very cool.
These are nice. And I normally have an aversion to Rick.
Completely disagree. IMO, thought needs to have that big break. Either that or crop them well above the ankles. Personally, I think that they look really cool as is.
Yes, unless you walk on air and never see the sun, a little bit, yes. But that goes for pretty much any light colored leather shoe.
Dries grey on white Jean jacket today so dope will sale on fools at the club whassup @jet Pair with jeans, white mountaineering slim embroidered belt and new Heshung moc boots for that Mojave steez.
I was going to suggest using in as a tie... or belt.
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