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Wladimir Klitschko.  Don't get me wrong, he is technically excellent, with a terrific big man style, a great right hand coming off that jab, and he KOs regularly.  But man, that dude can hug.  And if he feels at all in danger, he will slow dance his opponent for 12 full rounds.  I really hope that Deontay Wilder has it in him to knock him on his ass.
1) That's a lie2) Please send me all the info you can to styleforum.net@gmail.com and I'll pass it on to tech. Cheers. Fok.
Oh wait.  Stalking.
I'm an eternal optimist?
Just got my UPS notice today.  Ts(S) herringbone vest for $150.  I was genuinely surprised that 1) It was available, and 2) It was actually available.  
That's a myth perpetuated by Apple.  You can get exploits, Trojans, whatever, on any computer system.  
I was talking specifically about the type of villainy that made them draws. Both of them are portrayed/portray themselves as WWE villains.  Floyd plays the obnoxious, rich guy, like Ted DiBiase, "The Million Dollar Man", and Tyson played the crazed psychopath.   And I think that all professional athletes are about the money, to some degree. And well deserved too.  It's a hell of a way to make a living.
Having lived through both the Floyd and Tyson reigns, I think that it's hard to disagree that Tyson was a a more captivating villain.  Floyd is all about the money, flash bling, etc..., but Tyson always seemed genuinely crazy, not to mention that his opponents were straight up afraid of him, not because he would eat children, etc.., but because they were in real danger of him punching their nose through their skull.   Speaking of a defensive boxing, Tyson's defense is too...
  Hand striking in MMA is not like that in boxing partially because the competitors are not as skilled boxers (duh), and partially because there is a lot more to look out for in MMA - anything except for the groin is fair game in MMA, and you can use your feet, take someone down to beat him up or submit him on the ground, etc...  It's also really different when you are fighting with 12ounce+gloves, as opposed to 4 ounce gloves, which protect the hand but allow you to hit...
New Posts  All Forums: