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The choices are 7 or 9 eyelets.  It's just the way the machines are set right now.
Same. The sticking point right now is finding a retail space in downtown San Francisco.  If anyone knows a good commercial leasing agent, do tell.  The market is so strong that no one wants to do pop-ups and every landlord is holding out for very lucrative (as in $100K rent for a small to mid-sized retail space on Geary) long term lease.
So, as you see from the above, I've cut it down to 15 now.  Unless I hear a huge surge, the ones that have been cut will not be around much longer.  The Echo boot, as one of our more editorial selections to give more diversity to our offerings, will stay on the table,  The leaves 6 spots for.  Right now, it seems like the most popular makeups are the Half Japanese (5), 2 different makeups using the brown waxed flesh (one on the 2030, one on the 110), the blue collar boot...
1. The "Echo Boot" by @Synthese  - inspired by Hoth.   Model: Scout boot Last: 2030 Leather: Off-white smooth Guidi leather ("bone") Leather (tongue): white roughout Eyelets: 7 white Sole: White mini-ripple sole Comments: unstructured toe, plain-toe, white edge paint, tonal stitching, pull tab (smooth bone leather)   HOF Remake! 2. The Tan Bison mini-ripple toe Model: Scout boot Last: 2030 Leather: tan bison grain side Leather (tongue): tan bison roughout Eyelets: 7...
Ebony latigo is the way to go for that.  If you want a mid-brown boot that is a uniform brown, but brighter than the ebony latigo, the grain side of the mustang russet I have here would serve well. Cheers, Fok.
Not gonna lie, it's a lot of work, but it's worth it, and we get some cool stuff made.  I also get to have lots of leather swatches in the office, which is a real bonus.  Looking over the stampede russet right now.  It's pretty awesome.  I could easily see that on the #6, with rivets if we can do it... I'm going to try Guy again today, and see if we can't bang some of these out. Cheers, Fok.
I have the exact piece of leather on my desk right now.  Note that the part on the right is how it will look, brushed.   Looking right now at the grain side - that might be a good option if we can't get harness. The grain side is more brown with black low tones.  It is not a pull up leather like cxl, but the color does migrate a bit.  And it seems pretty well oiled and extremely resistant to scratches.  I just stuck him finger nail in, and scratched across the surface....
My question is whether we will go from worshipping them to them just becoming an integral and expected part of our lives.  If this happens, then we could expect those areas to remain quite vibrant until another technology transplants them, or until foreign competition just murders them out (see Detroit).  It's still a nascent field though, so I would expect that if this happens, it would be considerably more than 10 years before San Francisco goes from a tech giant to...
I agree.  However, I was not able to talk to Guy today, so we'll both have to wait for an answer.  The dude is busy.  In fact, the whole company is busy.  And good for them.
As a Chinese guy, I don't understand pets at all, or why some animals are okay to eat/use, and others are not.  I can respect that though.  I know horse people who would quake at the idea of shell cordovan or horse leather jackets.   One thing that I will not apologize for is that the term "pet parent" makes me laugh.
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