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Do you believe that PayPal has no skin in the game? The guy seems to be a serial entrepreneur. That's not a criticism, but I tend to not trust anyone who says that they are investing time and money for no return. Tbh, I think that that last examples of that being the actual origin story were forums like Styleforum, which were nearly all started by nerds like us, in the late 90s and early 2000s.
All things we discuss, regularly, in depth. @dieworkwear, we will make categories mandatory, and add a size filter, also mandatory. Is there anything else in that vein? Or something that needs fixing? Brands are too fluid for us to put that in.Tbh, I never use search. That's actually one thing I like about our system over, say, EBay. I can browse 20 pages, and see l lots of interest ing stuff, instead of just seeing lots of American Eagle and Old Navy. I like to do...
They are competition, but not direct, and we could possibly work with them. Our advantage is in CM b&s, which has much more low tech, Craig's list feel, and was our original intent. We are doing things to shore up b&s, but our focus is more on community and retailer driven retail than on resale and swap. Also, we will always have a free market, so we can see where they go before deciding our strategy with them. The problem with VC is that you need to really grow, then...
Venture capital. They will try to grow the site, and then implement a revenue strategy. No such thing as free.
To be fair, Jian loses his shit regularly.
I will do whatever the community wants and will actually buy. We can do up to 3 makeups at a time, and will ship anywhere outside Italy, Russia, and war zones... My personal tastes are for wider, err rounded toe lasts, wedge soles, and lighter colored leathers, sorta like what Visvim might do.
Does Visvim have the same drop strategy as Nike for some items? Any skagway for fw14??
Check out the very long list of stores In the official list, linked in the header.
I actually save on my Razor scooters, especially since I am not doing anything tricks, just getting from A to B.Save on most home stuff, except for good knives and pans. Also, a decent range.Splurge on deserts. Should probably do that less.Never, ever, save on belts.
Yes. You can't get the as fitted with a single piece back. Extra panels allow more shaping.
New Posts  All Forums: