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there are a lot of thin belts with a small, discreet buckle.  And there are also things like the double o-ring.  I only ever wear tees and knits, so the belt bulge is never an issue.
I put in the ask.  Meh, one way or the other, if these do get made, I might give the original voters a bit of a discount - 10%, probably.  No, the discounts are not stackable.
We are allowed all 4, yes. Cheers, Fok.
So... change of plans.   The tan horse roughout side is too uneven for Viberg to want to attempt a roughout boot with it.  Unless we decide to go grain side, we have 2 roughout and suede options.  This is a big enough change that I will not hold people to it.  However, we co have some good options:   Aged Bark R/O: https://viberg.com/products/scout-boot-aged-bark-roughout?variant=24880231368 Snuff Calf Suede:...
I like your belts, but you don't ever get the urge for some commercially unobtainable hardware or just plain difficult leather treatment, like MA+ buckles or the ones that Equus has commissioned, or vat dyed Guidi leather (that they don't sell to anyone, so....)? At this point, I have all the standard belts I will ever need, in some pretty darn nice workmanship, so I always crave something unique.
Just a reminder to all who participated that we are starting again tomorrow, in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/532972/styleforum-gives-2015-our-annual-holiday-charity-auctions-for-the-ronald-mcdonald-house   Cheers,   Fok.
The Annual Styleforum Gives Holiday Charity Auctions - 2016   100% of proceeds Benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities.   Hi All,   Of all the many traditions we all have, this is the one of which I am most proud.  We are holding auctions of items donated by retailers and designers, 100% of the proceeds to go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (rmhc.org), which helps to house and feed the families of children who must travel for medical treatment.  During the...
Still trying to figure this one out...
I almost want to talk about SZ.
I got a Frank Leder belt.
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