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No, but in my undergrad, they used to play Old Fort Henry, back in the day - I went to Queens 1993-1997. Sci97!
Oh right, that silliness. Basically, the answer is no, there is no fix for that. I suppose that you could move the hook and eye, but that would be the only thing that could help.
+ 50 = 54000
That style of jacket could look really odd super fitted. Incidentally, uploading the picture directly will probably get you more looks and opinions.
You wouldn't be wrong.  MA+ is really stone age workmanship - it's on purpose and part of the appeal, but still, a $2K+ statement about modern construction methods is a bit much for most people, especially when you have to wear that statement.  While the visual of clothing disintegrating as someone walks across the desert is cool, it could be a bit much when really, you are just commuting across SF to your tech job.
Picture?  I'm having a hard time visualizing this so a picture might be good for some better, more specific, suggestions.
it's not that easy. There are 2 layers of fabric on the typical button fly, and only the one on a pair of zip flies.  Unless you are into the 90s girl exposed fly look, of course/
I've been drooling over it for years.  One day, things won't keep on getting in the way of my getting one.
No, the ones I was talking about had bondage straps between the legs, at the knees.  Cool, but could make for an awkward bike ride/walk up a set of stairs.
That said, matching the wool to your jacket will be difficult.
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