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Is this a new bid?
I thought that I'd already covered that: 
You are easily alarmed.  There are probably a dozen people reading this that could do it easily.  I just happen to suck and dislike using html, need to ask for specific directions, and also have a lot of other stuff to do. It's a specialized header that has a lot of hidden html.  I suck at html, and I don't have all the hidden code in front of me.  So, the fact that I need to go through a bunch of asking "how is something supposed to be done", and then I have to make sure...
 Pretty much this.  And in the scheme of things, it's sorta low (i.e. not urgent, no one is going to flip out if not taken care of immediately) priority on a fairly long list.  But it will happen.  I can't actually change out the picture myself.  I need to get someone at Wikia to do that, or maybe get specific instructions. Cheers, Fok.
Every maker just uses an adhesive on that part.  That probably happened because you kicked something, and it just caught the leather.  It looks like you did,  On the left side of that, facing us, I see that there is a bit of black that is worn off on both the upper and the midsole.  That happens if you catch something.  fwiw, I constantly fidget my feet, and kick at things, and this happens to 95% of my shoes.  So I just use use some Freesole, which is what pros use to do...
Auction 9: Yellow Hook Neckties Camel Vicuna/Cashmere tie! Ends Tuesday, Dec 16, 10 a.m. PST, or 10 minutes after the last bid, whichever comes later.   Today, we have up for auction a Yellow Hook Tie  a Camel Vicuna/Cashmere number, from Yellow Hook Neckties, with a retail value of $299, donated by our own @NewYorkIslander.  The ties are made right in NYC.  Rob is a great guy, and this is a great cause, so let's come out and support him.  Some picture below to whet...
@997CTSurg takes this one at a whopping $1850.  Very nice, sir, very nice.     You know the drill!  Please paypal the styleforum account, and then I'll get you in touch with @David Reeves.   Sorry for the delay, folks.  Sick kid at home.  I will get the next auction up in a sec.   Cheers,   Fok.
Let's see if we can raise $2000?  Anyone?   Cheers,   Fok.
Someone beat out Alpha-M already.  I mean, really, don't let a guy with the title "Alpha-M" take this next auction...
Congratulations Brian, and thanks for doing this on Styleforum for a great cause.   Cheers,   Fok.
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