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With a proper DSLR, or even a cell camera with good lighting, I do okay.  The pics I take are sometime magnified and taken in low light from wierd angles, since my house is a mess.
I wore your belts there, so Equus was represented.
This.  I love his work, but as a human being, calling him flawed would be extremely charitable.
I'm going to rock one of their variegated yarn vests.  A lot of cool stuff from that brand.
Italians, contrary to popular opinion, generally have terrible taste, particularly in "streetwear".  I am going to write about this, but I think that a lot of it stems from the fact that garments like jeans have no historical context in Italy, and so it's easier for high street brands and mid-market designers to be lazy.  That combined with the fact that everyone cares.  I saw several knit duffle sportcoats, not worn by Pitti attendees, but worn by regular Italian guys,...
Learn something new every day.  I wonder if the Ceremonia brand on  Yoox is the same Ceremonia that is/was a Lubiam brand as well.
I could be wrong, but my understanding was that it is just a case of marketing strategy - that LBM 1911 just reads better abroad, sort of the way Vestimenta used the "Hilton" mark in Europe, but "Vestimenta" in the US.
Woah... I think that you're right.   Did anyone clown around and get KTFO?
@Parker - so...   1) You don't wear boxing gloves in the cage.  The standard is 4 oz MMA competition gloves. 2) I kept on trying to figure out what was going on in the cage for the entire video.
Marc Jacobs is on record as saying that he doesn't understand menswear, and leaves that all to his team.
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