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I like both quite a bit.  The Daredevil is more "tough", in that the leather is heavier, with that cool and characteristic Vanson leather and super chunky chrome hardware that is characteristic of the brand.  The ones done with Luxire are more "tailored, for lack of a better word. The shoulders do not use lapped seams, for example,  and the details on the "standard" models are fewer and more streamlined.  The leather is a bt more matte witha finer grain, slightly lower...
Wierd.  Are you sure that it's a flaw?  Our bodies are nearly always asymmetrical.  If it is NOT a flaw, but just the cut, changing sizes or even individual garments, same size, may not solve the issue.  Just so you don't waste your time if this is the case.
The "standard" eather is a good 2.75 ounce calfskin - substantial, but also quite soft and supple, with a fine grain that willl come out with wear.  Luxire had the leather specially tanned for this project.
Very nice.  Can we see a $475?   The money goes towards the cost of housing and feeding families who have to travel to take care of a child's medical crisis.  Many of the families, particularly in rural areas, are those with high risk premature babies.  The stress of loss of income and the cost of medical treatment is compounded.  The Ronald McDonald House is staffed mostly by volunteers and helps to alleviate that stress.
Will someone bring it to $400?
The charity auctions have started.  First up is a MTM leather jacket - the first of many, from the Luxire/Styleforum collab.  Please bid generously:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/512486/styleforum-gives-2015-our-annual-holiday-charity-auctions-for-the-ronald-mcdonald-house/0_50#post_8204744    
Please take a look.  It's not always about the deals: http://www.styleforum.net/t/512486/styleforum-gives-2015-our-annual-holiday-charity-auctions-for-the-ronald-mcdonald-house/0_50#post_8204744  
Auction 1: MTM Luxire x Styleforum leather jacket of your choice. Ends Monday, Nov 30, 2015. 12 p.m. PST   Let's start the bidding... now.  The following auction will be a 48 hour auction and will end at noon    Earlier this year, Styleforum has been working with Luxire @LuxireStudio to develop two leather jacket models, a double rider and a moto-cross style jacket.  The end product, the "standard bodies" that will be the basis for all of your little tweaks, are...
The first item, which I will list tomorrow, and which will go for a very special 48 hours, will be for a Luxire x Styleforum leather jacket, either a moto, or a double rider.  These are the two jackets that we've been developing and which will sell for approximately $800.  The second prototypes are nearly ready.  There are a ;arge number of leathers from which to choose, and 2 models.  The winner will essentially get the first production jacket.   @gomestar, @Ambulance...
I'm going to start tomorrow with a special 2 day auction to start.  Sorta in the middle of organizing things. Cheers, Fok.
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