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Someone put a link in here.  This story is news to me, and interesting news.
With a proper DSLR, or even a cell camera with good lighting, I do okay.  The pics I take are sometime magnified and taken in low light from wierd angles, since my house is a mess.
I wore your belts there, so Equus was represented.
This.  I love his work, but as a human being, calling him flawed would be extremely charitable.
I'm going to rock one of their variegated yarn vests.  A lot of cool stuff from that brand.
Italians, contrary to popular opinion, generally have terrible taste, particularly in "streetwear".  I am going to write about this, but I think that a lot of it stems from the fact that garments like jeans have no historical context in Italy, and so it's easier for high street brands and mid-market designers to be lazy.  That combined with the fact that everyone cares.  I saw several knit duffle sportcoats, not worn by Pitti attendees, but worn by regular Italian guys,...
Learn something new every day.  I wonder if the Ceremonia brand on  Yoox is the same Ceremonia that is/was a Lubiam brand as well.
I could be wrong, but my understanding was that it is just a case of marketing strategy - that LBM 1911 just reads better abroad, sort of the way Vestimenta used the "Hilton" mark in Europe, but "Vestimenta" in the US.
Woah... I think that you're right.   Did anyone clown around and get KTFO?
@Parker - so...   1) You don't wear boxing gloves in the cage.  The standard is 4 oz MMA competition gloves. 2) I kept on trying to figure out what was going on in the cage for the entire video.
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