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I'll see what I can do.  Often, there is a balance between not being assertive enough, and being so assertive that people want to not do things for you just because you are being annoyingly demanding.  I sit on both sides of these negotiations regularly, so I'm pretty confident in my ability to create a good balance. Cheers, Fok.
All leather shrinks a bit, but ime, horse, especially front quarter horsehide, shinks minimally.  I have washed jackets on high heat, and the leather shrank... maybe... 1/2 a size. Cheers, Fok.
Lineup. unless Viberg tells me otherwise, will be:   1) Hopper Engineer Boot Model: Engineer Boot Last: 2005 Leather: Tobacco Chamois Sole: Cats Paw Sole & heel Notes: Japanese Roller Buckles - Natural Midsole - Unstructured Toe - Stitchdown Construction 2)  Gandalf the Grey Model: Service Boot Last: 2030 Leather: Grey Calf Tongue: Matching  Eyelets: 7 Gunmetal Sole: Natural Midsole with Dainite Goodyear welt Perforated Captoe (Note, not pull tab - picture is not...
  Gonna need this.  
Washing leather, except for a very tight grained leather like horse, will always shrink it 1-2 sizes.
Japanese stores often do modeling on a few models of different sizes.
This is pretty typical. Dips and stuff on the athletic chair as well, and stair running in a stadium. Bear walking, pushin dogsleds, lots of different types of crunches and situps. Box jumps. Kettlebells. All high intensity, in intervals. Long, slow runs for that cardio.The workouts are designed to build "functoral" strength, power, and muscular endurance. Carrying too muscle is generally seen as undesirable, since it taxes your cardio, and can also decrease fast...
I like trashy.
Hopefully you like the stuff too! We've got a nice set of Vibergs coming up too.
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