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Sounds like what I say most days.  Do we have $650 in the house?
With the current round in production, I may start discussions for a new round of Styleforum GMTOs very soon.  Stay tuned, gentlemen.
This is a result of the growth, or really, the birth and emergence, of the "high end high street" brands, that in many ways mimcs higher priced designer goods and luxury brands.   Until about 2000, this category simply did not exist.  The fashions that you could get at a high end "streetwear" store, had essentially nothing in common with what you could get from a high end, designer focused, boutique or department store, like a Barneys.  The Acne's and Ami's of the world...
Also, this.  So, you would get whatever is above $800 or so written off, should bids get that high. Cheers, Fok.
We could do that.  Whether the IRS will accept it is a different matter, since we are not set up to be a charity right now.  My accountant (or maybe my lawyer?) mentioned something last year about being able to set up some sort of limited trust that would allow this, but the paperwork is apparently horrendous, and I'd need oversight and a board or something.  I will look into this for 2016, if time allows.  That's what I said last year though.  Big companies apparently...
I was just about to say this. Zappos, for example, spends vast amounts due to wrong sizing.  iirc, Amazon, which is the parent company, bought a shoe sizing software specificially to try to cut into that expense. As for the increase in luxury good prices, I think that a lot of it is due to the lower end of the luxury goods market becoming filled with companies that are either the children or grandchildren of the premium denim market of the 2000s, that led to increasing the...
Unfortunately, not yet.
Unfortunately, no. It would make logistics nearly impossible. We've been meaning for a couple of years to set up some sort of foundation, but haven't had the time to do so.Cheers,Fok.
 That's how that fight needs to be described.  He lost the fight.  His extreme caution got the better of him and he couldn't pull the trigger.  Sometimes, you have to take a chance.  It's a fight, not Dancing with the Stars.
The no middle man thing is a pretty common value proposition.  The "and that is why we have no sales" is just marketing.
New Posts  All Forums: