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There is this really excellent Inis Meain gansey in a grey/brown/green bull wool that NMWA will be getting in.  They showed me pics of the sample.  I've been begging @conceptual 4est to sell me the sample for weeks now.  Possibly a month.  He said that he "wants to", but that I needed to build up some steam for it on the forum.  So... yes, I can apparently be blackmailed.   Hey, Kyle, can I post one of the pics?
My Big John's arrived today.  Great cut (perfect sized up one for that slouchy tapered fit.  Most guys will probably not want to size up) and really nice details and denim.  Thanks Jay for a great experience, as usual.
It's a nice combination of a nice, modern, cut, and good craftsmanship.  The details are not all that "old school", either, nor is the styling.  The all black/indigo deerskin back patch, the donut buttons, the backing on the fly buttons, even the dark low tones in the denim, are much less straight up repro than the typical Big John jeans, which have a much more traditional back patch, and a brighter indigo dye.   For me, it's a jean that can do a lot of things.  I can wear...
Black ones?
Big John "Rare" slim tapered jeans, sized up one, for that nice roomy crotch and seat going into a tapered leg.  A really nice jean, with lots of nice details, like leather backed fly buttons.  Im surprised that @gdl203 doesn't carry the rare in the slim tapered cut, but I'm glad that Blue Owl does: http://www.blueowl.us/product/big-john-rare-slim-155oz-unsanforized-selvedge-denim-in-indigo/   Nice weight.  I sorta wish that they wre actually just a touch heavier, at...
Good guy.  Personal friend, and a guy who can wear Rubinacci with a great deal of ease.  
Same for dinner.  At a "hot" place, the likelihood of your reservation being within 30 minutes of being one time is 0.001%.  I blame it on everyone being a food blogger.
Maybe it's just me, but I never wait in line for anything.  Maybe dinner, once in a while, but even then, I don't find it worth it.  Maybe I am just impatient, or just don't care enough about anything.
So, you are finding that you need lots of clothes?  Not that big of a surprise seeing that you are on Styleforum.  That said, I am not "full heritage" in any sense of the word, and I find that a few pairs work fine for me.  A slim pair of indigo jeans with dark low tones, a slim/regular with a regular rise pair that is "black/blue", which I find much more useful than black, and a pair of medium rise, medium to slim. fit, pair, with fewer dark low tones that wears out a...
Fuck it. I could still do this. Maybe tomorrow.
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