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Yup.  Sand, from Ebay.  Hopefully on their way. I like the dark brown, but I would never wear them.  I just sorta have this psychological thing against dark footwear with anything other than a suit.  I look in the mirror, and feel that I look like I have tiny tiny feet, even if they are the chunkiest things in the world.  
Maybe a flower, but I think after all of the mac and cheese that I am gonna eat, i think that it will be difficult to be delicate after eating a lot of this:  Here is the write up from Serious Eats (http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2010/03/the-best-macaroni-mac-and-cheese-in-nyc-new-york-manhattan-brooklyn.html) that puts them as tied for number one Mac n Cheese in NYC. Sauce: Deep cheese flavor in a beautifully silky béchamel. Perfect sauce-to-noodle ratio.Cheese: Mostly...
Hmmm... now I feel less special   Is that the Charlie Brown smiley?
Just off the phone with Mike - he is going to be bring some pretty awesome chelseas (I just saw a texted picture of the sample, and my first instinct was "Oh SHIIIIIIITTTT!" in a variety of suedes and leathers.)  I am going to get a pair in raw horse - see how they develop.  Super awesome price, plus a freebie for anyone at the show.   I'm stoked.     If you haven't already, RSVP here: https://theproperkit.splashthat.com
I would never do that to a man.
Well, they are made for bike messengers and like, riding across the continent, not for looking cool carrying your macbook air in.
All of their nylon bags are heavy duty, and apparently they have a bit of a following for that in Japan.  I've handled those things, and the construction is built for speed.  Of course, if you don't like that very tech looking style, then then are not for you.  Visvim is a lot more whimsical.
I've never seen that specific backpack, but my experience with masterpiece is that their ballistic nylon stuff is solid, though not bombproof the way a Mission Workshop is.  The shoulder strap seems well constructed and its seems like the have triangular stitching at the bottom of the straps to better distribute weight stress.  The straps are also the high density nylon. The stuff they do using wool tweed has been more mixed.  While it looks cool, tweed just don't have the...
That's also true.  
I don't, but looking at how that backpack is constructed, I would confidently say that it's not made for real rugged use either.  The reason is that it lacks that very important small strap that the top of the shoulders and helps distribute the weight better and take the strain off  a single stress point.  
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