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Just to clarify, it's moose, not elk.  Moose is tough and thick without much give, which is perfect for a boot.  Elk, while it has good tensile strength, is extremely pliable, and ime, is only good for footwear like sneakers and mocassins. As for the black unicorn being the most interesting leather of the special leathers, I think that a lot of them are really quite cool.  The most immediately eyecatching are the tan horse and the italian grey calf, but a lot of them are...
I don't know yet, but in all likelihood San Francisco, where out tech partners are based, and maybe NYC in the fall, if we decide to do another Styleforum trunkshow, though that remains an open decision.  Truthfully, I don't love work travel, and particularly not in the summer.  I am a cold weather creature, born and bred in Canadia, on the snowy shores of Lake Ontario.  
They fit about 1/2 a size large, but it's no biggie.  I was going to pounce on those, but ended up getting Guidi 994 ankle boots instead.
 Not gonna lie, this would look awesome, and I could be personally persuaded to buy.  Pair it with my midnight blue cafe racer and my.... razor scooter, and I'd look both awesome and slightly absurd.
It depends a lot on the leather and on the design of the upper. My bison scout boots (thiiick leather) in a size 9.5 and my nubuck in a size 10 both fit tightly, because of the leather.  However, my natural cxl derbies fit confortably from day 1.   Tan horse chukkas ftw!  I think that that, and the Hopper boot, sound the most interesting to me.  In a pinch, I could be persuaded to personally back #4, which I would wear all the time, but would not be as in awe of.
That sounds nice.  On the other hand, all the chefs I know just randomly eat anything when at home.
 Meat is for the man, bone is for the dog?  Not gonna lie, I think that there is something to be said for a woman who enjoys food.
This happened?  Hmmm... alright, if stuff like this happens, please just contact me directly.  The way the scripts work, this should be an impossibility, since the content loads, and then the ads, and the ads will default to none if either the server or user side is too slow.  Of course, there are essentially no impossibilities in this world.
Clearly, you've never been to Montreal.
So, and again, being perfectly transparent, we have AE as a big client because the ads work, and there are a ton of Allen Edmond fans on the site.  For banner ads, we sell them directly, or use the top ranked ad networks.  The "remnant" we fill with adsense, which does NOT have the highest payout, but is known in the industry to have the best filters (even they get spoofed sometimes, but they want to only take high quality ads).  I'm answering questions and addressing...
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