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Unfortunately, it's looking more and more unlikely. Sorry.
Yooxed some Margiela for my wife.  This was a standout piece from a few years ago.  
No one's feeling are hurt, man.  People just don't like an asshole.  It's really that simple.  It's nothing about his being black, for the vast majority of people.  It's 1) His mouth, and 2) His choice of opponents.  I mean, Berto, really?  Talk about cruising. If you want to like him precisely because he's a dick, then okay, there is really no argument.  But I'd glad that we've laid to rest the false logic that says that if you don't like Mayweather, you might be some...
It will hold up okay.  They tend to be fairly lightweight though, if that is a concern for you.
These odds are stupid.  The smart bet is on Cotto, in that case.  I think that he is an underdog, but not that much of an underdog.  He can box and he can rip the body.  Maybe that will be enough to beat Canelo, or even be enough to put him away in the later rounds.
1) Precisely.  Most people didn't cheer for anyone and against Mayweather because they were racist.  They cheered against Floyd because he plays the heel and acts like a dickhead.  I'm glad we've settled that now. 2) See (1). 3) You're getting it twisted again. Borderline racism and a misogyny reflects poorly on you as a man, regardless of what other people think.  
I am not a Rhonda fan for many of the same reasons that I was not a Mayweather fan.  I don't see the need to run your mouth.  I admire both of them for their skill, but I really wished that someone could have shut Floyd's mouth the way Holm shut Rhonda's. I liked Rhonda a bit more in that she never played it safe.  Sure, it exposed her, but that what happens when you really test yourself.  Mayweather arguably fought fighters off prime and played it safe, orchestrating...
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I don't think that boxers are trained to defend a takedown. I'd submit that defensive MMA and defensive boxing, where the clinch is actually used to stall action, and which Mayweather likes to use sometimes to smother action, are quite different. This from someone who did decently in MMA, not badly in kickboxing and full contact kung fu (San Shou), and is not that great at traditional boxing. Different rules, different skills. Mayweather is a phenomenal athlete, and he...
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