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I think that there are some kids running around.  I assume that that's family?  What is this "life" thing? We're working on it.
1) No one checked with me, which is who you should be asking.  If Guy tells me yes, then it's a yes.  If Guy tells me, not someone else, just me, no, then it's no.2) Viberg can get a lot of different types of leather, but unless you use things in stock or scheduled to be delivered imminently, you are looking at a 6-12 month wait for the leather alone.  Factories also have buying schedules.  That is part of the process, and often the longest one.  
@Synthese and I will get this settled out today. Cheers, Fok.
That's simply not true.  The 110 is a very traditional workboot shape.  Not all workboots were always sprung toe.
I have clothing that is well over a decade old that I still like, but I don't wear it anymore.  I still love the items for their memories.  I don't sell used clothing, and I rarely buy it, for that very reason.  Does that mean that I am not content with those items anymore?  No.  But it does mean that I've moved on to wearing something else and that those items have become reminders of the past, rather than active parts of the present.
Pull up the quotes, especially from the OP, and I'll change the OP.  Lots of discussions about different proposed models flying around, and it's hard to keep up. Cheers, Fok.
I'm willing to do with this boot whatever the majority decides, but knowing the leather (we did a makeup using it already), I'd go with either the 110 or at very least, a rounded toe last like the 1035).  That is a stylistic decision, of course.  If you want it to eventually have a gothy-ninja or "ye old beat up oxfords" look. then the 1035 with tonal stitching would be a good combination.  If you want the boot to look like it does in the picture, 110 with contrast stitching.
We are hoping to do a trunk show and pop-up shop in San Francisco that weekend (still looking at spaces).  It would be cool to have him participate.  We are planning on using a retail space, so it would be set up for something like this.  Anyway, might be an idea.  
Well, I meant my comment as a joke.  But I did learn a few fun facts.
Um, you mean Jun Hashimoto? It's possible.  I think that it's an exciting possibility, but it's not as immediate as other projects, like the ongoing Viberg for Styleforum program, which we have figured out how to run efficiently now, the Monitaly for Styleforum program (stay tuned) and the Johnson's Leather x Honourmark thing.  Or the Thurston Vanson Daredevil, which is now active again.
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