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People had better sign up. I refuse to have Ed again. It's just wrong.
Bummer, it would have been good to see you.So... No love for Sullivan Street Bakery bombolini?
It can still be done that way.  It's mighty uncomfortable though.  Just be warned.
For all people who can get to NYC on Nov 5, Richard of The Shoe Healer will be at our The Proper Kit Trunk Show: http://www.styleforum.net/t/529915/the-proper-kit-trunk-show-saturday-nov-5-new-york-by-styleforum-and-aandh-magazine hopefully with some Trickers.
And yes, you can look here: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/programs-administration/determining-duty-rates and try to figure things out.  But it really is up to a bureaucrat, and trust me, while you can appeal a government decision, unless it is in the thousands of dollars or a clear mistake (like, they charged you for 1000 items instead of 3) which has happened to me, good luck getting your money back.  Even in that case, it took me nearly a year to sort out.
Get it from the US, then.  Unless you have a customs broker, it's up to the judgement of a faceless bureaucrat somewhere.
BTW, NYC guys - who has the best bombolini in town for that 10:30 crowd?  Gonna get 100 or so and a handful of carafes for the vendors, organizers, and whoever else shows up early.
I'm seriously considering getting one of these, from @PierpontLeather , for my wife, for Christmas. Checj out the stitching and finishing.  
Glad to have you aboard.  And you have a secret connection to the forum!  Which I think that people could appreciate.
 We are going to be super happy to have you here.  Everyone, remember to come in the morning for bombolini and coffee, stay for the bites, and then have a glass of wine with Gerald and get your hands on some really great ties (and more, of course, but... ties.)
New Posts  All Forums: