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Some Guidi 017, or beat up kicks.  Maybe DIYed or margiela Chucks.  I'm not a really big fan of the bulbous toe.  I'll probably just incorporate the jacket into my version of a western look.  I am always thinking of a scuzzbag driving on route 66, in the late 60s, and early 70s, in my ideas about how to dress.  I suppose that it's fairly idiocyncratic.
If you need a designer version, Lemaire does an interesting version (which I have) but it is not nearly as lightweight as the Billy Kirk.  It is very minimalist though.
Early mornings do not substitute for late nights... Also, I feel that this would be the best song to sing at a Styleforum karaoke:
Well, I'm probably picking up a CCP Scarstitch.  A cyclone is pretty cool and distinctive too, though.  For you. I'd pick the cyclone.  You have lots of jackets with odd but cool finishes already.
A stud belt is pretty much the opposite of a mechanics belt.  Instead of protecting whatever you are leaning up against from scratches, it ensures that a scratch will happen.  Also, a single stud post belt is generally stupid - they just don't work - the stud falls out easily.  I have an early one from Oliver Spencer that looks cool, but works crappy.  I have another one that actually works, but it comes with a special stud.  At least two studs, and ideally 3, are needed,...
This.  I think that there is a decent chance that he reads this thread, but it is remarkably hard to subject yourself to abuse every day.  It's a pretty human reaction to hide away from unpleasantness that is directed towards you, especially if the criticisms are in any way true.   Again, this coming from someone who believes very strongly in listening to criticism, no matter who is giving it or what are their intentions.  I do it because I feel that it helps me improve...
Mike and @thenanyu went.  @Murlsquirl and I were lame and tired and we quit and went back to our respective hotels around midnight.  
1) Great on the Anderson's belts.2) The ETQ runners run small, as opposed to all the other sneakers, the ones built on the Margom serena sole, right?  If I take a 43 in the other sneakers, would I be a 44 or a 45 in the runners?
I understand, but ime, and I am a guy with a day full of "It takes 5 minutes" tasks, those five minutes add up.  And it's not like answering questions on Styleforum is going to be just five minutes.  It's not as though people who have asked specific questions are going to be okay with just a general update: "Packing today.  I'll be at the post office tomorrow."  Part of my point about variable costs, that got lost, is that CS, online, is a real job.  It takes more...
I always expose by belt, but... for a lightweight, unobstrusive belt, you don't do much better than a mechanic's belt, in which the buckle is covered.  Billy Kirk has a pretty good one:...
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