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It depends on the last.  I need to check our order sheet, but iirc, the 2030 goes down as low as a 5.5 now, and the 110 definitely does as well.
If you are not doing that in your battle exoskeleton, you are pretty much fucked anyway.
They don't do zippers.  That said, I never tie up my shoes/ boots, either.  I think that it's something that I carried over from when I was a kid.  Also, I hate anything that feels binding on my feet.  I just knot the end of the laces so that they don't actually fall out but are loose enough that I can put the boots on without additional loosening.  Works fine for just walking around.  If you have to dead sprint, it's not so great, but seriously, why would you be wearing...
Every athlete knows that there is good pain and there is bad pain. We both know that this is not good pain.
He said "something with three figures".I know. That said,,it inspired me to do a more. Of course, I have no idea why I post here. The real masochist is Charly.
So, there are legit complaints, but that ToJ didn't help you circumvent tariffs is not one of those. C'mon man. (One of my pet peeves.)
So, the answer is.. maybe. Will know next week.
look will be similar, less clean, though, just because it will be real life. More like the song for the mute sneaker boots. Clean, but 3dimensional and a bit more texture.
Guys, industry standard tolerances are about +/- .25" for lots of measurements.
Price or boot?Price we have a lot of experience on. Won't be more than +/- $20. Look, will also look similar. I know the leather and sole. Sole may be slightly lower profile. White edge paint is new, but just looks... white.
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