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All our makeups are being finished now. We should have at least one shipment next week.
Theory doesn't even belong there.
Okay. Sufu 2004 if you size down 2. Sufu 2006 if you sized down 5. Styleforum CM 2012 if you are still wondering about sizing.
Or Sufu from 2004.
The real reason for wearing APC is that Google sent you to a Styleforum thread from 2005.
Probably not. Manufacturing and retailing are entirely different beasts. Also, from what I know, the ToJ operation is super lean, to the point if zero redundancy, which is a big problem. It means that if a single thing fucks up, things grind to a halt. Honestly, and I respect Drew, but I would pay $0 for his operation. There is no part of his infrastructure that wouldn't require an overhaul, and his social capital with a demanding customer base is diminishing, and...
Noman has a good thing going. It is a store where the risk is distributed in a very intelligent way. There are worse bets out there.
A white leather bracelet with a silver rosette snap, from Good Art Hollywood, which is the spot for baller biker jewelry. Will take pics when I get it.
I like that retro style, but the belt makes wearing a jacket open, which I always do, extremely awkward.
And warm gloves. Lined. Mitts are warmer. When it gets really cold, as in -20c, I'll wear a heavy sweater, a fitted down vest, since wind kicking up under your coat will make you really cold, and then a wind resistant coat (shell, Melton, or leather will all do). And your mom was right. Always wear your scarf, mitts, and hat. This year, it's a cashmere cap, huge mohair scarf, and cashmere lined deerskin gloves for me. If you are buying something purely for warmth,...
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