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I am a size 10.5-11US is most brands, and a solid 9.5UK in nearly all UK brands and lasts, from Trickers to Alfred Sargents to Church;s. My Heschungs are a size 9.5US, 9UK (the marked size is 9), and they fit bigger than any other shoe I own, period.  It's not so much the length, though they are fairly long, but that they are roomy everywhere.  That makes them great for lounging in, and like, walking to get my lunch, but I would not want to have to run for the bus wearing...
 It makes a lot of sense from Ralph Lauren's perspective.  The company has no control over the secondary market, and RL Inc is huge on control - they enforce MSRP, you can't take *any* pictures in the showroom, and it's hard to even get in, and very few stores have the right to even display photographs of their wares, much less sell, RRL, online.  That, and they see the secondary market as not only a threat to their image and distribution strategy (which is also pretty...
FWIW, shoulders are nearly universally measured from the back, because you want to make sure to account for you natural curvature. Also, look at @Synthese's fit pics. Unless you are a tailor, that's the best way of gauging your fit. Measurements are yet a small gauge of fit, and some important measurements, like the slope and inclination of the shoulder, are never even given. A lot of it is the pattern cutter's art.
I'm going to be between a medium and a small. In for blue with blue Japanese floral lining.
Maybe I should restate as "differing opinions."
I love the American flag lining.  It's iconic, like that Easy Rider picture someone just showed.  Yeah, and it's a Barbour.  The things are highly branded anyway.  I say that it's good to go balls to the wall at least once in a while.   Not really my style, but when this many people have an opinion about it, you know you are doing something right.
Just talked to Mike, and Styleforum will be doing a special project with Epaulet.  Can't talk about the details yet.  La la la.     Cheers,   Fok.
I think that while you can certainly do as suggested, you could easily substitute a few things, and be well within the confines of "normal", if you so choose.  For example, if you substituted the jeans for charcoal pants (I can easily see something either Schneider or Engineered Garments working very well) that are somewhat roomy in the seat and thighs, but taper down significantly (there are a fair number of examples in Engineered Garments this year), and then swap out...
 I'm sorta afraid of what sort of campaign you might be able to sell me on. 
Makes sense. Ralph Lauren has been trying to kill the uncontrolled secondary market for years.
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