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And fwiw,I worked 60 hr weeks, have 4 kids, married, and still worked out 90-120 minutes a day, 5 days a week. But life still catches up
Spontaneous eye problems. Nothing that I did. Genetics and bad luck. That was my entire point.
Enviable 'stache.
I hit 150 regularly, but always got to at least 100 each workout. I could do just 9.5 in a row last time I tried, after a long layoff, and am on a layoff again. Life changes you, and quickly. An old fighter I knew got an infection in the hospital, and now can't go 30 seconds without being completely out of breath. You never know other people's shit. If you are lucky, don't assume other people are as well, or that your luck won't run out.My father-in-law was a...
When I was 33, I was 155 lbs and 7% bf. Up until 2 years ago, I regularly did 150 pullups per workout, 5 days a week.Now nearly 41 and on doctor's orders to lift essentially nothing, light exercise only. Life catches up with you. It's good to develop a bit of humility earlier than that. Just ime.
Sure it is. It might be crap, but there is also crap pizza in Italy. In fact, the worst pizza I've had is Italian. The mistake here is to assume that there is necessarily "value" in the provenance of the thing itself, other than as a piece of good storytelling. Stories have great value, of course, but I feel that it's a mistake to not examine these terms critically.
"Authencity" in the sense used here assumes that culture is static or dead and there is not significant cross-pollination between them.
This. All people un this circumstance should have a full refund further vote, plus an additional $20 refund on their order. Clunky, but the best our backend allows. If I made a mistake, please email styleforummarket at Gmail with both invoice numbers and I'll get that fixed.A few votes for it's not made still need to be refunded, but it's nearly done.
I think that Panda Express is Chinese food, fwiw.  
Well, that's an even more complicated case.  It was an Italian stylist who was called upon by an American retailer to create a brand for the US market based on pictures of that stylist in an Italian magazine, for an Italian, but also European, audience.  
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