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Hey David,    Could you post some heavy tweeds from whereever (would appreciate if you put in notes as well)?  Planning to bid on the holiday auction, and want to have some inspiration to drive me.   Cheers,   Fok.
To clarify, "oatmeal" was autocorrected from "boatneck".  Android doesn't care about fashion, evidently.
But it will be.
Yoox is a $1.5B Corporation.  It operates the bulk of luxury brand webstores. Just look up "Yoox Group" and bow down in wonder.   And yet, their mobile site does not have "belts" as a category.  "Belt Buckles" yes, but not "belts".
Blundstones, a classic outback boot.
It's a Yoox fit pic. You cannot take anything, good or bad, from it, except that it's a relatively light weight leather. How you get that the zippers suck from that picture is beyond me.I suppose that you can also say that that jacket doesn't work on that guy.
I find that cut - oatmeal, dropped shoulder, straight cut, 3/4 sleeves, to be neat universally flattering.What don't you like about it?
Ahem.  I was hoping for a less lame entry, but whatevs.
I like it.  You are like me.  You don't mess around. Cheers, Fok.
So, my question is, do you see that only when the boots are on your feet, or when you lace them up treed?  The reason I ask is that shape of the foot and the ankle warps this, and everyone's feet are somewhat asymmetric, and the distance between the edge and the first eyelet looks pretty similar.  
New Posts  All Forums: