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up to 50 words. Be funny, eloquent, etc...
Indochino is okay, but as for all these things, having a good fitter really helps.  
You serious?  $10.22 sounds like actual shipping via USPS Priority.  
His days are way more interesting than mine, is for sure.
I always think... $50 for a Gucci tee shirt?  That really IS thrifting!
Thus the busted up leather jackets, beat up jeans, kicks, and ripped up henleys and tees.  And of course, the belts!
Did so.  I think that Lemaire is hard to sell.  It's both a cartoon of, and an homage to, classic menswear, so it doesn't really appeal to either the menswear guys, or the real streetwear/denim guys, myself included.  It probably appeals most to guys who might like Yamamoto, who seems to have a similar relationship with menswear, but it lacks Yamamoto's name.   Personally, I appreciate his vision, but I am personally a much scruffier, street, dresser.  The spareness and...
I picked up a Lemaire belt a while ago.  I think that it's pretty archetypal Lemaire.  For me, his FW12 collection is his seminal collection.  It's both a stripped down version, and a homage to, classic menswear.  This belt is similar.  It's a simple mechanics belt, which means that the buckle is covered with another piece of leather to protect whatever piece of machinery the mechanic is working on from scratches.  It's not clear from the picture below, but in this version...
Some Guidi 017, or beat up kicks.  Maybe DIYed or margiela Chucks.  I'm not a really big fan of the bulbous toe.  I'll probably just incorporate the jacket into my version of a western look.  I am always thinking of a scuzzbag driving on route 66, in the late 60s, and early 70s, in my ideas about how to dress.  I suppose that it's fairly idiocyncratic.
If you need a designer version, Lemaire does an interesting version (which I have) but it is not nearly as lightweight as the Billy Kirk.  It is very minimalist though.
New Posts  All Forums: