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Frankly, it should probably go straight to dumb threads.
Possibly.  I've never met Haganah, but Kunk is a pretty big guy with some long ass arms.  
Anyway, Vox, and I know that you are reading this.  If you want to catch me on the East Coast, I'll be in NYC Nov 7.  I'll even take a few minutes to chat with you.  And go ahead, quote me and use my full name.  I don't need to hide behind a pseudonym.  That said, you're not too hard to find, either.  
It should probably be pointed out, for fairness sake, that he does not like me either.   He posted a quote, out of context, on his twitter today, for example, in which I said:"As a side note,I apparently tested higher than Richard Feynman in IQ tests."  Which is true, since Richard Feynman tested as "above average, but not exceptional", and it was in the context of a discussion about the accuracy of metrics of intelligence. Out of context, it reads like I was saying that I...
It is silly.  But it was certainly not silly or trivial to Vox.  If you read his interactions with Matt, for example, it's definitely not particularly friendly.
I don't disagree with any of this.  In the end, however, he was deliberating disrupting the forum and really dominating the discussion with how he didn't like the direction we were taking things, and doing things that were passive aggressive and anti-social, like posting, then deleting 5 minutes later, with the explanation that "every who I wanted to read it already had."  I don't tell anyone what to think, but that level of disruption, and not just couple of times, but...
It's no secret that Vox and I did not part on the best of terms, while I remain personal friends with the other guys.  Nevertheless, I feel that my statement stands.  I should also make it cleart that a lot of people who use the forum have many more, and more diverse interests, than bespoke.  I think that bespoke is an interesting subject, but Styleforum was never meant to be primarily about bespoke, either in original intent, or in what people posted, then or now.  It was...
The lower on the food chain you are, the less you get paid. The prices are comparable to other name tanneries, from what I understand.
I would say that that is the absolute highest you can get and not being in the red.
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