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It was an interesting read, but yeah, I came to the same conclusions as you.  As fun as it is to rail against (white) upper middle class pretensions, the articles does not really address to core of the issues. Also, what if you have a ton of memories wrapped up in a ton of stuff? - Men's sale - up to 65% off. plus an ADDITIONAL 30% off with code MENS30.  
I know them personally from years back, and they are solid guys, but I haven't bought anything from their site yet. Cheers, Fok. - extra 20% off with code ADDITIONAL20
If you go to Vancouver, you need to eat the best Chinese food outside, and even rivaling, China.  Vancouver is especially good for Cantonese food, which is seafood based, and particularly, in Dim Sum, or "tea", as it's more properly called.  Richmond is where all the Chinese are, so, seriously, any "Top 10" list is going to send you to any number of awesome places.
Darn Tough - they are hands down the best athletic socks I've worn.  They are mostly merino wool, though.
We get Kung Fu girl here for under $10 at the local co-op.  It's a pretty decent table wine.  Nothing to write home about, but pretty solid.
Thank you @ManofKent for having been the face of the SWD for a while. We are going to be changing platforms at the end of the month, and we will need a new face; I'm going to change in the face of the SWD at that time. So, without further ado, I'm going to open up the forum to nominations until March 15! Cheers, Fok.
 I believe that @emptym has.
Well, the next order should be ready at the factory sometime next week.  So... we are not that far out...
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