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The brand is not trying to be "cool" in any way that you conceive of it.  It's trying to be "lux", and frankly, I think that it may be succeeding. You should play with Yoox.  It's a lot of fun.
Meh, so, I agree on some of the editorial.  On the other hand, divorced from that as the only ideal of "masculinity", I mean, Steve McQueen was pretty interesting and cool. Also, Mr. Porter has such a crazy amount of stuff that it's just fun to sift through.  Then again, as you said once, I'm a product obsessive, and my internal narrative is not particularly strongly influenced by external, current, imagery, though I'm scarcely immune.
Your point is taken, and we are constantly tweaking our social media strategy.  If you are subscribed to the newsletter, we also nearly always announce projects there, and this was a headliner on the one on the 16th.  We typically want to put out exclusive content on our own distribution channels first, before broadcasting it more widely.  It provides incentive to stay tuned to those channels.  Probably, had we any copies left, we would have put something up on instagram...
It's a semi-official thing.  Sometimes, you need to be on the forum to get the exclusives.  We can't/won't put everything on social media.
I haven't read the exchange, so I'm not going to comment on it.  I do think that single line "This is boring" comments are generally dumb, on any forum.  On Styleforum. we would never ban someone on that basis alone, but the collective response would be a very well merited "meh".  That unsupported type of statement is not a conversation starter.  I don't really understand the rules of SZ.  Maybe it's explicitly or implicitly agreed that you don't post unless you are going... end of season sale up to 50% off.
whoops!  I also have a few more orders (the last 4, I think) to send you.  will do that toaday.   Cheers,   Fok.
 That store rocks. I have 2 new Ts(S) scarves from them that I have yet to watch. But I will.
Well, you can make shoes with a Goretex mid-liner and taped seams at the welts, and those are pretty close to being actually waterproof.  But yeah, I don't have nor have I ever seen boots here that would be called "waterproof" by anyone scrupulous.  They will probably do okay in a place with intermittent rain, or even a rainy but not cold city like San Francisco.  Anywhere where this is snow buildup in the winter and spring slush?  Fuggedaboutit.
Just smack it around some - I find that those jackets loosen up in no time flat, either with wear or just kneeding it for a bit.
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