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Right, exactly.  Thanks for putting that so succinctly.  Oh, and it's now called the RYDENFRANK. Cheers, Fok.
Or you can definitely opt to do that! Guys, the discount is in apology to those who voted for the original makeup, and to thank them for their participation.  It's not a general discount.  Sorry for any confusion that that may have caused.
Oh, and if you voted for this makeup prior to the changes, and want to get it, it will be $50 off (holy crap, I have no idea why I do this).  Er... either I will refund you partially, or someone tell me how I can apply a discount on BigCommerce only to specific items for specific customers.   This is in apology for all the mixups to come to this makeup (which I think is pretty cool), and in thank you for your patience.   Cheers,   Fok.
So, yes, roughout side, and there is a very limited selection.   However, we are in a race with another stockist for leather, so I need to order by... very early next week.  You guys are going to essentially have the weekend for that make your order for that.  Not kidding - you will have until the beginning of the 5th, and I will place the order with Viberg for that makeup only.  Past that, you may be able to order, but there is zero guarantee. The will be $695, shipped...
Hmmm - well. I guess that I'll ask Drew what's what. Frank is a great guy - I'll talk to him about this,.  He might be tickled to be an #influencer.
So, this is the "big lie". The truth is closer to this: the internet has allowed brands to market and advertise for much less than it used to cost traditionally.  This is the cause of the demise of so many newspapers and magazines.  We can talk more about why this is in depth and at length, but social media and blogs and websites are all powered by advertising, mostly at rates that are controlled nearly entirely by the advertisers, and particularly large advertisers who...
Ugh... factors.  They are the worst.  Essentially payday loans for retail.  But it's not like the retailers are completely non-victims of the factor system either.  They can essentially tank the reputation of a retailer.
I think that the pictures are just deceiving - chamois is hard to capture, since it's grain side, but it's brushed to create a nap.   We'd be looking at the grain side in each of those pics.
I don't have any more free reads, but I assume that they are talking about either or both of 1) Very late payments2) The so-called "markdown" clawbacks. This happens, of course, because of the extreme asymmetry of the small designer/big retailer relationship.
Retailers do an incredible amount of marketing that brands simply generally do not, and cannot. Essentially, there is some savings in bringing everything inhouse.  However, it is a risky move, and the savings are scarcely so high as to merit the risk 
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