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Don't skimp on decent gear.  Even if you use it sparingly, it's not going to go to waste.  Stuff for backpacking is functional - as in - if you just get whatever is on sale, there is a decent chance you could be miserable the entire time.  Fashion, on the other hand - yeah, a shirt for Walmart is going to looking worse than... most things, but it will serve exactly the same as the most expensive shirt on the market.
From the Other-Shop thread:
As a trucker, it's definitely NOT too short.  The classic type III jacket has a cropped. 24-25" back length.  For a more modern fit that accommodates modern, lower rise jeans (even the highest rise jeans are considerably shorter than jeans as late as the 80s) I've seen 25-26" lengths, which makes the jacket typically hit just under the belt line.  Some designers do wierd things with the hems.  Rick Owens, for example. tends to have a longer front than back.  Unfortunately,...
 Did not realize that Lincoln was French.
This.  Also, the delineation is artificial.  Is Visvim "workwear".  Is Fullcount "workwear".  Is OAMC "fashion"?  Is a Vanson jacket only fashion when it's endorsed by Junya (remember, the Junya Vanson jacket is actually just a rebranded Derby, straight up.  The one with did with Thurston is actually more "designed".  
I think that it just depends on the region.  Asia is really big.  I actually find the sleeves on clothes that fit me to be on the shorter side of fitting (i.e. they fit well, but an extra quarter or half inch would not be bad).  fwiw, I have a pretty big, but not crazy wingspan, about 73", and I am 5'11".
A 5 would work for you in their chore coat, and the 4 or 5 would work in the coat.  I am a 40" chest (maybe slightly more these days, a lot of it through the lats), and the size 3 in the longer coat is oversized on me through the body, and just right on the shoulders.
In between?  
I don't know about you guys, but I pop both my shirt collar and the lapel on my sports jacket or suit.   Always gets comments.
The shoulders are often a confusing and misleading measurement  Where the seam starts is important, but it depending on the design/cut of the shoulder and back, measurements can differ by a couple of inches and still "feel" the same.  Remember that like your body, your clothes are 3-dimensional.
New Posts  All Forums: