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The second.  There are waaaay too many eyelets on the top boot for my tastes.  8 okay.  10?  To many.
Part of the charm, but this is what every traditional shoemaker has argued with me about when we are designing these things.That bag is the best cool to price ratio that you are going to get. Plus, it is durable and well engineered to boot. Get it.
I guess we'll differ on this one. I really like the look of that desert boot style vs the heavier chukka.
 You guys gotta start adding links.  "Jackpot" is so generic.
The Common Projects "workboot" chelsea is much closer in shape to the Epaulet one, but it appears to be a welted boot, as opposed to a simple stitchdown.   I'm interested in comparing the two.  Might pick up a pair for research.     
It's fine, but I really think that with a navy shirt, you might want to eschew the tie.  It's very casual.
Washed Nudies will not bleed much.  Raw denim nearly always bleed some.  I think it's something you are either going to have to embrace.  That, or you can eschew wearing denim.
"Pricepoint" to mean "price range" or simply "price" is much more annoying to me.
The soles are both margom serena soles.  They are identical if they are the same color.  
Hi, I've moved your question to menswear advice.
New Posts  All Forums: