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Interesting.  I don't think that I've handled that leather.  Is it as stretchy as say, goat or lamb?
Sure, but a couple of years ago, it would have cost $600+ to get it from Japan.  The point is that comparing a fashion to the $75 Carhartt chore jacket that you can buy at a (real) workwear store, makes no sense.
 The "makes no sense" thing doesn't make any sense.  It's a fashion piece.  You can do chores in it, but it's not really meant to be real "workwear".  You can say the same about pretty much any piece of clothing that you don't buy at Mens Wearhouse or your local John Deere store.  A 
   Did you get these as well?  Are these the official Styleforum sneakers for Summer 2015 (the white Achilles being understood to always be in the mix)?
The tiering is stupid, even for 2 years ago.  Really, things should be separated into "fashion" and "traditional" and budget.  Budget leathers are exactly that.  They are neither really "fashion" nor "traditional", and they tend to come in under $500, often quite a bit less.  Honestly, I'm not sure that they merit a mention.  Tradtional makers can often be separated by price.  At the lower end are companies like Vanson, which represent at great value, but have specific...
In that case, I would take it back to the dealer.  If it's stretching like that from normal wear, and you are not abusing it by trying to puuuuullll on it, and it's not some leather with a lot of give that probably should not be worn too tight, like a lot of lamb, then there is no reason that this should happen.
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New Posts  All Forums: