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I've always wondered how those eight hundred pound dudes get their eight fried chickens for lunch when they can't even roll to the phone.
 You should hire him to be your biographer.
For leather that is fairly thick,  I would personally want the shoulder gussets just for ease of mobility, especially since we are tightening up the shoulders.  
Actually, Daiki is on record as saying that the garments are not meant to be of "the best quality", in the sense of the best construction, the most luxurious or sturdy materials, but rather, meant to have imperfections and be worn as such.  If a button falls off, replace it.  Maybe not even with a matching button.  One in a different color, and different material.  Whatever is at hand.  I know that this is a hard part of the "story" to understand, so retailers, who can...
Alright guys, simmer down.  Not even going to bother commenting on the matter at hand, which is trivial, and really, comes down to a matter of tone.  So let's just all chill out and walk away and have a whiskey sour or something (I'm thirsty right now).     On a personal note, I like Engineered Garments.  I also like Sugarcane.  They have nearly entirely different POVs, and have different goals.  It's sorta like arguing whether a heavy biker jacket or a soft lambskin...
Those are the natural cxl derbies.  We also have some brown CXL derbies coming in.  Yeah, those have been a while.... the reason that I've been holding off doing a new round. I want to get the backorders fulfilled before we get onto the next thing.  The next thig will be awesome though.
No, this is the jacket with the 20" shoulders.  As you may have seen from his other fits, he has wide shoulders already.  This is the reason that we are slimming down the shoulders.  Slimming down the shoulders will give a better fit for all but the most yoked among us, and will result in a more "fashion" styled jacket, since the net effect will also be a slimmer back. Re. length, 2 points.  1) Synth is tall - 6'1" or so, iirc, and also, jackets that have a bigger...
The arms will appear a lot slimmer one they are shortened.  That's a pretty common illusion when the arms are overly long and the shoulders a bit big.  Also, slimming the arms any more will 1) throw off the balance, and 2) If you wear a knit underneath, and the arms are anyt slimmer, then will be blood pressure test tight, and  3)@Synthese may be, as Thurston already commented, either in a size larger than he needs, or between sizes. Please keep all of that in mind.  
The Styleforum official editorial team "uniform" is this Stephan Schneider "Album: scarf.  It's a signature knit, but the colors and texxtures will go well with Jen's classic look, @unbelragazzo's #menswear suits, my blue everything, vaguely southwestern via Japan stuff, @Teger's workwear stuff, and @Synthese's drapey, goth ninja lite, look.  So, if you are at a tradeshow, you'll be able to see us en masse.  It was either this, or company...
You'll see that you are wrong. Fit pics from Synth to come soon. 18" is about perfect on an L, judging from the fit pics I saw.
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