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Or, you can get a full rig.  Tux, shirt with studs, and either a cumberbund or a waistcoat.  Bowtie.  Patent leather shoes.   I have two tuxes, neither of which are worn much, but they are unlikely to go out of style - both are fairly classic, shawl lapeled, numbers.  You can go with something fairly standard that will probably run you $1000 or so for a good one, or somewhat lower if you are willing to compromise on the quality, and don't really care that much, but want...
I think that Amazon has been playing with this "Dynamic pricing" model for a while now.  They certainly have the data to explore it, at least.  The game can be played from the retailer as well as the consumer side.
Do you really want to look like you have small feet?  What size are you, in clothing and in footwear?
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