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Like a bawse.  Let's keep on going. Cheers, Fok.
let's make a push.  Eidos is next.   Cheers,   Fok.
Very nice.  Let's get this above retail and show some real love for one of our oldest, and most crotchety, members, @Shirtmaven 24 hours after it starts.  I will probably do this on Dec 26. There will be an auction for a very special "Casual gentleman package" for the 27th, from the Armoury.  Stay tuned for details. Cheers, Fok.
AUCTION 14: CEGO custom shirts Saturday, Dec 20, 10 a.m. - Sunday, Dec 21, 10. a.m.   Without further ado, and because I am away from a computer having breakfast with Santa: A pair of MTM shirts from CEGO shirtmakers, our own, inestimable @Shirtmaven.  2 custom made shirts. value up to $500 Pick from any in stock fabric except Alumo, Mother-of-Pearl buttons. shirts will be made in Our NYC workroom..  Any style cuff, collar, etc, is permissible. The winner would...
Takes it at $450. Email me at styleforum.net@gmail.com for further instructions.
This may be an issue, then, since I am a size 10.5 to 11, usually.  I don't see any size 11.5 or 12's around...
I liked those, but decided on the Nonnative instead.  I just like the wedge sole more...
I'm seeking help.
Shit like this invariably happens.  There is always a non-trivial chance of something going wrong.  I've had to resolve issues with MrPoter as well.  They sent me a bag with the wrong type of delivery, then resent, and did it... again. I emailed, and then spoke with the floor manager.  I came out of that with a $175 in credit.  SSENSE I've only ordered from a few times, and it's been fine.  I don't remember if there were additional duties, but that's just one of those...
  Custom "Engineer" Yuketens came today.  B-Moc leather upper with brown CXL trim.  That feeling when something you created in your head comes out exactly as you had envisioned.
New Posts  All Forums: