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www.thecorner.com is also on sale (as if you guys didn't already know)
www.shopacrimony.com 30% off with Code MEMDAY16  
www.needsupply.com Sale up to 70% off  
Hi, I'm moving this to Menswear advice. Cheers, Fok.
Presenting the first RIDER BOOT Styleforum GMTO   I am very pleased to be working with Ron @RIDER, Styleforum OG and shoe expert extraordinaire.   Model: Balmoral Boot with speed lacing Construction: Blake Rapid Origin: Made in Italy Closing date: June 8 Expected delivery: September 2016   Pricing: GMTO (5 or more pairs)  Calf and calf/suede models: $465 (vs. retail $600) GMTO (shell models): $950 (vs retail $1200) Individual MTO Calf and Calf/Suede...
Welcome, Parker. Cheers, Fok.
I'm going to move your thread to Menswear Advice, where it might get more looks. Cheers, Fok.
I think that's not an indicator of an overall fallout, but it is an indicator that people are not particularly confident in the economy.
www.lindelepalais.com Mid-season sale  
Flatshop Mid-season sale 30% off tees and sweaters.  
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