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You might just try Suit Supply (www.suitsupply.com).  They have a lot of workaday suits that should fir your budget, and several members of this forum have shown how to wear them well.
It could be the photo, in either case.  The stuff that I've seen of Matt's, in person, has a pronounced softness and roundness in the shoulders.  I really think that judging anything from Internet photos is a bit of a mistake, not because it's impossible to capture a soft silhouette on line in a flattering way, but because it's much harder to do than to capture a flattering ultra masculine, broad-shouldered and small-waisted, image, so there is a tendency for people to...
Agreed on the suit.  It does look a bit more angular than a lot of jackets I've seen from Rubinacci, but definitely a very soft look.  I like it.  Would buy if I weren't saving that money for a new leather jacket and/or needed a suit for my winters in Capri.
It's a cute article that was an easy 5 minute read with nice pictures.  I'm not sure why guys like @GBR and @SartodiNapoli insist on hating articles like this.  It's a lifestyle article in Bloomberg with nice pictures.  it's a bit about tailoring, a lot about an escapist fantasy "Instead of being stuck on the A train back to Astoria. I could be eating linguine vongole and sipping espressos and discussing tailoring while my suit gets made at Rubinacci."     Anyone who...
At least two pairs, whatever you decide on.
@starro your arguments are simply untrue because they are built on an incorrect premise, that the function of any garment remains static. Were it so, we'd need to design new tires of garments constantly. No, this history of clothing is one of evolution, rather than revolution. Every single component of the modern business suit, for example, are adapted from functional garments ordinarily meant for something entirely different.
it's just a short sleeve button up shirt.  I'm going to guess Jil Sander, just from the shape and the tag at the bottom of the shirt, but you can find similar shirts all over the place, at all sorts of prices.  Who is that, anyway?   
Yeah, sorry.  I was just trying to get the numbers to work and to not have any more hold ups.
All that aside, you should have known that there were better ways to express the same sentiment that would not derail the conversation. You had your say, and he had his.  Let's stop it right here so I don't need to delete posts.  Let's everyone get back to discussing Viberg boots, please. Cheers, Fok.
A lot of chelseas and zide zips are actually blake stitched, so, even slimmer, generally, that GYW.  So it makes sense to have a welted boot for those models.  I agree that for a workwear style boot, I prefer the stitchdown, generally, if just because I am sorta about historical details that way.  For in between boots, like country boots based roughly on English boots, GYW was a history, and welts in general, and I am about 50/50 on those.
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