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A lot of the stores listed, perhaps even the majority, are located in the EU. I'll update the list and delete defunct stores as time allows.  Sorry guys, running this place takes up a ton of time, but this is on my list of things to do.
A lot of the stores listed above are located in the EU - maybe even the majority of them.
On a thicker piece of leather, the dye never goes right through.  That said, the calf is always lined, because it's not as thick at some of the other really hefty leathers, so that may be the case.  I've pretty much told you as much as I know about that particular leather.  When I talked to Guy, we hashed out pretty well the feel of that boot, and the supple French calf is what he suggested based on that conversation.
That's correct.  The mini ripple only comes in white, and the regular ripple, in beige/tan, which makes for a more pleasing transition from the tan bison.  Also, without the stacked midsole, I think that the larger ripple is a cooler looking effect.  I am getting in a pair of oxfords with the regular ripple in that color, and also wear a pair of Visvim mocs with that ripple sole, so it's something I can stand behind.
It also depends on the specific batch, etc... Also, as you all know by now, capturing color is one of the hardest things in digital photography.  I can only go one what I've been told.  
We can't do 8-eyelets.  It's 7 or 9, and I think that with  that boot, 9 is the way to go.  I agree with the black waxed cotton laces.  I think that Viberg has those in stock. Either those, or just regular flat black laces.  Re the "raw" edges, I think that that is always there on the boots that dont have a rolled edge or piping of some sort. However, I think that we can get edges finished (like on belts).  Not sure if there would be an upcharge for that.
I have not yet had a chance to handle the leather, but that's how Guy describes the leather.  All the calf Viberg uses is either the Hermes leather or Guidi, and that is not Guidi, so, by process of elimination...
I'm going to be setting up "vote with your $$$" items on the storefront (www.styleforummarket.com), and people will be able to make a purchase (best type of democracy!) there.  It's the easiest way for us to keep things at least a bit organized, and also, to match deposits up with preorders when the preorders happen. Cheers, Fok.
Guy is going to send me pictures of the russet, and then I'm going to get the samples.  However, I don't think that there is any of the brown chromepak in yet.  I'll see what I can do there, but from what I've been told, it's pretty similar to the olive, with slightly different tones.
It's going to be the deposit vote.  I'm going to set up the $20 buy in tomorrow on the store software (www.styleforummarket.com), and I'll keep a tally and frequently check. A boot most have both the minimum number of votes (4), and be in the top 3 boots to be greenlighted.  In the event that we have a huge number of votes for a 4th boot, we may possibly do that one as well.   If the boot that you voted for does not get made, you will get your deposit back immediately...
New Posts  All Forums: