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No French, please.
That's pretty close to being fact, which sometimes mean that it's the silliest reflection of reality. Hood by Air does sorta encapsulate the entire "street goth" look in its entirety.  Before that, people had to put Givenchy together with Rick Owens together with Lanvin.  I suppose that that is an accomplishment.  I like En Noir more though, for that whole deal. Incidentally, @Synthese irl looks a little like a Hood by Air guy.
Nephew, I would give you a soft landing.   And... I think that I've taken it too far now.
Definitely not me.  Um, maybe Nick Wooster?  I think that David knows some people too.  And @gdl203 has an up and coming store.  He is going to be the new, Franco-American Lino.
Shall I throw you over my shoulder and drop you on your fucking head?  I feel that that sleeve and lapels of your Devoa jacket would be perfect for grabbing. Also, the problem with @dieworkwear is that he saves up his sense of humor for the ToJ thread.
Hey, tiny fist face, stop derailing the actual fashion oriented conversation.  
I was thinking House of Arms, but that makes no sense either.
Is it bad that I have no idea what HOA stands for?  I never use acronyms for a reason - can't ever remember what they are supposed to mean.
I imagine that a lot of it has to do with the language barrier.  That, and up until recently, the strong Yen and a strong domestic market made catering to overseas buyers unprofitable.  The UK and the EU have much closer consumer cultures to the US than does Japan.
That's true, but you are here like the rest of us. so mostly, you are paying for someone to shop and ship to you, which is what most of us are doing anyway.  If I was in Japan, I could point and hand over money, just like every other gringo.
New Posts  All Forums: