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Hmmm... I haven't used them in a while, mainly because I haven't gotten anything (summer sucks).  I'll try something soon just to test their service for myself.  They were super reliable as of... 3 months ago?  Maybe 2 months?  But I haven't gotten much of anything at all, from pretty much anyone, since then.
The 519 looks much better on you. The 626 looks a full size or more too big  throught the shoulders and back.  The 626, by comparison, looks slightly more reasonable.
Agreed, but I understand why the companies are trying out these new models.  This one incentivizes return customers.
www.ralphlauren.com gift card with code AUG16
www.clubmonaco.com and extra 40% off sale with code AUGUST  
www.slamjamsocialism.com up to 70% off Final days of sale.  
What's special about a Scandinavian driver's license?
Yes, but I don't think that this was the intended effect.  The intended effect was "cute", and he achieved "cute and generic" - the queer equivalent of a cute college girl outfit.  So... meh.
Agreed, and done.  More beer and wine, and really just a few bottles of liquor. Are you trying to tell me you'll host?
It's a lot of work to get a sponsor (as opposed to allocating about a grand, total) and additional logistics.  It would be cool just to have, but as a cost thing, it's more cost effective to just serve your own booze.
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