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Oh.... and the collared moto arrived today.  I am happy with it.  Um, no quick snaps, since I suck at that, and the collar was put on an early sample that, but @luxire did send some photos.  I will share just one of those:  
Also, moved to menswear advice, @Dennis LaPorte 
Okay, I tried, and found nothing save some old stuff on poshmark.  Give me some hints.
I don't think that the goods are anything to write home about, if you are a nerd like me, but you can definitely put together a half decent outfit from high street stores.
I think that it's Henrik Vibskov had a lovechild with Walter van Beirendonck, but then he occasionally seems to go full Balenciaga or SLP or some much more mainstream designer.  Who knows.  Or maybe he mom makes all his clothes.
I'm not that familiar with Rome, but there are a ton of search results on the forum for "Rome shopping": http://www.styleforum.net/newsearch?advanced=1&action=disp&search=shopping+rome&titleonly=0&byuser=&output=all&replycompare=gt&numupdates=&sdate=0&newer=1&sort=relevance&order=descending&Search=SEARCH&Search=SEARCH
I would say that they would be fine in most environments, but frankly, this is highly office dependent.  Phonem and ask the administrative assistant. They see everything that goes on.
www.tres-bien.com 20% off code 20-CAMPAIGN   20% off on all e-store orders Use the code 20-CAMPAIGN when checking out. Valid on all e-store orders until May 22, 2016.
Y-3 store 30% off with code Y3PRIVATESALE16
Go with the Momotaros - ime, they tend to fade much more slowly than PBJs, generally.  They have a denser weave, and, at least for the pairs that I've had, they are much less slubby.  All other things being equal, the greater the exposed surface area, the more abrasion there is going to be, and the more loss of dye.  The denser weave + lower slubbiness = less fading.   That said, Momotaro jeans come in a variety of denims, so pick carefully.
New Posts  All Forums: