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A family friend of mine owns that place.  Great guy.  If you are into poetry, patronize that store.
Figured it out!  My item went on sale, but for only 30% off, and I just got back from a trip, which are alway expensive, so I'll play the (stupid) waiting game. You running gear from Mr Porter? 
47,199 + 65 = 47264.
Desert boots were purported used in bush warfare, so there there is some precedent for crepe being used on military boots.  
So, just a heads up that I will start the proposal stage for the next set of makeups tomorrow.  I'll be out of town starting Thursday, and then again the first week of July to celebrate my 10th anniversary, so I won't be able to field as many questions as thoroughly as I'd like, but tomorrow I'll take pictures of 8 swatches of non-typical leathers (those being the oil tanned black an brown, the natural and brown CXL, and a few others), to give people ideas.  Among those...
Have you tried Robinson de Bains: http://www.robinsonlesbains.com/en/ ?
Will they deliver to the States, or is some sort of proxy needed?  I remember a discussion about this earlier on, but I never figured out the process.
Thom Browne. suits are meant to look shrunken.  I am not a fan, but it's certainly done deliberately.   A lot of "CM" worries about wierd things.
For me, definitely old school punk!  Looking forward to it.
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