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It's an adult scooter. Says so right in the box. Also, you see them all over San Francisco, and I even saw a bunch in Paris.There is a thread on Purseforum that confirms pretty much what you said about women into fashion. I mean, not surprisingly, most people are pretty "hetero-normative". I.e. while you are flexing on basics, they are really flexing on you.Cowboys are super masculine. So I win.
Highly unlikely. Traumatic events tend to change people. So, no, you probably wouldn't be the same post-burning of clothing as pre.
That would be a mistake unless you want the jacket to be super tight, I think.  I am a size 50 as well, 5'11", 175 lbs, and the samples in the size 40 were make to fit me.
I like navy blue for you, but perhaps instead of charcoal, you can go with medium grey.  For me, charcoal can be very "business", and you won't be wearing your suits primarily for work.  I suggested that you visit Gary Drinkwater already in a PM, and I would suggest it again.  He tends towards a very conservative, East Coast Establishment style, but he has good knowledge, and can probably kit you out better in person the way you'd like better than we can...
Hi, I am going to move your thead to "menswear advice" where other members and readers can benefit from your having asked this question. Cheers, Fok.
Today, in Nordstrom's WAYWT, "Tonal" dressing:   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/corneliani-trim-fit-check-cotton-sport-coat/3921476?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=MEDIUM%20BLUE
Thanks!  It was a long process, but we got here!
I wanted a really clean back.  No one is likely to be riding a bike on this (though, if you want that, I suggest increasing the arm length and body length, like the original Brimaco), and so there is no realy need for the gussets, which I felt were a bit bulky.  We had a sample with gussets though. Possibly.  I mean, for the MTM, there are a lot of possibilities, and obviously, we have done back gussets, since the Rider has them in the standard pattern,  but I would...
New Posts  All Forums: