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It's hard to keep up with insane minds.
All started because someone didn't have $20.  Sounds a lot like the Sale thread or the Customs experiences thread.
Thanks.  I think that that speaks to the strength of the community.  This is our bar, but it's not much without the patrons, so we are interested in what people want put on and taken off the menu.  Of course, we can't let everyone into the kitchen.  
Yeah, I've seen this on womenswear sites as well.  I think that how you get around this, if it is a big concern, is in the gamification of giveaways, and/or to have the giveaway tied to the completion of an activity or winning a competition that may be separated from the actual product (like successfully winning a cookoff ot receive some gardening mitts,) rather than having the giveaway contingent on your having to do something with that product.   I see this as a separate...
I think that the proper formula is to throw out the product/very partial review formula, and explore other paradigms.  I like the idea of decoupling the sponsor from the activity.  For me, sports sponsorship is a good starting point.  No sane person thinks that the use of Nokia phones makes anyone better or worse at soccer.  It's association marketing.  This would be an eventual strategy, if we ever get that type of reach.  "Virgin Atlantic and Styleforum bring you...
I agree completely with you.  We are not going to print boilerplate.  We will play to our considerable strengths.  How awesome would it be to have a fit battle done, in which 2 members argue frantically that their POV is better, with the winner getting $$$ to get more of that crazy expensive clothing?  Harkening back to @dieworkwear's point that at lot of blogs suck, I would attribute that 100% to the individual bloggers, and their lack of imagination, and their...
I agree with you completely.  I also don't believe that it's not possible to have to two co-exist on a platform with as varied voices that there are on Styleforum. One thing we will not do is reviews for money.  That stuff is lame, boring, and frankly, off the mark.  Our writers and officers are strictly forbidden from doing that.  And any member we find doing that under the guise of am "honestly review", we toss.  That aside, I don't think that "reviews" make much sense...
World Peace is a pretty scrappy baller, but the man has something not quite right upstairs.
 Try Folk or Garbstore, and stores like www.oipolloi.com.
It's a leisure shirt.  I think that the test is to say "Can I wear this with nothing on underneath without looking like a WWE wrestler?"
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