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I got a federal grant...
The Route 10 chukka is a strong number 1, but the aged bark chukka is also pulling in strong in the second position.     So, right now, it looks like:   1. Hopper Boot (Oh yes!  So good) 2. Gandalf boot on GYW - also so boss. No one sane will be disappointed with this boot. 3. Alternative district - tbh, not something I'd wear personally, but I always like it when unusual stuff gets made 4. Route 10 chukka (I'm so in as well) .... 5, (?) Aged bark...
@Synthese and @spacepope are apparently doing some modeled shots of the pieces today.  Look out for pics here.
If this is the case, then yes, you are right.  But even now, I hear about desperate attempts to get people something.  I've known real flimflam artists, and this is simply not the way they work, ime.  But every case is different.
He specifically requested that he be banned in a "goodbye cruel forum" pm to the mods. Lol at he doesn't care to know.
These do look pretty cool.  Guys, if you want to try horn glasses at a pretty reasonably price, this is a good way to try them out.
The fit is different, but the Trident is a cool jacket.  You really can't beat it at $350.
I usually end up buying 2 pairs a year.  But I wear denim pretty much every day.
Fuck it;  You've sold me.  I'm in for my own pair.
imo, this is really one of the best chukkas you are going to see out there.  I'll probably get a pair for myself. Cheers, Fok.
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