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I think that I like the cuts and details on Norrona pants more, but yes, I like the Haglof's jackets.
Calf will shrink - I would be careful, because you can overshoot it.  I saw one calf leather jacket sample from a M/38, to what can only be described as "child sized", probably a 34, but maybe even slightly smaller, from where I (at the time, a larger 38) could zip it up, though it was snug, to it going up to my forearms, above the belt level, and so that the chest and back were so shrunken that there was at least 3" of additional leather needed to close that thing up. So,...
How about Gaziano&Girling?   https://www.gazianogirling.com/products/antibes-in-vintage-pine-calf-kn14   The other one I like is the Corthay Brighton, and it is what I would choose if I was made to forgo my leathers and boots, and had to dress like Hugh Hefner on a workday.
They are a decent deal.  Not much more to say about that.
You are being slightly anal.  I suppose, that if you want it to look perfect, you could have all your ties custom made so that the back blade end just above the end of the fold of the front blade, but seriously, no one cares, as long as it's neatly tucked.
That's what I thought.  But... Philip Morris?  Sounds like a ticking time bomb of a company.  I mean, may as well invest in Draft Kings if you had wanted to ride the white knuckle roller coaster.
New Posts  All Forums: