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I was restating Manton's thesis, and evidently misspoke, since he clearly does not mean to protect present day American, or at very least, not protect the course it's on. If you read Manton's recent interviews, he clearly states that immigration, in his mind, is good sometimes, and sometimes not, and that it's imperative that immigrants be able to be assimilated into the body politic.  His concern seems primarily to be that immigrants be chosen from those who can...
Yeah.  Same.  Much better than the Asian fro.
This. Also, though Manton is not here is speak for himself (though he could if he liked), he is has written explicitly and extensively about these subjects, so it's not as though we have to guess at his opinions. 
Except that the foundations of American society were set long before women had the franchise, even longer before African Americans had any real franchise, and then even longer before any "johnny come latelies" came into the scene.  That non-white, non-men, factored into the way the country was conceived is relevant only insofar as they were factors that needed to be considered, like geography.   Critically, Manton is not a huge fan of what you call "modern American...
It's cool.  I just reverse appropriated Shakey Graves: 
Are you white dudes appropriating FUBU as well? Geez, is there nothing you won't take?
The bolded part is important.  Disenfranchised people are not participants in decision making, by definition.  The very fact that women and slaves were not part of the framers of the constitution and the country precludes them from having built the founding institutions of the country.  (You might argue that those institutions were built, sometimes literally, on their backs, but that's not the subject here.) I'm not arguing in favor of Manton's thesis, just pointing out...
Hard to argue with this.
Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. In Manton's opinion, it's clearly the second, since it was, in his (not unjustified) opinion, the white dudes of European descent made modern American society and liberal government possible.  Did it mean a world of suck for the North American Indians?  Yes, but that's irrelevant to the central point of Manton's thesis. You might not agree with his opinion, but it's scarcely laughable or illogical.
I've McGyvered things before. Or I can just get my ass down to Jo-Ann's.
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