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 The problem with being anywhere that time is that everything is sold out and you are between seasons. If you are looking for stuff from the Archive or MAC, where there are fewer sales, you may do better. Styleforum has people at both those places, and The Archive has most stuff online, so you might want to call ahead to see when sales are. They will probably tell you if you tell them what your deal is (you want to know how much stock they might have left.)Cheers,Fok.
 This. At the end of the day, the stores are businesses. The proprietors obviously talk a good game, but if a store cannot turn a profit, or at least break even, it's not going to stay in business. These are not cost centers the way some luxury brand stores might be, and even there, if you look at the financials for the big luxury brands, many are turning a profit in same brand stores, pretty much across all sectors.And the Venn diagram intersection of people who want...
 Very nice. Can we get a $675 up in this place?
I don't know if this will ever make it to production, but when I met with Shaun and Michael earlier this month, Shaun was wearing a really terrific version of a kangaroo leather jacket that he had designed and made by Johnson's leather in San Francisco, one of the best makers in the country .  This picture doesn't show how well this thing fit, which was terrific.  Slim, but with enough room everywhere (not on me - I am a full size bigger than Shaun)   Oh, and here is...
Fixed.  Thanks.  That's what I get for rushing it. Cheers, Fok.
Auction 10: @Epaulet MTO Southwick Sportscoat Ends Wednesday Dec 7. 10.a.m. PST or 10 minutes after the last bid, whichever comes later.   Our next auction is for a Southwick MTO Navy Hopsack sportsjacket by @Epaulet, valued at $750.  The exact sizing details are here. This jacket, ime, looks great on pretty much every body type.  There are tons of options.  Just click through the link about to see all of them.   Let's start the bidding at $ 388.  The minimum...
Oh snap. Thanks @SoGent for taking this.  Please email me at styleforum.net@gmail.com for further instructions.   Next auction up shortly!.
Nephew, I suggest some Aldens. No, for real.  Or more in line with your style, some Buttero sidezips, which are not C. Diems, but they are solid and look good.
This literally means nothing.  There are tens of thousands of "dead" stores on the internet, properties that persist long after a business has become defunct.  I personally never buy anything from a webshop from which I have not purchased previously without first ascertaining that that store still exists.  This goes triply for Classic Menswear stores, where it's harder to tell if the merchandise is current.
That's the spirit!
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