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It is a cool name though.
You comin to NYC for the trunk show?  And should we let you in?
I know guys in your field, and I also know guys who would be your clients/customers, and yes, you would look overdressed and it probably wouldn't be taken positively.  That said, there is nothing to say that you cant look nice without looking too dressed up.  Nicer jeans (there are myriad options), a nice pair of boots - you could go for something fom Viberg for a nicer take on a classic workboot look, or a pair of Aldens, or a pair of Trickers or Alfred Sargents, and be...
This is rarely the case.  Sales shoppers are sales shoppers, period.  The customers who retailers want to concentrate on are those who buy at retail some of the time.  That customer can be "grown up."  But the sales shopper is already trained a certain way that makes the ROI in conversion to a full priced customer not particulaly high.
I remember those...
I'm a maximalist, and have dozens of boots from dozens of companies. None of them are perfect, but I like a lot of them. I've always like the Virgil, and some of the stuff I really like I also hate, like the TPU counter, which looks super cool, but also seems clumsily integrated with the welt.
Wearing my Visvim Virgils today.  The only thing that would  make these better is a side zip.  Last year, I got, instead of the Virgils, the Sophnet 7 hole side zips.  While those are cool, they have structural flaws (like, the flimsiest toebox of all time) and a simple single stitchdown construction.  A liltle less expensive than Visvim, but honestly, not that much less.  These things are much nicer. And while I love my Vibergs also, these are much lighter, and for all...
  Guidi 998 back zips.  They are marked as used, but the place seems to have a lot of new Guidi, and the soles look spotlessly white.  There is a blemish.  I am guessing that they are a showroom sample of some sort.  Anyway, nearly impossible toe get white Guidi boots from Japan in any non-tiny size, so, Hope that they work out.     http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/select7tokyo/item/b36085/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en
 Unfortunately, it flaked off.  I've never painted on CXL before, and man, it is a pain in the culo.  It's not even "natural" CXL, but black, so it has a painted on surface already.  Does anyone have any advice on how to treat the leathe to get it to stick?  I emailed Horween about this, but they may just think that it's an insane thing to do.  I may email Aero, who has done stuff like this before for Levi's.
If you don't send me $200 in the next 24 hours and pass this onto 7 other people, you will have bad luck.  Just sayin'.
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