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www.slamjamsocialism.com actually has a bunch of Visvim on sale right now.     Bureau at Belfast also has a fair number of items: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/brand/visvim
 http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline?dept=prvwmn&gender=U&page=1&season=X& Love you kunkage - love and kisses - Fok.
Do you guys know anyone who has deadstock of the Gris moc?  And how it's sized?  I would assume that it's 1/2 a size down?
I ended up getting the Garbstore jacket instead, though I might still try to find a heavier sashiko.  The jacket I have from Blue Blue jacket is has a luxurious weightiness. The Garbstore jacket is nice, but it's definitely thinner.  The underlying canvas is lighter, and the stitching is single yarn rather than doubled yarn.
www.summer-store.eu www.thenextdoor.fr
Anyone want to take the lead in making a list of webstores? I can update the OP with them as needed.
Yeah.  Styleforum, and really, every single social network or interest forum in the world, and about 99% of all internet businesses that are not boring and called Linked In or Monster.com, survives because the internet has increased our efficiency 1000%, and our production, 5%.  Linked In and Monster.com are borne aloft by frustration and desperation.   I wish that Hiroki were paying me.  My rates are higher than 2 pairs of Skagways.  I'd be up to my wazoo in fancy white...
Yup.  I've seen it in person, and it is a really rich red.  I think that blue is better with my complexion, is all. I could see these.
Mine is at home, in Kingston, in storage.  It was always oversized, but I am slightly bigger now, so it would probably be "normal/slim".
It was fun.  Yeah.. my Japan does Americana and workwear thing...
New Posts  All Forums: