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I don't have any more free reads, but I assume that they are talking about either or both of 1) Very late payments2) The so-called "markdown" clawbacks. This happens, of course, because of the extreme asymmetry of the small designer/big retailer relationship.
Retailers do an incredible amount of marketing that brands simply generally do not, and cannot. Essentially, there is some savings in bringing everything inhouse.  However, it is a risky move, and the savings are scarcely so high as to merit the risk 
Not sure if you read my explanation above, but the real savings is about 20%.  There is an economic incentive for designers to do multi-channel marketing, since a 20-25% increase in their revenues from a single source is significant, but it would be very risky for them to abandon the traditonal model. One very big benefit of the traditional model that @conceptual 4est didn't touch upon is reach and brand placement in a multi-brand store.  Brand pricing and placement was...
Same - but I really am liking the color, tone, and texture of that leather. I hope to have an answer to go ahead today.
That is the pitch, but with the vast majority of the "direct-to-consumer" companies, they are actually just a retailer.  Sometimes, one step is cut out, (manufacturer > retailer > end customer)to instead of (manufacturer > designer > retailer > end customer).   However, someone still has to do design, production management, shipping, etc....  You end up with SOME savings, but it's not that 100% or whatever that is often claimed.  It's closer to 20-25% or so, if processes...
Whoever buys them first will get first priority, since it would be unfair to someone who gets in on the first day to get bumped one week later.  However, if orders came in at essentially the same time, then we would decide in favor of the person who has participated in the voting.  In other words, yes, there will be a preference for "voters", but that vote should not be considered a saved spot in the line.
Yes.  The only other change is that for stitchdown, only white stitching is possible for the sole stitching. I heard from Drew, and SOME mushroom chamois is available,  I am just waiting for his go ahead, but that part of the order, you may only get a week to get on it, since it is very limited, it seems.  The other makeups will get the usual 10 days. Cheers, Fok.
Does this mean you are bidding?      Because that would be hilarious.
Bump it up.  Let's go, gentlemen.  Don't disappoint me.
The machine has always done this.  It's not just now.   Someone has gotta pay - and if you don't want it to be you, you've got to pass it to someone else.  There is simply no way around this.  Now, if we this discussion is going to continue (and it probably should), I'm going to move it to it's own thread.  
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