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It was an okay interview.  Eugene had his publicist hat on, so you need to read between the self-promotion (not that there is anything wrong with that - it is his job, after all) to figure out what is going on. Mostly, it's about how awesome SZ is, and also, a bit about clothing, and about social isolation and being able to connect with a regular crew about a fairly esoteric topic, and than, finally, how print is just unprofitable, which everyone already knows.
Just email them.  Or call - they may still be open.  They are really helpful. Cheers, Fok.
Even if you understand the risks... well, you really do think that you are invincible when you are young.  I always felt like I could recover from anything... until I couldn't.   I've watched and rewatched Kovalev vs. Hopkins, so I guess that I enjoyed that fight.  I think that Ward can win some rounds, but I think that he is not as circumspect and cerebral a fighter as is Hopkins.  In time, he may be that, but is still a young fighter and has a young fighter's mindset....
For sportsjackets, I think that one in a bright blue might be good, especially with cream trousers.   For a suit, it seems like you ought to have a mid grey solid one in there, 
www.other-shop.com London Fashion Week is nearly here, and to celebrate this, we're offering 20% off all new season brands for the next 24 hours. Simply enter the code LFW20 at checkout to redeem your discount.  
I'm glad that this came out.  With very few exceptions, pretty much any fighter, in any combat sport, that steps into a ring or cage, deserves respect.  With notable exceptions, all fighters have tons of heart, even when they are just standing there being beaten senseless, which is why the ref, the doctor, and the seconds' first job is to protect the fighter, often not so much from the other guy, but from himself for being too tough.   It's less common in boxing, where the...
I just like the shape and the color.  I generally react to a boot, and if it appeals to me, I think that that matters more than a point by point comparison of the leather quality, make quality, etc., as long as the boots don't fall apart or have obvious flaws.  I have seen, and also, like, jodphurs by Carmina, and my wife has a pair of the womens (an Epaulet made pair, from way back).  They are great.   However, Carmina has a lot of different lasts, and only the wider,...
I would pass.  It's an awkward length.  Not really long enough to be a cardigan coat, but not really short enough to be a slouchy cardigan.  Just my opinion, of course.
 1) Want. 2) @Epaulet Mike - you're looking so good lately.  LA is really agreeing with you.  Are you doing Crossfit?
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