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A lot of places are apparently not allowed to sell Visvim online.  Having special products that are not part of the webstore, and having to do things by email, etc... messes up a streamlined system.  It makes sense if you feel that you are going to do a brisk business.  But if you feel that it's going to be more of a hassle than it's worth to your business, there is no incentive to do it.
It was a fairly subdued game.  I am willing to put money that all the players were thinking "First things first.  Let's not get humiliated as badly as Brazil did yesterday.  That would suck."
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I am unreasonably surprised that the score is still 0-0
I'm afraid so, yeah.  I was hoping that we'd make it under the wire, but that was wasn't possible.  Sorry about the inconvenience, guys.  I really thought that they would be here by now.  I'm waiting, same as everyone else. It will look like a service boot!  It will actually look a lot like the Cabourn boot, but without the rivet, which is proprietary.  Unfortunately, getting a production mockup just tacks on double time, and I am not aware of any retailer who does this...
Scot deserves his success as much as anyone ever does.  That said, I really wish that he was easier to cheer for.  I suppose that he would just tell me that he doesn't care.
Carry on.  Sorry to disappoint those who thought that maybe I'd put on some clothes to post a fit.
Dear @Mr. Moo  and @the shah   I'm really sick of this back and forth shit, and having my mods ask me what to do, so here is what is doing to happen.  You are both going to ignore the other.  You are also not to mention, even by wierd oblique reference, the other.  And like my dad said, I don't need proof, I just need to catch a whiff.  If I do catch said whiff, I am going to time that person out for a week.  If the other decides to retaliate, say something back, do...
You guys put me to shame    I resolve to put on clothes once in a while so that I can post fits.
I have a PhD, and four kids.  Not an excuse!
New Posts  All Forums: