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On the contrary, SF approves many things, and this is one of them. Here is the Very Official Styleforum Seal of Approval.
I think that the body needs to be let out significantly in both suits, through the waist and midsection.  The first jacket also looks too tight in the arms, and the angle of the arm is just not really right for you.   The second suit certainly looks better.  Neither is perfect, but, AFAIK, not unfixable either.
Frankly, if all want to do is to look slightly more put together, all that you need are a bunch of button up shirts, knits that can go over them or be worn alone, some nicer jeans, a few pairs of non-denim casual trousers, a pair of chelsea boots (the boot de jour) or chukkas, and some decent minimalist sneakers.  Oh right, and a good coat.  Something in navy or dark grey that fits well, and you are probably good to go.  If you have the budget and it's in your style, a...
I'm going to move this to "Menswear advice". and yes, if you give a price range and size, people will be able to more readily help.
I imagine that this means that you are going? To everyone: Please RSVP here: https://theproperkit.splashthat.com  While you can always drop by, we are only allowed so many people in the venue at a time, and I want to make sure that all of you get in.  Also, that we have enough drinks and food for you good folks (and some of us bad eggs too .) Cheers, Fok.
Brett and I have been talking about sampling.  The idea is a streetwear boot that shows the character of the vat dying process.   The leather would be in a crust leather, probably horse, which evidently takes the dye best,   We are thinking of using the 1035 last, not least because it fits my feet best, and if this thing never makes it to production, at least I get a pair (no, really, I like the rounded toe of the 1035 last for this type of boot).   I am thinking that...
Not really the thread for civic lessons, but generally: 1) Illegal acts are not necessarily unethical. 2) Legal acts are not necessarily ethical.   There is certainly a strong overlap between ethical and legal practices, but there is certainly not a 1:1 mirror.   In your specific case, I would say that you acted unethically, regardless of whether your actions are legal or not.
The EU laws were enacted to protect the consumer from unfair contract terms, specifically because it is assumed that there is a knowledge asymmetry between the vendor and the consumer. Generally, the three tenets of EU consumer protection laws are to ensurefair treatment; (of consumers)products which meet acceptable standards;a right of redress if something goes wrong. Of course, how legislation actually plays out is not always congruent with the intent of the law....
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