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As the above, I buy clothing and accessories for my own pleasure.  Buying clothing, footwear, purely for function, is all fine and good, but I assume that people do so with a mindset if they are not particularly interested in that particular thing.  It's a joyless purchase, made out of necessity.  However, if you have a clothing hobby, as many of us do, and it doesn't cause you stress (if paying for clothing is making you stressed, you should take a step back), then you...
The last time I saw a Cerruti suit was close to a decade ago, at a Neiman Marcus in Boston. At that time, iirc, the jackets were half canvas and iirc, about $900 at retail. Not a bad suit. I wasn't blown away by anything, but I certainly would have gotten one at a few hundred. I'd compare them to Samuelsohn, I suppose.
 Hi, I'm going to move your thread to Menswear advice, which is a better place for this type of question, and will also probably get you a better reception. Cheers, Fok.
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Correct.  Ashish is out of the country right now, but he said that he'd post pictures of a canvas jacket (which will be modified to fit you after you use it), once he gets back to India.
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