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As it happens, there is a belt that I have my eye on, so if you have an extra $350 or so to spend, please, do :) Here, 
I know that few more of you have received delivery.  Let's see some pictures!   Cheers,   Fok.
Both are grain side, smooth leather (so, the grain top is not taken off).  The initial leather actually looks slightly "cracked" from the wax.  Hard to explain.  With wear, the wax layer wears  off, creating that strong contrast.  Some people like to retreat then.  Me, I like the contrast.
No, we don't ever do that, just so that no one gets super upset.  Open elections?  You must have mistaken this place for a democracy! But, they were actually just one vote apart at the end. I will do the refunds for the losing makeups tomorrow.  For the other makeups, I usually go through the orders every few days, and do refunds then.
Well, we actually give it back to you in the form of a sock full of quarters to the back of the head.  Kindly PM me for an appointment.
We just refund it.  The system doesn't really allow us to do a discount for certain customers for certain products, so we just refund manually.   This little project is pretty unique, and so the shopping cart software programs available just can't do everything we want in an elegant way.
If you were allowed to vote, you should be able to buy the boot...
I was just about to say that it's on (Bison only):   http://www.styleforummarket.com/the-sleek-hunter-tan-bison-ripple-sole-scout-boot-full-payment-free-shipping-worldwide-preorders-taken-until-march-30/
A little over 2 weeks. The orders will close on ebd, Monday, March 30.
There will be an item in the store, in the preorders section.  Just keep your eyes peeled.
New Posts  All Forums: