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No idea, but that is a bag from Property of..., and I am pretty sure that that is an image from their webstore or blog. You might want to call them..  I've looked, but from just that picture, it's hard to tell.  It could be any number of service style boots.  I can't see anything distinctive about the pattern that would give away their identity immediately.
I agree, but I don't like the picture, which makes them look sorta blobby.
I'm going to interject here and say that a lot of that depends on the photography, and that apart from the color and depth of color, that the silhouette is the easiest thing to capture incorrectly.  Minute changes in the angle can change the silhouette completely.  I'll take a pair of my boots, and shoot them from slightly different angles, just to show you.  At the end of the day, you can only really judge based on 1) Seeing the physical product, in person, and barring...
This sounds about right for them, if their order was June.  Our order for that leather started in May (we submitted in April, but the official submission date was May), so once that leather gets to the factory, there would be probably at least one set of orders for that leather in before the Notre makeup.  It happens sometimes when there is a run on the leather.  We did one makeup, and then, someone else did one, and then, we promptly did 2 more...  So, occasionally there...
Yes to the zippers on the handwarmer pockets.  That's the one thing that drives me crazy - hand warmer pockets without zippers, which make the pockets not only so much more useful, but also keep the pockets from bulging. I'll look forward to that.
The MC style jacket (double breasted, black) has been a fashion staple for many seasons now.  Many seasons.  At least the past five years.  Cafe racers have been popular as civilian gear for years.     No, I don't ride.  It seems insane to me.  I know a few professional/semi-pro racers, and they all have multiple, often serious, injuries.  You can never beat the road.
I'd agree with you on that. Of the Type I's, I think that the Supreme x Levis Type I, which was offered in a variety of colors, was pretty well done, and Left Field still has a jacket that they call a Type II (http://leftfieldnyc.com/products/black-mule-skinner-denim-jacket), but to my eye, looks more like a Type I with some modifications. That said, the differences between the Type I and Type II are pretty evolutionary, unlike the Type III, which was a different beast...
 These things do exist.  They are usually not made by true "repro" brands though.  This is the Self Edge thread, and so it's not an appropriate place to talk about it, but if you want to start a new thread "Black denim jackets" or something, I'd be happy to respond there.
Vote now or forever hold your peace.
I would think faster, but neither Viberg nor I can give an ETA before the leather arrives.  It was supposed to be there already, but it's not, so we are going to get the boots that we know are done, or have a definitely time frame on, right away.
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